EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Summer 2015

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere. And you know the drill by now, here’s my perfume picks for hot, humid weather:

Tropical perfumes

Tropical Scents

These are the scents for the beach or for those days that you wish you were at the beach.

MIKMOI Ao EDP – If you don’t like tropical scents that smell like piña coladas, there’s this. It’s a fresh, aquatic tuberose that is inspired by Thai beaches. It’s the tropical scent for those that usually don’t like tropical scents. Retails for $90 at MIKMOI. Full review here. 

April Aromatics Tempted Muse EDP – This is a mouth-watering tropical floral with juicy fruits and creamy florals. It’s ike a Costa Rican getaway in a bottle. Retails for $190 at Luckyscent. Full review here. 

Auric Blends Black Coconut Perfume Oil – I usually try to throw in a few budget friendly scents and it doesn’t get much more budget friendly than Auric Blends. Black Coconut is a deep, dark coconut with heliotrope sweetness. I mean it’s so festival ready, especially with that dream catcher printed on the bottle (plus it’s portable!). Retails for about $8.50 at Auric Blends. 

Citrus Perfumes

Mandatory Citrus

But, with a twist!

Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman EDP – This is a modern take on the classic “eau de cologne”. It’s a fresh citrus floral with an unexpected addition of almond. And this stuff actually lasts on the skin. How many “colognes” are like that? Retails for $100 at Beautyhabit. Full review here.

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga EDP – I don’t understand why I haven’t heard more about this sparkling lime and Earl Grey fragrance. It’s seriously really, really good. All of these refreshing notes are over a soft musk and leather. It really is a citrus with a twist! Retails for $34 at Sears. 

Cartier Declaration Essence EDT – Bitter citrus and cool spices over dry woods. This version is less “funky” than the original (one of my favorite “colognes”). Because of this, you bring the funk to this fragrance – BYOB.O. And when the temps rise, that isn’t difficult to do. Retails for $110 at Nordstrom. 

Fresh summer scents

Fresh Scents

I know I’m a boring perfumista but I walk a lot and ride mass transit. After being crammed in a can of stranger’s B.O., sometimes all I want is to smell something that reads as clean to my nose.

Monsillage Eau de Celeri EDT – This indie perfume has a really good perspective when it comes to “fresh”. It’s a green garden like galbanum over an earthy patchouli and vetiver. Retails for $95 at Twisted Lily.

CB I Hate Perfume Memory of Kindness Water Perfume – I’m continuing with the garden theme here. Memory of Kindness smells just like a tomato garden. Bitter, green and herbal yet inviting. Retails for $120 at CB I Hate Perfume. 

DSH Perfumes Want EDP – This is one energetic little number of lemon sugar and fresh herbs over a green, mossy base. I want to bathe in this stuff. Seriously. The 1 oz retails for $100 at DSH PerfumesFull review. 

gourmand perfumes

Gourmands for Summer

These are the sort of gourmands that aren’t too heavy or “sticky” for summer wear.

Arquiste The Architects Club EDP – This reminds me of a vanilla scented gin and tonic with sleek woods. It’s a “fresh” gourmand. Retails for $190 at Beautyhabit. Full review here. 

Providence Perfume Co. Provanilla EDP – This is a delicious natural vanilla perfume with a boozy edge. But, what makes it stand out is the cool, aquatic opening. It’s like a Mexican Caribbean vanilla. Retails for $35 at Beautyhabit. 

Lalique Amethyst EDP – Blackberry is one of my favorite go-to gourmand notes for summer. This is a berry rose over a vanilla musk. It smells like late August. Retails for $100 at Nordstrom. 

feminine perfumes

Date Night – Feminines

Here are a few special or “evening” scents for those that prefer more traditionally feminine scents.

Opus Oils Jitterbug EDP – This is a jazzy little white floral with tobacco and a salty sandalwood. I love how this wears on a hot, humid evening. Retails fro $65 at Opus Oils. Full review here. 

