EauMG’s September 2014 Favorites

Greetings from Nashville!

September went by so quickly! It was a pretty good month filled with people I like and good food. I ended up spending a week in Nashville visiting family, friends and my little baby nephews (8 and 18 months old). We also had folks visit us in Seattle. However, I realize that after all these years, Seattle feels much more like “home” than Nashville. I stick out there; I was reminded of that during my last visit, that odd Left Coast relative…

I was sick with the flu for a little over a week, that may explain why the month felt so short…I spent a week of it in bed…but I feel better now and I’m going to get a flu shot this month. I can’t have anymore of that stuff!

With the shorter days and milder nightly temps, I started to feel this renewed sense of inspiration. Summer left me feeling stale but September left me feeling energized again. I really look forward to autumn. I want to smell stuff. I want to go places. I want a new wardrobe. I want to learn new things. It’s a great feeling.

Summary – September left me feeling inspired. I feel renewed. All it took was some traveling, some time with friends and apparently being knocked on my ass for a week.

Here were my favorites of September ’14:

Smell Bent Helen Carnate Review
Having an odd chocolate/patchouli craving.

Wearing (fragrance) – I strangely started to crave gourmands. I spent most of the month wearing  chocolate-patchoulis. I pulled out the now discontinued Smell Bent Helen Carnate (really would love for that to come back for Halloween!) and Mugler Angel Le Gout. And I wore Fresh Cannabis Santal. See, it was all about chocolate/patchouli.

Summary – Chocolate and patchouli, one of my favorite fragrant power couples. And oddly, we had a moment in September.

Armani Rouge Ecstasy 204
My new grunge look.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – Finally! I’m out of my cosmetics rut. My “vision” was strong brows and dark brown lips. My brow game is now on point thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills and her DipBrow. I’ve also been obsessed with Armani Rouge Ectasy Lipstick in #204 Caffe, a dark and grungy brown. The rest of my routine has been Hydroxatone BB Cream, NARS Matte Multiple in Altai (bronze) on my cheeks, the warm browns of Covergirl Eye Enhancers in 215 Country Woods on my eyes and a few coats of black mascara. My hair is still lame. Seriously, I can’t stand growing my hair out.

Summary – It’s like the browns that I wore in high school in the 90’s but with a new twist. The new twist being department store cosmetics and the fact that I’m no longer 15 years old.

It’s Willam! Pic is unrelated but I did wear my fashions while snapping this. So there.

Wearing (clothes) – This month was still rather warm. I’m still dressing boring in J Brand black jeans and black or white Uniqlo t-shirts with Birkenstocks or the new pair of Dr. Martens that I bought (and absolutely love, so comfortable). I did focus on my capsule-ish fall wardrobe. That gave me something to look forward to. I love fall fashions.

Summary – The boring reality is that I wore black high-waisted jeans with cheap t-shirts. But, I focused on my future fashion purchases…and I do have a strong vision for those. And that vision is, in reality, very boring, but whatever. Also, Willam.

Shiseido Eudermine Essence
Can you think of a better looking essence bottle?

Using (skincare) – Nothing has really changed in my skincare routine. I did buy some Shisiedo stuff. For the most part my skin has been behaving. I was carded at every bar I went to this month…it’s all that Korean skincare, right?

Summary – My skin is behaving but there is about to be a big “climate change” because of fall. Everything that has worked for me, probably won’t anymore. I have that to look forward too…

rose cocktail
a rose and lovage cocktail at Husk Nashville.

Eating/Drinking – I went back to Nashville. I ate a bunch of tamales and hot chicken. Actually this entire month was awesome food wise (I traveled, had folks visit us in Seattle). I’ve eaten at so many awesome restaurants and had so many awesome cocktails.

Summary – I’m a glutton. And I’m spoiled freak’n rotten.

Robert Owens

Listening – Robert Owens

Summary – I have few regrets but one of those regrets is never seeing Robert Owens sing live.

Orphan Black
Ohh…this is so good!

Watching – A long time ago Kafkaesque commented that I should watch Orphan Black. I didn’t get around to it. A Chinese lady in her 70’s at work told me to watch it because it’s one of her favorite shows -and she only likes “dark and well-written series”. So, I did. And you guys, I’m hooked. I just finished the first season, and yes, it’s a dark and well-written series.

On the plane I finally caught up on Hollywood stuff. I watched Maleficent which is all about the Jolie. And The Grand Budapest Hotel which is all about the colors. And then I watched what I’m sure is Chinese propaganda, American Dreams in China. I’m happy that I watched all of these. I’m up on the pop culture stuff now.

