EauMG’s May 2016 Empties

EauMG's May 2016 Empties


May was one of those months that flew on by. I can’t believe it’s already June!

As far as purchases, it was my birthday (month) and I went overboard. I bought La Prairie Light Fantastic Concealing Treatment and Armour Lip Gloss in Candy (an opaque lavender named after Candy Darling). I impulsed bought some cheap crazy color lipsticks at a hair supply store. I bought more crazy colors with Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks in a variation of this. I bought some drugstore perfumes to review (I guess that counts). I also bought Mugler shower gels because it’s practically summer. I needed a new shampoo so I went with the new Shea Moisture Peace Rose stuff because it smells amazing. I also bought the new Anastasia Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette because those shades speak to me. It’s a gorgeous palette.

I had a custom Bite Lipstick made. I went for something that reminds me of a true morel. If that wasn’t enough, the new Amuse Bouche shades speak to me more than any other collection of lipstick shades ever. I ended up with Kale (a “cavolo nero” dark green) and Taro (like ube cake). I can’t wait to get the others.

Oh, and I was on an ipsy waiting list and then wasn’t and they sent me a bag. I thought I’d try them since I haven’t done any of the beauty sub things like this in 4 years. It was good for $10 (bag, lip treatment, black eyeliner, shadow brush and a little bronzer).

So, as you can see, I went a little overboard with the purchases in May. But, hey, it was my birthday month.

Here’s what I emptied in May:

May 2016 Empties


I emptied a lot of skincare products. It was the month of TonyMoly and brightening products: 

L’Oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Day Cream SPF 17 PA ++ – I bought this in Hong Kong because the name is so absurd and I think L’Oreal may be truly evil for launching a product with this name AND I NEEDED THE PHYSICAL PROOF. I mean, “White Perfect”? Isn’t that terrible? And then “Fairness Control”? Fairness Control isn’t offensive; it just sounds like a setting I wish I could enable in my own life. Anyway, this cream doesn’t play nicely with others. It beads up over every serum I use. It won’t layer under sunscreens or foundations without beading. It leaves a white tint on the skin (which is intentional because “white is perfect”…ugh). It has a low SPF. And it did nothing for dark spots. It was demoted to a hand cream.

  • Repurchase? Never.

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm – This stuff is legit a balm. That’s not a marketing term to make it sound thick and luxurious. This stuff is an oil-based salve that is greasier than any old fashioned cold cream. It does an awesome job at removing makeup and grime without drying out my skin. My biggest complaint is the strong bergamot fragrance. I wish they would have left the potentially irritating essential oils out of the mix.  I wash this off and usually follow-up with another cleanser so I’m not leaving those oils on my skin, because my skin is fussy about citrus oils.

  • Repurchase? No. If there was a fragrance-free version, I would.

Olay Pro-X Spot Fading Treatment – I realized that I’ve used so many Asian drugstore brightening products but haven’t bothered with the US market. This is an unscented serum with a weightless feel. It took FOREVER for me to see any difference but I eventually did see some fading.

  • Repurchase? I don’t know. I don’t have patience for slow stuff.

Laneige Lip & Eye Remover – DO NOT WORRY! This did not remove my lips and eyes! It’s a dual-phase eye makeup remover. It’s a fine eye makeup remover that even removes waterproof formulas. For a Laneige product, it’s excellent (because I tend to dislike most Laneige items).

  • Repurchase? Probably not. It was OK but there are some other brands/formulas I’d like to try as well.

TonyMoly Bubble Donkey Milk Foam Cleanser – I told you I’m into weird shit. There are Mexican soaps like this and this is South Korea’s take on that. It’s a great foaming cleanser with a “clean” fragrance. There’s a lot of product in the bottle and it lasts forever.

  • Repurchase? Probably. I like it in hot, humid weather.

TonyMoly Changing U Magic Mask in Hyaluronic Acid – This was a free gift of masks with this most offensive marketing (or the most honest marketing) ever. It claims to change me from ugly to pretty. This one will change me from The Thing to a Disney Princess. The deal is I actually like this serum mask with a barely-there fragrance. It does leave my skin moisturized and “plump”.

