EauMG’s Spring 2015 Perfume Picks

It’s officially spring. When I left Seattle, spring was in full bloom. The East Coast is a bit behind but it’s starting to look a lot like spring! And in spring’s honor, here’s a list of perfumes that should get you through all of your springtime activities.

perfumes for spring

Spring Festivals

These are my picks for spring activities such as visiting a tulip festival, flying a koinoboir kite or eating an entire package of Peeps 😉

DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies EDP – I love a good lily perfume but they’re hard to find. This Egyptian inspired one by indie brand, DSH Perfumes, is one of the good ones. It’s a robust lily and narcissus floral with a hint of spice. Retails for $110 at DSH Perfumes. Full review here. 

Balenciaga B. EDP – This is a fresh, green floral by Alexander Wang that goes well with a lazy Sunday. Retails for $110 at Nordstrom. 

Providence Perfume Co. Ivy Tower perfume oil – Ivy Tower is a lovely “green” spring floral with a cool, dewy narcissus and a powdery mimosa. It’s a roll-on so totally portable. Take it with you! Retails for $50 at Providence Perfume Co. Full review here. 

spring perfumes

For April Showers

These are the sort of fragrances that I think pair well with damp spring days.

Charenton Macerations Asphalt Rainbow EDP – This indie line has done it again! I love this metallic floral. It’s like a chrome rose with this intriguing ozone component. It’s like a garden in the city after a rain shower. Retails for $100 at Charenton Macerations. 

Tom Ford Private Blends Jasmin Rouge EDP – For some reason when there’s a warmer rain, I always want to wear jasmine. Jasmine does well in humidity. And this slightly peppery jasmine does well in the rain. Trust me. Retails for $215 at Nordstrom.

Dior Aqua Fahrenheit EDT – In my opinion, there are very few masculines that are any better than the original Fahrenheit. But, for a flanker, this one is rather good. It’s like a brighter version of Fahrenheit but it still has that nice damp woods thing going on. Retails for $86 at Sephora. 

perfumes for spring

Mandatory Purple Flowers

One of my favorite things about spring are the “purple flowers”. I love violets, irises, lilacs, hyacinths…

Oriza L. Legrand Violettes du Czar EDP – I love violets and leather together and this has that combo. It’s more of an old school “masculine” violet. It’s more green than sweet. Retails for $165 at Luckyscent.

Yves Rocher Lilas Mauve EDT – I love lilac scents and the good thing about them is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good lilac thrill. Lilas Mauve is one of those cheapie lilacs that I like. Retails for under $30 at Yves Rocher. 

HEELEY L’Amandière Extrait de Parfum – I love this delicate, green floral with notes of linden blossoms and hyacinth. It really does smell like spring. Retails for $230 at Luckyscent. Full review here. 


spring break perfumes

Spring Break

For those of us that don’t get the luxury of a spring break, we can at least pretend we do with these fragrances.

D.S. & Durga Debaser EDP – This fragrance gets cool points for many reasons (Hello, a Pixies reference!) but the biggest reason is that it smells really good. It’s like an iris-coconut-fig. It’s beachy without smelling like drugstore tanning oil. Retails for $145 at Beautyhabit.

Olivine Amongst the Waves perfume oil – This is one of my favorite “beach” scents. It’s coconut and white florals. Retails for $48 at Beautyhabit.Also available as an EDP. Full review here.

Demeter Fuzzy Navel Cologne – In theory I should dislike a perfume that smells like peach schnapps and orange juice but I like this. It’s fruity and fun. Whoo spring break!!! PARTY! Retails for $20 at Demeter.


spring perfumes for women

Date Night – Feminine

These are my picks for “special” perfumes for those that like more “feminine” style perfumes.

Chanel Misia EDT – I’ve fallen madly in love with this powdery rose and violet that is to remind one of makeup. I wnat to wear it all of the time. Retails for $160 at Chanel. 

Penhaligon’s Iris Prima EDP – Iris Prima is a lovely balance of vetiver and leather with a lovely addition of a rooty iris. It’s a nice spring fragrance for those that aren’t so crazy about florals. Retails for $125 at Beautyhabit.

Honoré de Prés Sexy Angelic EDP – This is a sheer almond fragrance that is both bitter and sweet. Retails for $84 at Beautyhabit.

spring fragrances for men

Date Night – Masculine

These are my picks for “special” perfumes for those that like more “masculine” style perfumes.

Bruno Fazzolari Five EDT – It’s a “classic” eau de cologne with herbs and citrus except it has more “umph” than the classic stuff. It’s fresh, clean and perfect for a casual weekend date. Retails for $85 at Bruno Fazzolari. 

YOSH König EDP – Smoke, leather and apples. This sounds weird but it really works. Together it’s dark and mysterious yet it has a freshness from mountain flowers and fruits. Retails for $130 at Luckyscent.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir EDT – This is a woodsy green tea fragrance. And I swear, every single time I smell it on a stranger, I want to hang out with them. There’s something about this one that always gets my attention. Retails for $65 at Sephora. 

Want more ideas? Here’s my post from 2014. 


*Nordstrom, Sephora, Yves Rocher and Beautyhabit contain affiliate links. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “EauMG’s Spring 2015 Perfume Picks

  1. I agree with you so much on Bvlgari pour Homme Soir. Years ago I bought this for an ex-boyfriend finding it to be a classy rather serene scent for men. Always shocked it doesn’t get more love.

    1. I love it. I first “found” it by asking a guy at a show what he was wearing. I really didn’t expect for him to say Buglari. I expected something much more “expensive”.

  2. More Bulgari Soir love here! I was excited to see your pick. That was an important one for me: When I was just starting to get interested, working my way through the department stores, it was the first one I came across that told me, “Hang on a sec, these *don’t* all smell the same!” That little bugger is partly responsible for this whole crazy hobby.

    1. <3 your story! I love to hear about the one that started it all.

      Soir is really good and because of what you stated, I think that's why it may not get so much attention. People assume that all the designer masculines are exactly the same – boring. So, they give up before sampling it. The first time I smelled it on someone, I thought it was something much more "exclusive". I've a few other incidents where I *had* to ask what they were wearing and it would surprise me, "Oh Bvlgari something" or sometimes they'd know the name. Apparently, I'm just really drawn to this one. So much so that'll stop a random guy and ask him.

  3. I broke down today and bought Olivine Amongst the Waves perfume oil. I’ve been wanting this since you reviewed it last year. Yea! Retail Therapy!

      1. I love it! I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends and family. It layers well with TF Shaghai Lilly and BK Sweet Redemption for a little more power in the evening. The packaging is nice too. I got their Hair mist as a GWP!

        1. 🙂 I can see it going really well with Shanghai Lily and Sweet Redemption.
          I love that hair mist! I’ve used other salt sprays (or whatever they are) and I don’t think they are as good. This one smells great and doesn’t dry out my hair.

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