Summary – “Orphan Black” is awesome and I should have listened to Kafkaesque sooner.

The Book of Scented Things
Poems inspired by perfume.

Reading – “The Book of Scented Things” I’ve been sitting on this collection of perfume inspired poetry for months. I started reading it. It’s wonderful. Buy it.

Summary – If you read EauMG, you are probably the type of person that will love The Book of Scented Things. So, just trust me and buy it. I’ll have a review/my thoughts up this month (hopefully).

Paul Smith coat
Like this but not a billion dollars.

Wanting – I want a black oversized, boxy maxi coat. But, I can’t find the “perfect” one. Well, OK, I did but I don’t want to spend that much. 

Summary – I want to wear a coat that looks like I’d sell fake Rolexes out of it. That’s what I want! Why is it so hard to find???

September was a pretty good month. I had fun. I went out and did things with people that I like. Can’t be that!

What were your favorites for September? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Smell Bent image from Smell Bent. Shiseido essence from Nordstrom. Robert Owens from Ministry of Sound. Orphan Black from Paul Smith coat from Shopbop. All other images are mine. In fact, you can find them on my Instagram.  Post may contain affiliate links.


15 thoughts on “EauMG’s September 2014 Favorites

  1. Heh, your Summary comment about Orphan Black made me laugh, but forget the tv show. YOU LOOK STUNNING!!! You always look great and you’re gorgeous in general, but I love the new look and, yes, that includes the hair! I think the whole effect (but especially the hair colour with the strong eyebrows) is incredibly sultry, elegant, and smokin’!

    Speaking of recommendations, I can’t urge you enough to get Roja Dove’s new, massively updated, expanded “Essence of Perfume” book, it’s a fantastic coffee table book with the most beautiful photos, but it’s also very informative. If you order it from Amazon in the 6 days, you’ll only pay $18 instead of the roughly $40 that it will be once the book releases on Oct. 14th. I have it (thanks to a pre-order), and it’s stunning. The photos of Art Deco bottles from the early 1900s will be so up your alley, not to mention all the gorgeous vintage posters. You can look up some of the photos on my blog, but just skip to ordering the book. Even if you don’t love it for yourself (which is highly impossible), it would be a super Christmas gift for someone. And 53% off for the next 6 days!

    All that aside, you look gorgeous, my dear. Then again, you’d make sack-cloth and ashes look sultry. 🙂

    1. It’s an awesome show! I should have listened sooner, lesson learned!

      Thank you. I’m really struggling with the growing out stage. I tend to like extremes in general so this “in between” feels boring.

      Oh, wow! That is great to know! (Just bought it via Prime).

  2. You’re right — September did go very fast! For me it was all the dazzling sunshine and losing a week to sudden and nasty bout of back pain.
    Smell Bent has the best names 🙂
    Scent reading: Got Barbara Herman’s Scent and Subversion as I’m already a fan of her blog. It’s great for browsing through. Also sort of scentish, Angela’s The Lanvin Murders — light and lots of fun info about vintage clothes, and, of course, lots of scent references.
    I’m also looking forward to the poetry book. Clever idea. Elisa has a poem in the collection — her inspiration was By Kilian Rose Oud.
    That coat: if you bought that particular one, do you have the “louche pullover” they recommend to go under it? Seriously though, check out consignment, vintage or thrift for a men’s overcoat — the fabrics tend be better and it will likely be a looser and longer fit.
    That Shiseido Eudermie bottle *is* special. I scored one at a thrift store simply for the beautiful bottle (which is still full and seems unspoiled).
    Sadly, no awesome food or inspirations, but maybe something will good will turn up for Thanksgiving (Oct 13 here in Canada). Look forward to your October favourites.

    1. 🙁 Hope your back is feeling better.

      I have Scent and Subversion and it’s really cool. It’s such a pretty book, so many great photos. I really need to sit down and read it though. I’m still at the “flip through and love the images” stage.

      The poetry collection is really cool. Elisa is in there as well as many other poets that I keep up with because of independent/small/local publishing houses. So far, I’ve really enjoyed reading it (not finished).

      This is exactly what my husband said to do. And one would think an 80’s-ish oversized coat would be easy to find, it’s not a new silhouette. And like you said, fabrics are usually much better with classic menswear. So, I need to visit some thrift shops this weekend 🙂

      It’s a Serge Lutens thing, you can tell he has a “type”. THe bottle is so pretty. I have reused the bottle in the past (putting rosewater in it). It’s just so pretty.