Dior Dune EDT – Dune is a dry, aromatic amber that is like well, a sand dune. Retails for $59 at Sephora. 

Huitième Art Vohina EDT – Vohina is a sweet peach and animalic honey with a fresh lavender. It’s sort of an “old school” fragrance in that it’s sweet yet dry. However, it really stands out in the sea of current fruity-floral offerings. Retails for $125 at Osswald. 

Masculine fragrances for summer

Date Night – Masculines

And here’s the ones for those that more traditionally masculine scents.

Aedes de Venustas Copal Azur EDP – I’ve really fallen hard for this “incense by the sea” fragrance. The frankincense in this wears amazingly in the warm weather. Retails for $245 at Aedes. Full review here.

Masque Milano Terralba EDP – Terralba is an aromatic evergreen fragrance that smells like an Italian vacation. Retails for $215 at Luckyscent. 

Clinique Chemistry Cologne – Chemistry smells like soap. This is exactly why I like it. Smells like some sexy guy is showering in your shower. Retails for $42 at Nordstrom. 

Want more suggestions? Here’s my picks from 2014. 

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31 thoughts on “EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Summer 2015

  1. Mikmoi Ao is still calling my name. I’ve been wearing the Aldwych one a lot this summer, and I love it, but i’m craving Ao. Who knew I would be so into these modern aquatics.

    1. I’ve decided that I can’t choose one over the other, so I need both 🙂 But, I’m on a no-buy again so maybe I’ll pick one up late August.

      I wouldn’t of thought I would like the modern aquatics so much either but I do. I really like them a lot. For me, it all started with Heeley Sel Marin. I love a sea-like aquatic, not a soapy one.

        1. Hehehe, I am still using (treasuring) my samples but if I hit the lottery I am definitely buying FBs.

  2. Oh dear, nowI have to get a sample of Memory of Kindness but will be good and put it on my wishlist at one of the perfume decanting sites.

    1. Hey, you’re supposed to be holding off, good job 😉 Put it on your wishlist and reward yourself when you meet your goal 🙂

  3. The entire line of Mikmoi is wonderful. I did buy the sample set and am impressed by all the scents. My favorites are lingua Franca, Itoh, and Ao. Even vesper, which was my least favorite, work better for me than other leather rose-based perfumes (looking at you, Rose Anonyme).
    I also really liked AA tempted muse but I’m trying to not fall in love because of the price! I appreciate that you included a lower cost option. The only auric blend perfume I have tried is their Egyptian musk bought from Amazon and I wasn’t sure if Amazon sold me a bad one but now I know I don’t like musk, lol!
    I do love gourmands, though! Providence’s provanilla is great! I was waiting to see if you would mention it.
    I’m a bit bummed because I’m broke (of course) and my brother is going to have a custom perfume made for himself this weekend. So jealous. My birthday is next month so I’m thinking I’ll save up and treat myself to opus oils!

    1. I used up my sample of Itoh last night 🙁 I really like how the line can manage to do smoky/leather but it’s not overwhelming. There’s a “breeze” in them. Hard to explain but this quality makes them easier to wear than others in the genre.
      AA – Yeah, it’s so hard to try things that I know I would be upset with if I liked them! I’ve avoided quite a few perfumes because of this. At least I know my limits.
      Auric – Haha, well, now you know. I will say that I bought one from Amazon that was a mess. I don’t know if it turned or was completely the wrong one, mislabeled but it was not like what the local hippie dippie store had. I only paid like $5 for it. It was terrible, just “off balance”. A few of the others (bought in person) were really good for the price, like Black Coconut 🙂
      Providence – Hope to have a review of that one up soon!

      Awe, well good for him. This time of year is always rough on my budget. Having people in town and me being out of town did not help. I’m trying to save up and cut back on some things so I can treat myself to a bottle of something in late August. Also, happy early birthday! You should treat yourself!

