EauMG’s Smell Diary – January 2013

Jan. 1stInternational District – Rare, clear blue skies highlighting the snowy mountain skyline. Phaedon Rue de Lilas on my wrists. Walked to go get green tea cream puffs, so frigid and cold that it hurts the sinuses. Smells of fish market, roasted garlic and bulgogi.

Frink the Frug

Jan. 2ndDowntown – Moxi expressed herself on the rug again. It’s like Secretions Magnifiques without any of the good stuff. For some reason there was a pile of sawdust in the elevator that smells like fir.

Jan. 3rdPioneer Square – Streets smell of kombucha or is that beer piss and garbage?

Jan. 4thCapitol Hill – A strange, unexplained apparition of orris root followed me around for 30 minutes as I drink a pretty average Americano. A man ran through the streets shouting “Happy New Year!” until the police were called.

Jan. 5thA Land of Loose Ends – Earthy, metallic, muddy. Cabins emitting the aroma of kerosene throughout the hills. Noticed little green buds on fruit trees, a little sign that life moves on, a reminder that I needed today more than ever.

Jan. 6thDowntown – Sadly I did not leave home today and tried to catch up on work. I tried a few violet perfumes but had a craving for heliotrope.

Jan. 7thBelltown– Doughnuts and coffee. Stressing over a deadline and craving carbs and sugar.

Jan. 8th Downtown – I cut a yellow onion at noon. The smell never left my hands or the house. The frugs smell like a shrimp boat. Get me out of this condo.

Jan. 9thDowntown – I baked cornbread for the first time in probably a year. It’s such a comforting aroma for an ex-Southerner. I would totally buy it in a home fragrance.

Jan 10thCapitol Hill – “Oh my God! Do you smell that?” I hear as I walk out of a hip Syrian restaurant filled with ideas. “It’s not you.” And it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure it was “you” as it looked like you stepped in dog feces. Or at least I can only suspect it’s dog feces due to the proximity it is to the tree in the planting strip.

Jan 11thDowntown – So cold it hurts the sinuses, a strange aroma of pipe tobacco and plastic wrap. A man poetically exclaims “Go Atlanta” at about every 5 steps. I’m sure it was some sport’s thing but his delivery was so iambic.

Jan 12thBallard – A perfume event, so many aromas. I love that smell of all of the perfumes mixing on my hands from removing their caps.

Jan 13thQueen Anne – So cold I believe that no aroma could cut through the thick air because the day was incredibly neutral in the smell department.

Jan 14thDowntown – My pillows smell like patchouli. And then patchouli spent the rest of the day stalking me at every corner.

LUSH Flying Fox

Jan 15thDowntown – I’m obsessed with LUSH Flying Fox. The house is filled with an animalic jasmine. It even permeates the halls. The neighbors can go “suck it” as they breathe in a honeyed jasmine.

Jan. 16thDowntown – Woke up filling sick. The smell of vitamin C tablets. Saw a person on a bike get hit by a van and thrown over 20 feet. I really don’t want to associate any scents with this day.

Jan. 17thBelltown – A thick fog hangs low in the city streets trapping the overpowering aroma of beef jerky.

Jan. 18thDowntown – They’re touching up the wood paneling in the elevators and lobby. The varnish and stain smell sweet, chemical and I feel bad for liking it. I am not describing a Montale perfume.

Jan. 19thInternational District-ish – Limes and lemons and lemons and limes. Juicing for a cocktail party.

Jan. 20thGreenwood – Frankincense, coffee ceremonies and injera. It was a really great day.

Jan. 21stDowntown – Chakapuli. It smells like spring in here: herbs, slow-roasted meat, vegetables. Never underestimate the power of comfort food.

Jan. 22ndDowntown – For some reason my dogs smell like skunky weed. What have they been doing when I’m not home?

Jan. 23rdDowntown – I realize what the skunky weed smell is and I wrongfully blamed my children. It’s an overripe pomelo. Bizarre. No rehab for the frugs.

