EauMG’s November 2017 Empties

EauMG's November 2017 Empties

November is over! In November, I bought two Kiko eyeshadow palettes that were on sale. I bought some other things but I don’t want to say where from because it’ll be a spoiler for any family or friends reading! As far as Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales go. I didn’t do too bad. I ended up buying non-beauty items. Did you buy anything beauty-related?

In November, I made it a priority to empty samples. I organized all my perfume samples. Yay! I separated the ones that had about 1-2 uses in them. That’s what I’m going through right now and you’ll see that there were a lot of perfume sample empties. With skincare, I pulled out things I’ve been wanting to try. My skin has been fussy and annoying so I figured, whatever, my old stuff isn’t working and this can’t get any worse so I’ll try new things. When I added hella-hydration to my routine, my skin started to clear up. I guess I was just super dehydrated and dry.

Here’s what I emptied in November:

November skincare empties


The theme of November was that I used up skincare samples that I wanted to try…only to fall in love with stuff that is too expensive (imho). With full-sizes, I emptied some old favorites. 

Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant SPF 50 – I absolutely love this SPF that smells like cucumbers and has a lot of good skin-communicating ingredients. However, it’s so expensive for its size. Review here.

  • Repurchase? *sigh* Yes. I love it in the winter and I’ll pick it up when Lauder does a GWP.

Valmont Moisturizing with a Mask – It’s a moisturizing mask that really helps when my skin is dry. In November my skin was both breaking out and being dry af.

  • Repurchase? Probably not. Why? It’s expensive.

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover – It’s a duo-phase remover that does a good job without irritating my eyes.

  • Repurchase? I don’t know. Maybe.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads – I prefer the night version much over this one. This also smells like orange gummy candies. I just don’t feel like it offers the same exfoilating results as the other version.

  • Repurchase? No. I did repurchase the Night ones.

May Island Multi Bean Cleanser – This was a jar of little spheres that you mixed with water to form some sort of cleansing paste. It’s more of a novelty than anything else. I could see these being good for travel.

  • Repurchase? No.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick with SPF 15 – I really like this. It has sort of a weird “salve” flavor but there’s something old-fashioned about it that I like.

  • Repurchase? Maybe.

DM Alverde Lippen-Pflege mi Minze-Beeren – Bought this lip balm in Hungary. It has a weird blackcurrant-mint fragrance that is gross yet intriguing.

  • Repurchase? No.

Andalou 1000 Roses Eye Revive Contour Gel – This is a good gel but I have a complaint that will keep me from repurchasing – I don’t like the applicator. It has a plastic rollerball. I like for it to be a squeeze tube so I can use it with my own massagers or with a metal ball for a cooling sensation.

  • Repurchase? No. I like to use gels because they are refreshing. This wasn’t.

Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Peach All-in-One Waterfull Cream – This is a gel moisturizer that smells like peaches housed in a big, fake peach. It exists for the novelty. It does nothing for my skin but I love it layered over The Ordinary Vitamin C. 

  • Repurchase? No.

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Peppermint – I used to think that I liked these balm-based lip scrubs. I now think I like the more grainy ones (like LUSH). This is fine but I’m happy to be done with it.

  • Repurchase? No. Unless I decide I like these better. You never know with me.

MAC Strobe Cream (1 oz, travel size) – Hands down one of my HG products. Strobe Cream gives my skin life. It makes me look alive. FYI – The travel size is a better value than the full-size which is odd.

  • Repurchase? YES!!!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (travel size) – I get the hype for this now. It’s gentle, has a low pH. AND it smells like cucumbers. It’s a great morning cleanser.

  • Purchase? I’d like to but I know I can find a good cleanser for cheaper.

Darphin Lumiere Essentielle Serum (deluxe sample) – This smells like cedar and tangerines which would be a good perfume but I don’t need that on my face. I didn’t notice any pros or cons using this.

  • Purchase? No.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 (deluxe sample) – You know, I was really surprised by how smooth and sophisticated this cream was for a drugstore brand. It has a really great texture that is light and smooth. It has a faint “clean” fragrance.

