EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Summer 2016

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere! If you’re looking for something new to wear to compliment the season, here’s my suggestions:

Summer 2016 perfumes

Tropical/Beach Scents

For days at the beach or for the days you wish you were there!

Balenciaga Paris L’Édition Mer EDP – Cool, watery lily-of-the-valley aquatic that’s a nice nod to Japanese designer perfumes of the 1990’s. The coolness works well with hot beaches. Retails for $145 at Neiman Marcus but there’s rumors going around saying it’s available at discounters for crazy cheap.

Yves Rocher Pop Exotic EDT – OK, this limited edition perfume isn’t exceptional but sometimes I get a craving for unapologetically fruity fragrances in the summer. And this wears like a tropical fruit cocktail mixer that someone needs to add rum to ASAP. It retails for $25 at Yves Rocher. At this price, I don’t feel bad about having such a guilty pleasure craving.

Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc EDP – If you’re into spending hundreds of dollars to smell like tanning lotion, then this is for you. It smells like the tanning oils of your youth (coconut and orange blossom) with an addition of musk and sandalwood. Personally, I’m insulted by the price but it does smell like it’s name and it fits with the “beachy” theme. Retails for $220 at Nordstrom. There’s a sparkling body oil in this scent that’s a lot of fun.

citrus perfumes

Mandatory Citrus

But, for people that are usually bored by citrus perfumes.

Chabaud Vert d’Eau EDT – This is a lemon and mandarin paired with bitter greens that remind me of tomato leaves (they’re actually fig leaves). The bitter greens really cut through the heat. Retails for $105 at Osswald.

Tonatto Profumi Magnifico EDP – This is a fresh, aromatic scent with lavender and licorice that opens with a blast of citrus. It’s the sort of fragrance that will effortlessly transition from summer to fall. Retails for €80 at Tonatto Profumi. 

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra EDT – Green tea with a huge blast of yuzu! It’s as refreshing as it sounds. Retails for $90 at Nordstrom.


cool summer scents

Cool, Fresh Scents

Summer brings out the grossest smells (especially in NYC with mass transit, garbage,etc.) and I like to counteract this funkiness with aggressively fresh, pretty scents. 

Eric Buterbaugh Florals Apollo (Hyacinth) EDP – It’s almost impossible to not love a crisp, cool floral with lily-of-the-valley and hyacinth. Retails for $295 at Saks. Full review here.

Odin Vert Reseda EDP – It’s a blast of bitter, green galbanum over citrus-like florals and sandalwood. There’s a powdery thing going on but it always stays fresh and green. Retails for $210 at Barneys.

Olivier Durbano Jade EDP – Aggressively cool with cardamom, mint and turpentine-like spices. It’s unusual but not too weird to wear. The dry-down is warm with cinnamon and musk. Retails for $205 at Luckyscent.



gourmand perfumes

Gourmands for Summer

These are the sort of gourmands that won’t suffocate you even on the days that you’ll melt if you go outside.

Aedes de Venustas Cierge de Lune EDP – Reading the note list, I expected for this to be a heavier vanilla and chocolate sort of scent. Instead, it’s a lighter fragrance that wears like a dusting of powder. It’s like a whisper of vanilla powder and a doughy amber. Retails for $245 at Aedes de Venustas.

Fragonard Lune de Miel EDP – It’s vanilla with blackberries over a creamy sandalwood. The forest berries add a summer-y freshness. Retails for $68 at Beautyhabit.

Demeter Gingerale Cologne – This seriously smells exactly like gingerale. It’s spicy and effervescent with a subtle sweetness. It’s one of my favorites from Demeter. It’s on this list as my “gourmands for people that don’t like gourmands”. Retails for $20 at Demeter.

summer date perfumes

Date Night – Feminines

Here are a few special or “evening” scents for those that prefer more “traditionally” feminine scents.¹

Comme de Garcones Grace by Grace Coddington EDP – If for some reason this bottle isn’t enough for you, I’ll quickly describe the fragrance. It’s a sheer, delicate fruity rose. It’s feminine. It’s pretty. It comes in a cat bottle. Retails for $110 at Sephora.

Le Labo Thé Noir EDP – Really, this could fit into a few categories in my list. Unlike most Le Labo perfumes, this one smells like the name. It’s a bitter green fig over a smoky black tea with a bit of “lift” from ambroxan. It’s perfect for casual nights. Retails for at $175 at Nordstrom.

Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger Neroli Oud EDP – A juicy neroli contrasted by sweeter woods. This brand really knows how to treat an orange blossom right. Retails for $110 at Beautyhabit.



summer date night perfumes

Date Night – Masculines

Here are a few special or “evening” scents for those that prefer more “traditionally” masculine scents.

Hermès Eau de Neroli Doré EDT – This is a classic neroli that’s fresh and leans more green. There’s something in the base that reminds me of old school masculines from the 1960’s. Simple, refined and polished. Retails for $129 at Sephora.

House of Matriarch Albatross EDP – This is one of those Neo-Aquatics that wears like a cool ocean breeze. It’s a fresh evergreen fragrance with a saltiness over woods. Retails for $330 at Nordstrom. Review here.

Chanel Les Exclusifs Boy EDP – I’m a sucker for Chanel and this is no exception. It’s aldehydes, lavender and some vanilla. It’s a fougere with that Chanel touch. Retails for $185 at Chanel.

Need more suggestions? Check out my guide from 2015.

¹Of course, that’s just marketing and you all know that you can wear whatever you want!

*Beautyhabit, Yves Rocher, Saks, Nordstrom and Sephora contain affiliate links. Thanks!

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  1. Darn you Tom Ford!! I tried it this weekend at Neimans in a moment of weakness. I really want Soleil Blanc. I picture Tom Ford petting his hairless cat in his white suit as he prices this perfume. My son and husband looked at me after they heard the price like I had lost my mind.

    1. The price is crazy! And every year with this line, there’s a price increase (when I didn’t think they could get more expensive). There’s one in the “regular” line with a similar sounding note list and I sure hope it’s a similar version but cheaper.

      It hit me today what it reminds me of…a fancy Vegas hotel, like the toiletries at a fancy Vegas hotel. So, yeah, I love the fragrance but I can’t stomach paying that price. Yes, I want to smell like tanning oil or a fancy hotel but I don’t want to pay Tom’s rich people prices!

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