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EauMG’s Valentine’s 2013 Gift Guide

Deborah Walley

Oh, Valentine’s Day! Love it or hate it, it’s next week. I’m a big fan of being pampered daily 😉 so I don’t get the point of Valentine’s. But I admit that I’m OK with any holiday that involves chocolate.

Here’s my 2013 Valentine’s Gift Guide of pampering, smell-good items:

Valentine lip products

For Irresistable Lips

1.Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Cocoa – I love this stuff and it’s a must have during winter months when lips get chapped. Chapped lips aren’t sexy. The cocoa scent/flavor is delicious.The tub retails for $24 at

2. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet – I realize that this ins’t a “glamorous” item on the list; however, it’s my favorite lip product regardless of price. This Revlon formula is soft, smooth and moisturizes without feeling sticky. It will leave lips feeling soft and luscoius. I also love that it has more coverage than a tinted lip balm. Red Velvet is a deeper red. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the shades. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I own most of them. These retail for under $8 at

3. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven – This stuff is make out proof. It really lasts and the best thing is that it doesn’t dry out the lips Plus, it comes in a variety of shades. I love Raven, a 1950’s red. The finishes are matte which are on trend right now. Retails for $28 at Sephora.

Valentine's body products

For Smooth Skin

4.Aftelier Chocolate & Saffron Body Oil & Hair Elixir – Chocolate lovers if you haven’t already tried this, you’re missing out. Chocolate & Saffron Smells good enough to eat. And yeah, you can use it as a massage oil if that is apart of your Valentine’s plans…It retails for $50 at Aftelier.

5.LUSH Flying Fox Shower Gel – Jasmine fiends need this in their life. LUSH markets this as a “mood-altering aphrodisiac” which is quite the claim but I have to agree to some extent. This is jasmine and honey making whoopie. The result is an animalic jasmine that I can’t get enough of.  Sizes vary with prices ranging from $10-$29 at LUSH.

6. Anu Essentials Sultry Body Butter – I can not live without this body butter. It’s shea based and literally “feeds” dry skin. Plus, it is a beautiful rose fragrance that smells so romantic. It’s divine. The 4 oz tub retails for $14 at Anu Essentials. 

7. 10 Corso Como Bubble Bath – Woodsy and rosy and in the coolest deco packaging, do you need to know anything else? It retails for $42 at Beautyhabit. 

Valentine's perfume

Smell Wonderful

8. Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa parfum – This is a juicy cherry osmanthus with the earthiness and richness of cocoa. It’s naturally delicious and constructed with natural botanicals and organic oils. It’s better than a box of chocolates. It retails for $70 at Rebel + Mercury. 

9. April Aromatics Nectar of Love Natural EDP – This is a heady, romantic floral with white florals like tuberose and jasmine paired with a classic rose. It’s so pretty. It’s a nectar of love. The 1 oz bottle retails for €189 at April Aromatics.

10. Majda Bekkali Mon Nom est Rouge EDP – This is a sultry metallic rose with smoky incense, tobacco and resins. It’s unisex and smells sexy on a man or a woman. The 1.7 oz bottle retails for $125 at Luckyscent.

11. CdG Series 2: Rose EDT – I don’t mind being a stereotype sometimes. A classic rose is something I crave, even on Valentine’s. Predictable, I know but I don’t care. CdG Rose retails for $98 at Beautyhabit. 

Valentine's candles


12. Ryan Korban by By Kilian Candle – This candle is multi-wick luxury in collabartion with interior designer Ryan Korban and the By Kilian line. It has a shagreen lid and a lambskin pouch. Plus, it smells really amazing like roses, patchouli and oud (think By Kilian Rose Oud). It retails for $165 at Aedes. Yes, it’s expensive but it really is one of the most luxurious candles you can buy.

13. House of Matriarch Room Perfume Trio – Candles aren’t your thing? You must own a dimmer 😉 With this set you get to choose 3 fragrances of this ultra-natural houses’s incense cones. For Valentine’s I recommend Red (vanilla, chocolate, cognac), Yellow (honey, jasmine, vanilla) and Violet (iris, oakmoss, tuberose). Each contain a va-va-voom note known to be an aphrodisiac. Retails for $69 at House of Matriarch. 

14. NEST Peony Blanche Candle – This is one of the most romantic home fragrances that I’ve ever owned. It’s a watery “pink” floral that is seductive and reminds me of lace. Plus, it’s pink. Here’s my review. Retails for $34 at Candles Off Main. 

Need more ideas? Check out my 2012 Gift Guide. And for my anti-Valentine readers…

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19 thoughts on “EauMG’s Valentine’s 2013 Gift Guide


    I love those Revlon lipsticks. I was so skeptical at first but they really do have more pigment than tinted lip balms. I only have one color right now but I want them all… at least the plums/purples/reds.

    I think I’m going to splurge pretty soon and get some Aftelier hair oil. I have stick straight limp hair, so I was skeptical of oils on it, but I’ve been experimenting with oil and it’s going really well. And the hair oils are so much cheaper than the Aftelier perfumes, which I can’t afford. 🙁
    breathesgelatin recently posted..Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Tubéreuse

    1. Those Revlon lipsticks are the best lipsticks of any price range in my opinion. I started with the reds/plums (love them all) and added Fig Jam which looks brown but goes on my lips like a neutral plum. It’s been “my” shade this winter.

      My hair is so straight but really thick. I’ve been using oils since I was a kid. My hair loves them. When I think of the Aftelier oils as perfume for my hair, it helps to justify the price 😉

  2. Victoria, thank you so much for including me and my Cerise en Cocoa. I always love your Gift Guide and your amazing finds. xoxoxoxox, Nikki

  3. Thanks Victoria. I am always under pressure to come up with the ‘perfect’ romantic present, and I have been messing up for last 2 years. I find it so hard to get anything, nothing seems right. I keep giving her perfumes, so no surprise in giving her a perfume. Kilian candle is worthy, but expensive. Will check out NEST Blanche and Coroso como bubble bath.

    1. At least you try! My husband hasn’t bought a Valentine’s present in over 8 years, but to be fair he does pretty good the rest of the year.

      The NEST candle is really floral and pretty. I usually dislike floral candles but NEST does so well with them. Actually, all of their candles are good. If any of the descriptions stand out, go for them. The have awesome throw and burn evenly.

      Good luck!

      1. Hehe.. Don’t you think it’s more romantic? 💡 Women expect a gift on Valentine’s Day, so half the surprise is gone. However, giving something special, when not expecting is even more romantic. Will do the same, once I get married. Thanks.. Will check out Nest candle.

  4. I’m curious to try that Flying Fox shower gel from Lush and Chocolate and Saffron Body Oil Elixir from Aftelier. They sound great! I’ve never heard of April Aromatics or Medja Mekka Do they have anything else that is worthwhile?

    1. Flying Fox is straight up skank in the best way possible. You really can be clean and dirty!
      I sometimes wish I could eat the Chocolate and Saffron oil, it’s natural, so can I? 😉
      LuckyScent is offering sample packs of all of the MM perfumes. There is a good amber out of the lot as well, can’t remember the name.
      April Aromatics isn’t distributed in the US…yet. They’re based in Germany. They’re the most potent naturals I’ve ever sniffed (which is a good thing).

      I’m going through a M. Micallef thing right now. I’m really digging Rose Extreme (jammy rose) and Royal Vintage (sophisticated masculine).

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