EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Your Halloween Costumes – 2014 Edition

Last year I put together a post featuring my picks for the most popular Halloween costumes. Looking back at that post, I thought, “Hey, that was fun. I want to do another”. For the 2014 edition, I decided to focus on costumes that I like (AKA ones that would be fun to “scent”). So, I went to the online costume sites to see what is popular this year. Here are my perfume picks to get you fully into costume:

Ringmaster Halloween costume


Really I just chose this one as an excuse to suggest circus inspired perfumes. And for any possible Britney Spears “Circus” references.

  • L’Artisan Parfumer Dzing! EDT – This one has reminded me more of old books but a lot people get the horse/hay funk from it. It’s a really nifty circus inspired perfume. Full review. Retails for $145 at Beautyhabit. 
  • MiN New York Magic Circus EDP – Magic Circus is more of a circus gourmand. It’s circus treats like cotton candy and caramel but balanced by woodsy notes. Retails for $240 at MiN New York.
  • Jacomo Art Collection #02 EDP – It’s leather, bubble gum and clay. I think this sort of childish yet grown up amber perfume is a good choice for a circus-themed costume. Plus it retails for a really cheap price of $33 at StrawberryNet. Full review. 

Werewolf perfumes


I like werewolf costumes because they’re a Halloween classic…like vampires. I imagine werewolf fragrances being musky, wild and woodsy.

  • Smell Bent Lumberjack Werewolf EDT – This is a SUPER skanky musk with a dry cedar. And I mean, the name has “werewolf” in it so it has to work, right? Full review. Retails for $50 at Smell Bent. 
  • Slumberhouse Norne Parfum Extrait – Norne is a deep dark forest scent, a PNW forest during a full moon. Retails for $160 at Indie Scents. 
  • CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt Water Perfume – This is an earthy scent with moss, mushrooms and decaying leaves. Doesn’t that sound like something werewolves would roll around in? Retails for $65 at CB I Hate Perfume.

Halloween ghost perfumes


Ghost costumes are great because they’re pretty easy to throw together (am irritated though that the gal above didn’t like give herself ghostly makeup, but whatever). With a ghost costume, I think of sheer or “weightless” scents. And cold scents.

  • Hermès Hermessence Brin de Reglisse EDP – Most of the Hermessence scents are “ghostly” in my opinion since they are sheer and transparent. Brin de Reglisse is a bitter aromatic with lavender and licorice.  But, really any of the Hermessence scents will do.
  • Cartier Baiser Volé EDT – This is a cool, green lily with an ethereal sheerness. Retails for $85 at Sephora. 
  • Comme des Garcons Wisteria Hysteria EDP – Wisteria Hysteria is a spicy metallic floral in a ghostly white bottle. Retails for $165 at Beautyhabit. 

Headless Horseman perfmes

Headless Horseman

I wanted to pair this costume with perfumes that are without top notes. So, I went with linear perfumes or perfumes intentionally created without any “head” notes.

  • Patch NYC Owl Solid Perfume – Owl is a dark fragrance with tobacco and sandalwood in cute packaging. Being a solid perfume, it lacks top notes and skips immediately to the heart and base notes. Retails for $22 at Beautyhabit.
  • Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia Natural EDP – Cuir de Gardenia is a perfume intentionally formulated without any top notes. It’s a stunning white floral with an animalic base. Retails for $195 at Aftelier. 
  • C.O. Bigelow Amber Perfume Oil – I think linear scents are headless. Here’s a good warm amber that retails for $15 at C.O. Bigelow. This one also layers nicely with other perfume oils from the line.

Halloween Statue Perfume

Classic Statue

I like this costume. And it could be an easy one to make at home with white fabric and some gray spray paint. With this I went with cool, mineral scents, the sort of scents that make me think of rock and marble.

  • Andrea Mack Smart EDP – This is a cool, sheer, powdery floral  Because it’s cool, it makes me think of statues. Retails for $135 at Luckyscent.
  • MDCI Parfums Invasion Barbare EDP – It’s a classic masculine fougere for a rather “classical” costume. Plus, the bust bottle is so perfect for this that I couldn’t leave it out. The bust bottle retails for $395 ($263 without) at Osswald.
  • Chanel No. 19 EDT – I think of all of the classic Chanels like sculptures or modern architecture. They’re cool, classic and structured. No. 19 retails for $95 at Nordstrom. 

