EauMG’s November 2015 Empties

November 2015 Empties

This month I bought more than I said I would. I actually ran out of a lot of skincare (in October) and bought skincare products from Ulta. Since I was ordering online, I threw in a few weird lipstick shades that are only available online. I was curious and apparently wanted lime green lips. A reader talked me into buying Clinique Cleansing Balm. Plus, Nordstrom was having a gift with purchase, so I was easily talked into buying it. It’s good; I’m happy I did.

A new Nature Republic opened near Union Square. I bought a ton of stuff because they had things marked 50% off for the grand opening. The store was so shiny and new, none of the testers have been ruined yet. I couldn’t help myself. I had to buy stuff. I also couldn’t resist LUSH Rose Jam, so I had to buy a bottle of it and one of the rose gift sets.

As far as Black Friday/Cuber Monday deals, I didn’t really buy anything. Nothing really appealed to me. I have so many cosmetics. I want a winter coat but didn’t see anything, same with snow boots. And then the last minute on Monday night, I bought an eyeshadow palette from Lunatick cosmetics. 

Also, David was a doll and bought me Rituel de Fille Feral Collection which as he said was my “color sense” and that it was like some brand that I would have started. And it’s true. That brand is such my “aesthetic” that it makes me not feel like a special human being anymore.

Anyway, here’s what I emptied in November:

November Skincare Empties


Olay White Radiance Brightening Night Cream – Like so many brightening products, this one makes some insane claims like “quietly revealing the fairness of inner skin”. DON’T DO THAT TO ME! But, whatever. I bought this at a Middle Eastern market because I was there and I needed a night moisturizer. I’m happy I bought it because it’s pretty good. I think my skin does look brighter.

  • Repurchase? Yeah. The next time I’m in Asia, I’d like to pick up the other products in the line. I also need to try the comparable “tone enhancing” line in the US. It may be good and for sure the name is less offensive for the US market.

Lumene Bright Touch Toner – This is one of my favorite products from this Finnish brand. It’s refreshing and great for my skin in the summer. It’s also really affordable for an alcohol-free toner. Have you noticed that most “gentle” toners are expensive? All the drugstore stuff is 99% alcohol.

  • Repurchase? Yes. It’s usually something I use in the warmer months.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer – I bought this shea butter based moisturizer when my trip back to Nashville in the summer went from a planned week to an unplanned month. I ran out of everything and ended up with an Ulta haul. I bought this because my skin was going nuts. It was dehydrated yet oily from heat and humidity. I just wanted something cheap to last until I got back home. I almost threw it out because of the aroma. It smells so much like Armenian string cheese. In fact, I’d use it at night when I got home and David was even like, “Why do you smell like Armenian string cheese?” when I didn’t even put that thought in his head. Anyway, the texture is rich but lightweight. It smells like goat’s milk, nigella (black cumin – which can smell like really strong thyme) and mahlab.

  • Repurchase? If you asked me at first, I’d said “no”. But, now it’s grown on me which I can’t explain. I like the weird aroma and the texture. It was good in summer.

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lips – I prefer lip balms that are thick and unscented. This one came highly recommended but I found it incredibly overpriced (in the US) for what it is. It doesn’t really “stick” to my lips and I have to apply it more than I want to. I was completely underwhelmed but kept using it because it was scent-free.

  • Repurchase? No way.

My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask in Apple Polyphenol (not pictured)- This is a thin sheet mask with a really watery serum that ended up dripping everywhere. The scent was faint and almost non-existent. For me, it was an OK mask. It didn’t really moisturize but it smoothed. I do think it enhanced pores but maybe that was a coincidence.

  • Repurchase? No. It is not my favorite from the line and I don’t think it’s for my skin type.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Mask in Green Tea – This sheet mask had a really watery essence and a strong alcohol scent. It wasn’t like the other Innisfree masks that I’ve tried. It didn’t really moisturize or do much of anything.

  • Repurchase? No.

Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cream (sample, not pictured) – Well, the name is great, right? My snails needed some vitamins. This cream had a silky, nourishing feel and a light, non-obnoxious scent.

  • Purchase? I may.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer (sample x 2, not pictured) – Samples came with the Olay products I bought. It’s actually an amazing feeling cream. The scent is that typical Olay Regenerist scent. Paula doesn’t like the packaging and says that Olay has better products. Anyway, I liked it.

