EauMG’s October 2015 Favorites

East Village
East Village


October felt like a blur, like it went by very quickly. The weather was mild and I’ve been amazed by fall. I’ve never really lived in a place with such defined seasons. This was like perfect weather with long shadows and vivid leaves. There were a few cold nights but overall, it was mild and well, perfect.

I went to a few fragrance events. Osswald had a Coolife event that I stopped by briefly. Aedes has a new larger location on the corner of Greenwich and Christopher St. There was a Roxana of Roxana Illuminated Perfumes lecture at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. I was able to sniff the entire line.

Aedes NYC
The new Aedes

I didn’t do too many fun things as my weekends were spent moving into what I call “dive basement” in the East Village. Some friends and I have crowded our living spaces with our businesses/hobbies so we’re renting a space together so we can have a dining table again. We call it a studio because that sounds better than “dive basement”. I’m redirecting focus into Beatnik Emptiness again while I take classes at FIT and dive into importing. But, anyway. I have a space now that sets a boundary between work/home. This should be good for me.


Me painting
Me painting Dive Basement.

I had a few friends in throughout the month. It was nice showing people around. And then I fractured my foot mysteriously. Pretty sure it was from a double stroller running over my foot on PATH. That slowed me down some. I’m doing good now. It healed wayyyy quicker than I expected. I’ve never recovered from something so quickly in my life. Still bruised but no pain.

Halloween was OK. Kids actually did the trick or treat thing in our neighborhood. We live on a block of old Victorians so they went all out with the spooky which was great. NYC was crazy and there was so much traffic. Everyone was drunk and drugged and the subways were madness. It took me like 2 hours to get home stuck on a train with shitfaced college students in racist costumes. I think next year I’m going to stay home and watch Buffy. 

Here’s my favorites from October:

October Smelfie
October Shalimar smelfie

Wearing (fragrance) – I’ve been in more of an autumn fragrance mood. This means that I want more usually go-tos like Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Estee Lauder Youth Dew, Guerlain Shalimar Blah Blah Madagascar and Chanel Coco. I want perfume-perfumes. I also wore roses and violets like Chanel Misia and L’Artisan Drôle de Rose. And oddly, I’ve been wanting “low brow” white musk scents. So, I’ve been using The Body Shop White Musk shower gel and body mist with C. Booth Egyptian Argan Body Butter (which smells like Egyptian musk).

Summary – I’ve enjoyed wearing perfumes that I haven’t worn in a long time. That’s one of the good things about a season change. Also, this is really unlike me, but I’ve been craving scented bath and body products.

Smoky eyes and extensions. So norm.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – I went through a few weeks of this month where I wore the same makeup look. This look was a burgundy smoky eye. I’d use a rusty burgundy shadow from a limited edition Lunatick Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette or MAC Eyeshadow in Sketch. I’d layer this over a Kiko Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Burgundy (LOVE the formula of these). I’d go light on the cheeks with a sheer stain (Benefit Benetint). On the lips, I’d wear ColourPop Lippie Stix in Tootsi (which is one of my favorite shades from that brand) or just lip balm (look above). My other makeup mood was sheer shadow and dark lippies using Rituel de Fille Night Visions Collection

Summary – I remembered that I love makeup. But, I really don’t need to buy any new colors. I think I have them all.

X-Files Coats
Coat goals.

Wearing (clothes) – So, I ended up buying more clothes than I should have in October. I was getting ready for a season change. Most of the purchases were very boring, practical layering pieces from Uniqlo like their turtlenecks. I ended up buying a sweatshirt and a pair of those jeans that aren’t really jeans but like stretchy pants with pockets on the ass. Oh, and two men’s flannel shirts which to my surprise, I wear a lot. I bought a pair of Clarks (yes, Clarks but they look way more posh) over the knee boots that I’ve been wearing with a mod Helmut Lang shift dress. I was getting sick of looking for an oversized/menswear ankle length coat. After searching online for longer than I’d ever want to admit and being disgusted by $3k price tags, I saw one come in the search from Forever 21 on sale for $40 and I bought it. It’s not the best quality but I couldn’t return it because it was on sale. It is now by “dog walking” coat which David calls my “Jay and Silent Bob aesthetic coat”. And it is.  So, yeah, still looking for a cool coat which really isn’t a cool coat at all. I want a giant, shapeless thing to protect from north winds.

And an Adidas tracksuit called “Moscow” which makes me very popular when I go to buy borscht in the East Village. I can’t really explain this purchase at all.

Summary – In my head, I have these wonderful clothing looks in my head. But, the reality is I walk about 9 miles a day (according to my stupid FitBit). I have to dress so practical. I’ve adopted a lot of sportswear and I’ve embraced a lot of clothing that I thought I’d never wear (like flannel).


