EauMG’s June 2017 Empties

June 2017 Empties

Oh, June, I did some damage. I bought Edward Bess makeup. I also bought 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses because they were 50% off and they are my favorite lip gloss formula. I went to Harmon and they had the Andalou Rose Collection marked down to like 75% off. I picked up a few things that I like. How could I resist?!

AND THEN Ricky’s had an amazing sale where Sugarpill eyeshadows were $3 and liquid lipsticks were under $5. I spent $50 and go all the stuff I’ve been lusting after for years. It was the most epic makeup sale ever.

Sooo, I wasn’t very good at all in June. Here’s what I emptied:

June 2017 Skincare Empties


I made it a goal to use up some samples I had from an Aritaum purchase (Korean beauty brand/store).

Atomy Rose Rain Mist – This is like a rosewater toner that is light and refreshing. I give the mister/sprayer on this an A+. It sprays so delicately and evenly.

  • Repurchase? Maybe.

The Face Shop Water Bright Cleansing Cream – I love how this collection smells but that’s not why I should buy a skincare item. It’s a smooth mineral oil-based cream that rinses off easily. I do follow-up with another cleanser. It does a good job of removing sunscreen and makeup. However, I’m sick of navigating this sort of packaging (I like pumps) because my current bathroom has no surfaces (plus the one handed thing is hard).

  • Repurchase? Maybe later. I like the convenience of oils right now. The product itself is good.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules – These little magical, gold, skincare caviar saved my skin in the winter. It’s unscented and so nourishing. In the summer, they’re too rich to use as a serum but did work as a final “seal it” layer in my routine.

  • Repurchase? Yes, in the winter.

Fresh Rose Mask (deluxe sample) – Honestly, I only want this because of how it feels (gel) and smells (roses and cucumbers). It just makes my life seem more luxurious than it actually is.

  • Purchase? Sure. Even if the results aren’t noticeable.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream (deluxe sample) – Because of the price, I had high expectations. It’s a thick cream so you only need a small amount (this size lasted forever). It feels nice but I didn’t notice anything from using it (but I have with the brand’s cheaper eye creams!).

  • Purchase? No. It didn’t meet my expectations.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (deluxe sample) – I love this stuff.

  • Purchase? Yes. I tend to come back to it.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid (deluxe sample) – I’m trying to use up little bottles of stuff. This is an old time favorite.

  • Purchase? Already have and will probably continue to do so.

Hanalei Lip Treatment (deluxe sample) – Feels great and has a sweet, tropical fragrance.

  • Repurchase? No. It’s expensive and I get the same results from Aquaphor.

Laneige Water Bank Ultra Moisture Cream (samples x 2) – I liked this much more than I expected. Has a fresh fragrance and this airy, whipped feel BUT is heavily moisturizing. I don’t get how something can be so moisturizing yet so weightless.

  • Purchase? I may.

Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence (samples x 2) – Absolutely loved how this made my skin feel and it is loaded with promising ingredients.

  • Purchase? Yes.

Laneige Time Freeze Essence (samples x 2) – Not impressed. The texture wasn’t that great and the smell wasn’t either.

  • Purchase? No.


Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask in Sea Cucumber – I bought this because the sea cucumber looked liked the grossest, most absurd thing ever to be on a beauty product. This is a split/duo gel sheet mask which I typically dislike. It fit well. Anyway, was really impressed by this product. Little scent and my skin was plump and brightened afterwards.

  • Repurchase? Yes. And this time for the right reasons.

Leaders Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask – I love these masks in the summer when my face is hot and pissed off. It’s a cool, refreshing mask that provides some moisture.

  • Repurchase? Yes. I love Leaders masks.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask– It has a weird smell but not like bad, just that herbal-y mushroom smell that comes in these sort of products. Like other lifting masks, it leaves a slightly tacky/sticky feel. My skin looked OK the next day.

  • Repurchase? Probably not. All of the Face Shop Sheet Masks that I’ve used in the Real Nature line have been sticky.

TonyMoly Changing U Bird’s Nest Sheet Mask – This is a super watery serum mask. The pack had enough for like my entire body. The scent is soapy. I noticed nothing positive nor negative from this mask.

  • Purchase? No.

TonyMoly Floria Whitening Mask – Nice amount of essence with a clean, fresh aroma. I think it leaves my skin looking glowing.

  • Purchase? I may.

Atomy 7 Solution Gel Mask – It’s a split/duo gel sheet mask with a fit that is a little awkward for my face. It has a very faint “clean” smell. It seems to have some promising plumping and brightening ingredients. I felt like my skin was temporarily more plump the next day.

  • Repurchase? I don’t know. I like it but I like a lot of brands that are easier for me to find/buy in person.

June 2017 perfume empties


I didn’t meet my goal of emptying a sample a week but I did empty some candles. That’s good, right?

NEST Candle in Mahogany (travel) – I totally forgot that I had a few of these from a set. This one smells like pipe tobacco.

  • Repurchase? Nope. It’s discontinued.

NEST Candle in Orange Blossom (travel) – This is one of my favorite orange blossom home scents. Full review.

  • Repurchase? Yes. I already have.

NEST Candle in Moss & Mint (travel) – Refreshing and aquatic green fragrance. Full review.

  • Repurchase? I actually like this as a body scent vs. home fragrance.

DSH Perfumes La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes – It’s a really pretty, powdery yet watery violet.

