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2014 EauMG Awards



I shared my favorites (and my disappointments) for 2014, now I want to hear from you. I want to know what your favorite perfumes launched in 2014 were. I’d appreciate if it you’d take the time to participate in this survey – The Second Annual EauMG Awards! With so many launches every year, it’s impossible to try them all. I feel collectively that we can, well, sort of. My goal with this voting is to form a list of “2014 best of” from a wide group of fragrance connoisseurs. I’d like to share the results as a “must-tries” for other perfume lovers.

Thank you for taking the time to participate. I really appreciate you and your readership. I also want to take this time to wish you a happy New Year! Here’s to an awesome 2015!

When voting, please only vote for perfumes that you’ve tried. It’s almost impossible to try every in each category – I haven’t tried many of these. The category may include a future love that you haven’t worn yet; that’s understandable. There are so many launches! You can choose two for each category. Do not vote for more than two for each category. *The link for voting can be found below.

I’ve tried to put together perfumes that were launched in the U.S. in 2014.

Here are the categories in the 2014 voting and a brief explanation of each category:

Best Mainstream

In this category I tried to include “big” launches from brands available at most department stores across America. For example, this includes designer perfumes and celeb scents.

Best Niche (larger distribution)

Every year there are so many niche and indie launches. There is no way I could include them all. I did my best to narrow this down and even then there are two groups (niche and indie). The first group is niche with a larger yet more exclusive distribution (think Serge Lutens and Chanel Les Exclusifs). These perfumes are usually created by a trained perfumer that works with the brand’s creative director.

Best Niche/Indie (smaller distribution)

The second group is niche that is smaller and has less doors (retail establishments). Many niche brands launched more than one perfume this year but I narrowed it down to one (you can always “write in” the other). These are smaller brands where the perfumer is rather “solo” meaning that they are the creative director and perfumer.

Best Natural

I’m not saying that naturals should be judged so “differently”. I mainly separate this category because there are so many niche launches. I feel that these should be included with niche as they can easily compete with niche, but like I said, there were so many launched. I decided to put these in a different category because many of these brands are about “the same size” and are often in the same price range. This category is for those niche brands that market their perfumes (or perfume in their line) as natural.

Best Collection

This category is for perfume collections launched in 2014. Some of the collections are permanent and some are limited edition. It includes a mix of mainstream and niche perfumes.

Best Brand/House

This category is for brands that launched in 2014 or at least gained some momentum in 2014 (for example, may have formed late 2013 but we heard more about them and their new launches in 2014). With this category think about the house that you can’t wait to see what else they have to offer because you loved what they’ve done so far.

*There is a write-in for each category because I hate being restrictive. When I go through the results, I will only include those launched in 2014 within the US. I don’t think it’s fair to include some time-tested masterpieces up against these newbies of 2014 – so don’t write in Fracas, OK 😉  I will use the information on Basenotes and Fragrantica as a reference for launch date.

Thanks again!

Voting ends January 9th!


I’ll post the results after the 9th.

11 thoughts on “EauMG’s Perfume Pals Best of 2014 Voting

  1. Well I was really excited to participate in your survey, but it turns out I’ve tried so little… super sad face. And the few that I had tried, I really *did not* like, haha. But on your list were many good reminders of things I do want to try – so thank you for that! I hope you get a lot of participation!

  2. What Sun Mi said. I remember looking at your poll last year and thinking, next year I’ll have tried more current releases. Nope!

    1. I haven’t tried 99% in this survey 🙂

      Also, it’s OK to vote for one that you like and skip categories that are irrelevant.

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of me in the Naturals category, Victoria! Amber Incense is a 2015 release though — it’s not out yet. I need to withdraw that from the list. Thank you though! I should be releasing it within the next few months.

      1. No worries, that might be hard to do. I just thought I should mention it because I may have confused people by putting a “coming soon” scent on my site. I thought it would be ready to release sooner, but I had a delay with the holidays. It’s on the way though. 🙂

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