EauMG’s June 2016 Favorites


June was an absolutely crazy month. Looking back at my Smell Diary and Favorites, this seems to be a common theme with summers for me. June is one of those months where everything seems to happen.

The month started with me so sick with food poisoning (salmonella) that I was knocked out for a week severely dehydrated and malnourished. This resulted in a hospital visit which did help me recover. Unfortunately with my health stuff, I’m told I won’t be “normal” for months. Joy.

eaumg drag

Feeling like death (I lost 15 pounds in 2 days), I bought a ticket to Chicago as motivation. Chicago was awesome. I went to clubs and danced and listened to house music DJs. I watched drag queens. I looked at art and architecture. I hung out with my friend, Ron. It was awesome. I mean, look at me with all these RuPaul’s Drag Race queens! They are even more amazing in person.

Stonewall Inn
Stonewall Inn, June 2016

The events in Orlando hit me hard and left me feeling hopeless. I counteracted these feelings by getting out and doing stuff for Pride in both Chicago and NYC. I saw more shows and surrounded myself with people that I like. When you start to lose hope in the world, that’s a good thing to do.

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum, June 2016

I also went to a few museums because it was too hot to do anything else. I highly recommend checking out the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibit, “Disguise: Masks & Global African Art” if you’re in the area.

Here were my favorites in June:

EauMG's June Favorites


Wearing (fragrance) – Being sick, fragrance was the last thing on my brain. I didn’t wear very much at all in June. When I finally started wearing fragrance again, I went for lighter stuff like Provence Santé Tilleul and Yves Rocher Secrets d’Essence Neroli. My favorite bath/body combo of the month was Kneipp Orange & Linden Pure Harmony Shower Wash (which smells like linden and orange peel) with Soap Distillery Elderflower Liquer Body Oil (smells like lime peel and honeysuckle). I’m seriously obsessed with this bath/body combo, especially layered under the Provence Santé or Yves Rocher. 

Summary – Like the blossoms on the trees, linden was my inspiration in June.


June 2016 makeup
ColourPop and Anastasia

Wearing (cosmetics) – Makeup wasn’t a priority until later in the month. And when I started wearing makeup again, my looks were consistent. There were a few products that I used daily. I used Atomy BB Cream which has great coverage for a BB cream. It’s full-coverage and makes me look like a mannequin. For eyes, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette for like 2 weeks. It’s a really versatile palette and those colors speak to my soul. I’m so happy I bought it. I’d go more neutral with orange or go all out berry. I’d pair these with greige lipsticks like ColourPop Trap (it’s always Trap, always, no need to ask). Or I wore a purple like Bite Beauty Lipstick in Taro. I received a blush/bronzer duo in an ipsy bag (monthly beauty subscription). It’s Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Duo in Aruba which is a matte bronze and peach. I thought I’d never use it. Oddly enough, I used this little thing a lot because the colors went well with the shades in the Anastasia palette. Since it’s summer I did use a bronzer (Too Faced Sun Bunny) sometimes.

Summary – In June, I was really into berries and warm neutrals.




Wearing (clothes) – Well, for the most part I was rather slouchy. In Chicago, I wore a Ted Baker dress with colors on it which was novel and documented above with the TOP 8 OF SEASON 8! Otherwise, I’ve been wearing vintage men’s Levi’s 505s and black racerback tank tops with these white Adidas or these black leather sandals. I’ve also wore my oversized, shapeless dresses from Totokaelo because well-made potato sacks are my jam.

Summary – I’m already planning my autumn capsule wardrobe because I’m sick of summer’s. Chicago actually inspired me and I like fashion again.


EauMG June Favorites


Using (skincare) – My skin was neglected in June. I barely did any routine. When I travel, I streamline it and you know what? My skin hates that. My skin likes lots of products. My skin is at its best when there’s a lot of stuff in my daily routine. My favorite things in June where so boring – CeraVe Eye Cream and GlyDerm Gentle Face Cleanser. 

Summary – The best thing about coming home after a trip is gaining access to ALL my products.


Eating/Drinking – Haha, this is laughable because the answer is nothing. Food brought me no joy in June.

Summary – I still don’t even want to talk about food.


What I bought in Chicago: records, t-shirt and drag queen swag.


Listening – I’ve been into current R&B now so I can get up on what popular hip hop is going to have in their remixes in the next 15 years. Just kidding, only kind of. I listen to contemporary R&B because I like it. So, it’s Ro James, Bryson Tiller, DJ Luke Nasty, Blood Orange and Yuna. Events in the world led me to classic, gospel-inspired gay anthems like Joe SmoothPromised Land” and Aly-Us “Follow Me”. Also, Chicago was awesome for music, I mean, House DJs like Derrick Carter, so many record shops. I finally went to Dusty Groove and Gramaphone in person! Oh, and I saw Mashrou’ Leila perform while they were in NYC. They are gorgeous and smell good.

Summary – Basically, I have the musical tastes of someone really grown and sexy. Next, I’m gonna go out and buy grandma stuff like drapes and sensible white pumps.

Pam Grier

Watching – I rewatched Jackie Brown because Pam Grier is everything and the ending to that movie is so perfect. I actually saw that they were playing Tarantino’s very own copy in NYC in July…Other than that, I didn’t watch much other than drag shows and live shows.

Summary – Pam Grier is everything.


Witch hat


Reading – Because I liked “Sharp Teeth” so much, I ended up reading Toby Barlow’s “Babayaga: A Novel of Witches in Paris“. Despite having Russian witches, spies and supernatural themes set in Cold War Paris during 1959, I just could not get into this book, at all. The ideas where great but the characters lacked development. After pushing through it and making myself finish it, I realized that it would have been a much better graphic novel. As a novel, it failed but the ideas were fun, just poorly executed. It was too roundabout but not in a suspenseful way, just in the way of “Bro, did you even an editor?” However, there are some good reviews. Some people may have more patience than me…and that’s very likely as I have very little.

Summary – Very rarely do I say, “This would make a better graphic novel”. But, when I do say it, I mean it. This would have been an AMAZING graphic novel.

Peruvian Nose Ring
Peruvian Nose Ornament at The MET, circa 1st century B.C.

Wanting – I’m actually really content right now. Or apathetic. It’s one or the other. I wouldn’t mind getting a new septum ring (kind of like this one) or possibly another piercing. That’s about all I can come up with right now.

Summary – That’s either content or how bored I am.

Basically my favorite thing of June was Chicago. It’s an awesome city.

What were your favorites from June? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

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*All pics are MINE. Except Pam Grier from and the witch hat from Party City. Nose ornament from The MET., Nordstrom, Yves Rocher, C.O. Bigelow, Sephora, 6pm contain affiliate links.

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