EauMG’s September 2015 Empties

September 2015 Empties


September was still rather warm here but it was milder, less humid. And then October arrived and the temps dropped. It’s like Mother Nature just knows when there’s a season change or something. I think she may have some experience with these sort of things 🙂

In September,  I ended up splurging on more than I should have. I made a large ColourPop order. I love their lip products. I ended up taking advantage of Barneys “Love Yourself” event when you get a really nice swag bag for buying stuff. I bought Oribe hair products, R + Co Styling Paste (smells like figs),  Byredo Hair Perfume and Malle shower gels. I also repurchased a Maybelline concealer and wanted to try the foundation in the line. Ulta was having a promo and I had a coupon. Score! I bought a Morphe Eyeshadow Palette in 35K (all neutrals) which is really useful. It has everything I need. Not that I needed another neutrals palette but it’s all there. I bought three shades of L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Glosses. That new Ricky’s # shop is going to break me. Seriously. And then I couldn’t resist Tocca Rodolfo candle, a white floral inspired by Valentino.

Here’s what I used up in September:


September Skincare Empties


Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream SPF 20 – I don’t think Clinique is that cutting edge when it comes to skincare but they do have a few products that I’ll repurchase. This is one of them. My eyes are sensitive to eye creams in general, but especially SPF. This one never irritates my eye. I wear a serum under it daily. It’s perfect for me.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

California Naturel Gentle Cleansing Gel – This is a natural cleansing gel that works better for me as a morning cleanser. It doesn’t remove my Korean BB creams and sunscreens that easily. It smells like ylang-ylang and herbs.  Full review here. 

  • Purchase? No. I’m finding that my skin really does the best with cream and oil cleansers.

Innisfree It’s Real Sheet Mask in Black Berry – I really liked the berry aroma of this one. It’s a lotion mask so it moisturized and left my skin feeling good.

  • Repurchase? I have tried a few from this brand and so far this has been one of my favorites. So, yes. I’d repurchase.

Fil-Lup White Essence Mask – I have tried a lot of sheet masks and it still makes me laugh that one of my favorites is the dirt cheap one with a woman on it that my husband always thinks is Macaulay Culkin.

  • Repurchase? Yep. Love how it makes my skin look.

Mamonde Essential Flower Sheet Mask in Sun Flower – This is a lotion sheet mask with a rather strong neroli/rose perfume aroma. Yet, I like it. It makes my skin look all glossy. Glossy is my goal.

  • Repurchase? Probably. But, I want to try some others from this brand first.

My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Sheet Mask – I have liked the other My Beauty Diary masks that I’ve tried. This one is a very saturated serum mask with a light, fresh floral aroma. The next day my skin looked LUMINOUS.

  • Repurchase? Yes. So far this has been my favorite from the line.

Danahan Ecopure Essential Kiwi Juice Sheet Mask – This brand is super cheap at Korean markets. They are not the most luxurious. The mask is thin but it’s really saturated in a thin, liquid-y serum. This means they absorb quickly which isn’t a bad thing. I use these when I’m crunched on time. The aroma is apple-y. It has a high amount of Coenzyme Q10 and the rest of the ingredients are rather beneficial as well.

  • Repurchase? Sure.

Yoshimomo Luminous Microdermabrasion Creme (travel size) – This is an aluminum oxide crystal based scrub. I should know better than to use these because they are rather irritating. These can be overly abrasive. I wasn’t really paying attention when I bought this. I just felt the need to have a physical scrub. Personally, I had no negative issues with this but I used it infrequently. My skin did feel smoother afterwards but it was also left red.

  • Purchase? No. BUT I LOVE the other products that I’ve tried from this brand.

Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion (deluxe sample, not pictured) – This is a really lightweight lotion that is supposed to help with redness (probably because you’re using microdermabrasion scrubs that you shouldn’t be using…). It did layer nicely under sunscreens during the day. But really, there wasn’t anything special about it. The honeysuckle extract should help with redness and many of the ingredients are gentle. However, there were some irritating ones like jasmine. But, whatever. If it works for you, it works. I’m more put off by the price.

  • Purchase? No.

Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50 (sample) – As far as a sunscreen goes, this isn’t greasy. It dries quickly. It leaves a “sheen” which I like for my body.

  • Purchase? Yeah. It’s good for a daily body sunscreen.

Elisha Coy BB All-in-One Cleanser (sample, not pictured) – The texture of this is somewhere between an oil and gel. It removed my face makeup rather effortlessly. And it smells good.

  • Purchase? I don’t know. I like it. It’s one of those if I see it around and if I need a cleanser, maybe I’ll buy this.


Summary – I’ve been really into masks again. And my skin looks good.