  • Purchase? Probably not.

Escentric Molecules Kinski – I love how this smells like vetiver and marijuana. Too bad it’s associated with a pedophile (Kinski).

  • Purchase? No.

June 2017 Empties


I have no clue how I didn’t empty any moisturizers in June but I did empty a few washes.

Malle Lipstick Rose Shower Gel – Never in the history of shower gels have I made a shower gel last as long as I did this one. It’s as amazing as you’d expect and in one of my favorite rose scents. Review here. 

  • Repurchase? Yes. I like to pretend I’m bougie.

Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Wash – I needed a more moisturizing shower product. This one is OK for that. The scent is a light cocoa butter aroma.

  • Repurchase? Maybe, maybe not.

Maja Orange Blossom Soap – I love these little soaps. They also come in the cutest packaging.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 30 – It gets the job done and that’s why it was featured in my SPF body guide.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Kneipp Bath Oil in Pure Bliss (single use/travel size) – This is my favorite Kneipp bath oil. It smells like a powdery violet and rose (actually pairs wonderfully with Malle Lipstick Rose). It leaves the bath water a magenta shade.

  • Repurchase? Yes. And I’m getting the big size.

Raw Spirit Mystic Pearl Body Butter (sample) – Leaves a lovely glow and smells like aquatic jasmine. Full review. 

  • Purchase? No. I need to stick to unscented body creams.

June hair empties


It was a slow hair empty month despite washing my hair more frequently.

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask (deluxe sample) – I forgetting to mention I signed up for Sephora Play boxes (and they suck). This was in it. It’s an OK deep treatment that is expensive af. Here’s my issue with it: They use Lavandula Angustifolia but pair it with eucalyptus oil to create a fragrance that smells like cheap lavandin oil. Who does this?

  • Purchase? No way. Too expensive for what it is and the scent isn’t enjoyable.

FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme in Low-Scent (deluxe sample) – My hair loves this stuff. Full review. 

  • Purchase? Yes, but one of the scented ones.

June makeup empties


For me, this was a lot of makeup empties!

NYX Makeup Setting Spray in Dewy Finish – I wanted something to set my makeup and give me a dewy finish. This doesn’t do the dew. And it left my skin sooooo dry. So, then this would make my makeup look cakey. I’m so not a fan.

  • Repurchase? No.

Caron La Poudre Loose Powder Translucide in Invisible – LOOK AT ME! I have emptied a powder. I do love this stuff. It has that wonderful French cosmetics rose/violet/musk aroma.

  • Repurchase? Yes. And I’m so mad that the NYC boutique has closed. Now I’ll have to go to Paris.

Unknown Lip Liner in a warm neutral shade; I think it’s Jordana: I tend to buy cheap lip liners because they get the job done. I usually buy the $1 ones from hair supply stores. I bought this one and love the shade so much. And of course, I can’t remember who made it or where it came from.

  • Repurchase? I’ll purchase something else like it.

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara (deluxe sample) – I really liked this mascara. It’s one of those wet formulas (which I love). The brush is pretty good, a little awkward. However, the formulas doesn’t really “age” well. It tends to get clumpy.

  • Purchase? Probably not because I’m cheap with mascaras…since they all get clumpy and need thrown out.

Total: 37. 16 full-size. 12 travel/deluxe size. 9 samples

This sounds like a high number, but it’s really all samples inflating that number. I’m trying to burn through some samples.

What about you? Which products did you empty in June? Did you buy anything new?

*Amazon, Sephora, B-Glowing, Saks, NEST, Elizabeth Arden are affiliate links. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “EauMG’s June 2017 Empties

  1. I didn’t empty very much this month:
    Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapies Hydrating Face Mask Avocado & Olive Oil
    Leaders Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask
    Leaders Aquaringer Treatment Mask
    Strange Invisible Perfumes Fair Verona decant
    Parfums Delrae Bois de Paradis decant
    Serge Lutens Cedre sample
    L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons sample
    L’Artisan Parfumeur L’eau de L’Artisan sample
    Imaginary Authors Mosaic decant
    Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson decant
    Stone Candles Honeysuckle pillar candle
    Tenzing Momo Lavender Incense Sticks
    Goat’s Milk Fresh Mint Bar Soap (brand unknown)

    I’m going to guy Hermes Mousson in a travel size. I love that one and know I’m in the minority. Other faves of emptied perfume were Bois de Paradis and Fair Verona.

    I used the same Leaders mask this month and really liked it too. It was my first time using one of theirs. Aquaringer was good too.

    I love Tenzing Momo’s incense. After a few more of the ones I have run out, I will go replenish. Which is really unnecessary because of the stockpile of incense my boyfriend’s mom passed on to me.

    1. Not a bad month. I’m trying to burn through samples/travel sizes. That’s not exciting but I have stockpiled stuff (that I use like the EL Advanced Night Repair and stuff from Paula’s Choice). ALSO trying to get through home fragrance. I stock-piled candles a few years ago…and I still have too many candles.

      I AM IN YOUR CLUB! I love Apres la Mousson so much. I know it has no love but I have bought the large bottle AFTER I went through a small bottle.

      I want to say that today I showed a friend all around NYC on a beauty-focused tour. I didn’t buy anything. This was hard because there were so many tempting sales BUT I have got to get through what I own (and probably give some away to friends/family this summer).

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