EauMG’s May & June 2015 Favorites

Tribeca NYC
My accidental Edward Hopper-ish shot of Tribeca.

I’ve been really busy traveling, settling in and entertaining family. This means that EauMG was put on the back burner for a while. A lot has happened so I thought you guys would like an update.

In May, I went down to Tennessee to visit family and to drive the dogs up to New Jersey. This week long trip turned into one that was much longer, but I felt like I needed to stick around. I ended up visiting family and helping out with a few things. The frugs were happy to see me but they had definitely put on a few extra pounds. They go to the South for a few months and then turn into tubs of lard. Oh, well.

I was so ready to be back to something that felt like “home”. I drove from Nashville to Jersey City with Frink and Moxi in the backseat and my sister in the front. The drive was really boring. And I swear West Virginia and Pennsylvania do nothing for roadkill, or maybe they do and it was a really busy roadkill season.

Empire State Building Pride '15
June was glorious! Empire State Building lit up for Pride and equality!

In June, everyone ever came to visit my not-really-settled-in-home home. This was an entire month of playing tourist in my backyard, a backyard that I’m not that familiar with. I did a lot of the tourist stuff like visited the Statue of Liberty (not worth the long wait, in my opinion) and was an audience member of “The View”, Marky Mark was a guest. We visited museums and went down to the Shore. It was fine, but I’m so ready for the first “normal” month in a long time. I’ve warmly welcomed July into my life.

I’m combining my favorites from May and June since those months ran together in my mind anyway:

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine
I’m into boring citrus right now.


Wearing (fragrance) – When I was in Tennessee, I only packed a few fragrance samples. These samples were fresh “colognes” like Chanel Allure Homme Sport. This stuff works in humidity. I’ve wore similar scents like Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman, Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, Atelier Orange Sanguine and Mugler Cologne. Oh, and I turned my sisters onto Tom Ford Black Orchid. I think this was a good thing to do.

Summary – It’s summer. This is when I wear “boring” citrus and citrus blossoms. This is what I like to wear.

Colour Pop Brills Lipstick
I love this shade.


Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – When I went to Tennessee, I only packed a few things. My eye makeup was Ulta Rose Gold Palette and my lips were either Colour Pop Brills or the L’Oreal shade I emptied last month. My sisters are really into color cosmetics as much as I am so we did too much shopping when they were in town. Right now I’m into metallic eyeshadows, creamy textures and purple and gray-ish lip colors like MAC Stone. Oh, and I bought the L’Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 1 and really recommend it if you like neutral eye shades.

Summary – Apparently this makeup obsession is genetic.

June Selfie
My MET selfie in culottes and tennis shoes because I give up. Heat. Blargh.

Wearing (clothes) – I’m trying really hard to figure out how to dress in hot weather while still looking presentable. It’s not easy. Most days I’m rather bummy in Uniqlo black cropped jeans and a baggy James Perse t-shirt. And my other silhouette is culottes and silk cropped tops. I’m all about baggy, ugly clothes. Oh, and I found out New Jersey has an Eileen Fisher outlet.  I’ve added so many more baggy, ugly clothes to my wardrobe because of this.

New York has also did this weird thing to me. I wear sneakers now because I average 8-9 miles of walking a day. So, things like my Nike Internationalist have been wonderful. I’m a sneaker person now.

Summary – I thought NYC would inspire my fashions in new ways. Instead, it’s just brought out all my other old habits of dressing like a reject art professor/cult leader but now in sneakers! Oh, and I’m also not used to raining in summer. I’m sick of that. In Seattle, it rains all year BUT we’re free from it in the summer.


Frink and his mom. Frink celebrated a 6 year birthday in June.

Using (skincare) – My skin is finally being good again. Thank you, dermatology! I’ve been wearing mineral sunscreen. I like Neutrogena Pure & Free in the summer because it’s lightweight and I can apply it over makeup too. My skin has been dry though so I’ve actually had to bust out the heavier creams that I usually don’t use in the summer.

Summary – I’m so happy that my skin is being good. It’s almost been a year, so yeah, this is a big deal for me.


Oh, Kentucky.

Eating/Drinking – When I was in the South, I only ate stuff like beans and greens, hot chicken and tamales. Because I’ve played hostess, we ate out a lot. I’m actually really sick of eating out. So, I’ve tried to stay in and cook stuff like beans and greens, hot chicken and tamales.

Summary – I’ve been reminded that we would have starved to death as kids if it weren’t for pinto beans.


Viking stove
Hey, nice stove!

Listening – Not much. I had to drive a lot and didn’t have any music which I know sounds insane these days. But, I didn’t. This meant that I listened to the radio and I heard Fetty Wap “Trap Queen” like a thousand and fifteen times. I swear, I can recite this entire song in my sleep now.

Summary – I don’t think he’s rapping about a fancy Viking stove or Le Creuset.

Supernatural Season 1
Can’t stand Sam’s hair though.

Watching – So, my sisters introduced me to Supernatural. Why am I just now watching this? This is the sort of ish that I love. Predictable but in the best way possible. Plus, shots of the beauty that is British Colombia.

Summary – Seriously, why am I just now watching this?

hills of Tennessee
Oh, the hills of Tennessee. I lost a tooth in that barn.

Reading – I started reading “Twilight”. No, not that Twilight! It’s a novel by William Gay. I didn’t finish it because it was too much to read while in a remote 150+ year old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. So, then I just read Amiri Baraka poetry because it seemed like the thing to do and well, it was around.

Summary – I miss reading. I should start doing that again.

Dull and boring
Where Dull meets Boring.

