EauMG’s May 2017 Empties

EauMG May 2017 Empties


May is my  birthday month and I completed my first year of grad school in May.  I give myself a “free pass” to buy whatever. Now I’m trying to remember what I bought. Oh, yeah. I bought Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Femme Body Oil. I’m really happy with this purchase. It smells a lot like the perfume. I bought a mask from Too Cool for School just for its name: Fresh Gore. I bought Juvia’s Place Blush Palette II. I wore it every single day. I honestly can not remember the last time I was this excited by blush.

I also made an Yves Rocher order because I needed a few replacements. Since their shipping takes forever, I ordered extras. Why can’t I resist shower gels?! What is my problem?!  I also had to reorder some Bioré sunscreen (which I’m still waiting on from Japan).

That’s the damage I did on the beauty front. And here’s what I emptied in May:


May 2017 skincare empties


It looks like I was all about burning my face off via exfoliation and then trying to compensate by usage of moisturizing sheet masks. 

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant – Paula’s Choice BHAs are superior. Fight me. I’ve tried so many and I keep coming back to this brand. However, I’m not the biggest fan of the lotion. It’s not a bad product. It just doesn’t fit into my layering routine as well as the liquid does. I have heard that they’ve changed the formula recently and it is more gel-like.

  • Repurchase? Not in this format. But, I promise that using a PC BHA will change your skin. If you aren’t already using one, you should.

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover – This is a dual-phase makeup remover that does a fairly thorough job and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • Repurchase? I have a back-up bottle. I think they are reformulating it or something.

Garden of Wisdom Organic Vanilla Hydrosol – You guys, this stuff smells absolutely amazing. It’s like high-quality vanilla bean extract. And here’s the deal, vanilla is actually a decent anti-oxidant because it has catechins. I really enjoyed spraying this on my face throughout the day.

  • Repurchase? Yep. It smells sooo good.

Epic Blend More Moisture Unflavored Lip Balm – It’s a good balm. No flavor, which I like. Review here.

  • Repurchase? Probably not. Aquaphor is my favorite.

Soap Distillery Absinthe Lip Balm – It smells like peppermint and anise. I usually hate peppermint anything on my lips, but I was fine with this. Go figure.

  • Repurchase? No. I should probably stick to unflavored stuff.

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb (deluxe sample) – This stuff has a cult-following which I really don’t understand. ALL k-beauty brands have a moisturizer with this exact same texture. And most of those do not smell like a cough drop! It’s OK, but not something that I’d buy.

  • Purchase? No.

Valmont Prime Renewing Pack (deluxe sample) – This is one of my favorite Valmont items. It’s an exfoliating mask that smells like lilies.

  • Purchase? You know, I may. I like to be stupid sometimes.

Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub (deluxe sample) – Absolutely too harsh for my skin because of its fine scrubbies and crappy addition of essential oils that my skin hates. It was demoted to a hand scrub.

  • Purchase? No way.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel (deluxe sample) – I actually really liked this one. It worked without irritating the heck out of my face (which means a lot because I slather on the acids).

  • Purchase? If I need a physical peel, I’ll get this one.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster (deluxe sample) – This is a pre-serum serum. I think people see results from it if they aren’t already doing that. I do. I noticed nothing from this. But, it did layer nicely and has a pleasing feel (and it’s not like I used it that long).

  • Purchase? No.

L’Occitane Peony Hydrating Face Cream (sample) – I didn’t get to use this enough to have an opinion. All I can say is that it smells pretty and had a  nice smooth, light finish (i.e. pores were less noticeable afterwards).

  • Purchase? I shouldn’t buy skincare for its smell. But, I’m tempted to see how this would perform as a makeup primer.

Paula’s Choice CALM Redness Relief Repairing Serum (sample) – I didn’t expect for this to be so liquid-y. But, I like that. I can layer it. I overdid it with AHAs this month and this did reduce irritation almost immediately.

  • Purchase? I may but I also really like this licorice serum from It’s Skin (that’s cheaper).