  • Repurchase? Maybe. I love this mask but they sell them in a box set. And TonyMoly knows that this marketing will not go over well at all in the US of A.

TonyMoly I’m Real Pomegranate Sheet Mask – It has a tart fruity fragrance. I really can’t say the results differ much from the other masks in this line.

  • Repurchase? Probably. From the “It’s Real” line, it’s one of the better ones.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lily Sheet Mask – First time I’ve tried this brightening mask. It’s half serum/half oil. Smells like fancy European skincare products. It’s OK. Left my face a little sticky but I expect that from products like this.

  • Repurchase? Probably. They’re cheap.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream (deluxe sample) – In May, I had a facial done at Osswald with La Prairie products. Afterwards I was given samples to extend my facial results (which lasted about 2 weeks when used nightly). I’m usually in this Cult of Paula that scoffs at expensive skincare. But, OMG, this stuff made my skin look amazing. It’s fragrant (like lilies) but my skin wasn’t fussy with it and looked great.

  • Purchase? I wish. I loved it but it’s expensive.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil (deluxe sample) – See above. I add a few drops of this to the cream. My skin is left looking radiant. It really is a “dry oil” and a little goes far. It’s less fragrant than the cream that I used. It’s magical.

  • Purchase? I wish! $500+ for a night cream routine is steep!

May Empties


I’ve been into rich hippie scents:

Green Tree Incense in 7 Chakras (sample, 2 sticks) – This scent sort of reminds me of nag champa. It’s like a sandalwood/woodsy scent with white florals. This brand is hit or miss. For this brand, I like this one but honestly, I’d rather burn Nag Champa.

  • Purchase? Probably not.

Moresque Emiro EDP (sample) – It smells like rose jams and the sort of leather goods I’ll never be able to afford. Oh, and I probably can’t “afford” this perfume either. Just say’n. Full review here. 

  • Purchase? If I had a lot of monies, I’d buy whatever I want. But, I don’t. I have to be realistic, yo.

INeKe Poet’s Jasmine EDP (sample) – A bitter, green jasmine with a bit of spice. Review here. 

  • Purchase? Probably not just because I have a few more samples of it and I have so much stuff.

CdG Daphne EDP (sample) – There’s something about this tuberose and incense that reminds me of a überglam headshop. Review here.

  • Purchase? Fun fact, I’ve only bought two decants in my entire life. One of them was Daphne and that wasn’t because I didn’t want a full-size bottle. It was because I wanted it in a roll-on bottle to give it even more of that headshop oil feel. The decanter (a fellow fragrance friend, not a website), kindly put in a roll-on bottle for me to make my dreams come true.

May 2016 Empties


I FINALLY emptied some of these scented body products I’ve had around for what feels like forever:

Historiae Soap in Rose de France – This is like the Jayne Mansfield of soaps even though it’s inspired by the Renaissance. It’s a pink heart-shaped bar of soap that smells like roses and magnolias over a musky base. It’s super “girly” and sort of reminds me of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Á la Rose meets Narciso Rodriguez EDP but all in a soap form.

  • Repurchase? I would if I saw it around again.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Soap – It’s one of my favorite fragrances and one of my favorite bar soaps of all time.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

C. Booth Egyptian Argan Oil Body Butter – This is a cream that absorbs quickly and feels “silky”. The scent is Egyptian Musk that leans more musk than floral. I bought it in the winter when I wanted everything white musk. I have noticed there’s new packaging so I don’t know if the formula is the same as the one I used.

  • Repurchase? No. It was fine but I prefer unscented body moisturizers.

Innisfree Perfumed Body Cream in Daphne Blossom – Every country in the world has daphne bath/body products except for the US. It makes me angry. This is is a fresh, lemon-y daphne blossom that smells good (the entire range does). The cream has that nice bouncy thing going on – the sort of tech I expect from Korean brands!

