EauMG’s January 2016 Favorites

Jersey City Heights
Pretty winter day in Jersey City.

January was an eventful month. I entertained. I was entertained. I lived through a blizzard. I got a lot of stuff done.

I had a Turkish friend staying with us. This forced me to do things which made me fall back in love with living on the East Coast. We ate and drank. We went to see Kinky Boots with America’s sweetheart Wayne Brady. He’s a great singer and dancer (which I already knew) but now I know he can do that in heels. We went to Sleep No More, an interactive, environmental interpretation of MacBeth set in a macabre 30’s era “hotel”. It was awesome. There were a lot of olfactory references going on there too. Each room/scene/character appeared to be scented. It was stunning.


Al Hirschfeld Theater
Al Hirschfeld Theater


David and I were also in the studio audience of three Maury episodes. This was, no joke, no irony, a legit long-term goal. I love Maury and I’ve always wanted to see what the production was like. Well, I did. It was awesome. I road a charter bus to Connecticut. I watched the bizzare-o filming, not once but three times. They gave us pizza and made us listen to DMX and NAS. Basically, it was a dream come true.


Jersey City Snow

And there was snow, so much snow. It was wild. The dogs totally hated this. They would freeze like blocks of furry ice. Frink tried to make all cars some sort of emergency shelter. Eventually the snow covered cars. We carried our little dogs around like the sort of people we’d make fun of. This is my life.

2016 started off great.

Here’s my favorites from January:

January 2016 perfumes
January’s Perfumes

Wearing (fragrance) – My fragrances were all over the place. I wanted to use up some samples (and I did). Overall, I was  into powdery scents like Molinard Habanita (the vintage-ish), Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 Khôl de Bahreïn (just a sample) and Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar (which is basically modern Le Heure Bleue) . Powderiness didn’t end with personal fragrance. I’ve also been into powdery home fragrances like Belle Fleur Mimosa Magnifica. And as you can see from my Empties, I tried to use up perfume samples. For bath products, I used Mysore Sandal Soap, which is a great affordable luxury that layers nicely under these powdery fragrances that I was craving.

Summary – I was really into powdery fragrances.


Maury Show selfie, tired and coffee-less but wearing Clinique lipstick.


Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – Oddly, I wasn’t really in a makeup mood. I didn’t feel very inspired. I resorted to some of my old favorites like minimal eye makeup and an “everyday” red like Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Red-y to Wear. I’d pair this with a cream blush like Besame Crimson Rouge. This is my go-to quick and easy look. I’m also into false eyelashes again. I’m a fan of Ardell Lash Accents. I’d wear this with liquid eyeliner and a modern nude lippie like ColourPop in Tootsi. However, I did this look and people thought I was an Adele impersonator so I probably won’t be doing this anymore. I mean, Adele is hot, but who wants random drunks coming up to them wanting to get a picture? Not me.

Summary – I was bored but I actually enjoyed wearing “simple” makeup again. However, I’m ready to play in some different pigments.

Totokaelo 2016

Wearing (clothes) – In January, I didn’t spend too much on “beauty stuff”, but I blew it on clothes. I bought a Priory top and pants, a cult-y button up from Brooklyn-based Suzanne Rae. And a Comme de Garcons dress and fugly shorts. These are the sort of basics that I’ll wear year round. With the snow, I had to buy some cheap-o duck boots for muck slushing. These were surprisingly warm and easy to walk in. AND I finally bought a warm down coat from Uniqlo and some turtlenecks (because that seems to be all I wear in the winter).

Summary – I’ve spent my clothes budget. I’m done until summer.


Paula's Choice Sunscreen
This sunscreen


Using (skincare) – My skin is getting better but it’s still a mess. I’m still being gentle with it using Paula’s Choice and keeping it simple. Right now, I actually really like the brand’s SPF 50 lotion. It’s lightweight and layers perfectly over my morning creams and serums. I’ve also been into moisturizing masks like Skinfood Banana Yogurt mask (which smells like fake bananas) and Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel. I just apply these to dry areas only.