Jan. 24thDowntown – Paperback books.

Jan. 25th Pike Place – Too much clam chowder will leave one feeling afflicted despite its savory, creamy aroma. Savory, creamy aromas can’t make up for everything.

Jan. 26th Across the Continental US – Italians seated around me on the plane smell of mossy things. So many variations of mossy, mossy perfumes.

Jan. 27thUpper West Side – All I really need to tell you is “sniff-a-thon”, so many perfumes, so little time. I may come across as skeptical at times but the world really does have some beautiful perfumes.


Jan. 28th Midtown – Perfumes. Smell them. Perfumes. Analyze them.

Jan. 29thChelsea – French herbs, coffee with cream, good conversation, Pierre Guillame, good day. Except I smelled the only skunk in all of NYC. It sprayed outside my hotel.

Jan. 30thChinatown – Beef jerky and sweet breads hang in the humid air. Subways smell of stagnant water. The world feels so Mad Max at times.


Jan. 31stGreenwich Village – A feeling of spring in the air that awakes some smells from hibernation. On the long flight home a man was wearing too much patchouli. I’m fine with that. Happy to be home.


23 thoughts on “EauMG’s Smell Diary – January 2013

  1. This is fantastic! Each date’s entry is like a short poem and a diary entry.
    William Carlos Williams meets Pepys!

    More please!!

    1. Glad you enjoy it!

      I love perfume but sometimes I feel like a salesperson and I don’t want to be that person. I love perfume because I love to experience them and talk about them with other thoughtful people. It’s not about the consumption for me. I want people to think about the smells of their daily lives; life is all about experiences.

      There will be more 🙂

  2. Arghhhh….reading this only makes me miss Seattle even more then I already do!

    I lived in Magnolia for a few years – can I make a “Smell Diary” request and have you smell over there for the next post?….and don’t say it smells “just like Queen Anne but more WEST” – (the rest of the time I lived near my alma mater Cornish on Capitol Hill so I’m fully aware of the aromas and “nuts” that permeate Broadway)

    Loved the walk down memory lane this morning…thanks!

    1. It’s like Queen Anne but more West 😉 I really need to get the frugs out to Discovery Park on a non-rainy day (they do not like the rain and grossly get yeast infections in their fat rolls when they go out during the rainy season, lol). Magnolia is a gorgeous place, feels like I retreat since I live downtown.

      Capitol Hill is one of my favorite places in the world. So many aromas, so many characters and amazing food/drinks. One of the best places to people watch. It’s a creative place but doesn’t have a “contrived” feeling that other creative places seem to acquire with time.

      Enjoy! I love that you can relate to these smells!

  3. Love this!

    (Re: the onion smell. You probably know this, but if you have stainless steel flatware, you can rub your hands along a butter knife while holding them-hands and knife-under cold water, and it will remove the smell. I hate that smell.)

    1. Actually, I didn’t know! Thanks for the tip! I will try this next time. I can’t stand that smell on my hands.

  4. happy smells!!

    I really want some of that Flying Fox shower gel but I have told myself I can’t buy more shower gel until I use what I have. I have an entire under-sink cabinet full of shower gel and lotion. I probably have 20 or more shower gels. It’s ridiculous. I CAN’T BUY MORE. But Flying Fox is really amazing.
    breathesgelatin recently posted..Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Tubéreuse

    1. Haha, you sound as bad as me. I have gotten much, much better and now only have what is in the shower.

      Now candles…that is my other vice.

  5. Green tea creampuffs?? What a way to start the year!

    Loved this post-hope you are able to find the time to keep doing this.

  6. Ever make it over to West Seattle? It does seem sometimes that we Westies are isolated. Lost our fume shop in the Junction, but have Sweet Anthem.

      1. Yes, I can understand that. It must have really felt isolated when the high bridge wasn’t there. Next time you come over try the C Line. LOL, yes I work for the transit company. 😈

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