Wanting – I want something to feel a little more stable. I want a regular routine. Can you believe I’m saying that?

Summary – I want to be boring. Yep, I said it. So, my goal for July is to be chill. I want to chill with the frugs in my lap and read books and go see all the art exhibits that I want to see.

What were your favorites from June? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?


*Atelier pic from the brand. Colourpop from the brand. Viking stove from Supernatural pic from Wikipedia. Dull/Boring from All other pics are mine! Amazon, Nordstrom, Uniqlo and James Perse are affiliate links. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “EauMG’s May & June 2015 Favorites

  1. This has been one of the wettest and most humid summers in Virginia in the 16 tears we’ve lived here. I’ve been wearing sheer and/ or floral – JM Lime Mandarin & Basil, Jo Loves Florist, Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil, and some Bronze Goddess, but the latter only when the humidity is low(er). Missing my incense, but I would choke myself and my DH.

    1. When I was in TN, it rained every day. I feel like all it does is rain in NJ. I feel like every single time I leave the house, it’s a thunderstorm and I get stuck right in the middle of it. Like right now, totally soaked (changed clothes, of course). The humidity is insane. I forgot about all of that. I hear ya, I want to wear incense too but I would gag myself.

      I have Un Jardin Sur le Nil and love it. Why am I not wearing that more? Pulled it out after you mentioned it 🙂

  2. Etro Shaal Nur is a great incense for a hot day, at least here in So. Cal. where the humidity isn’t too bad. Sage Onyx (in edt) is what I wear when I’m tired of citrus.

    And Supernatural is great! I didn’t start watching until Season 4, when the first episode hooked me but good. I will say that there is not enough shirtless Sam in the later seasons. His hair improves on and off; usually when it looks good, he’s at his worst in some way. To sum up, for the uninitiated: hot brothers fight monsters, save the world. (The second episode of Season 1 is absolutely terrible, though. I recommend skipping it.)

    1. Oh, yeah, that one is good! I also like Olivier Durbano Citrine but I only have about one more wear left in that sample. Onyx is one my go-tos (or it was) in the fall. Fig is a good for me when I get sick of citrus too.

      I’m still on Season 1. I honestly can’t remember the 2nd episode at all which means it must have been terrible 🙂 I’m really digging the show. Only on Season 1. It’s predictable but in a great way. Like the legends (many urban ones) are that I already know. The show doesn’t waste my time. They go there, they do that and then are building another story around what X-Files had as “monster of the week”. Sam’s hair is driving me nuts! I don’t even know what his face looks like because his hair is covering it up. It’s like, “Dude, you look good. Why are you doing this to yourself?” I mean, if he wants to distract from his eyes, then he should take his shirt off, lol.

  3. Yes but you’re OUR rejected art professor / cult leader. =:o)

    We went to Philadelphia and DC for the 4th, which was quite inspiring actually. In Philly we were headed towards Benjamin Franklin’s printing shop (still printing!) and my 12 year old said, “There it is.” Looked like a plain old archway to me; turned out we had to walk through it and into a courtyard. How’d you know it was here, I asked. “I had to come here for a meeting in ‘Assassin’s Creed 3’.” So video games teach — who knew!

    Perfume-wise, it’s lots of Sel Marin, Mugler Cologne, Vettiveru, and my dwindling samples of Eau Moderne and Iris de Nuit.

    Good luck with the weather. At least you’re headed to those beautiful September and October days out there.

    1. Haha.

      We keep meaning to get down to Philly, like a weekend trip or something. It’s an awesome city. I’ll have to play Assassin’s Creed 3 before going though, you know to improve my geography skills, lol. That’s so funny. Who knew those things were even accurate? That’s actually really impressive.

      Sel Marin is one of my favorites. Ever. Same with Mugler Cologne. And Vettiveru would have been if I ever actually bought a bottle.

      After living in the rain for 8 years, I’m OK with this weather. It makes me tough. But, I do look forward to an actual fall. I have never experienced one of those.

  4. If you haven’t been already, I recommend the NY Botanical Gardens. It’s really impressive. They sell perfume in the gift shop. The last time I was there, I picked up a sample set from Library of Flowers and I love them all. And afterwards you can head over to Arthur Avenue for delicious Italian food.

    1. It was on our list when my sisters were in town BUT it rained most of the time so we didn’t go 🙁 I’ll go on my own though. It sounds awesome. I didn’t realize the gift shop sells perfume…even more of a reason to go!

  5. Girl, you look gorgeous in that photo with Frink. Frink is a looker too, of course. What lipstick are you wearing and please don’t say it’s clear gloss and your lips are just that color naturally.
    I hope your July is as relaxing as you are hoping it will be.

    1. Oh, thank you! Can you believe he’s 6 and he has a little white face now? He’s all grown up.

      OK, I think it’s that L’Oreal JLo Nude shade that I emptied last month. I’m pretty sure it’s that with a little SPF lip balm over it. It’s a good “nude” shade for me – has a nice amount of pink to look realistically “nude”.

  6. Thank you for letting me know about the NJ Eileen Fisher outlet. I am terrible at summer clothes as well. I have variations of the not so little black dress and not much else. I am going to check out Supernatural!

    1. It’s in Seacaucus. I went and they were having some sort of extra 20% off thing. I ended up getting 4 pieces that I’ve had my eyes on for 1+ years for about $175. I was really happy because it was stuff I actually wanted and it will last me a long time.

      I’m so bad with summer dressing. It’s hard to look presentable. Variations of LBD is a great choice. It’s easy and still looks put together.

      It’s a good show for what it is. I don’t have to think too much and the episodes aren’t dull.

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