  • Purchase? If they made it in a pump, I’d buy it. Heck, I may still buy it.

Summary – My skin has been all over the place this month as the month started out mild and extremely humid. There were a few cold, windy days. I used less sheet masks and used more cream wash off masks and moisturizing serums.

November Empties


Annick Goutal Petite Chérie EDP (decant, not pictured) – When it comes to Petite Chérie, just buy the EDP. I now know this. It’s fruity and so kawaii with an awesome musky dry down.

  • Purchase? Yeah. Wish I would have had someone pick it up in Paris.

Aftelier Palimpsest EDP (sample) – This go around, Palimpsest was more honeyed than I remember. Yet, still fruity and creamy. It’s good. Full review here. 

  • Purchase? No. Not because it’s bad or anything, just let’s be real here. I can’t buy every perfume that I like.

Bath & Body Works Room Perfume in Fresh Linen – This was a gift and not something I would have picked out for myself. I was very surprised by how concentrated this is. It’s like the only room spray that I’ve used that “lingers”. The scent is surprisingly more fruity than it is like clean laundry. It’s like apples, pears and white musk.

  • Purchase? No, but I’m interested in this formula. This just wasn’t the scent for me.

Summary – The perfumes I wore this month were from full-size bottles. And I don’t even know if I’m putting a dent in those…

November bath/body empties


Jeju Volcanic Scoria Body Soap – I bought this soap at a Korean market. Korean exfoliating soaps are my favorite. Most of these are “peeling” in that they have a lot of AHA and make skin feel so smooth. The scent of this one is amazing. It’s like green almonds and powder. Tart, green and powdery.

  • Repurchase? Yes

Tokyo Factory Purifying Rose Clay Soap – I was looking for small bath/body brands to carry at my shop and was introduced to this brand at Capsule/Elements.I fell in love with the products. It’s a natural brand handmade by a Japanese expat now living in SoCal. This is a “classic” soap being that it smells like lavender with a hint of citrus. It’s great for bar soap purists like myself.

  • Repurchase? Yep.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Tropical Mango – This is my favorite brand of body scrub. There was a BOGO so I thought I’d try something new (usually buy the other scents). I’m not a fan of this super fruity fragrance. It’s not bad but it’s not something I would have bought if I had sniffed it first. Another thing is that most of these are sugar/oil based. This one is too but it also has those plastic exfoliating beads that mess with the environment. I always avoid those so I was upset to see those included. The formula is great without them. Nobody benefits from their addition.

  • Repurchase? No.

Konad Niju Hand Cream in Mango Moisture – Seems like mango was a theme, huh? This came in a Meme box. This hand cream is lightweight and non-greasy. The scent is like mango and peaches and isn’t overwhelming. It was OK. I tend to prefer thicker creams and during the day something lighter weight with SPF.

  • Repurchase? No.

Summary – Just finally finishing up the last of the “summer” stuff…

November hair empties


VO5 Clarifying Conditioner in Kiwi Lime – Surprise! I use this as a shave cream but I was dumb and didn’t read the label. Lime isn’t a good thing to have in a shave cream.

  • Repurchase? No. I’ll read the labels better next time 🙂

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo – I honestly had no idea where this came from or how it showed up in my shower. I think one of my sisters left it here. And then it took me months to use it up. I rarely used it because my hair is dry but I did use it occasionally for “build up”. It smells generically clean. Didn’t do much for my hair.

  • Purchase? No.

Summary – I use more hair products than I ever did and it still takes me forever to use them up!


November makeup empties


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Demolition – Urban Decay makes excellent liners. These are smooth and long-wearing. No smudging, so easy to use. This is a dark brown shade with warmer undertones. I love it for daily wear and it looks great with my blue eyes.

  • Repurchase? I would say yes. But, every since I’ve tried Kiko Milano‘s, I don’t know if I will or if I will try to find a “dupe” shade by Kiko.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (deluxe sample) – Well, if it’s better than that, then someone is doing it wrong. However, I get why people love this mascara. It has a large brush and gives a “feathery” look to lashes with just two coats. If it works for you, it’ll make your lashes look unbelievable. For my wimpy lashes, it made them look better but it didn’t really help them hold a curl. But, they looked good.