September fragrance empties



HEM Frankincense Incense – I go through incense moods. And I was in one in September. David bought like so many boxes of this stuff and I don’t know why. It smells good, but gah, I have so many now.

  • Repurchase? Like I’ll every have to repurchase this stuff anymore.

White Barn Sandalwood & Vanilla Home Fragrance Oil (not pictured) – I’ve had this stuff for way too long. Now that I have a Muji diffuser, I use these sort of fragrance oils more frequently. This used to be at Bath and Body Works. It’s a sweet vanilla with non-descript sweet woods. Not bad but not something that I’m going to cry about being discontinued.

  • Repurchase? No. It’s discontinued.

Tom Ford Private Blend Shanghai Lily EDP (sample, not pictured) – Is it true that this one is being discontinued?! When I wrote my review, I wasn’t that impressed. However, I do like it. I just do not like the price.

  • Purchase? If it were cheaper, I would. I’ve been in such a lily mood lately.

Blooming Dream Ottoo EDP (sample, not pictured) – This is a spicy floral. Layered nicely with a rose body oil that I have.

  • Purchase? No.

Capsule Parfums Moto EDP (sample, not pictured) – This one wasn’t for me at all. It reminds me of a floral perfume with grape Jell-O. There was just a little left in it so I used it up and then layered a Serge Lutens over it….Here’s the full review.

  • Purchase? No.

Joya Âmes SĹ“urs Perfume Oil (sample) – It’s a citrus-y rose amber. Not bad for the price.

  • Purchase? Well, I already have a full-size, so the answer is “no”.

LUSH Imogen Rose EDP (sample, not pictured) – I’m actually angry with myself for dismissing this one when it came out. I thought of it as a pretty “burgundy” rose and that was it. Well, that was stupid. It’s a rich, velvety rose with musk and vetiver. I’m dumb. . Full review. 

  • Purchase? I like it and I may purchase a bottle.

DSH Perfumes DAWN Peony EDP (sample) – For a peony, I really liked this one. Here’s my review.

  • Purchase? Probably not unless I get the craving for a peony (which I doubt I will).

Summary – I have so many samples and I should just use them up and enjoy them. I’m tired of “sitting” on them.


September 2015 Empties


LAFCO Bath Soap in Champagne – This bar soap is huge but I was still surprised by how long it lasted. The scent is like an effervescent grapefruit. It’s the same scent as their Penthouse candle.

  • Repurchase? Probably not just because I’m not tired of the scent but I’m going to purchase more from the brand.

Thalia Daphne Soap – I feel in love with this brand and this soap when I was in Instanbul. A delightful Turkish friend brought me so many bars of these back. I got da hookup! It’s like a minty, green daphne blossom.

  • Repurchase? Yes…or have someone bring me some over.

Nature Republic Hand Cream in Apple Mango the special EXO Kai Edition – Yeah, I’m in my 30’s. And yeah, I like Korean boy bands. Yeah, that makes me creepy but whatever. The teenagers working the counter didn’t judge me for buying K-Pop hand creams that smell like mangoes. In fact, they wanted to give me some EXO gossip. FYI – Kai is the best dancer.

  • Repurchase? Yeah, there’s eleven more pretty boy hand creams to tr!. There’s a set for EXO-K (Korea) and EXO-M (Mandarin).

Vitabath Lotion Plus/Dry (travel size) – I totally forgot how much I love the scent of Vitabath “pink” until I got this freebie with purchase. It’s such a 70’s jasmine/patchouli. Layers really nicely with the Maja shower gel that I’m using.

  • Purchase? Yes. I’ve also been reminded of how much I like their Spring Green too.

Summary – It was a bar soap sort of month.

Tigi Hairspray


Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray – I’ve always really liked this hairspray because it holds but isn’t sticky. It’s easy to build up without looking built up on hair. It’s a good hairspray and I use it to hold any more elaborate styles. Review here.

  • Repurchase? I bought some stuff from Sally Beauty because I was there and they had some stuff on sale. I always seem to eventually come back to this hairspray.

Summary – I just started using all new hair products. It’s going to take a few months before you see empties in this section again.


September Makeup Empties



BĂ©same Brightening Violet Powder – I liked this powder because it did help to make my skin look “clear”. And it smells like violets (but a lot of French cosmetics do too). Downside is that there isn’t a lot of product. I used this up rather quickly and I don’t use powder daily.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brulee – This is matte buttermilk-like shade that is great as a “base” for my skintone to even out redness and blueness. It’s one of those shade that I can use daily regardless of what look I’m going for. This stuff is really good and retails for under $1.

