EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Autumn 2015

It’s autumn! And I’m ready for fall fragrances. Here’s my picks for fragrances to get you through all your various autumn activities.

Autumn 2014 Perfumes

Harvest Scents

These are perfumes that remind me of fall’s harvest. Or I think they’d pair well with a lazy stroll through an apple orchard.

Parfum d’Empire Aziyadé EDP – Aziyadé is a dried fruits with spices that opens with juicy, autumn-picked pomegranates. The dry-down is delightfully animalic. Retails for $145 at Beautyhabit. 

Sonoma Scent Studio Fig Tree EDP – This smells just like the name implies! It smells like a fig tree. For me, it’s a reminder of late summer days but the woodiness also works well into fall. It has it all – fruit, greens and bark. Retails for $65 at Sonoma Scent Studio. Review here.

Diptyque Volutes EDT – When I think of the great outdoors and the ground covered in dried leaves, I always think that these natural aromas would pair well with a sweet tobacco fragrance. And Volutes is a sweet, honeyed tobacco with dried fruits. Retails for $90 at Nordstrom.


autumn 2015 perfumes

Cozy, Comforting Scents

These are the sort of cozy perfumes that you just want to kick back with on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a cup of hot tea and a good book.

Yves Rocher Vanille Noire EDP – This is a soft vanilla fragrance that reminds me of paperback books and vanilla extract. So cozy! Retails for under for $72 but it’s often on sale at Yves Rocher. There are bath/body products in this line that are really nice too.

Olivine More Than the Stars Perfume Oil – I have a soft spot for Egyptian musk which I always associate with “cozy”. And this perfume is an interesting take on that concept. It’s Egyptian musk with heady lilies over a warm vanilla. It’s sweet, floral and musky. Retails for $48 at Beautyhabit. Also available in an EDP.

Arquiste The Architects Club EDP – This fragrance opens like a vanilla-scented cocktail and dries down to this woodsy, leathery scent. It’s a great mix of cool/warm. The overall effect is like being curled up in a cashmere throw on a leather club chair reading your favorite book. Retails for $190 at Beautyhabit. Full review here. 

autumn 2015 perfumes


A section for beer inspired perfumes or at least perfumes that pair nicely with hops!

Slumberhouse Sova Parfum Extrait – Slumberhouse is a brand that does “autumn” so well. Sova is like henna, hay and tobacco. It actually has “hops” as a note listed. And nothing says “Oktoberfest” better than hops, right? Retails for $160 at Luckyscent.

Ayala Moriel Sandal Ale EDP – This such an unusual fragrance but it’s so nifty. It’s like an Indian Pale Ale with sandalwood. It’s really interesting. Retails for $120 at Ayala Moriel. Full review here.

EnVoyage Perfumes Captured in Amber Extrait – If you’re going to be drinking dark ales, let me suggest a chocolate amber like Captured in Amber. It’s a sweet amber that doesn’t go powdery. Pairs well with really good beer. Retails for $30 at EnVoyage Perfumes. Full review here.


smoky scents for autumn

Bonfires in a Bottle

Smoky, woodsy scents that will remind you of a bonfire or at least a fire place.

HEELEY Phoenicia Extrait de Parfum – This reminds me of like blueberry plants on fire. It’s like smoky fruits and woods. Retails for $250 at Luckyscent.

Tauer Lonestar Memories EDT – This fragrance reminds me of people that I love so of course I’m going to love it. It’s a smoky birch tar with leather. Rugged and wonderful. Retails for $130 at Twisted Lily Full review here. 

Tom Ford Extreme EDT – I think this smells like a sexy forest fire. Or a sexy fireman. I don’t know. It’s smoky and good. Retails for $130 at Nordstrom. Full review here. 


Autumn 2015 fragrances

Autumn Treats

Gourmands that remind me of delicious, autumn time treats.

ScentStory 24 Gold Elixir EDP – This is a honeyed incense that reminds me of delicious Middle Eastern treats. This is a great fragrance for cooler weather because it’s yummy and woodsy. Retails for $80 at FragranceX. Full review here. 

L’Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two EDT – Steamy, smoky, spicy chai. And isn’t that exactly what you want in autumn? Retails for $100 at Beautyhabit.

Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguile EDP – This smells just like gingerbread and hot apple cider! Retails for $255 at Hermès. Full review here. 

men's fall fragrance

Date Night for Masculines

“Special” fall scents for masculine types.

Monsillage Aviation Club EDP – I feel hard for this. It’s a bittersweet tobacco and leather. Guys, wear this. Retails for $95 at Indigo Perfumery. Full review here. 

La Curie Faunus EDP – Smoky oud and leather. Smells amazing on its own or layered under any of your other perfumes for extra “umph”. Retails for $90 at La Curie. Full review here.  

