EauMG’s November 2014 Favorites

Paramount Seattle
The ceiling of the Paramount in Seattle. I went to a Penn & Teller show.

November felt like one of those freakishly long (and not in a good way) months. I spent three out of the four weeks sick (and I’m sick again with some straight-from-hell cold). So, I spent most of the month looking crusty and unable to smell things. I think if someone tallied up how many hours I slept during November, I’d be depressed. Because, it seemed like I spent half the month asleep.

At the end of the month, my genius frug, Frink swallowed an entire sock the day before Thanksgiving which left him severely dehydrated and in shock. He’s fine now but we were handed a whopping vet bill and a dog that we both loved and hated. All I have to say is that he sure is lucky that he’s so cute. I’m also realizing that all those teenage years with a Tomagotchi, didn’t prepare me for real life pets.

Thanksgiving was good. We were supposed to have folks over but Frink made sure to get in the way of that. BUT we ended up having a great feast just for the two of us with roasted lamb, chicken pilaf, pomegranate molasses and root vegetables and so much more.

So, yeah, that was November.

Here were my favorites from November ’14:

Chanel Coco ad
I like to pretend my life is this glam while I wear Coco.

Wearing (fragrance) – Honestly, I haven’t been able to smell much at all and haven’t been able to try new things (despite having lots of samples that I want to try!). Like October, I’m still in a Chanel-ish phase. I’ve been wearing Chanel Coco, Chanel No. 5 Eau Première and Chanel No. 22. 

Summary – Going through a big Chanel phase right now. It’s like all I can smell are aldehydes!

Besame Crimson Rouge
I reviewed this.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – Being sick, I haven’t really cared much about wearing makeup. Watery, red eyes, dry skin…nothing covers this up. When I do wear it, I’ve been craving a really fresh, dewy look. I’ve been wearing Besame Cream Rouge, AmorePacific Cushion Compact, and Benefit High Beam on my face. I love matte looks but being that my skin is so dehydrated, I’ve switched to lip glosses and moisturizing lip colors as well as a sheer wash of cream eyeshadows. Formulas like Dior Addict GlossRevlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Lancôme Color Design 24H (Timeless Taupe),

Summary – I’m attracted to creamy formulas and highlighters in hopes that I’ll look alive again.

See, it’s me and my sweater and a pretty Milani lipstick.

Wearing (clothes) – On top of being a mouth-breathing crust ball, it was super cold. And I’m not equipped for that. So, I’ve been rotating through two cable knit wool sweaters (black and gray) that I have. And just pairing those with black high-waisted jeans and black boots. It’s so not glamorous but it gets the job done. I also bought a Tibi skirt and a Ted Baker dress because on a whim I decided I needed prints in my life. These are both really cute with black tights and black ankle boots. Or at least that is how I plan wearing them.

Summary – It’s too cold to look cool.

Fresh Rose Mask
Hydrating masks.

Using (skincare) – The cold winter air plus sickness has really dried out my skin. It has cleared up (it wasn’t last month) but now I’m dealing with dehydrated and dull looking skin. I started using a Korean illuminating day serum (which does help) and Korean BB cream for super dry skin. My morning routine is good. It’s my night routine that is lacking. I need a really moisturizing cream, balm or oil. I’m also using cream masks 3-4 times a week. I like to pretend that they help.

Summary – My skin is so thirsty!


Eating/Drinking – Too much of everything.

Summary – But, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do this time of year?

Route 94
Route 94

Listening – I’m trying not to be hip and now and listen to newer music. So, it’s been dance songs and Arabic pop songs. And all this does is make me feel like an old lady.

Summary – I will say that over the past few years, I’ve hated all the new dance music. But, I’ve really enjoyed a few hits of 2014. But, that’s because that stuff sounds like diva house and there’s an obsession with the 90’s now. So, yeah, I’m an old lady.

But I'm a Cheerleader

Watching – I haven’t started watching a series or anything. I did watch a few movies via Netflix. I rewatched “But I’m a Cheerleader” to see how that film has aged and how I feel about it now vs. when it first came out when I was a teenager. And then I watched Hammer films for the music.

Summary – It’s possible that I’m in a cultural rut.

blank book
I’m in a rut.

Reading – See the above summary. I’m in a cultural rut. I have flipped through the stack of new books that I keep meaning to start.

Summary – I’ll consume more in December 🙂

Hullet House Suite
Ready for Hong Kong.

Wanting – Well, I want a few things. I want to have energy again. And then I want an awesome vacation.

