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EauMG’s Rose Candle Guide

Rose candle guide

Rose Week 2018 – Rose Candles

Oh, so you thought Rose Week was over, huh? Here’s a bonus round for Rose Week 2018! I’ve put together a guide of rose scented candles. Of course there are more roses than this but there really should be something in this guide for anyone that is looking to add a rose candle (or in my case, candles) to their home fragrance wardrobe.

Here’s my list including 20+ rose-centric candles:

rose candles

Under $60

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses – I’m not a fan of Yankee Candle (why? I’m a snob and I can’t get past their dated packaging – I’m horrible, I know), but I couldn’t omit this fragrance from the list. It’s that classic, old school cottage rose. It sort of smells like rose air freshener, but that’s exactly why I like it. Retails for $28 at Yankee Candle. Other sizes are available.

Votivo Rush of Rose – Here’s another one of those classic roses. It’s a dewy cottage rose.  It’s one of my favorite straight-up rose-rose home fragrances. My review. Retails for $28 at Votivo. Other sizes are also available.

Voluspa Prosecco Rose – This what the name implies! It’s a bubbly, effervescent fruity-rose that reminds me of perfumes like YSL Paris. The vessel is metallic pink that is sort of shabby chic. Retails for $30 at Nordstrom. Other sizes are available.

Thymes Kimono Rose – This is a delicate, sweet rose. It’s like rosewater, peonies and vanilla. If I had to describe it one word, I’d say “pink”. Retails for $30 at Thymes.

rose candles

Antica Farmacista Damascena Rose, Orris & Oud – This is like a powdery but jammy rose/iris floral with an amber base. Retails for $44 at Nordstrom.

Skandinavisk Lempi – I literally just sniffed this in store yesterday. The brand is new to me. But, I can easily deduce that it’s a brand inspired by Scandinavia. This one is a playful fruity-floral. It’s pink roses and juicy strawberries. Retails for $48 at Nordstrom.

Molton Brown Rosa – We’ll switch gears from the proper English rose and fruity-florals to something different with this Molton Brown. This one vaguely reminds me of Malle Portrait of a Lady. It’s a patchouli and jammy rose. Retails for $49 at Saks.

Lola James Harper The Music Studio on Trufo Street – This is a line of candles that make me feel tragically unhip but I do like them. This scent is like a gauze-like, diffused rose (paired with modern woods). It’s a nice mix of modern and antique. Retails for $50 at Luckyscent. 

Honorable mentions: Urban Outfitters has a house brand done through Tru Fragrances that is actually pretty solid as a line, Gourmand. There’s a candle, Macaron Rose, which smells just like the name implies and retails for $14.

rose candles

Over $60

Diptyque Roses – Diptyque has a few rose scented home fragrances. Some are limited edition, others are in their permanent line. Roses is a velvety, red rose. It’s a classic. Retails for $64 at Nordstrom. Other sizes are available for Diptyque candles.

Diptyque Baies – Baies is like a blackcurrant rose. It’s a green, fruity rose reminiscent of their perfume, L’Ombre dans L’Eau. Retails for $64 at Nordstrom.

Jo Malone London Red Roses – I actually prefer the Jo Malone London home fragrances and bath/body products over the perfumes. They’re great quality. This is another one of those “bouquet of a dozen red roses” scents. It’s crisp, floral and not too powdery. Retails for $65 at Nordstrom. Other sizes are available for Jo Malone London.

Roads Black Door – I had to have something on here for those that don’t love roses as much as I do. This is more like sweet tobacco and amber with a scattering of velvety rose petals. Retails for $65 at Barneys. 

Coqui Coqui Rosas Frescas – This is one of the few Coqui Coqui scents that I like. It smells just like the name implies – a fresh rose. It’s like a red rose bouquet. Retails for $75 at Beautyhabit.

rose candles

Ex Nihilo Ultra Rose – Currently this is my rose candle obsession. It’s such a perfect rose soliflore. Realistic and traditional without smelling cliché. Crisp, rosy and glamorous. Retails for $75 at Saks.

Belle Fleur Velvet Santal  – Belle Fleur has an entire collection of candles inspired by amber-style roses. I really like Velvet Santal because it’s a plummy rose with sandalwood incense. Retails for $79 at Belle Fleur. 

