EauMG’s July 2015 Favorites

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden


July was an uneventful and much welcomed “chill” month for us. After the past few months, we’ve needed some time to recover. We’re also not use to heat and humidity after being spoiled by mild Seattle weather, so we often feel like taking it easy on the weekends (easy meaning hanging indoors with a/c). I hate complaining about the heat when I know that winter is going to be brutal, but we’re not used to extreme weather. We’re wimps.

Faile at Brooklyn Museum
Faile exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

In addition to boring everyday life, I spent the month going to a lot of museums because they have a/c. I really do love roaming around museums. I also started taking tapestry weaving classes and that’s been fun. I love textiles. I went to a few drag shows and watched a few old movies at Film Forum. I’ve been having fun.

Frink the Frug
Frink and Moxi in the background.

Also, the frugs have quickly adapted. They are more adaptable than we give them credit for. They really don’t care unless there is people, food and something soft to lounge on all day. I think they’re bored compared to the amount of “enrichment” they received in Tennessee (lots of people, car rides, outdoors) but I think I may be projecting a lot on them…which pet parents tend to do.

Here’s some of my favorites from July:


Chanel No. 18 perfume


Wearing (fragrance) – My tastes have been all over the place. I’ve been wearing my usual summer staples of perfumes like Mugler Cologne. But, I’m also enjoying fig fragrances again like Diptyque Philosykos. And of course, I’ve been all about Chanel.

Summary – Slightly off topic, but I’ve noticed since I know live in a place with heat and humidity (and that I interact with the outside), that perfumes wear really different on me than they did in Seattle.

LA Splash
LA Splash Liquid Lipstick in OG Ghoulish. And sweated off makeup.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – It’s been too hot to wear makeup and actually look good in it. I’ve been going bare faced. Eyes have been really neutral using shades from L’Oreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude 1 with a few coats of mascara. I’ve been playing up lips and I’ve been really into those matte liquid lipsticks that are popular right now. I like LA Splash and NYX.

Also, my hair is getting long and I don’t think I like it. And I’m sick of having blonde. But, I’m not inspired to do anything else yet.

Summary – I can’t wait for the first cool day to come along so I can wear a really heavy smoky eye that won’t sweat off.

Eileen Fisher harem
Bad OOTD selfie in a baggy jumpsuit.

Wearing (clothes) – I’ve concluded that I’m never going to figure out how to dress for heat and still look presentable. My most worn outfit has been a rotation of a black crop top with sleeves and one sleeveless worn under an amazingly cool and comfortable Eileen Fisher harem jumpsuit. And some times I wear a baggy crop t-shirt with baggy jeans and Southwestern silver.

Summary – I’m in my 30’s and not skinny (according to fashion mags) and wear crop tops and life goes on. I’ve found people don’t care, so loosen up.

Innisfree Sheet Masks
Sheet masks.

Using (skincare) – I’ve been sticking to my usual routine but with the heat, I’ve been wearing a lot of sheet masks. They are so great to put in the fridge and then your face. So cool.

Summary – I’m a mask freak. I even have a “masket” which is a basket filled with masks.

Armenian tea
Armenian tea

Eating/Drinking – I forgot to tell you guys but in May I had food poisoning and it really jumped started my weight loss (lol) but was miserable as well. I haven’t really had an appetite since then. I’d say a big theme this past month was Turkish breakfast – kahvaltı . It’s fresh and filling. We usually do fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lebneh or clotted cream/kaymak with honey, a small slice of bread and a boiled egg and sides of ajvar or hummus. And iced Armenian tea. 

Summary – Enjoy the harvest.


ListeningCybotron (Juan Atkins), Drexciya and Model 500. And even SBTRKT, Solange and Shamir because yeah, that’s the mood I’m in.

Summary – The future is now. Or something.