  • Purchase? I don’t know. I did like it but I usually don’t use moisturizers with SPF…or at least as my only source of SPF.

Valmont Prime Regenera I (deluxe sample) – I’ve already said if my skincare routine only consisted of cosmetic procedures, I’d put all my money into Valmont. This is their lotion for “normal” skin.

  • Purchase? I wish.

Valmont Hydra 3 Regenetic Serum (deluxe sample) – This is a hydrating serum that smells like fancy Swiss skincare because it is fancy Swiss skincare.

  • Purchase? Lol, I’m too poor for this.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin (deluxe sample) – Back in the day this was my face wash. Now I care about pH and stuff.

  • Purchase? No.

Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care Oil (sample) – OK, so my skin hates citrus oils and I should know better. But, for some reason my skin liked this oil. It absorbs quickly and leaves a dewiness. BUT, those citrus oils, that’s a problem in the long run. It smells like tangerines.

  • Purchase? No. But, I’d be open to a scent-free version of this.

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream (sample) – Ugh, I know you shouldn’t use stuff for your face for the smell, but this smells so good. It smells like summer fields. The formula is very smooth and nice.

  • Purchase? No. But, I’d use it if it was given to me.

Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream (sample) – I thought I’d hate this but it wasn’t bad. It’s sort of sticky and has the texture of a lot of snail slime/honey stuff that K-cosmetics has.

  • Purchase? No. Pretty sure that stickiness got it discontinued.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm (sample) – I was surprised by how much I liked this. It’s a thicker balm that isn’t too heavy. My dry, dehydrated skin drank it up.

  • Purchase? Probably not but I’m tempted.

Bite Agave Lip Mask (sample) – My lips have been dry and terrible. YOU GUYS, THIS STUFF FIXED ME. It’s thick and sticks around. I love it.

  • Purchase? YES. This was the best “sample find” of the month.


Mamonde Flower Essential Mask in Elder Nutri Soothing – Very boring and basic.

  • Repurchase? No.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Rose – It’s a lotion mask and smells like roses.

  • Repurchase? I liked it for dryness but I can probably do better.

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intense Illuminating Mask – There is witchcraft in this that will make your skin look radiant but also cloud your judgement and make you spend money on stupid stuff.

  • Purchase? These were a gift and omg I’m so grateful for them.

Fil-Lup Seaweed Essence Mask – Now here is something more my budget. These are so cheap and I’ll never understand why they are so good. More witchcraft.

  • Repurchase? Yes. They’re like $1. I’m a woman of extremes; my Empties support this.

perfume empties


I have made it my goal to use up perfume samples. I actually organized it all (not a small or easy task). I separated samples that have only one use left to either use up or toss. You will see listed below the most *ever* perfume sample empties (since I’ve started this monthly feature). 

Morning Star Incense in Yuzu – I like to burn this refreshing citrus scent in the morning.

  • Repurchase? Maybe.

Belle Fleur Candle in Casa Malaparte * – This is a pretty, fresh floral. Full review.

  • Purchase? No.

I’m going to do this differently this month. I did Operation Samples Empty. I’m going to list the ones I emptied under sections with a link to a review if applicable.

Samples I’d repurchase or purchased:

Juicy Couture – I have a bottle. Review

Mugler AlienReview

DSH Perfumes Pandora EDP * – Review

Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar – I bought a huge bottle. Review. 

Lady Gaga Fame – This actually grew on me. I like it now. Review. 

LUSH Vanillary * – Everyone compliments on this. Review. 

Slumberhouse Pear & Olive – The oldest version, the best version. Discontinued.

Samples I wouldn’t purchase:

DSH Perfumes L’Opera des Rouges et des Roses EDP * – (not pictured, sorry) Review

Atelier Cologne Trèfle Pur  – Review

Bois 1920 Vento Nel VentoReview

Ulrich Lang NightscapeReview

L’Artisan Fou d’AbsintheReview

CB I Hate Perfume Cumming The Original 

Dior Dior Addict 2 EDTReview

LUSH B Scent * – Review

Yves Rocher So Elixir Bois Sensuel – A patchouli-heavy Angel-ish thing.