  • Purchase? Probably not. I’m so cheap with mascara and usually buy the drugstore stuff which typically gives me just as good results.

Summary – One of these days I’ll use up a tube of lipstick…

Total – 20. 14 full-size. 2 travel/deluxe sizes. 4 samples.

I bought more than I should have this month, but whatever. Overall, I didn’t spend *too* much. I’m just going to take it slow when January rolls around (this is what I tell myself).

What about you? Which products did you empty in November? Did you buy anything new? Throw anything out?

How much damage did Black Friday/Cyber Monday do to your wallet?

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28 thoughts on “EauMG’s November 2015 Empties

  1. I have heard a few beauty peeps rave about the Clinique cleansing balm, I’ll have to try it one day.

    I’m a sucker for anything that says whitening or brightening, the hole in the ozone layer/Aussie climate/lack of sunscreen as a teenager is showing it’s damage now that I’m getting older.

    I use a cheap conditioner to shave my legs too, it’s perfect 🙂

    1. So far, I really like it. It’s simple but that’s what I wanted (no fragrance, etc).

      Me too even though I know Australia is much meaner to skin than where I grew up. I was always good about using sunscreen but all those years ago it wasn’t regulated like it is now. I bet half that stuff couldn’t be sold now…I know this because I need brightening products. I’m using this Olay spot serum right now and I like it.

      It’s cheaper than shaving cream and does a better job IMO. But, I’m sticking to coconut scented ones from now on 🙂

  2. OMG! You go through about 500% more than I do. You seriously finish some stuff. Love that you count your empty decants too.
    I’ve been saving all my empty stuff to do am end of year and I still don’t have as much as you.
    Portia xx

    1. You don’t want to know how many products I use in a day…it’s funny because I thought I went through a lot less this month than usual. Also, I admit that I’m not really “efficient”. I will totally use too much shower gel or complexion oils…on purpose. Also, the numbers are high because I include samples in the final count.

      I admire any of the bloggers that can keep their empties! I live in a tiny space and I’m particular about things. I can’t handle anything “empty” in my life. It immediately goes to recycling! Someone did mention to me today that I could photograph them and then “collage” them together but that would sure make for an ugly collage. But, I guess I could do that.

  3. I finished off a far of Naked Eye Beauty’s “Ether” body butter, I think it’s made exclusively for Sisters of the Black Moon. I actually love the stuff so much that I already had a back up ready! Also finished off a huge bottle of LUSH’s Fly Fox shower gel and am devastated to learn that they no longer make it!

    1. Nooooo! I was just doing a round-up post of my favorite shower gels and included Flying Fox. I had no idea that it was discontinued, but I was just in LUSH and didn’t see it. I assumed it was set aside because of holiday stuff. That was a dumb assumption. Ugh, that makes me mad.

      I bought Ether last year or the year before, can’t remember. It’s really good.

      1. I get loyal to one mascara at a time and won’t open up another until the other is gone/thrown out. When my sisters were here in the summer, they couldn’t believe this. They said one can’t be a proper makeup wearer unless they have a minimum of six mascaras in their rotation.

          1. When I did that minimalist purge a few years ago, I stuck with some things…just can’t quit buying lipsticks.

    1. Yeah, it’s like eyeliner, mascara and sometimes the complexion stuff like concealer/foundation. And really with mascara, it’s more about it gets funky before it gets used up. But, I did use up this little Too Faced one. I love these little ones for that. Lip products? Um, They never get emptied…unless they’re a pencil.

      1. Yeah my full-size mascaras usually get dried out and smell weird before they’re truly empty. Pretty sure I have never finished a non-lipbalm lip product in my life. In fact I wore a gloss yesterday that was probably six years old. I should probably throw that out…

        1. Oh, I don’t want to know how old some of my lipstick are. I know someone is going to jump in here and be like “Ya’ll nasty!” but I go by smell. If it doesn’t have a weird texture or smell funky, I keep using it.