Supernatural car
Cuz, if I had to drive all across the US all the time, I’d choose a car with great mileage too…

Watching – We’re still binge watching Supernatural. We’re really enjoying it. It’s a good mix of pop culture references, mysticism, Americana and you know, supernatural stuff. Yeah, it has some bumps but what show that stays on for this long doesn’t?

Summary – Hunks, muscle cars and monsters.

Adrienne Ames reading a book
Adrienne Ames reading.

Reading – I’ve been all over the place which sort of represents the state of my brain right now. It’s been poetry, tech books and self help books focusing on anxiety.

Summary – At least I’m reading, not finishing anything but at least I’m reading.

Cabin B.C.

Wanting – I want to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I want them to be lazy and I wouldn’t mind a weekend getaway to somewhere rural.

Summary – I can’t believe I’m saying this. First weaving, now wanting a rural getaway, can I get any crunchier?

What were your favorites from July? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Pics are mine except for masks from Cybotron from Supernatural Impala from Wikipedia. Adrienne Ames pic from B.C. cabin from


17 thoughts on “EauMG’s July 2015 Favorites

  1. We spent the weekend in San Antonio, TX for a conference, and I just decided that there was no way to dress that wouldn’t be hot. I mostly wore embroidered Indian tunics and leggings.

    1. San Antonio in the summer is just them being mean to you 🙂

      I’ll never get tired of tunics/leggings. So versatile.

      1. Oh yeah… they must have gotten great block rates at the conference hotel.

        So sorry to hear that you had food poisoning! That’s always tough.

        1. I hope they did! If they didn’t, they’re evil.

          It was terrible. I still feel as if I’m recovering from it.

  2. Well, you certainly look skinny to me 🙂

    I’ve been wearing and really liking either light stuff like Mugler Cologne (like you) or big ass white florals. I used to hate white florals but now I can’t get enough of them. They are easy to wear here in No Cal because of course there is no humidity and it usually doesn’t get terribly hot.

    1. There was that little saying going around the internet of “I wish I were as skinny as the first time I thought I was fat” or whatever. Yep. Many of us beat ourselves up for no reason. I’m not going to let any of that stuff get to me. It’s about now.

      How I miss no humidity! It’s meant for those big ass white florals and I didn’t take advantage of it. Oh, well.

  3. Sounds like it was a pretty good month, glad to hear the frugs are settled in 🙂 I like SBTRKT too, Hold On hooked me a while back, that voice, the lyrics, so good.

  4. PS How could I forget this month’s lip color binge! It made me so happy! Lots of NYX and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Got several in bright purple because now that I’m fifty I need to shake things up a bit.

    1. Do you like the Kat Von D ones? I’m so tempted by them since I’m in this liquid lipstick mood right now.

      I’m all about purples. I wore red for years and purples are just as bold but are different. It’s fun to shake things up!

      1. I do like the Kat Von D ones. They are even more pigmented than the NYX Butter Intense and they last longer than that too. They are very much a lip stain that goes on shiny then in a while dries down to a matte. It’s a kind of dry matte but well worth it I think because of the awesome colors and other benefits.

  5. Very fun that you are learning to weave! I wove years ago and have recently gotten my looms set back up (not warped yet, but at least put back together). It’s a wonderful activity and gives you a lot (tons) of appreciation for clothing and what it actually takes to produce cloth.

    1. I haven’t purchased a floor loom yet. I wanted to see if it was something I wanted to do before investing. I have a frame that I’m using now for tapestries/small rugs.

      You’re so right. You appreciate how much goes into these “basic” little things. It’s amazing. Plus, it keeps me busy and it’s screen-free time. I absolutely love it right now. I’ve always been into textiles and this is hands on. I enjoy it more than sewing and a ton more than knitting.

  6. I’m just finishing up a 3 day juice cleanse. The best thing about it is the afternoon juice, which consists of pomegranate juice and cayenne pepper. OMG, I can’t wait til I’m finished with this and can add a big glug of vodka.

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