October skincare empties


Using (skincare) – My skin has been behaving. I did a few Korean sheet masks, you can see those in my Empties. I bought a Boots Cleansing Balm. I like the greasy texture a lot but not wild about the orange oil fragrance. Why are brands so obsessed with putting citrus oils in skincare? I’m running out of a lot of stuff and need to repurchase. For the cooler weather, I’d like to buy a complexion oil and a cream with a balm-like texture. I also wouldn’t mind a day cream with mica or something with a subtle shimmer.

Summary – I’m scared of winter is going to do to my skin.

Packing it on for winter.

Eating/Drinking – This past month I ate out more than I should have. That’s the problem with New York. It’s difficult to not spend all your money on food (or in general). I mean, I ate at so many wonderful places that I can’t remember where I ate. There’s something wrong with this picture. My new goal is to eat out less frequently and plan when I do so it feels “special” and not like some indulgent survival skill.

Since moving to the studio, I eat a lot of pierogi/vareniki, borscht, blini and Japanese curry.

Summary – I got to check myself before I wreck myself when it comes to eating out. But, I love beets and pickled everything. Those won’t wreck myself. Or at least I hope they won’t.

Roland 808

Listening – New (f)x album so I get to be a 14 year old girl and listen to K-Pop. When I’m not being a 14 year old girl, I’m listening to what old people like myself listen to which is techno like Derrick May and Blake Baxter. 

Summary – Grown ass woman but not in spirit.



Watching – We didn’t watch much of anything. It’s not really fitting into our schedule. We watched a movie on Netflix. And now I can’t remember it at all. But, it probably had 2Pac in it.

Summary – I’m missing the luxury of escapism.

Witch, please.

Reading – I had a bad case of Seattle homesickness. So, I tried to fill this void with Fantagraphics. Read Megahex and whatever graphic-y stuff that was around.

Summary – In general, it’s been a hard month. Just hit me how much has changed in the past year. It’s funny that it kicked in just now, but whatever.

meal planning
Apparently meal planning used to be a full time job.

Wanting – To meal plan like a boss. I realize that my laziness in this arena is making me make bad choices. I need to get back in the habit of planning which in the end, is a great way to take care of myself. I used to be good at it but I haven’t really gotten the swing of things since moving.

Summary – Being practical is being an adult. It’s boring but it can be good too. I need a routine. I hate saying that, but I really do.

What were your favorites from October? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Pics are mine except for X-Files (, varenyky (Wikipedia), Roland 808 (Wikipedia), Megahex (, meal planning graphic ( Post may contain affiliate links.


17 thoughts on “EauMG’s October 2015 Favorites

  1. I love your makeup looks! Those photos are fantastic. I’ve been wearing a lot of fall scents as well–Cafe V from Olympic Orchids and random samples out of my “Autumn” box. I picked up Oud Taiga from Phoenicia but haven’t worn it yet. (It feels like a special occasion thing…)

    A foot fracture someplace like New York where you have to walk a lot seems like a nightmare. I’m glad you healed up quickly!

    1. Thanks, photography is not my strength (as everyone can see, lol).

      Cafe V is so delightfully fall-y. Oud Taiga really is a special scent. A little bottle will last you a very, very long time. It’s potent.

      It is. I stayed in for a week and was eventually like “f this”. I probably messed it up with my stubbornness but it’s hard to stay put that long.

  2. Sounds like a very productive month!

    I love boring clothes, I think It’s all I want these days, comfortable and boring but somehow still a tiny bit chic (if that’s possible).

    The Adidas trakkie is very cool 🙂

    I need to get on the meal planning thing too *sigh* and somehow need to develop healthier eating habits too, so boring but I know if I don’t I’m going to put on 5kg for every year of uni LOL.

    1. I think it’s possible! But, I also like boring clothes, like I genuinely like them. I prefer easy.

      That tracksuit is such a weird purchase for me. But, I love it. I have a closet of solids (mostly black, white and some gray) and here I go for some print.

      It’s hard! Changes in a routine, stress make me eat a lot of food. In Seattle, I ate a lot healthier but I was also much better at planning meals and buying groceries. Here I’m exhausted and also tempted by all the newness. I’ll be lucky to only gain 5kg this year.

  3. I wish I Iived near a Russian restaurant. I grew up eating vareniki, borscht, and blini, but since my mom and older relatives who used to make these have passed I no longer do. I guess I can learn to make these dishes, but it is a lot of work. I recommend Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm which has no fragrances, irritating ingredients, or citrus and works beautifully. Sephora has a cute little gift set with a travel size of this balm and mascara for just $14 that I just got during the VIB sale on now. Reading the Paula’s Choice website I’ve learned that citrus and other fragrant oils/ingredents can cause irritation under the surface that you may not see but is damaging to the skin.

    1. I wish I could send you some! This is the first time in many years that I’ve had these foods. Those amazing cooks have passed in my family as well and I regret not learning more from them when I was younger. It’s all something we can teach ourselves, but it is hard and there is a learning curve. I’ve never been good with pasta type dough, but I do pastries OK (just time consuming). I actually found someone I like on Youtube that does great tutorials. I did her golubtzi/sarma recipe and it was amazing and not difficult. However, I’m near so many restaurants now and it’s much easier to buy it all.