Libertin Louison Technique Indiscrete Santa Subita – This smells so 80’s.

Montale Pure Gold – This does too but in a better way. Like a better Dior J’Adore.

November 2017 bath empties


Nothing much to see here. Seemed to be a theme with American hardworking drugstore brands and a few natural-ish products. 

Olay Total Effects 7 Anti-Aging Body Wash – I needed something moisturizing. I really didn’t feel this moisturized more than anything else in my shower.

  • Repurchase? No.

Soap Distillery On the Rocks Sugar Scrub in White Whiskey – I love the formula of this sugar scrub. It smells like vanilla and lemongrass.

  • Repurchase? Yes. I love the formula.

DM Alverde Cremeöl Lotion – Another Hungary purchase. It sort of smells like apricot buttermilk.

  • Repurchase? No.

Jergens BB Perfecting Hand Cream – The claims for this are out of this world. It’s a just fine hand cream for day. The SPF expired last month but I wasn’t using it for SPF anyway.

  • Repurchase? No.

Jergens Original Cherry Almond Body Moisturizer (travel size) – I got nostalgic for this classic cherry fragrance. To fix my craving, I bought the small size to travel down memory lane.

  • Repurchase? It depends on if I start feeling nostalgic any time soon!

LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (travel size) – The product itself is totally a gimmick but it smells good.

  • Repurchase? No.

hair empties


It was the month of shampoo empties. Again. 

Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo – I love this line. It really smooths my hair and makes it less dry, frizzy.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax – It’s actually a pretty cool product for doing a variety of looks on stubborn hair like mine. It just takes me FOREVER to use up products like this because I’m lazy with my hair.

  • Repurchase? Maybe.

Phyto Intense Hydrating Shampoo (travel size) – OMG, I forgot how much I love this stuff. It nourishes without weighing down my long hair. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

  • Purchase? Heck yeah.

Davines Oi Oil (deluxe sample) – Generally I love Davines. But, the smell of this one is gross to me. It didn’t do much for my hair either.

  • Purchase? No, mainly because the aroma bothers me. It’s like coconut and bug spray.

makeup empties


Not much to see here. My input of makeup outweighs my input of makeup and I really need to work on that. 

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (travel size) – This is a good mascara that doesn’t weigh down my lashes. It’s good but I don’t spend money on mascara.

  • Purchase? No. I’m too cheap.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder (deluxe sample) – I love how this feels. It leaves my skin feeling silky and not like I’m wearing powder. However, it’s so expensive and so basic. I’m also sure it is one that looks like you’ve been rolling in coke if the flash is on you, but I don’t have the paparazzi following me around so I don’t know.

  • Purchase? No. It’s just too expensive for what it is.

Total: 58. 22 full-size. 13 deluxe sample/travel size. 23 samples

Yes, this sounds like a lot of empties, but it really isn’t. It’s all perfume samples. I went through and tried everything that had “one use” left. My full-size products seem to reflect my usual amount of full-size empties.

What about you? Which products did you empty in November? Did you buy anything new?

Disclaimer – If there is a /*/ next to an item, it was provided by PR. All other items were purchased by me or are samples/gifts with purchase/subscription box products.

*Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon,, Beautyhabit contain affiliate links. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “EauMG’s November 2017 Empties

  1. Thank you. None of the usual suspects had them, the internet doesn’t even really think they exist, which of course fuels the manic overreaching NEED for them.

    1. Lol. I KNOW! I couldn’t find anyone online selling them. Last year, there were some on Amazon but now I can’t even find those…

  2. Very impressive work on the perfume samples! It must feel so good to get rid of them. And it’s so useful to have notes about how you felt about them.

    I’m still working on finishing up decants in the 5 to 10 ml range, but I only average about 1 per week. I’m not a big sprayer. And the big problem happens when I really don’t like the perfume much. I had a hard time recently with Serge Lutens Sa majeste la rose and La fille de Berlin because even though I used to like those, they now smell really harsh and synthetic to me, but I gave them a solid re-testing and then got rid of them. So gradually over time I’ve been able to reduce the number of boxes for storing decants, and that feels really good.