  • Repurchase? Maybe. I like unscented body products and I’m using up the scented stuff that I have. I will buy the shower stuff in this line. I liked it.

Anfora Rosa Body Oil – This is one of those products that I bought because I haven’t seen it in years! My grandmother always had it around but I never saw this Spanish body oil in Washington…ever. It’s a basic bath/body oil (mineral oil based) with a sharp green rose scent. Personally, I love the scent. But, every night David asks, “Did you spray bug spray?” and I basically tell him to shut the f up because he knows it’s Anfora.

  • Repurchase? Yes…even if it may cause me to get a divorce.

Nature Republic Hand Cream in Acacia – This is my favorite Nature Republic scent. It’s a honeyed floral somewhere between jasmine and mimosa.

  • Repurchase? I want to go all scent-free with hand cream but I love this fragrance, so I’ll probably repurchase.

hair empties


With a help of my spouse, I finished a hair product:

ABL Brands Condish Creme Cleanser – This is a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner made from natural stuff. It smells like nourishing butters and a bit of lavender. I have dry hair, so my hair was all about this (even used alone). To my surprise, this is one of the products that David “stole” from me. It really did make his wavy hair look great.

  • Purchase? David says if I don’t, he will.

Makeup Empties


I emptied boring, basic makeup: 

Clinique Color Surge Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow in Sugar Sugar (deluxe/GWP item) – I felt like for years, this was the only shade they’d include in GWPs. It’s discontinued. It’s was a basic pure white shade with a subtle shimmer. Like most Clinique eyeshadows, it was sheer and designed for pale people that don’t want to look like they are wearing much makeup. I used it under the brow bone. It was practical shade but not that great of a formula.

  • Purchase? No.

TonyMoly Long Kinny Gel Pen Eyeliner in Black – It’s one of the best liquid liners I’ve ever used. It’s long-wearing and doesn’t budge until you remove it. The color is shiny dark black. It applies smoothly and the brush is perfect for my technique. And yes, that’s really its name.

  • Repurchase? OK, I love it so I probably will BUT I feel I should try the Kat Von D one that everyone loves before committing to this TonyMoly one.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay-On Lip Liner in RisquéA few years ago, this was a shade in a limited edition summer (I think) collection. I bought one. I went back for the rest of them because this shade was perfect for me. This dusty mauve matches my lips exactly and the formula really does stay-put. I use it as a “base” to make product stay on longer. Alas, it’s gone now.

  • Repurchase? It’s no longer available and it’s time for me to move on.

Total: 24. 17 full-size, 3 deluxe/travel size, 4 samples.

It seems like in May, it was all about TonyMoly and Korean products.

What about you? Which products did you empty in May? Did you buy anything new?

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20 thoughts on “EauMG’s May 2016 Empties

  1. Haha, I clicked on the link to the facial cleanser, and the tab says NATURAL BUBBLE DONKEY MILK FOAM CLEANSER, in all caps. Simply amazing. I have just begun my foray into Korean beauty products, all I have so far are the Tony Moly egg soaps, but I find the packaging to be a delight. Of course, the whole “white standard of beauty” angle is remarkably tone-deaf for a US audience.

    Thanks for the heads up about the strong bergamot fragrance in the Boots balm. I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing balm, but I also don’t tolerate citrus oils (or lavender/rosemary oils) on my face. I also don’t have $80 for the Eve Lom one that everyone raves about. Clinique makes one that I may cave and try one of these days! And when it comes to just “going natural” with the cleansing balms, my issue is that I honestly don’t think plain coconut oil works that well. I did not find it enjoyable to use or particularly effective, so I am really looking for something with an actual formula but no fragrance.

    My empties in May were Cerave sunscreen and the “pm” moisturizer, a bottle of Organix coconut milk shampoo (that I bought last August), and some Cover Girl foundation. I’m nearly done with my travel bottles of Byredo Pulp and Nars Laguna bronzer, but those do not count for May!