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men EDT – You guys know that I like to kick it old school. And this is one of those old school masculines that I dig. It’s a cozy, spicy fragrance with lavender, spices and musk. Retails for $76 at Nordstrom.


Fall Fragrances for Women

Date Night for Feminines

“Special” fall scents for feminine types.

Histoires d’Eaux Ne me Quitte Pas EDP – This is a powdery jasmine with patchouli. It has a certain va-va-voom quality to it. And a Jacques Brel quality…Retails for $180 at Osswald.

Hiram Green Shangri La EDP – Do you want to smell glamorous? Well, wear this fruity chypre and you’ll smell so fancy. It has a certain Old Hollywood glamour to it but it’s not too much for a young modern like yourself. Retails for $165 at Indigo. Full review here. 

Guerlain L’Instant de Guerlain EDP – I’ve been smitten by Chanel lately and have forgotten about Guerlain. However, I’ve been craving L’Instant. It’s a sweet floral over a Guerlain-y amber. It’s rich, decadent and it smells great. I should wear it more than I do. Retails for $78 at Sephora. 

Need more ideas? Here’s my Autumn Picks from last year!

So, what will you be wearing this fall? Any perfumes on your Autumn Wishlist?

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20 thoughts on “EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Autumn 2015

  1. There’s a few there I’d love to try/buy, Tea for Two has been on my wishlist for quite some time I’m glad they bought it back. Hermès Hermèssence Ambre Narguile sounds delicious too! And Volutes, gah all the wants! 😉

    1. I have a little left of Tea for Two. It came in some discounted trio gift set thing. It’s good.

      L’Artisan is always playing with our hearts. They have a bad habit of making a great perfume, discontinuing it and then relaunching it years later or even worse…make it a limit edition.

      I love Hermessence perfumes but I hate the prices! I swear every time I look them up, they’ve went up another $15.
      I want a bottle of Volutes. I want bottles of lots of things, lol.

  2. Very much agree on the L’Instant. It’s one of the few old Guerlains that even though reformulated, is still wearable. It’s my winter sleeping scent. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t done a new “updated” version like they did with Opium. I know it doesn’t have the cache and advertising shock value that Opium had, but to me L’Instant is one of a kind, and wearable on both men and women,.

    1. L’Instant is gorgeous and one of those that I haven’t worn recently. And I have no reason for ignoring it. It’s really good. And I agree, completely unisex.

      I hope they don’t “update” it because that rarely ever works out. Really surprised that they haven’t though. That’s a trend in Perfumeworld that apparently is hard for large companies to resist!

      Did you ever try L’Instant Homme? It was amazing too. I still have some of it left but I guess it was discontinued? It’s not as easy to find.

  3. I really enjoy your seasonal posts. The groupings give me a clearer sense of what I might be interested in sampling. And the look of these posts is great too.
    Thanks for bringing my attention to Ayala Moriel’s Sandal Ale; I hadn’t noticed it when browsing her site and it does sound interesting.

    1. Thank you!

      Sandal Ale is a really weird fragrance. This is why I think people should sample it! It’s bitter/hoppy with a really high-quality sandalwood.

  4. So many fabulous suggestions! I definitely need to sniff the Guerlain, Tea for Two and Captured in Amber. But really, I’d love to try most of the scents you suggested. Thanks for all the recommendations!

    1. Yes, shame on you 😉

      I really like this brand. Moon Bloom is a stunning white floral. I like Shangri-La because it’s one of those few chypres that will please a chypre-fiend and also be something that the chypre-adverse will still want to wear.

  5. Thanks to this post I finally got around to ordering samples from en voyage and some scentstory 24 and I plan on getting a few minis from Yves Rocher. I love that it’s finally cooled down a bit (although it’s 90 degrees here today!) I’ve been wearing my keiko mechari loukoum and Parfums de Nicolai’s Vanilla Tonka. I do love my gourmands! I’m also glad to see that Guerlain’s l’instant is good. I bought some perfumed gel of it from a discount perfume site knowing full well that it was an older product and that it probably was off. Now I know it was. I must say that I love Tea for Two. You can really smell the smokiness of the tea! Also really good is smellbent ‘s One, which has a paperback note and chai. However I only really get the chai but it is excellent.

    1. Whoo! I wore that Yves Rocher Vanille today and should pick up a bottle. I’m picky with my vanillas but I like how “gentle” this one is.

      90? When will this madness end? It’s been in the 60’s for the past week which is my favorite temp for perfume. It’s like anything works in that temp.

      I forgot that at one time Guerlain made the gels. I feel like they used to play around more with the different mediums. I have a Shalimar Hair Gel that is AMAZING. It’s strong enough to be worn as a gel-style perfume on the pulse points. I wish they’d introduce more of the different stuff like that.

      I love Smell Bent One! It’s one of my favorite from the lines. It’s something I do recommend to anyone wanting a chai scent. I like the contrast of the paper with it. It’s a really cool scent; a great cheap thrill.

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