      Have a good October!

  3. I’m glad you had a great September. I really love your chic new look. I’ve been so busy with school, my look is sweats and Ralph lauren shirts. It’s all about comfort and layering. I emptied most of my skincare. I’m thinking about Japanese lines. I need a new coat. I’ve been looking online.

    1. Hope school is going well for you.

      I’m all about the comfort these days which I never really thought I’d be…but, I am. I don’t have time to worry about blisters or runs in pantyhose. I just want to be able to move and be comfortable. It’s just now getting to be layering weather here.

      I’m always open to trying new skincare. There’s some great Japanese stuff and I think I should look into some of their line’s sunscreens for sure.

      This coat thing is getting obsessive with me. It’s really the only thing I’m allowing myself to buy this winter…and maybe a pair of boots and some sneakers (for work out, not exciting). So, I want my coat to be exactly what I want. I have seen some cute online and places like 6pm have some great deals on some of the shorter to mid-length coats.

  4. Couple of things:

    – Have you tried PG Coze? It’s a really, really awesome patchouli/chocolate with a bit of a chile note. I love it.

    – I am also, very suddenly, into brows. I mean duh, you cannot read a magazine or a beauty blog without being assaulted by brows, so it seems natural. But I’ve never done anything with mine. Then I bought a set of eyeshadow brushes that came with an eyebrow brush, so one night I was feeling bored and dunked it into DARK brown eye shadow and put it all over my brows. It looked kind of awesome! Made me look like more of a dyed blond (more contrast between hair and brows). A fun change.

    P.S. Glad you are liking that anthology! The first poem in it made me laugh out loud.

    1. – Coze is so good. I have a sample that I should dig out since I’m in this mood.

      – I used to be all about the brows, like 10 years ago. And then I got lazy and well, the trends weren’t so about the brows either. But, they’re back. And they do make a huge difference. AND I love dark brows with light hair, looks so chic.

      – So far really enjoying it. That one did with me too and there were a few others (can’t remember the #s). It’s cool.

  5. September seems to have gone by very quickly. Went back to Denver to help with some family issues. Wore mostly the usual-jeans, Danskos,boots, loose tops. Still muggy, still somewhat uncomfortable. Not a lot of makeup. Eyeshadow, mascara, lip stuff. Some interesting nail polish. Most makeup just seemed to slide off. reading mysteries. Started reading one book called ‘The Tiger’. About the hunt for a tiger in Russia that seems to have an uncanny ability to figure out humans. Big smart cat. True story. Some folks at work told me about Orphan Black and I would like it because I like science fiction and involved stories. Still haven’t seen it. Saw some good movies. ‘Omar’, ‘I’m So Excited’, ‘The Other Son’. Love the black coat. I have a long black cashmere one that I got from Sierra Trading Post a few years back. Managed to get it at a much reduced price. A girlfriend said I reminded here of a nun when I wore it. Yeah, I can see that. Still love the coat.

    1. Makeup is completely pointless in humid climates. It really does just slide off. I expected Nashville to be much more humid than it was, it wasn’t bad at all.

      I thought Orphan Black sounded well, cliche, so I read the quick overview of it and thought “yeah, whatever”. But, it really is well written and that is what keeps the plot from being so predictable. I think you’d like it. ALL of those movies have been recommended to me by folk sand I haven’t watched them yet. The all sound really good.

      A good coat will last a long time, plus I wear it so much in a year, I don’t mind paying a little more for good quality. Sierra Trading Post always carries good brands that are made to last. Haven’t looked at their site in a long time.

      Laughed at the nun comment because I get that a lot. And Western preacher. But, you know, not going to lie, that’s the look I’m going for, lol.

  6. I’d card you too. That’s a GREAT look. I love the balance in the lips and eyes.

    I love the update! You and I would pretty much never wear anything similar so I love your fashion updates, they’re so cool.

  7. I love that lipstick. I love 90s makeup; the type of makeup they wore on Twin Peaks! Orphan Black is on my list of things to watch. I need to see if it’s on Netflix. It wasn’t a few months ago! I’d love to read your review of that Shiseido toner (what a gorgeous bottle!). I really like the brand, and I love a good toner, or softener as they call it.

    1. It’s on Netflix but only via discs 🙁 Which is sort of holding me back with Season 2 that I would love to start but the discs are soooo slow.

      It’s a good basic softener. The glass bottle is the real star but it is a good toner.

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