EauMG’s March 2016 Favorites

Spaceship Earth

I thought March was going to be a great month but it ended up being a real doozy.

In the beginning of the month we went to Orlando for a few days to enjoy sunshine and Disney World. It was spring break, so it was packed. It was an OK trip, but it was exhausting as well. I suppose most trips are.

When I got back, I ended up getting the flu. This was the first year that I didn’t get a flu vaccine and boy, do I regret that! I was down for almost two weeks. I felt terrible. This put me behind on work, especially following our little vacation.

On top of this, my mom was in ICU for a collapsed lung and other stuff for two weeks. This was extremely stressful. I will be spending two weeks of April in Nashville to help her transition to home (I’m here now, so I’m not updating EauMG that frequently).

Macy's Flower Show 2016
Macy’s Flower Show 2016

And other than this stuff, everything was annoying. Like it was a month of annoyances. Frink cut his paw on broken glass. Work stuff was irritating. The post lost some of my packages. There was a leak in the kitchen. It was an annoying, disappointing month. And I’m happy it’s over.

Anyway, here were my favorites from March:

Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon

Wearing (fragrance) – Honestly, fragrance made me sick for 75% of the month. Before the flu, I packed some refreshing fragrance samples for Florida (Chanel Homme Sport Cologne, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, HEELEY Sel Marin). After the flu, I could only stomach naturals like Phoenix Botanicals Linden Moon, Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch and Ayala Moriel Zangvil.

Summary – I feel like shopping my perfume collection again. This is an improvement!

Makeup Revolution Depravity
Obnoxious lippies at Disney World.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – When I went to Florida, I brought all my obnoxious lipsticks from neon purple to traffic cone orange to Barbie pink. I had fun wearing these (above is Makeup Revolution in Depravity, great color, crappy formula*). Post-flu, I was all about eye makeup again. I liked to wear golden olives like Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer in Maya with Kiko Kajal on the waterline. I’d pair this with one of my favorite neutrals, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss #14.

*I’ve also came to the conclusion that most liquid lipsticks are garbage. It doesn’t matter how much you pay, you will get  a dud, even in brands you think you like. They tend to apply unevenly, flake off and wear like a total mess. And forget reapplying them. They just will not reapply evenly. I think I’m through with them. Life is too short to wear non-luxurious lipsticks (and luxury has nothing to do with price).

Summary – This month I learned that if you wear clip-in extensions and use a BeautyBlender you may as well put “Youtube Beauty Guru” on your resume.

Totokaelo dress
New dress.

Wearing (clothes) – I can’t remember wearing anything other than robes. The weather hasn’t been bad. I’ve been wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket and ankle boots. This is my favorite sort of outfit. I did buy a dress from Totokaelo because I had a gift card. I haven’t worn it yet.

Summary – It is so liberating to go out not feel the weight of a winter coat! I can’t wait to wear spring stuff.

March Skincare Empties

Using (skincare) – My skin hasn’t been too fussy. It’s been dry so I’ve been using argan oil in my regular moisturizer. I also use creamy masks but I don’t know if they even do anything.

Summary – As soon as I fix the dryness, I know there will be something else. It’s always something else.

Mexico at Epcot
Orchids in “Mexico”.

Eating/Drinking – Well, I ate my way around Epcot more than once. My favorite thing there was a beet margarita in “Mexico” (which is inside a pyramid that has a pyramid inside it). I don’t even remember eating anything for the other three weeks.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned Budget Bytes before, but that is my favorite home cook blog. I’m like this evangelical Budget Byter. I realize that I tell all my friends about it but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here. Check it out, it’s good stuff. It’s easy and most of it is cheap to make.

Summary – Screw you, turnips and kale! I’m ready for spring produce.

Pharaoh Sanders
Pharaoh Sanders

Listening – Bhangra (video). And jazz (like Pharaoh Sanders).

Summary – Jersey City has really gotten to me.

RuPaul Drag Race Season 8

Watching – The best thing about March was that RuPaul’s Drag Race is back! And that Season 8 is making me forget just how shitty Season 7 was. This keeps me distracted. A distraction is good.

Summary – Between Drag Race and Empire, I’m set for the next few months.