      I’m in the cult of Paula. I like how she presents research because so much of skincare is intentionally misleading. I may not *agree* with all the things she advocates like jar packaging isn’t the end of the world IMO if the product is cheap and you just want moisture, but I do think citrus oils are bad. I mean, they burn my eyes. That’s one reason but I do think there is enough research showing it’s not good for skin. With this cleanser, I keep telling myself it gets washed off so hopefully there is less irritation. Anyway, you talked me into the Clinique. I just ordered it from Nordstrom because there is a free gift going on. It sounds exactly like something I want and the reviews are stellar. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Whoa! So thrilled to see Megahex here! You continually surprise me, lady. Though I have no idea why that would be a surprise. Don’t listen to me. Anyway, I read a pretty fantastic interview with Simon Hanselman recently, enjoy.

    Re:meal planning, I have done the ultimate in lazy and subscribed to Blue Apron. Although I do actually have to cook the ingredients that they deliver, so it could also be lazier. So far I am pretty happy with it, been going with the vegetarian options. We had tempura squash tacos last night and soba noodles with ponzu tahini sauce, yellow beets and swiss chard tonight – both were freaking delicious. It’s like, $60 for 3 2 people meals worth of food. You’d probably spend that on one dinner out in NY(if not more?) so it’s probably a good dead.

    FL in November is the pits. While the rest of the world is wearing cute scarves and knee high boots, we’re still slumming in flip flops and tee shirts. I’ve got a few tees from Madewell that I am really loving right now.
    But I am right there with you re: perfumes. Just purchased my first bottle of Aromatics Elixir since I was 19. I used to love that stuff…but I stopped wearing it because my crazy mom wore it. I’m trying to make piece with that.

    1. Just read the interview. It is fantastic. Really look forward to the next book too.

      I think I’m going to try Blue Apron. I thought it was more expensive than that. And yes, it’s very easy to spend $60 on one meal. It would be nice to have someone cover even three days and I take care of the rest (beans and cornbread, yo). The problem we’re having is the same a lot of people have – so exhausted that you just eat whatever because planning and cooking seems like the most overwhelming thing to do at the end of the day. This happens more often than not.

      And Beth at Budget Bytes has saved my ass too many times – I don’t think I’d ever eaten a breakfast if it weren’t for her oatmeal bakes.

      Warmth sounds so exotic but then I think of the reality of it and I’d hate it. I live in t-shirts too much as is. I get too cranky in warm weather.

      I have a complicated history with Aromatics Elixir as every woman in my family wore it. So, there are those associations. I realized that when I bought a bottle in adulthood that was when I accepted all their behaviors and nuttiness. It gets really personal from here, but it was like by wearing it, I came to peace with why they did the things they did. It was that adulthood maturity of realizing why people made certain choices or acted certain ways that I could not see as a younger person. I both love and hate AE for this, but it feels good to let all that baggage go.

    1. Thanks! I’d like to get a pic of the extensions up. That’s me only using half of them! It’s weird to see myself that way since I haven’t had hair that long since I was like 18.

  5. Every single time, without fail, that I wear a flannel shirt my husband compliments me on how cute I look. Men are weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    My favorite thing this month was a pair of fuzzy black nubuck ankle boots with a stacked wooden heel. Never been an ankle boot person and now I’m totally an ankle boot person. Also, an army jacket from Madewell with everything. So CLICHE but it really did go with everything.

    1. Dude, me are weird. David says the same. And it’s like, “Um, I’m in an oversized men’s flannel shirt and I can’t remember the last time I brushed my hair”. But, whatever.

      I’m all about the cliche at this point. I actually still have an army jacket from high school that I wear. That’s how stunted I am. And I’m Team Ankle Boots. I usually wear Chelsea boots but I’m open for something with some height to make me feel fancy. I need to lay off on the clothes purchases. I need a CLICHE puff coat and some sort of warm/snow boot. I keep thinking I can find something cool and not cliche but it’s like, I just want to be comfortable and who’s looking fashionable when they are penguin walking in the snow?

      1. If you’re comfortable looking like everyone else I have to say I haven’t regretted buying Sorrel snow boots, the kind with the furry top. They are pretty killer in the snow.

  6. This whole year has been a
    Thanks for the idea of oatmeal bakes for breakfasts (in one of the comments)- I have been missing breakfast this week and hopefully oatmeal bakes will solve my breakfast problem.

    How fun that you are redirecting focus to Beatnik Empress – I enjoyed your incense cones that I tried (last year, I think)..

    1. It has! I honestly can’t remember what happened this year as so much happened.

      Those are so easy for the two of us, it’s quick and easy and covers most weekday mornings.

      Doing a lot of rebranding right now. And setting goals. It’s exciting.

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