  4. The only thing I emptied in November was a sample of L’Ambre des Merveilles, which I loved. Putting a bottle of it on my someday list. I love those Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, so easy to apply, but on my oily skin I have to set them with power or I end up with eye socket liner rings. (Still love them anyway.) The Too Faced Mascara also sounds good but I have so much mascara that I really can’t justify more…

    1. I love that one. It’s great for this time of year too.

      I have dry lids so I always hate saying that anything is “long wearing” because I realize I’m not a good judge of that. I like the UD ones because it’s easy to get off at night but doesn’t get all over the place during the day. Plus, they have a lot of colors.

      I wish mascara excited me. I have a few of these little ones from GWPs. I love these small sizes though.

  5. I’m intrigued by what Armenian string cheese smells like though I’m 100% sure it’s not something I would want to smear on myself! I’ve been drooling over Rituel de Fille and need it to be stocked in Europe pronto. On the empties front I’ve been semi subconciously trying to finish lots of things before the end of the year so have a fair few though not any makeup.

    1. It tastes amazing but it smells disgusting as a face cream. I eventually got used to it.

      I hope they expand. It’s a great line.

      New year. New stuff 😉

  6. Just bought a decant of Petite Cherie! I feel like it smells way less fresh/fruity on me than on everyone else… on me I get pears and what smells to me like cigarette smoke, but not in a gross way, more like a leather-jacket-wearing-bad-boy way, if that makes any sense. Like a kind of sexy musky thing.

    1. Did you get the EDP or EDT? I ask because my first experience with PC was the EDT and it was all pear and grass. And that’s very nice but I was so surprised by the EDP in comparison which became more musky. And I didn’t expect that! And now I want that EDP 🙂

      1. It was the EDT! I am always nervous about EDPs because I get migraines and work in an office- I’d rather have to reapply during the day than have people smell me coming from down the hallway.

        1. I completely understand that! That’s one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of lines like Hermessence. For me, “fleeting” is good. I’d rather just reapply than choke people.

          1. Exactly! Plus, the whole ritual of going to the restroom to powder your nose and spritz a little perfume on makes you feel like a fancy lady, which is always nice 🙂

  7. I’m such a minimalist when it comes to cosmetics, but I really love reading beauty blogs…. Go figure.

    Stupid question here, but what exactly does a brightening cream do? Does it make your skin look paler? I’m so tempted to try it, but I don’t want a whiter complexion, I worked too much on my nice tan this summer…. Or “bright” means something like how your eyes look after a good night sleep? More alert, more shiny?

    Sorry for the newbie question 🙂

    1. I can spend hours watching Youtube beauty tutorials (shhhh) and of course, I don’t want to wear that much makeup or spend that much time doing my hair 🙂 I understand.

      Brightening creams typically even out the skin tone, like minimizing dark spots/hyperpigmentation (age spots, freckles, marks from past break outs). They also exfoliate so your skin looks “fresh”, like even without having dry skin patches or whatever. So, I’d say it’s like “rested”. I like them because my skin gets dull looking and when I use these sort of creams, my skin look “dewy”. These creams typically have licorice extract or vitamin C. They have a lot of antioxidants that are actually good for the skin.

      Now really it’s all about semantics and I think Refinery 29 has a great article on it (linked below). There are products that are designed to “bleach” skin AKA make it “lighter”. Personally, I stay the heck away from that because I’m not interested in this AT ALL. I think all complexions are beautiful and there’s no need to want to “change them”. I just want even skin without blemishes (like sun damage spots and marks from healing acne blemishes). Many of these that claim to make a person lighter are black market and have questionable (scary ingredients). And honestly, I don’t even know if those work or if they just irritant the heck out of skin.

      1. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I’ve seen advertisements for “whitening” creams all over the place when I traveled in Africa…. Sad

        I’ll take rested, dewy skin! 🙂 my skin gets dull looking, too, especially in winter.

        Thank you, again 🙂 I’m happy I came out of lurking, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. We actually met in person at Twisted Lily when Hiram Green was here and at the Met at Alexis Karl’s presentation about perfume in India (I’m Annie L’s friend Nicole)

        1. I totally get why anyone that sees how “whitening” creams are marketing abroad (like Africa, India, Pakistan), that they’d be wary. It’s truly disgusting how they’re advertised and marketed. It’s so sad.

          Ideally, I’d get all the sleep I need but that doesn’t happen, so I have to rely on creams 🙂

          Oh, well hello! Yes, I remember you!

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