The Dud Avocado
The Dud Avocado

Reading – I read Elaine Dundy’s “The Dud Avocado“. It’s one of those books that totally fits into the “Poolside Reading” genre. It’s entertaining; one of those “easy reads”. But, the deal with it is that 55+ years after being published, it still feels modern. “Bridget Jones’ Diary” is frequently compared to this. At times the main character drives me mad. Other times, I love her for the hot mess that she is. Why? Because, she’s delightfully self-aware and self-depricating.

Summary – I’m trying to read all the books that I’ve purchased in the past year but never started reading.

spring blossoms

Wanting – People to be in good health, sunshine and at least one laid-back, relaxed weekend.

Summary – I know, I know. This is too much to ask for.

What were your favorites from March? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Phoenix Botanicals pic from Phoenix Botanicals. Pharaoh Sanders pic from Totokaelo dress from Totokaelo. Rupaul Drag Race pic from Blossoms from freeimages.ocm. All other pics are mine.


16 thoughts on “EauMG’s March 2016 Favorites

  1. I don’t get a flu shot. I had a reaction to it and won’t get another one. I up my doses of vitamin C and D and wash my hands a lot. The washing does a number on my nails. By the end of winter they’re pretty awful looking.
    March was terrible. Waterproof mascara was my best friend. We had to put one of the dogs down due to cancer. I was glad when the month ended. Nothing inspired me but I did buy a clairsonic for some retail therapy. Haven’t really used it enough to form an opinion on it yet.
    I now have yet another sick dog so I’m still tired and looking like hell. It Cosmetics bye-bye Under Eye Concealer works pretty well for me. That was a new discovery. I’ve got some serious dark circles too.
    I share your frustration with liquid lipsticks. I like the Dior one the best so far but I think I’m done trying any more because I feel like I’m wasting my money.
    Glad you’re feeling better and your mom is on the mend.

    1. Yikes! When I worked as a speech therapist, I was washing my hands so frequently that there was no hope for my nails. I swear, they’re still weak. I don’t think they ever recovered from all the excessive washing.

      I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that had happened. That’s so difficult. I hope that the rest of the year will be much better for you and your family.

      On a lighter note, with a purchase, I was given a sample of Bye-Bye Under Eye and I’m hooked. That stuff is full-coverage and doesn’t cake. It has a nice finish. I will buy a full-size. Actually, it’s so concentrated that I’ve been surprised how long a small “sample” has lasted me.

      I still feel a bit down and out. I think some retail therapy is going to happen this weekend. I want pretty lipsticks. I don’t need them. I just want to buy creamy, pretty lipsticks in gorgeous packaging…that’s how shallow I want to be. I’m fatigued by seriousness.

  2. I feel for you. Nothing is worse than anticipating something great, and getting something awful instead. (The last few months may have finally beaten the optimism out of me.) Good luck with your mother–caregiving can be rough. Remember to give yourself a break occasionally, in both senses of the phrase.

    1. I do feel like 2016 has been filled with so many disappointments that my optimism has disappeared.

      Thank you. My cousin was sweet enough to cook me dinner and pour me wine one evening. That was so helpful.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better. Two weeks of the flu–you must be so drained.

    I love your wish for good health for people, and I hope you get your sunshine and laid back weekend very soon.

  4. Sending healing thoughts for your mother and Frink. It always seems like horrible things all happen at once, I know the feeling well. You never have a chance to recover from the last terrible thing that happened before the next thing happens, so overwhelming and upsetting. I’m glad you’re on the mend from having the flu. I hope your April is much better than your March.

    I have started and stopped The Dud Avocado like 12 times now. It’s always one of my travel books. I need to just commit and finish it.

    I have never tried a liquid lipstick and I refuse too. Also, I’m over matte lip products in general. I like them sometimes but shimmer and shine is more forgiving if you don’t have perfectly textured lips all of the time. Can we not have a little bit of everything for everyone? I hate when companies jump aboard the ship of a specific trend and leave all others behind for literally years. Skinny jeans is another example of this. Not everyone has the body type for skinny jeans and even if they do, they might want to wear other jean fits for certain outfits. Annoying.