  4. I think it was in one of your other Mikmoi reviews where you said that the entire line has a sheerness to it that makes it quite wearable. I completely agree.

    Mm, maybe I did get a bad Auric blend from Amazon. I purposely do not buy perfume from there anymore because it is seriously hit or miss. I figured that buying from there was safe but I have had a few where it’s like…that doesn’t smell right… The Egyptian musk was so bad that I just threw it away. Usually I try to give a perfume to someone who might like it but this was that bad! I only spent $5 as well so I didn’t feel terrible about it.
    And thanks for the early birthday wishes!

    1. So, when we moved, we got rid of everything. This meant when we arrived in NJ, we ordered a lot of replacements, many from Amazon. We were *shocked* at how many counterfeit items we ended up with despite paying full price. I’m talking anything from ergonomic keyboards to kitchen knives to a freak’n Real Techniques makeup brush! We have so many complaints floating around Amazon right now. After the past few months we’ve had, I’m really, really skeptical of Amazon right now. I think eBay is much safer to buy from!

      But, yeah, $5, I let that one slide but I don’t think I’m going to buy anymore perfume from Amazon. And I should avoid blind-buys in general 🙂

  5. That’s so disappointing! I do appreciate when people leave feedback on Amazon because it truly helps. It’s different when a person says “I wore this in the 70’s. It doesn’t smell the same!!!” Versus “this seems like a knock-off”. There have been times when the price is tempting but if there is a chance it’s not authentic then it’s not really a deal. My boyfriend bought a bulgari perfume for me and was so happy about the discount but I can tell it’s not the real deal. I broke it to him gently to not buy from Amazon again.

    1. I don’t get though why there are knock-offs of cheaper stuff (like a drugstore makeup brush). This is what is puzzling me. I mean, all knock-offs are lame but it doesn’t surprise me that there are fake Chanels of Bvlgaris. It sucks. And in our case, the stuff wasn’t really discounted that much, like a believable few dollars. I don’t know, but I’m mad at Amazon right now, lol.

  6. I have a sample of Memory of Kindness, and I really like it. Or at least, I remember liking it (I like tomato leaf!), and now I’m going to go dig it out and smell it again.

    1. I love tomato leaf and if I could keep potted tomato plants alive, I wouldn’t need the perfumes 😉 But, I can’t. I’m not good with stuff like that.

  7. I’ve had some really bad purchases from Amazon in the last few months. I’m going to Etsy or EBay. I bought Dior Dolce Vita which smelled awful. Definitely not what I smelled at Neimans. So disappointing.

    1. Ugh! What is going on? I think Amazon should be more responsible than this. I mean, eBay used to have this rep but they really fixed it. Amazon can turn this around, ugh.

  8. I did buy Dune at Walgreens which was having an online sale and it was great. Don’t forget to look online at Walgreens. I also got some Japanese skincare products from there at great prices.

    1. I’ve never looked at Walgreens for any deals. It has never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip! And I had no idea they have international skincare, just looked and those are good prices.

  9. Thanks for the detailed list [which also includes the price] and lovely photos! I’d love to have some citrus and fresh fragrances. And the way you describe makes the Lady Gaga one sounds droolworthy.

    1. In this hot summer, I really like citrus and fresh fragrances. I’m so surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed Eau de Gaga!

  10. Well, this is a first – I haven’t sniffed a single thing from your list. I’ve been spending all of my time in Guerlain’s Terracotta, Roses De Chloe and Chanel 19 EDP.
    I know it’s boring, but I’ve hit a wall with perfume hunting. I’m just not feelin’ it this season.

    1. Not boring at all! I love those. If I still had Terracotta, I’d be wearing it all summer too. And I’m such a Chanel person. Cristalle and No. 19 are some of my favorites for summer wear.

      I do admit that in the summer I get “lazy”. I mainly wear the same things and rarely mix it up.

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