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EauMG’s Weekly Blog Roundup V

Raquel Torres & a koala

Week of January 2nd-9th

I  hope that everyone’s first week of 2011 went smoothly. It was difficult for me to get back into the swing of things and I was sick half of the week. I didn’t get a flu shot this season and I regret that now. But, I’m feeling better and I’m getting it together. I spent most of the day catching up on things around the house. Is it tacky if I only use paper plates from now on? 🙂 I hate washing dishes!

Here’s what happened in the wonderful on-line world of perfume and beauty:


Eyeliner On a Cat gives us her thoughts on Dior Leather Oud. It sounds like something worth trying. I can’t resist leather or oud.

Fragrance Junkie reviews L’Artisan Parfumeur Al Oudh, a fragrance that I wish worked for me. I really do like it and I’m happy that it works for some people.

Olfactoria is longing for spring, so am I. This week she’s reviewed some wonderful “green” scents including my all time favorite “green”, Sisley Eau de Campagne.

Scent of the Day is feeling “green” too and reviews a under appreciated green chypre, Jacomo Silences. I need to get a bottle of this one!


Check out what’s in Stephanie’s makeup bag over at Aquaheart’s Obesessions.

Meredith at Retrodiva’s Beauty reviews a product that I’ve been interested in, NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Face Wash. I need to revamp my skincare routine.

I’m loving these Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipglosses over at The Beauty Alchemist. Those Metallics look amazing.

Gaia at The Non-Blonde shows us a beautiful, neutral Edward Bess lipstick that isn’t 1990’s brown 🙂

It was Wet n Wild week over at Nouveau Cheap. Check out these 8 Pan Palettes. I don’t know if I’m more stoked for these are the new trios. Thanks G for introducing all of us to these new products this week!

Raquel Torres with koala, 1930’s era from

2 thoughts on “EauMG’s Weekly Blog Roundup V

  1. Thanks for the nod. 🙂
    I am interested in those MUFE Lab Shine metal glosses, especially the tobacco chrome (M4). This post came just in time, as I put out my feelers on Twitter a few days ago and no one was able to answer me about them. Tobacco in my perfume, tobacco on my lips. I’m with it. Scent Hive’s recent post about her Edward Bess experience has gotten me practically foaming at the mouth to try some of those eye products and brushes. Excellent neutrals get me really, really excited.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..The Peel Chronicles- part II- Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

    1. I couldn’t find any info on the MUFE Lab Shines either but I must have tobacco. I love a really metallic lip product to mix with mattes. Nothing else can give that “look”, so much texture and dimension. Fashion Fair has discontinued their metallic lip glosses, which seriously looked like metal. I have spent years trying to replace them. The MUFE may be it.
      Oh, I want the Edward Bess stuff badly. Neutrals get me too. I usually go for Bobbi Brown which isn’t bad but I’m always looking for more options. I love a rosy neutral lipstick and blush. I really want to try the cream blushes and matte blushes.

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