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EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Every year I complain about putting together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide even though I usually enjoy the “gift guide” portion of blogging. There’s a few reasons I dislike it¹ but the biggest one is that it’s intimidating. How can I put together a guide that is supposed to appeal to women of child-bearing age and beyond? Excluding the age differences alone, women are diverse with diverse interests. I have to remind myself that EauMG is primarily a perfume blog so I try to appeal to people that like fragrances in my gift guides.

This year, I’m doing something different. I’m suggesting items to create gift baskets based on a theme. It’s more than just fragrance this year!

Let’s go:

Tea Gift Basket


Who doesn’t like tea? Exactly. This is why this gift set is a hit.

Tea – I highly recommend Providence Perfume Tea Sampler ($30).  All of the flavors taste amazing at the packaging is adorable. You can of course, substitute for any type of tea you think she’d like.

PerfumeTokyoMilkTainted Love Roll-On ($22). I like this one because it’s smoky white tea with vanilla. It’s really good for the price. I like the packaging which blends perfectly with the Providence Perfume Tea Sampler! Here’s my review of the scent

Tea Towel – These are just pretty and I really like this one from H&M ($5). You can find vintage ones at thrift and antique stores too.

Tea Pot – I’d use this to store all the stuff in. This one is under $20 on Amazon, but you can find these at thrift stores and places like World Market for a decent price.

Gin spoon

If you’re mom has a great sense of humor, I recommend this spoon Goozeberry Hill that says “Don’t tell anyone, but there’s gin in my teapot”.

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Any of the skincare products from Fresh Black Tea line, a box of sugar cubes, a tea lip product like Hurraw! Lip Balm in Earl Grey, tea scented incense like Morning Star Green Teaa tea themed mask like Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask in Sweet Tea & Lemon and/or biscuits/cookies either handmade or store bought.

I think you can put together a really nice tea themed gift set for under $85.

rose gift basket


My inspiration for this gift is the classic beauty of the rose. It’s more of a pampering set with lots of lovely items.

Rose Lip Treatment – Who doesn’t love a rose multi-purpose lip treatment? I like the formula and packaging of Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6).

Rosewater – Go for something classic like Manetti Roberts ($10). Whole Foods also has nice brands.

Rose Soap – For a great scent and cool packaging, go with something like Formulary 55 Rosewater ($10).

Rose Perfume – There are many in this genre and you can spend as much as you like. I actually think L’Occitane does a great job with Rose et Reines, espeically for the price ($55).

Basket – I’d store it in a basket or jewelry box. I love this rose gold one at H&M ($13).

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Rose jam that you can get at Armenian or Turkish markets, a bouquet of roses, a nice floral print textile such as a scarf like this one by Ralph Lauren and/or a rose tea like Aftelier Rose Ginger Oolong. 

I think one of of this theme could be done for under $120.

witch gift basket


Because witchy mystic Earth mamas are the best kind of mammas.

Smudging Sticks – I’d do something like Palo Santo sticks ($6) mainly because they smell so good.

Crystals – You can pick these up at your neighborhood mystic shop or you can substitute a crystal necklace like an Amethyst Crystal Point Necklace ($10).

A Natural Balm – I like this Phoenix Botanicals Healing Weeds Balm ($12). It’s great for all those skin issues that we encounter during summer.

A Candle – I recommend Ethics Supply Co. Joshua Tree’s Morning Thunder ($38). It’s natural and the packaging is pretty.

A Tray or Box – I recommend storing it on a handmade triangle tray like this one from Fernwah Supply Co. ($52). You can also find boxes meant to store crystals and incense.

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – Incense like Nag Champa, a deck of tarot cards or a journal, DIY  bath salts stored in Mason jars, a tea like August Uncommon Midnight in the Garden or potted herbs for her windowsill garden.

You can probably put together a basket like this for under $100.


champagne gift basket


Brunch with your mom!

Champagne Glasses – You can pick these up at places like Target or get a set at Macy’s (about $20).

Angostura bitters, lemons and/or Sugar Cubes – It’s what you need for champagne cocktails (about $15). Of course you can substitute based on your desired recipe.

Lip Balm – Right now I’m obsessed with Soap Distillery Negroni Lip Balm ($4). It smells like a chilled orange blossoms and is inspired by the classic negroni.