Face Shop Character mask

Now to the sheet masks…

The Cure Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask – Sad to see that Robert Smith doesn’t sponsor this, but anyway. It has that “marine” fragrance. The cotton is a bit thick. Overall, a pretty good mask with tried and true moisturizing ingredients. It reminds me EXACTLY of another brand but I can’t remember which one right now.

  • Repurchase? Maybe.

The Face Shop x Kakao Friends Neo Resilience Sheet Mask – This mask is scary af. It tried to make me look like a cat. It smells like their Green Tea line. It was a decent moisturizing mask.

  • Repurchase? Probably not.

Leaders Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask – One of my favorite sheet masks ever, so soothing. I buy them by the big box.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Leaders 7 Wonders Kalahari Moisturizing Melon Mask – This is a gel mask which I’m just not that into. And oddly this one, despite having promising ingredients, didn’t leave me moisturized.

  • Repurchase? No.

Cos Face Snail Sheet Mask – I bought this because it’s cheap af. The mask itself is thick and not the best fit for my face. HOWEVER, I was super surprised by the formula which left my skin plump with snail slime goodness.

  • Repurchase? Actually, yeah. So cheap (like 50 cents at H-Mart).

Hey Pinkgo Girl Black Rose Intense Hydration Mask – It’s a good little moisturizing mask that faintly smells of roses.

  • Repurchase? Yes. I like the thinness of these masks.

TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Clear Sheet Mask – I’m not the biggest fan of TonyMoly masks but this is one in the “I’m Real” I like the most. It smells like their rice line and does leave my skin more radiant the next day.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

May 2017 perfume empties


I met my goal of emptying a fragrance sample per week! I seemed to be into naturals. 

Lalun Natural Venus Veil Deodorant – I usually don’t include boring, functional stuff like this in my empties, but this is an exception. Why? Because it smells good enough to be perfume! It’s like a rose oud cologne. Natural deodorants just do not work for me (my life is too intense, my hormones too much of a wreck and I eat too many kebabs). BUT, I loved using this as a body spray. And really, it did an OK job as a natural deodorant (like on lazy days, no problems).

  • Repurchase? Yes.

DSH Perfumes Gelsomino EDP (sample) – This is a really pretty, sheer jasmine. It’s one of those florals you can wear in the summer without suffocating everyone.

  • Purchase? I wish I could purchase all the DSH’s that I like.

Pirouette Perfumes Rose Musk EDP (sample) – I’ve always really liked this natural, woodsy rose. As my sample is old, the cedar has really aged and made this even more special. Full review here.

  • Purchase? I actually bought a full-size a few years ago.

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Figure 1: Noir EDP (sample) – I love this patchouli so much that I ended up buying a solid. I noticed that the EDP  gets an almost maple syrup/immortelle thing going on when it ages. My solid does not smell like this. Review here.

  • Purchase? Bought the solid. Wouldn’t buy the EDP because I’m maple adverse.

Moresque Moreta EDP (sample) – I wanted to smell like a sexy rich woman. Review here.

  • Purchase? No.

May 2017 bath empties


I was all about the Hawaiian “take me away” bath and body products.

Malie Organics Koke’e Organic Body Wash – I have tried many scents from this Hawaii-based brand, and this is my favorite scent. It’s so green, fresh and like a humid jungle. It’s such a great scent for a shower product. The formula is also moisturizing.

  • Repurchase? Maybe. I’m so tempted by new shower gels but I really like this one.

Malie Organics Plumeria Beauty Oil – I adore this brands oils (which can be used on skin and hair). This one is a heady plumeria (and actual plumeria) which also (naturally) has a banana-ish nuance.

  • Repurchase? I may. I know I want the oils again but not sure on which scent/s.

Kneipp Stress Free Bath Oil (travel size) – This smells like shiny, happy people citrus. But, I hate how the “colortherapy” makes it look like you’re sitting a tub of dehydrated piss. It’s not cute at all.

  • Repurchase? Probably not.


May 2017 hair empties


Not much to see here.

Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Shampoo – I only use this stuff because it smells so good. Since it is a volumizing shampoo and my hair needs moisture, I use it like a clarifying shampoo.

