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EauMG’s Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

Sally Rand

Well, Valentine’s Day is next week. It’s not a holiday that I celebrate but I’m all about treats.And roses. And chocolate. I may not care about Valentine’s Day but I’m all about treating yourself. And these items are perfect for that. Hey, it’s winter, we all need a boost!

Valentine's Lip Products

For Irresistible Lips

1. Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment – This is a luxurious lip serum with an awesome gold-plated applicator. I prefer to use it at night before going to bed since the formula is really thick. Full review. Retails for $42 at Sephora.

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish – This is a brown sugar lip scrub that gets rid of dry skin. Scrub and apply a treatment and you’ll wake up with smooth lips. Retails for $22.50 at Sephora.

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart – I love these lip balms. They have color and actually feel good. Plus, the name is perfect for Valentine’s Day 🙂 Retails for about $9 at

Valentine's Body Products

For Smooth Skin

4. aroma M Camellia Body & Bath Oil – This is a naturally decadent blend of rich oils and luscious florals like orange blossom, rose and tuberose. It smells amazing and makes me feel like a goddess. Retails for $60 at aroma M. 

5. Pratima Sandalwood Rose Mask – Pamper your skin with luxurious, great-smelling ingredients. Retails for $40 at Pratima.

6. LUSH Rose Jam Bubbleroon – I’m actually mad at LUSH for not making their Rose Jam Shower Gel available for Valentine’s. I used up my last drop a few weeks ago. Anyway, it was inspired by this bubble bar. Rose Jam smells amazing and will leave your skin soft. I love it. Full review. Retails for about $6 at LUSH.

7. The Body Shop Body Scrub Chocomania – This is a delicious smelling chocolate fragrance sugar scrub with cocoa butter that will leave your skin feeling so smooth. Retails for $19 at 

Valentine's Perfumes

Smell Wonderful 

8. Aerin Evening Rose EDP – I’m rather traditional when it comes to Valentine’s Day florals; I’m a rose gal. This is a pretty dainty rose in a pretty bottle. Retails for $110 at Aerin. 

9. Jane Booke Taken EDP – I have no clue why but it appears that husbands love the smell of vanilla. And my husband loves the smell of this vanilla. And this is one of the vanillas that he loves. Full review. Retails for $54 at Beautyhabit.

10. Melissa Flagg Clementine EDP – This is a happy honeyed floral with jasmine and honeysuckle. Absolutely gorgeous. And the packaging is cool. Retails for $46 at Beautyhabit.

Valentine's Candles


11. Diptyque Rose Mundi Candle – Like I said, I like rose for Valentine’s. This is a limited edition rose soliflore. Retails for $65 at Beautyhabit.

12. Voluspa Champagne Rose Candle – Oh, have I mentioned that I like rose? 😉 Champagne Rose is a festive fruity berry-rose with champagne. It’s lots of fun. Retails for $24 at A diffuser is also available.

13. Belle Fleur Kyara Clove Candle – OK, I’ll break my streak of roses here…This is a dark, moody scent with oud and clove over leather. It’s handsome. Retails for $58 at Candles Off Main. 

14. Papier d’Armenie La Rose Burning Papers – Benzoin and rose. Need I say more? Retails for $7 at Beautyhabit. 

If you want more ideas, check out my gift guide from 2013. 

*Sephora,, LUSH, and Beautyhabit contain affiliate links.

5 thoughts on “EauMG’s Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

  1. I picked the Voluspa Champagne Rose candle for my Valentine’s Day gift guide too! 🙂 I love that fragrance. Fun and flirty and the Corta Maison size it stunning with it’s glittery effect when burning.

    Belle Fleur Kyara Clove is definitely on my list of super sexy scents. So sultry! I love that one. Deep, dark, masculine. Oooh la la.

    I’ve tried the Brown Sugar lip scrub as well. Love it! Works great and tastes great.

    Nice list! A girl would be lucky to get any of these great Valentine’s Day gifts:)

    1. Voluspa is still one of my favorite candle brands. The packaging of Champagne Rose is gorgeous.

      Belle Fleur can do no wrong in my book. I would love it if they made Kyara Clove into a personal fragrance.

      Fresh is line that I usually love but forget about. Their Brown Sugar scrubs are heavenly…and their rose mask is also perfect for this time of year.

      Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day!

  2. Valentine’s day. Meh. If you need a special day to show someone you love them, well that one is best left alone. Now those candles look divine and the burning papers! I recently got back into incense and got some burning papers also. They are really wonderful. I just love them. Must have more.

    1. I agree. But, hey, if it is an excuse for chocolate and rose scents, I’ll roll with it.

      We don’t celebrate for the obvious reason that we think it’s dumb, but I wouldn’t mind adding a few of these candles to our space. Can there just be a scented candle holiday? Because I’d be all over that.

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