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EauMG’s Most Worn Fragrances for Winter 2011-12

Every winter, sometime around the first week of January, I start to crave rose perfumes. I think that the first week of January is when I can no longer stand winter. I want spring. I always think of rose as the perfect “winter floral” because it doesn’t come across as too springy and it comes in so many forms. Warning – This list is rose heavy.

Betty Amann

Here are the perfumes that I wore the most in winter 2011-2012.

12. Prada Candy – You saw this in my “Most Worn in Fall ’11” list and here it is again on my winter list. I am still not tired of this sweet benzoin. Here’s my review.

11. Molinard Habanita – Every winter, I wear as much Habanita as I want. For some reason, I haven’t been craving it as much as years past. This tobacco, vetiver, vanilla fragrance is still wonderful.

10. Malle Portrait of a Lady – A dark, dirty rose that is perfect for winter. Actually, I think it’s perfect.

9. Tauer Une Rose Vermeille – Une Rose Vermeille is a sweet, candy coated rose that reminds me of “rose cotton candy” and Cindy Sherman. Here’s my review.

8. Providence Perfume Co. Cocoa Tuberose – This is a really complex natural fragrance that is the perfect blend of heady tuberose and rich cocoa. The base reminds me of cherry pipe tobacco. This may just be my 1st full-bottle purchase from Providence Perfume Co.

7. Serge Lutens Arabie – A comforting “cooking with grandma” fragrance. I love the spiciness of this spice market in a bottle fragrance during the winter.

6. Piguet Fracas – I like to wear this during the winter in the rollerball form. It makes me feel so glamorous even under layers and layers of winter clothing.

5. Malle Lipstick Rose – I really like this waxy violet-rose with Caron powder puffs. It’s feminine, flirty and wears nicely with a glass of champagne in hand.

4. Sonoma Scent Studio Velvet Rose – This is my newest favorite rose soliflore. I really need to buy a full bottle of this luscious rose. Here’s my review.

3. Hèrmes Kelly Calèche EDP – The rose in this is fresh, green and I’m tired of winter. I like to smell like this. It’s rose, violet and powdery iris with leather. It’s easy to wear and elegant. Here’s my review. 

2. Houbigant Quelques Fleurs – I admit that Quelques Fleurs  is all over the place but that’s probably why I like it. It’s so “French”. I really can’t explain why I’ve been wearing it so much, but I have.

1. Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 – Patchouli and chocolate goodness. If you want to hear me rave about it, here’s my review.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. I am ready to retire these until next winter. It’s time to move on.

What perfumes did you wear the most of this winter?

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12 thoughts on “EauMG’s Most Worn Fragrances for Winter 2011-12

    1. I tested too much this winter.
      I have no idea where the Quelque Fleurs love came in this year for me, but that was something I kept craving.
      Velvet Rose is lovely, it’s a good rose.

  1. I loved this video, and I’m glad to see you got your bottle of Borneo — me too. 😉

    I’m not sure what I’ve worn most this winter. I think I might want to start keeping track of this, though. I feel like I’ve been doing more testing lately.

    1. In all honesty, I spent most of the winter testing. These are my “night” fragrances. Prada Candy made the list and I only wore it 4 times. The life of a perfume blogger…

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