  • Repurchase ? Probably.



And nothing to see here! However, I’m so close to emptying some cosmetics…maybe in June!

Total: 28. 16 full-size. 6 travel/deluxe samples. 6 samples.

What about you? Which products did you empty in May? Did you buy anything new?

*Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, Sephora, Yves Rocher and Elizabeth Arden are affiliate links. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “EauMG’s May 2017 Empties

  1. Victoria, I always enjoy these posts because it gives me a chance to try the products you used.
    I love skincare/body products almost as much as new perfume and it’s actually dangerous for my wallet but fun! lol Thanks for a lil’ shopping binge.
    Hope you are well and Washington is looking and feeling like summer finally! What I wait so long for.

    1. I’m trying my best to get through my “stash” instead of buying new things, but it’s hard! There’s so many temptations out there.

      Skincare and body products are my weakness as well. I guess it’s a little bit of ritual/”me time” that I enjoy about those as well.

      Yay! Summers there are the absolute best. I’m thinking about a quick trip in late summer because it’s just the best place to be during that time.

  2. Paula’s Choice now has BHA in three formulations: liquid, lotion, and gel. Personally I love the gel, as it feels good going on, is easier to apply than the liquid, and absorbs well so I can layer a bit later with the Paula’s Choice sunscreen that you turned me on to and I stay relatively mat throughout the day.

    1. I repurchased the liquid which I like for my routine (apply right after toner and before serums). I sort of “splash” it on. I did get samples of the gel to see if I like it. I *almost* bought the full-size but some customers said it was “sticky”. I can’t wait to try it!

      1. Don’t know why I said I use the BHA in the morning before sunscreen. I actually use it at night under the various serums. But I do use the AHA gel every morning under the sunscreen. So in general, yay for the gel formulations!

        On the other hand, I keep hearing the BHA liquid is one of the most popular products in the entire line.

        1. I typically prefer gel but all those reviews were like “sticky” so I thought it’d be better to sample it first. It’s funny because I try to take skincare reviews with a grain of salt because so many people are picky about textures. I don’t mind “feeling” a skincare product on my skin; I expect that.

  3. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR SHEET MASK SELFIES! That’s another one for the history books. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at for a full minute.

    Birthday months are fun!! And ditto the shower gel weakness. No one is allowed to look at the bin under my sink.
    I’ve always wanted to try the Malie line. I even went to their boutique in Kauai a few years ago but didn’t buy a thing for some weird reason. I do recall liking the plumeria scent so I’m glad to see your rec.

    Soooo, re: my May purchases. I took a trip and to make a long story short… I was forced, really, into buying some The Ordinary skincare items. Also, because I was going to where the ozone layer is thinnest, I bought a new sunscreen to take with me (even though, um, I may already have a couple that I like). But none of these items seem frivolous at all so I forgive myself.
    I’m so close to finishing several lipsticks that it’ll all even out soon

    1. Isn’t it terrifying? I think I’m supposed to be a blue cartoon cat but I just look like a slimy Avatar character.

      Same. They’ll make me go on Hoarders. Why is that such a weakness for me? I love bath stuff so much.

      I really like the Malie line. I’ve now moved on the Hibiscus oil that I have. I love its fragrance too.

      So, I think that stuff is justified, right? When it comes to sunscreen and effective skincare, I’m easy on myself 🙂

      Me too! I hope that in June I’ll be emptying cosmetics. I’m almost out of a loose powder, a lip liner and a lipstick.

  4. Here are my May empties:
    Biehl Parfumkunstwerke EO01 decant
    Serge Lutens L’Orpheline sample
    Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee decant
    House of Matriarch Bohemian Black decant
    Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin sample
    Hermes Jour d’Hermes Absolu decant
    Guerlain L’Instant Eau de Noël Iris Millésime sample
    Aftelier Parfum de Maroc parfum sample
    Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille candle
    Dermal Bamboo Collagen Essence Sheet Mask
    Dermal Acerola Collagen Essence Sheet Mask
    7th Heaven Cucumber Peel Off Mask
    Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyante Shower Gel travel size
    Pirouette Essentials Roman Holiday Bar Soap
    Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
    Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Orange Flower & Lychee Skin-Softening Body Cleanser

    I really liked the Kiehl’s shower gel. It smelled great and really was skin softening. Oh, and I will need more AG EF shower gel in the winter because it smells like piney incense. Of the perfume samples and decants Iused up, I’ll miss Lys Mediterranee and Jour d’H Absolu the most.