    1. My goal is for my input to be less than my output…which is doable. Even with this month, I was able to free up a lot of space.

      I’m not much of a sprayer either. I do it the most when I’m in the “review” phase. When it’s on my “own time”, I don’t really wear much perfume.

      My goal for December is to continuing emptying those with very little left (that I actually want to wear).

      Oh, I also went though my stash and with my duplicates, I put those together and gave away. This cleared out a lot of samples too.

  3. Wow, lots of empties for you even if it was mainly samples. I emptied a lot too. Way more than I will in December. I’ve been slacking on finishing up samples and decants this month because I’ve gotten a lot of new stuff to keep me busy. I bought an embarrassing amount of perfume, lipstick, and soap during Black Friday sales.

    Here’s what I emptied in November:
    Leaders Collagen Boosting Renewal Sheet Mask
    Dermal Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Sheet Mask
    Dermal Pomegranate Collagen Essence Sheet Mask
    Dermal Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Sheet Mask
    Maison Anonyme Pale Fire sample
    Strange Invisible Perfumes Prima Ballerina sample
    Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide sample
    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Absolue Pour le Matin sample
    Tocca Cleopatra sample
    By Kilian Rose Oud sample
    Jour d’Hermes decant
    L’Artisan Jour de Fete decant
    Strange Invisible Perfumes Black Rosette decant
    Parfumerie Generale Praline de Santal decant
    Donna Karan Black Cashmere (original) decant
    EldO Fils de Dieu decant
    DW Home Warm Tobacco Pipe candle
    Lush Green Bubbleroon
    Lulu Organics Jasmine Hair Powder travel size
    Nature’s Gate Herbal Blend Lavender & Aloe Shampoo
    Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer

    Nothing too exciting really. I was glad to finish up the two hair products. I feel like I’d been using them forever. I don’t know why I bought all 4 scents of Lulu Organics hair powder. It took me about 2 years to finish just one!

    I bought a small bottle of Fils de Dieu when ELdO had a 20% off sale. And I was surprised at how much I like Serge’s L’Eau Froide. I kind of want a bottle.

    Oh yeah, I found a travel size of the Phyto shampoo you finished on sale at Beautyhabit (you also recommended it to me last month), so I added it on to my recent order. I’ll let you know what I think after I start using it.

    Kind of random question, but what are your favorite aldehydic perfumes? I’ve recently been craving soapy aldehydes for the first time in my life. I used the most amazing smelling straight up aldehyde hand soap at a restaurant last month and am now obsessed with finding a perfume that smells like it. I’d wouldn’t mind a hand soap too haha. I finally tried Malle Superstitious and want to bathe in it. Also, Amouage Dia but I wish the aldehydes hung around longer.

    1. That’s good! Still looks like a lot of samples and decants. I’m emptying much less in December too. Same thing. I have new stuff and I’m enjoying it.

      I’m sooo slow with emptying hair stuff. First off, I don’t wash daily. I use product daily but it’s “less is more” for my hair. So, stuff that is full-size takes me ages to empty.

      My advice is to buy the discount Serge Lutens while we still can. There’s the new larger bottles (which are more expensive). Some things will not be export any longer.

      Hmmmm…good question. I have been in an aldehydic mood despite the freezing temps. I’ve oddly been into Caron Fleurs de Rocaille. Off the top of my head – YSL Y, YSL Rive Gauche (basically any of the older YSLs), Paco Rabanne Calandre, Guerlain Vega, Chanel No. 5 L’Eau and Van Cleef & Arpels First. My all time favorite is Serge Lutens La Myrrhe. I like Lauder White Linen for nostalgic reasons but rarely wear it.

      Oh, and I love Superstitious. I’d love to have a small bottle of it.

    1. Awesome! I did buy mine on a big discount when they changed the packaging.

      I wonder if the formula is the same? I loved their Brightening Eye Serum but all the new reviews say it’s nothing like the original. Hence, I have not repurchased the serum.

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