Byredo Loose Lips – This is one of those cosmetic roses. It’s a rose/violet that brings to mind ruby red lipstick and French face powder. Retails for $80 at Luckyscent. Other sizes are avialable for Byredo.

Byredo Burning Rose – Look, another from Byredo! This is what the name implies. It’s a smoldering rose with a hint of leather. Retails for $80 at Luckyscent. 

rose candles

Jo Malone London Velvet Rose and Oud – Here’s another Jo Malone London scent except this one is in their “luxe” line. This is a gorgeous jammy rose meets an incense-like oud and amber. Retails for $85 at Nordstrom.

Tom Ford Café Rose – Coffee and stuff is listed but I don’t really pick up on it. To me, it’s more of an earthy rose that’s still undeniably rose. My review. Retails for $98 at Nordstrom.

Ormonde Jayne Ta’if – This is an amber-rose fragrance. It’s a jammy rose with amber and spicy saffron. It makes for a lovely home fragrance. My review. Retails for $85 at Osswald. 

Honorable Mentions: Diptyque Rose Geranium isn’t really a rose, but it’s rose-y. It’s minty and citrus-y with a subtle rose. Retails for $64 at Nordstrom.

I’m sure I’m leaving out some really obvious ones, because I always do with these sort of lists. If you have any to add, please do!

Thanks for joining me on Rose Week 2018!

Prices are for “regular” (not extra-large or travel) size candles. Prices are current as of early 2018 in US dollars.

*Beautyhabit, Saks, Nordstrom contain affiliate links. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “EauMG’s Rose Candle Guide

  1. Try the Henri Bendel Rose – it is a beautiful classic rose scent. I always think pink or peach roses when I burn this candle. It has a 60 hour burn time and fills my entire house with scent – it’s a scented oil base. I use sparingly, but love when I do.
    I think the scents are similar to Diptyque but at a much more affordable price.
    Laura recently posted..Use It: January 2018 Empties

    1. I had that one back in the day and totally forgot about it :S It’s a very pretty candle. I think the Bendel ones are a good a value. I also recommend their Figue (assuming they still make it – I haven’t bought a candle from them in years!).

  2. I adore burning candles but spending 75-100 dollars on a candle seems like a lot, particularly when I’d rather apply those funds toward perfume or face products. I guess I’m a cheapie in that way because I pick up my candles at discount stores or during major blowout sales . Do you ever cringe when your shelling out that kind of dough for something that technically doesn’t give a lot of mileage, like perfume, for example?

    1. One time I made the mistake of telling my mom I had paid $40 for a candle (which I thought was *reasonable*) and she about died of a heart attack. So, I’d never tell her how much I’ve actually paid for a candle :S

      For me, it’s about “cost per use”. So, for someone like me, I get a lot of mileage out of a candle because I use it daily, more than I do a bottle of perfume. Of course, it doesn’t last as long as a bottle of perfume. But, at this stage I have enough perfume to last about 3-4 lifetimes. But, if someone isn’t in my position, I’d recommend buying the Diptyque perfume over the candle, for example. The perfume is a better value.

      Saying this, there’s no reason to pay that much. DW (I think that is the brand) is at Home Goods and their candles are amazing and not more than like $12. I mean, even Glade candles have great throw (and some good scents)!

      The thing about candles though and it’s a reason we don’t see candles scented with natural oils that much, is that the wax devours fragrance oil. It takes so much fragrance to scent a candle. A friend that works in the industry told me it basically takes the same amount of a small full-size bottle to scent a standard candle if you want it to be something you can smell. I don’t know how true that is, or if it is industry talk to justify the price of designer candles.

  3. So many lovely sounding rose candles! I haven’t actually tried many yet, but I have one that you mentioned and a couple others on deck. I have a mini of the Voluspa Prosecco Rose. And I have DW Home Rose Ganache plus LAFCO Rose & Elemi on its way to me.

    I added the Votivo to my Amazon cart for later.

    1. DW has amazing candles. I’m rarely ever at a Home Good/TJ Maxx/Marshalls but when I go, I typically buy like 5 DW candles at a time. I have’t tried that LAFCO but they have plenty other ones that I love 🙂

      I think for the money Votivo and Voluspa make great candles.

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