    I bought a bunch of stuff in May: 5 small perfumes from a Soivohle sale, a decant of Malle Cologne Indelible feom ebay (it’s more meh than I remember), a big lot of Dermal sheet masks from Amazon, and a bunch of Leaders sheet masks from Hautelook that won’t arrive for another couple weeks.

    I also really like Pirouette Rose Musk and have a bottle. Ditto on her Jasmine Musk. I didn’t love the soap I used up this month from theline, but I had it for a couple years before I used it. Maybe I’ll eventually try another.

    I really want to try that Malie shower gel! And your “cat” mask is disturbing. It makes me think of a mask someone would wear when going to murder-stalk someone in their house, a la the movie The Strangers.

    1. You’re still knocking out those decants and samples!

      *lalalala not listening* I have a shower gel problem. If I hear that it’s good, I’ll buy it. I mean, it’s orange blossom, that’s hard to resist. With Malie, I think it comes up on Hautelook sometimes. You may be able to score the shower gel then 🙂

      I forgot that I bought some Nest candles at a sample sale. I also have been getting that Sephora Play box and I forget to mention it too :S

      There was a Rose soap that I remember being amazing (like the perfume). I haven’t tried any of the other soaps. I love the Rose Musk and the Jasmine Musk. They’re both “aging” very well.

      Isn’t it terrifying?! Even my dogs ran from me, lol. They have seen a lot of weird stuff on my face and head and even they were like “Crazy murderer-stalker, run!”.

  5. I 100% the matrix conditioner because of you. It smells INCREDIBLE. I picked up the pre-treatment and a back-up conditioner when Ulta had a 50% off special during their Hair Month event. My scalp is super picky with shampoos and is still recovering after I tried a solid shampoo from Lush.

    I really should start to keep track of all my empties. Maybe this will finally be my month.

    As far as purchasing, I’ve already broken my no-buy for June. Ulta had a platinum perk that was a free Ruby Woo lipstick with a $35 MAC purchase and i have been dyinggggg to get that lipcolor.

    1. I already miss not having it around! It smells so good. I’m curious about the pre-treatment now. I bought them last winter during one of the Ulta sales. I also got another Oil Wonders (it smells good too, almost like Narciso Rodriguez EDP). My scalp is so picky. And the Matrix ones didn’t irritate my picky scalp. I just wish I could get this in a leave-in or a deep treatment then I could use it more frequently. Anyway, happy you like it as well. It smells so wonderful.

      I was tempted by that! It’s such a great shade and that was a great promo. Ulta does offer some great GWPs.

      I already ruined June too. I went to an Edward Bess event where they were also giving away a nice GWP (full-size product). I ended up buying 2 lipsticks and a primer 🙁 Oh, well. I’ll try to wrap up the remainder of the month without temptations.

  6. Ooh, good to know about the Noir scent! I’ve been eyeing that for years now, but I am also maple averse. Aside from not wanting to smell like a sticky stack of flapjacks, even just the word reminds me of a disorder I learned about in a Patricia Cornwell book, a million years ago: maple syrup urine disease.
    mlleghoul recently posted..Friday Fripperies {Summer 2017 Edition}

    1. I do have the solid. It has stayed patchouli-heavy.

      I absolutely can.not with maple-y scents. I can’t stand the flavor nor the aroma. And this mostly has to do with maple syrup urine disease. I worked as a speech therapist in a developmental preschool many years ago and 3 of the kids there had maple syrup urine disease and were not potty-trained. This is why I can’t stand the smell of immortelle or anything vaguely maple syrup-y.

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