  • Repurchase? Sure. BUT I don’t need it. I have shades like this in eyeshadow palettes that I should use up first.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer – All of my friends told me to buy this. Beauty bloggers rave about it. I finally bought it and I admit that it’s good. It’s a thinner formula which means that it doesn’t crease but that also means that coverage is “lighter”. BUT this is a neutralizer that is meant to be worn the concealer. Worn together, it does a great job. I’ve been lazy and have worn it alone. It’s OK for me but with allergies and stuff, I need to double it up. Overall, it’s good and the price can’t be beat. It’s also good for highlighting/contouring.

  • Repurchase? I ended up buying the “Brightener” shade and it’s even better than the Neutralizer!

LancĂ´me DĂ©finicils Mascara in Black (deluxe sample) – I love little mascara samples like this because you use them up before they go gross. DĂ©finicils is a cult classic mascara because it’s good for everyday wear. It’s easy to remove but doesn’t smudge during the day. It doesn’t do too much for me but I like it because it’s “low key” and gives me a low key look.

  • Purchase? I have purchased it in the past but I like drugstore mascaras just as well.

Nivea A Kiss of Cherry Lip Balm – I love the flavor of this because it’s so nostalgic for me. I like the formula but I’m not crazy about the red tint. The tint is pretty but I have to use a mirror when applying or I’ll over apply and look like I have some terrible allergy. This is a total “me” problem, I get that. Everyone loves the tint with a “kiss of cherry”.

  • Repurchase? Probably not but I like Nivea lip balms. I just have so many sheer red lip products that I can’t make an excuse to buy another one.

Summary – For me, this was a lot of makeup products to empty in a month.

Total – 29. 17 full size. 4 travel/deluxe. 8 samples

It was like I went most of the month without emptying and then BAM the last week, I was running out of everything.

So, I’m putting myself on a cosmetics no-buy until January 1st. I’ve bought a lot recently. I have a lot of good things too and I should use them. I know it’s not going to be easy because everyone launches the good stuff this time of year. Plus, all the amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Here’s my “official no-buy” rules. I can’t buy anything makeup/beauty/fragrance related unless it is something I can’t live without or don’t already have samples of. For example, sunscreens, cleansers and essences/toners are things that I use daily but can’t live without. Makeup items would include mascara because it gets funky quick. Hair stuff would be like hair dye. I get this is a lot of exceptions but I will only buy them if I absolutely have nothing to work with in my current stash.

The deal, is that I know this is going to be near impossible for me. I mean, the holiday makeup collections alone, not to mention the sales. David has told me to write down no more than 5 things from these collections, etc. I shall be “gifted” them. I can’t believe I’m already coming up with ways to break my no-buy. But, I get where he’s coming from. It’s a little more special if you deprive yourself. Plus, I think he’s looking for some easy holiday gifts for me…

What about you? Which products did you empty in September? Did you buy anything new? Throw anything out?

*Nordstrom, Sephora,, Amazon, C.O. Bigelow and Birchbox contain affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “EauMG’s September 2015 Empties

  1. You went through quite a bit this month 🙂 Mm I really should get into using face masks more regularly.

    I decided to do a major cull of my makeup stuff (while procrastinating over uni work) and ended up giving over half of my makeup to my sisters/mum.

    Spending wise I really don’t *need* anything, just picked up a mascara & foundation the other day. Do want a couple more lip liners and maybe a neutral Dior or Charlotte Tilbury palette though mmm, maybe some self gifting for xmas heheh.

    1. You should 🙂 Put one on while studying. Multi-task 🙂

      I did that over the summer when my mom and sisters were in town. My sisters love makeup so everything went to a good home (probably a better home than mine, lol).

      I don’t need anything. I really downsized with moving and with my donations, but if I keep buying like this, I’m going to have too much again. Things like mascara need to be replaced more frequently. Foundation typically gets used daily. My weakness is with lip products. I love them but they take forever to use up. I do support the purchase of a neutral palette. Those will get used every single day. And a more luxury brand will make you feel pampered every single day 🙂

  2. From about January through October I don’t buy much beauty or fragrance items, unless I run out of essentials. I do this to save money for the Sephora 20% off friends and family sale for VIB’s, the Ulta 20% off sale, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. The bulk of what I buy is at that time and usually lasts all year. That Clinique eye cream is my favorite daytime eye cream ever because it causes no irritation, is slightly brightening to the eye area, and just works great (one of the items I stock up on during the Sephora sale).

    1. That’s such a good idea that I feel rather foolish for not thinking about this sooner. Most of the time, I know what I use and or at least what my staples are. It makes sense to stock up during one of these yearly sales and then I’ll run out of it around that time as well. Duh.

      Most eye creams irritate my eyes. And most sunscreens do too. This has been wonderful for me because it’s both…and doesn’t burn! When I don’t use it, I can tell a difference (a not good difference). Between buying this and running out, I used a few samples I had around. They retail for like double and and make my eye area look worse. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sticking with this.

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