    1. BUBBLE DONKEY MILK…it really is everything. It’s weird because a lot of foaming cleansers dry me out but the Korean and Japanese stuff hasn’t. I mean, it’s not as nourishing as a cream but still it doesn’t make my face feel ouchy. It’s the WHITE that I’m like, “Yo, you a big company with major money, don’t you know better?” I use brightening/lightening whatever we want to call them products for dark spots and hormonal discolorations. “Brightening” is such a better term and it actually applies to the concept more…it’s not changing the entire skin tone. But, whatever. It works but it won’t work in other parts of the world.

      My skin is like yours. I’m so sensitive to citrus, lavender, rosemary (and basically any other EO) on my face. So, I have the Clinique one and love it. It’s not “natural” but it’s been good for my skin. There’s no fragrance and you get usually get a GWP with it which makes it feel “cheaper” than it is. The Eve Lom, yeah, I can’t stomach $80 for my cleanser. And same – I don’t think coconut oil is a good cleanser for my face either. I’ve tried. I didn’t like it. It was goop on top of my full face of makeup, impossible to wash off. I did like it as a shaving cream but that was it.

      Another thing about the Boots, it’s “hot cloth”. Is using a wash cloth some novelty these days? A lot of the reviews dissed the cloth it came with (which does suck). But, I was like, don’t you have wash cloths?

      Woop! Woop! Empties! I’m almost out of some CeraVe 🙂 With hair products, it takes me forever to use those up. I swear I actually wash my hair and stuff even though my empties never reflect this 🙂

  2. Daaaaammmmn V! You were busy and your skincare products are hilarious!!

    Happy 2016 Birthday! That really is the most respectable reason to buy a lot of nice things all at once.

    Gawd that ABH Rennaissance palette speaks to me too. As soon as I saw it on Temptalia, I knew I was in trouble. I’m losing interest in acquiring any more makeup (checking Temptalia means nothing), but something about those colors have made it irresistible. Just waiting for a sample that I *really* want before ordering. And the Amouse Bouche lipsticks too! I’ve managed to hold those off (except for a sample size, a gorgeous fuschia), but Eggplant and Tannin are patiently sitting in my cart. When I make it out to NYC again, I’m totally getting a custom color.

    I’m in The Cult too. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    Maybe people won’t quite believe that you finished the eyeshadow. It’s suspiciously closed in your picture. You’re supposed to show it open so we can all marvel at how it’s totally empty empty.

    1. It was a busy month! Emptying and buying!

      I’m usually not wowed by eyeshadow palettes these days because I have it all…maybe not all in a cute compact together, but I have the shades and I should use what I have. Oh, but this…I saw swatches and I love that most are mattes. I bought it and no regrets. It’s so pretty. I’ve been sick so I haven’t played around with it that much. That palette has been my motivation to get better, lol.

      I’m loving my Bite custom, I should take pics. I got mine flavored in violets. It’s a neat experience to see how it’s made. Their lipsticks are really nice. I like that they aren’t drying and honestly, because they all are named after stuff like food and wine. It speaks to me.

      My La Prairie experience has messed with me. For years, I’ve been happy in The Cult, but now I try something fancy and my skin liked it. WHY? Why me?!

      Haha, you know as soon as I was editing that photo it occurred to me that I was doing it wrong. But, I hadn’t taken anymore and I had already done my Empties Disposal Ritual (which feels great when you have this many items). Next time I will! I’m still learning. And for real, it is something to marvel at…an empty eyeshadow!

      1. You should definitely take pics of your custom Bite lipstick. If not a full post (although that would be fun), at least tweet it.

        You sure did go for the UberLux non-Cult skincare line. Go big or go home! Maybe you should make it a yearly birthday ritual… +/- Christmas… +/- Flag Day

        1. I’ll try to get a shot of it in my Favorites post.

          I know, right? Like it wasn’t some Estee Lauder or something. It was like Crazy Stupid.

  3. I’m totally going to get that Tonymoly donkey biz because that is some hysterical packaging and I need it on my shelf on a Monday morning to remind me that life is absurd.

