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EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Guide

You guys, I’ve been meaning to post this for two weeks now and have been busy. Most of the time, I hate putting together a Mother’s Day gift guide (for many reasons).¹ The main reason being: How absurd is it to make a gift guide for such a huge demographic? I hate Mother’s Day gift guides (usually) because they make women look so uniform and well, boring. Most Mother’s Day gift guides are pitiful and borderline offensive. But, anyway.

This year, I did what I’ve done before. I’ve instead to do “themes” for gifts. Because it’s EauMG, there are a lot of fragrances. Sorry.

Mother's Day gift ideas


It seems like a great time of the year to runaway to Norway. There’s midnight sun! You can island hop without wearing a bathing suit! If you can’t make it, there’s these great products: 

PerfumeGeir Ness Laila is a fresh floral fragrance described as “The Essence of Norway”. Perhaps you’ve seen it at Epcot? Perhaps that will remind mom of happy times. If not, it still smells really pretty.  ($59)

Hand Cream – Don’t forget the cheapie Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream! It’s under $4, works and fits the theme here 🙂 They have a foot cream too.

Aquavit – Aquavit is a spicy aromatic liquor from Scandinavia (lots of caraway). One of the more popular brands I see in the U.S. is the Norwegian brand Linie. (about $30)

Lakris – That’s right! Get mom some licorice! Amazon has sets for about $14 (not all are Norwegian but I know the brands are popular there too). If you’re in NYC, let me suggest stopping by Sockerbit, a Scandinavian candy store in the West Village.

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Gjetost cheese. It’s like caramel cheese and you should try it if you can find it ( I know it’s at Murray’s Greenwich location in NYC). . Verso skincare screams “Scandinavia”. A candle. It’s a bit “hygge”-y but I think candles are always great.

Estimated total: $107

Mother's Day gift ideas


This is my take on the Sunday Brunch for mom. Get her tequila and cacti. 

Perfume – Get mom a cactus inspired perfume like Mugler Alien Flora Futura. I’ve really enjoyed this one more than I ever thought I would. ($65) Review.

Cacti – Pick up mom a few little cacti. ($20 ish)

Cacti Care Book – There are a few of these out there but I like the simplicity of The Little Book of Cacti. ($12).

Tequila and Limes – Get everything you need to make margaritas. ($40 ish)

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Margarita glasses or a citrus squeezer like this or a cactus-shaped ring holder. Or you can just take her out for margaritas.

Estimated total: $137

Mother's Day gift ideas


This is a more “predictable” gift but that doesn’t mean that it is bad. We should all take some time out for ourselves. 

Oil Diffuser – These things have been very popular over the past few years. I originally bought one from Muji years ago. Back then they were hard to find. Now you can get all sorts of finishes and with different speeds and colors. This best-seller on Amazon goes for about $17.

Oils – You can pick these up at many places (including Muji or Whole Foods). This set retails for about $30 and contains six oils.

Masks – Of course there is a lot of options in this department – clay-based, wash-off, sheet masks, leave-on, etc. You can pick out what you think she’d use. I like this little mask set from Peter Thomas Roth. It has a little bit of everything. ($25)

Cooling Eye Mask – It’s allergy season and summer is approaching. It’s time to pick up a cooling eye mask. ($10).

Other nice add-ons and substitutions – Books. Choose whatever you’d think she’d like. A new robe. New towels. Seriously, Japanese towels will change your life.

Estimate of the total: $82

Mother's Day gift ideas


I thought about this because my own mother recently brought this up as something she was doing with her petits enfants. And I was like, this is a great idea for a gift. 

Flower Press – There are many types of these but this one that can be used in a microwave gets good reviews on Amazon ($20)

Tea – Let me suggest the very floral Providence Perfume Co. Violetta Tea ($28). It is a black tea with dried flowers. There are other flavors and you can read my review here. Of course you can substitute for any other floral teas that she may like.

Perfume – Let me suggest Nest Fragrances. I have a few reviews of these. I included these because the gift sets are rather affordable and mostly because of the Mary Delany packaging. ($22) Review. 

Nature Journal – I love these things because they usually aren’t something you’d buy yourself. Plus, this one from Katie Daisy is really cute. ($15)

Other nice add-ons and substitutions – Give her a few potted flowers or herbs. You can add in some extra flower pressing papers. Or adorable pressed flower jewelry like this.

Estimate of the total: About $85.

Mother's Day gift guides


In all honesty, I can’t wait to reach the age where I start buying most of my clothes and all of my accessories from museum gift shops. It warms my heart to be out and see a group of mirthful women wearing their William Morris Compton scarves, earrings inspired by The MET’s Costume Institute’s exhibit of years past while carrying a canvas tote bag imprinted with Japanese woodblock art. 

Aerin Neue Galerie LipstickAerin Lauder does a lipstick with Neue Galerie in NYC. Currently, it’s a Klimt inspired one from his portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. It’s a versatile blush-y neutral with a healthy shine. ($34)

Artsy Umbrella – I’m not one for flashy umbrellas but I’m also not a jaunty ” femme d’un certain âge”… yet. Anyway, I love The Met’s one because it is black but it’s all so Italian Armor and that is badass. ($50).

Playful Socks – My transformation is occurring because I just bought these Hot Sox Venus de Milo socks. This brand has other artsy socks too. ($8)

Tickets to the Museum – Buy your mom tickets to one of your local museums…or all of them. Obviously, prices will vary. Many are free! Or splurge and get her a membership so she can go as much as she wants and take advantage of member benefits.

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Uniqlo has the SPRZ collabs. You can pick up a cute Warhol top for under $15. You can also pick her up an artsy tote bag and a sketch pad and charcoals to put in it.

Estimate of the total: $112 ish.

Want more ideas? Check out my guide from a few years ago. These also double as some great birthday gift ideas.

¹I want to take the time to acknowledge that these sort of holidays aren’t easy for everyone for a variety of reasons. We never know what someone is exactly struggling with on a daily basis. I want to take this time to let you know that you, despite whatever you may be feeling that, you aren’t alone. Many other people are dealing with or have dealt with similar things. You’re strong, you’re beautiful and I’m wishing you the best, always.

*Nordstrom, Uniqlo, Sephora, Wal-Mart and Amazon contain affiliate links. Thanks! Lisa Bonet and baby Zoë pic from Aren’t they the cutest?