Candle – Something like Voluspa Crisp Champagne ($16) is perfect for this!

Ice Bucket – This is cute for storing your very happy goods. The one pictured is $13. You can sometimes find these at thrift stores for cheaper. And this time of year, you can find plastic ones because retailers really want to encourage brunch/day drinking.

Champagne/Sparkling Wine – Duh. Bring some orange juice. That doesn’t hurt either when you’re establishing your role as “Mom’s Favorite Child”.

Other nice add-ons or substitutions – A book of cocktail recipes like this one, cute set of coasters, a citrus squeezer like this one from OXO or a sugar scrub like this one from Naiad. 

I think you could put one of these together for under $80.


beach gift basket


The goal here is to create an escape for Mom through various delightful distractions that will remind her of being on a relaxing vacation.

Beach Inspired Perfumes – There are many out there but I really like Olivine Amongst the Waves ($48). It’s a warm, tropical gardenia with vanilla. Full review here. 

Coconut Body Products – I recommend skin-nourishing products like Skin Trip Mountain Ocean Moisturizer ($10) which is rich and luxurious and smells like coconuts. Or Tree Hut Body Scrub in Hawaiian Kukui ($7) which is one of my personal favorite body scrubs.

Books and/or Magazines – This one is up to you! I’m going with “The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg“($20), just say’n.

Beach/Tote Bag – You can get these anywhere but I really like the Andy Warhol one at Uniqlo ($20).

Other nice add-ons or substitutions: a water bottle like this one from S’well, a pair of flip-flops or a sun hat, a bottle of chardonnay and/or a bold nail polish for pedicures like Essie Clam Bake.

I think one of these could easily be put together for less than $100.

This concludes the first gift guide of gift baskets! Feel free to recycle these ideas for upcoming birthdays as well. Even my own 😉

If you would like more ideas, check out my 2015 Gift Guide. 

¹I want to take the time to acknowledge that these sort of holidays aren’t easy for everyone for a variety of reasons. We never know what someone is exactly struggling with on a daily basis. I want to take this time to let you know that you, despite whatever you may be feeling that, you aren’t alone. Many other people are dealing with or have dealt with similar things. You’re strong, you’re beautiful and I’m wishing you the best, always.

*Sephora,, Macy’s, Beautyhabit and Uniqlo contain affiliate links.  Beatnik Emptiness is my shop.  Elizabeth Taylor pic from People. Elizabeth Taylor always makes my Mother’s Day Gift Guides because she was a mother and she mothered so many through her humanitarian causes. I love her.

6 thoughts on “EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Ideas

  1. OMG. Your list has made me a little weepy! This is by far and large the best mother’s day gift guide I have ever seen (usually lists like this can be so corny)…and what makes it better, I think every single item on every single one of these lists is something I would not hesitate to purchase for myself. Wishing my mother was alive, I would totally use your rose-themed suggestion for her.

    Since she’s gone, though, I think I am going to put together an Earth Mama themed set for myself!

    1. *hugs* I started this blog 8 years ago. So much has changed in those 8 years. So yeah, sometimes these sort of guides are difficult because of personal stuff, mainly loss. And I realize that many that read this blog, after 8 years, have had some losses too.

      I’ll happily be the recipient of any of these gifts 😉 Yeah, I put them together, so I’m partial. I want that triangle tray so badly. And I feel like breaking my candle no-buy.

  2. Thanks for the PSA at the end of the list. It’s true. This is a very tricky holiday. These gift ideas are great for people who are mentors, teachers and best friends. Thank you for the great blog. I think you’re great writer with excellent insight. I enjoy reading your blog. It helps when I’m having a bad day. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is fabulous.

    1. Holidays are difficult. But, this one in general either for loss of a loved one, loss of motherhood such as a miscarriage or even a reminder of dysfunctional relationships. It’s a hard one for some people.

      But, yeah, I think these make great gifts for mentors, friends and other members in our self-chosen families 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading. I always love to see your comments.

  3. I had fun reading your gift basket ideas. Very thoughtful! I did something similar for a birthday of a girlfriend who likes Earl Grey tea and was amazed how many products catered to that. The search was fun. I would be the happy recipient of any of the gifts above!

    1. Oh, that sounds delightful! I was surprised to find that there are so many Earl Grey and tea items that you can’t drink. It sounds like you gave a great gift.

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