    And I too am intensely intrigued by cleansing balms, but adding a washcloth always seemed to me, the world’s laziest person, just too, too much work. I got a little sample of the Eve stuff a year or so ago and I really liked it, so I may have to re-evaluate my feelings on what, exactly, constitutes work and where I draw my limits and why.

    I finished a bunch of things this month! Now that I am actively trying to use what I’ve got, I’m finding that this is actually an achieveable goal, heh. One thing I will definitely NOT repurchase are those Dr. Jart masks–they come in “top” and “bottom” pieces and both of them just sort of slid off my face. I felt like this girl, only the ham wouldn’t stay in place

    New purchases, well now, that’s a story. I was ambushed at Ulta this past weekend and ended up with a makeover (OMG the EYEBROWS they gave me)…in any event, somehow I ended up coming home with $200 in Laura Geller crap. Well, I say “crap”, but I don’t mean it. Some of it I really like!

    Also: I needed–yes, needed– this

    1. Life is absurd. And Bubble Donkey Milk is the perfect reminder.

      I’m a good Southern gal raised by old people that instilled in me at a very young age that I’m a heathen if I don’t use a washcloth. On top of that, I wear a lot of makeup. Some days require that washcloth more than others.

      Yay! Stuff empty! Consumerism. Winning! A long time ago I used a Shiseido one like that and can’t remember why I didn’t like them. Was it the 2 sheets? The formula? No Empties back then, so I don’t remember.

      Did you post a pic of your eyebrows? Did she Instagram eyebrow you? I need to take it easy on the makeup spending after May. But, it was our birthday month. We are excused from all crap purchases.

      You should have heard me gasp when that link opened. That is so beautiful. I need this as well.

      1. Yeah, I posted a pic, here it is, ugh:

        But what I found irksome was that, it’s like…they weren’t even crazy instagram eyebrows, heavy and dramatic and with the impossible angles of crazy interplanetary geometry. No, they were these weird wavy, busy caterpillar eyebrows. I mean are my eyebrows so hard to deal with that they can’t even do the batshit insane regular Insta eyebrows? Hmmph.

        And re: the lip gunk…I also wanted some of their loose eyeshadow, it was black and full of sparkles, like the night sky, If the night sky were really garish and wore too much eye makeup. Anyway, I opted out of it, with the thought that it was just too much for my face. When I shared that with a poet friend of mine she was like “I like how you’d totally wear green lipstick but a dark eyeshadow with glitter is WHOA TOO MUCH”. Ha, she was right, I totally should have ordered it.

        Also, I forgot to mention the main, OMG I’M 40 purchase. A FB of Encens Mythique. It’s the weirdest scent. It wears beautifully, but it smells best in the spot that I was standing in two minutes go.

        1. I don’t even understand how one does Instagram eyebrows if they already have eyebrows. Seriously because my natural brows can’t do the geometry of InstaBrows.

          That’s so me. I love eyeshadow but don’t really do the “drama eyes” because I don’t think I have the face for it. It makes me look pissy which I admit, is something I want to achieve sometimes. Anyway, I’ll wear any lip color on my lips at anytime of the year but I have weird aversions to “drama eyes”. I need to get over that shit.

          I can’t really think of a “special perfume” that is any better than Encens Mythique. That’s really something special.

  4. I had a pretty good amount of empties in May, but of course I can’t remember them all now. I know I used up some perfume samples, La Fille de Berliin being one of them. I also emptied a bunch of sheet masks: The Face Shop Rice and possibly Sea Kelp and a bunch of TonyMoly I’m Real ones (Aloe, Makgeoli, and Tea Tree). I also used up some shower stuff…Kyoku Exfoliating Facial Scrub, a sample of Lush Rehab shampoo, travel size Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk, Lush Rose Jam shower gel, and two bar soaps, Formulary 55 White Gardenia and a lavender and
    patchouli soap from some local soapmaker. I feel like there were more things, but those are all I know for sure. It was a good month for emptying. 🙂

    1. Basically, I just want a package that includes new items of all your empties because it’s all the sort of stuff that I need in my life ASAP.

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