    1. Thanks! It feels like there is never a break with these sort of things. It’s like bad news inertia or something.

      I have a lot of books like that. And that’s been my goal for this summer – to finish them. Yesterday I started Lucia Berlin ” A Manual for Cleaning Woman” after I finished Teju Cole “Open City”. I’ve enjoyed actually reading these books that I’ve bought.

      YES. So much YES to your last paragraph. Brands get on the same trends and it’s awful for anyone that doesn’t want that trend (BTW – I’m so happy to see non-skinny jeans available now!) With the liquid lipsticks, they aren’t forgiving (well, the matte formulas, there are more satin/creamy liquid lipsticks like the one by YSL). These mattes make me look so dehydrated. Even with a scrub and lots of balm, I still have “lines” from the matte formulas. I like the look of mattes (think vintage or shimmer-free) but these liquid lipsticks are so extreme and cakey. I’m going back to creamy lipsticks and not looking back.

  5. Oh, jeez. So sorry to hear about your mama, I hope she’s on the mend. That family health & wellness related stuff can be terrifically stressful–I’ve been dealing with it, non-stop, over the past four years. Just one right after the other. Pretty sure that’s why I’ve been in a perpetual state of stress-shopping since I hit my mid 30s.

    As far as the doing of things, I’ve been pretty busy! Saw a live show of NPR’s Ask Me Another one week and then the next week I went to see They Might Be Giants. I also got run off the road, into a ditch. You take the good with the bad, I guess. Bought tickets for Florence and the Machine next month as a birthday treat. I figure turning 40 is a good reason to spend money all those crazy surcharges.

    Reading: Sonya Vatomsky’s poetry collection Salt Is For Curing and…and Afterlife With Archie, of all things. Listening: I’ve been obsessed for, like, the past 6 years or so with this…I don’t even know what to call her. She does voice installation art? I guess? Every few months or so I’ll check her site to see if she’s doesn something new. Here’s my favorite

    Here’s hoping you get your relaxed weekend quite soon! I could use one of those myself, ha.

    1. I hate to complain about it, but taking care of someone has been the most stressful thing. I’m very fortunate to have two sisters to help with some of the care. However, it’s been stressful as they both have toddlers and we have a 16 year old brother with Down syndrome. Being up here, I missed the worst, I suppose. But, the home care portion has been very intense. She is getting better but it’s a slow recovery which has been very difficult to break to my mom. I want to just hug anyone that is caring for a loved one; it’s really draining.

      But, anyway…I’m all about spending money on entertainment these days. I remember that you have a may birthday as well! I’m jealous of the Florence and the Machine tickets. She’s an amazing musician and performer.

      You always have the best favorites 😉

  6. Budget Bytes is my go to blog for quick good food. She does quite a bit of veggie and vegan stuff, and I think I’ve only ever disliked one recipe that I’ve made from that site, and I’ve made A LOT!

    I keep meaning to check out Zangvil. It sounds amazing. I’ve mostly been wearing Pacifica Perfumes Orange Blossom. It’s one of the most inexpensive perfumes I own, but I get compliments on it. My husband really likes it, which is a rare thing. He doesn’t care for most of my perfumes!

    I miss Disney. My husband and I fell in love at Disneyland in California. We used to have annual passes, but it’s way too expensive now. Sigh.

    1. I’ve made a lot too and so far, I’ve been very lucky! I haven’t had one that I dislike. I love that most of the recipes are quick and easy.

      Zangvil is so refreshing.

      I think Pacifica perfumes are a great value. When I wear the fig one, it often gets mistaken for the one by Diptyque.

      I was actually surprised by how much the prices went up. After visiting Disneyworld, I think I prefer Disneyland. It’s smaller, less overwhelming…plus it’s in CA 😉

      1. I only recently found out that there is a perfume store at Disneyland called Mlle. Antoinette’s. I haven’t been there in a few years, but will be checking out this store next time I go!

        1. You should! I can’t remember the name of the one that I went to. I ended up buying these soaps and a few small perfumes from a brand that now I can’t remember (should get up and look, but I’m too lazy lol). They were inspired by different figures of French history. The perfumes are simple but nice (a good rose, a good violet, a pretty green scent, etc). And they are cheap (under $25). I actually really, really like the ones I bought regardless of price.

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