Summary – I’m so ready for 2014 to be over for it to be spring.

What were your favorites for November? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?


*Chanel ad from Fragrantica, some pics are mine, mask from Harpers Bazaar, ,manchu han feast from wikipedia, Route 94 from UK MTV, “But I’m a Cheerleader” from wikipedia. Blank books from One of the suites from the Hullet House Hong Kong from their website. 

6 thoughts on “EauMG’s November 2014 Favorites

  1. OMG…I feel as though I’m just catching up on things for the last two months! We spent the first two weeks of October in Venice, Italy. Celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, 60th birthdays and just things in general. What a trip. Did you know that Venice has 16 million (million!) tourists a year? There is no time of the year that you can go to not run into tourists. Venice is a world historical/cultural site in total and yes, it floods. We went to the perfume museum while there and it really was very interesting. I picked my birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents there (for me and gifts for others). I picked up two bottles of The Merchant of Venice perfume-Asian Inspiration and Byzantium Saffron. And (and the big and) a Missioni bathroom. Which can in handy in short order.
    We get home and I go get my flu shot and a pneumonia shot the next weekend. I must have been coming down with something because I spent the weekend with chills and a 102 degree fever. I spent the next two weeks getting over the rest of whatever it was. Never had a reaction to any shot.
    November saw me in Denver dealing with getting my Mom moved from skilled nursing into assisted living. In the same building. My sister is there and we spent time relieving her and getting ready to do something with our mother’s house. Fun stuff. Also very weird in its way.
    My reading has been real airhead stuff-murder mysteries, science fiction. I did start one called “The history of White People”. Not light reading, but challenging and attitude changing.
    Movies-not a lot. Saw a couple of really good ones-“In the House” and “Chef”. Not much TV.
    Make-up. Not much. Too humid in Venice. Too cold in Denver. Was there when the temp dropped 40 degrees in 2 hours. But, boy howdy, did I pick up a few things. Hourglass-Ambient Lighting palette. Still trying to learn how to use it. May be beyond my age group. Stila CC cream (where have you been all my life), and lip balm/stains. And the Stila Eyes are the Window in Spirit. This. is. really. beautiful.
    I feel for you being sick. And for the pugs. One of cats ate an ear plug. After one VERY expensive trip to the emergency vet on Stone Way, we removed any number of very attractive to kitty items from their reach.
    Long winded here, but your “Auntie Mame” article was great. this is what I want to be to my sister’s kids. Show them new sights, sounds, tastes. Everyone should have someone like this in their lives. And La Roz is the only Auntie as far as I’m concerned. Need to get that DVD.

    BE WELL…

    1. Congrats on 35 years and birthdays!

      I’ve never been to Venice. David says it’s like an unkempt amusement park but worth seeing. I’d go for a Missoni robe 🙂

      I had a flu shot after coming back from TN. I’ve been sick since then. I’m not blaming the shot, as I get those yearly and have never had an issue. I just think there is something going around and I’m not equipped for it. My immune system sucks but everyone I know has been down. It’s like some super cold/flu thing going around.

      Sorry to hear about your mother and all the stress that comes along with dealing with estate stuff.

      I saw someone reading “The History of White People” on the bus, was it you? 😉

      LIP STAINS. This is what I’ve been feeling lately. Creams, stains, balms. I do like Hourglass Ambient too.

      Stupid pets. I swear, I hide everything and he manages. He doesn’t think. It’s like “on the floor” and he swallows it.

      I saw Auntie Mame on the big screen at Pacific Place last night. It was awesome! I love that movie so much. Russell for life, there is no other Mame. The end.

  2. Yaarrrggg.. That’s Missioni bathROBE. Would love to have an entire bathroom in Missioni, but not to be. And It did come in handy in short order. Sometimes, it’s like I can’t type worth beans!!

  3. Victoria, thank you for once again reminding me how much I love, love, love 90s house music. LOVE. I could never care about its current state of hipness or lack thereof because it fills my cup with joy. Trying to actually dance to it, though, does make me feel like quite an old lady. These kids today don’t shake their moneymakers like we did when I was a lass.

    1. It’s the best!

      haha, yeah. I pop all over and my knees just DO NOT do what my brain tells them to do, lol. Oh, don’t get me started. I went to a club within the past year and the DJ was killing it. And the kids were all lined up against the wall, dance floor was wide open – you could roller skate in it, lol, AND they were texting on their phones! I’m like, kids, joints get stiff and you get old sooner than you wish, get out there and enjoy your youth! MOVE!!

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