Mermaid perfume


Oh, mermaids. It seems to be something that even grown women want to dress up as. For this costume, I went with beachy perfumes.

  • Olivine Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil – This is a rich tropical floral with coconut. It’s one of my new favorite beach scents. Full review. Retails for $48 at Beautyhabit.
  • A Beautiful Life Mermaid’s Kiss EDP – Mermaids would be all about this tropical fruity floral with really cool packaging. Retails for $52 at A Beautiful Life. 
  • Anu Essentials Sea Scape Natural EDP – This smells more like the mermaids of legends and not the mermaids of Disney. Sea Scape is a sharp, cool scent that really does reminds me of cool seas with rocky beaches. Full review. Retails for $55 at Anu Essentials. 

Are you dressing up this year? I never do since I rarely get invited to do anything cool and honestly, I’m OK with that. I find the thought of planning a costume too stressful. I may dress myself up in a “scented costume” though 🙂

*Circus Sweetie Ringmaster, Rabid Werewolf, Luxury Ghost Cape, Headless Horseman, Roman Statue and Elite Mermaid costume pics from Party City. Beautyhabit, Sephora, C.O. Bigelow and StrawberryNet contain affiliate links. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Your Halloween Costumes – 2014 Edition

  1. I like the idea of a scent costume as well! I’m not in the mood to dress up, but my toddler is dressing as a pirate lass. Perhaps some Dzing? Pirates and circus folk seem to share a certain aesthetic, yes?

  2. Dearest Victoria! I was just enchanted by your take on Halloween fragrances. The mystical and infinite world of fragrance never ceases to amaze me. I am so delighted that you though to include Sea Scape in such great company!

    Thank you!
    May you have a ‘scary’ Halloween!

    1. It’s such an awesome sea fragrance. It really has that “open” feel that I get when I stare out into the sea!

  3. I adore Halloween and dressing up and am invited to a party with people I work with. So, costume for which I could wear actual clothing–Minnie Mouse! Red skirt, that polka dot head wrap I just bought, black double-breasted brass button jacket, and flats are all pretty normal. Add the clip-on mouse ears and white gloves and ta-dah, costume! But I have actually been pondering–would perfume would Minnie Mouse wear? Has to be mainstream and readily available, because remote Western town. Any of you lovelies have any ideas?

    1. Oh, that sounds adorable! I haven’t decided if I’ll be dressing up this year or not. I love it but I’m terrible at planning.

      Hmmm…I’m thinking. And here’s my ideas. When I think of Minnie, I think of vintage even though she’s still relevant. She was her most popular in the 20-40’s. I’m tempted to go with something from the era like Houbigant Chantilly Lace or White Shoulders BUT I have no idea what the modern formulations of those smell like! They could be bad or they could be terrible. About five years ago I sniffed one of those cheap modern bottles of White Shoulders and I didn’t think it was bad. It was like grapes and flowers.

      Another direction I’m tempted by is being sort of literal and going with something “red” and feminine like rose soliflores (Bvlgari Rose Essentielle or Diptyque Eau Rose) or even something fruity like raspberries (Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola) or cherries (Cherry Vanilla – it’s super cheap at Wal-Mart or something like Escada Cherry). Hopefully with these you can ge ta sample from a SA that will get you through the weekend 🙂

      I look forward to hearing what others have to suggest!

      1. I think the closest SA is 50+ miles away, but I will think on either the vintage or drugstore options! Thanks! ❤️

        1. A few of these should be at the drugstore 🙂 I’m sort of tempted to pick up some minis of those older ones. I’m curious to see what they are like now.

  4. I didn’t find any of your awesome suggestions locally and then I couldn’t think of anything in my own collection! I ended up going with Lush Vanilliary because reasons…Not so sure how it relates to Minnie Mouse but it made me feel cozy like a Disney movie today at work. Or something. Didn’t win the costume contest but I was the cutest! Thank you and Happy Halloween!

    1. I love Vanillary. It’s so delicious and I think it does fit with Minnie!

      Awe, too bad but at least you smelled amazing 🙂

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