Summary – I really wish rumors like “drink lots of water” and “eat healthy” actually contributed to perfect skin. That would make life so much easier.


Zulu king cake
Rough pic of a Zulu king cake, but still delicious.


Eating/Drinking – Being that I was a hostess, I got to show people some of my favorite restaurants in NYC/Jersey City (well, my favorites as of now). This really is a great area for restaurants.You really can get anything here. I also cooked more in January. I baked a king cake that even had little lucky babies in it. Actually, I baked a lot. The cold weather really triggered some weird nesting thing in me.

Summary – I really need to stop baking or I’m going to put on 15 pounds before spring.


UTFO album
LOOK! A perfume reference on an old school hip hop record.


Listening – When I baked or cooked, I like to listen to Latin soul (like Joe Bataan, The Chakachas, Ralfi Pagan). Basically, I turned into my maternal grandma. I also listened to a lot of Lebanese indie like Yasmine Hamdan and Mashrou’ Leila. I also picked up a few classic acid Trax records. Because, I’m still me.

Summary – Like everything else this month, I was all over the place.


Cookie Lyon
17 years behind the curve and she’s still stylish.


Watching – You guys, I got hooked on Empire. I binge watched both seasons. I mean, it’s a soap opera. It’s predictable. And in this weird way, I adore the predictability. It makes me feel in control or something. I often think, “There’s no way the writers wrote in blah and blah because that’s too predictable”. BAM! They did. And instead of being disappointed, I love it. I live for that. I also really like the actors. What started out as this almost pity appreciation turned into a true love of this Dynasty-ish series with an even better wardrobe.

Summary – Now I have to wait until March to watch Season 3 just like everyone else. Lame.

I did end up organizing some of the bookshelves.

Reading – It was another month of not reading anything for pleasure. It was strictly business.

Summary – There are so many books I want to read too. I’m going to make time for entertainment reading. This is my goal for February.

Hong Kong pug
Hong Kong last January where I saw a pug wearing a cheongsam crossing the road.

Wanting – After this eventful month, I can’t really think of anything that I want other than maybe a vacation. Because people always want those.

Summary – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m content. Wow.

What were your favorites from January? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Nordstrom, Sephora,, Uniqlo and Paula’s Choice contain affiliate links. Cookie Lyon from  My dream look from Totokaelo. All other pics are mine.


19 thoughts on “EauMG’s January 2016 Favorites

  1. Really enjoyed being a creeper and reading all of your book titles, the ones I could see anyway 😉 I have a copy of Hollywood Babylon too!

    I pulled my perfumes out and gave them all a sniff today, to renew my metal files on them. My bottle of Habanita smelled quite nice on this cloudy day with impending snow. Finally settled on a spritz of Slumberhouse Baque.

    The mental picture of drunk people throwing themselves at you because they thought you were an Adele look alike gave me a laugh. 🙂

    1. That’s our totally random shelf of Hollywood books and David’s amateur mycology books, lol.

      I should have bought more Habanita when it was easy to find (and cheap). There’s a Roja Dove very much like it and MUCH MORE expensive.

      At first, I was so embarrassed and then I realized…they should be embarrassed! My friend said to roll with it. They’re in NYC. They hope to see a celeb. Let them think they did…

  2. That selfie of you at Maury is lovely! Your hair looks so pretty.

    I am in love with those duck boots you linked to! I had some GH Bass reward points and a coupon, so I ordered some nicer ones from them because my old cheap ones finally died (I was in Boston for college so they got a lot of wear), and when the Bass ones arrived, I was kind of disappointed, because I didn’t like them as much as the cheap ones I used to have! But I think those ones from Amazon will be just what I’m looking for.

    1. Thank you!

      For the money, I’m very happy with these. I didn’t want to spend too much because these things are going to be worn in the worst circumstances. They’re going to get messed up. Saying that, these have been really sturdy. There’s a side zipper which is either a pro or a con. For me, it’s a plus. I can throw them on/off in the mud room with ease when I need to run the dogs out. Anyway, I’m very happy that I bought them. I had tried on more expensive ones in person (like $100 ones) and I didn’t think they were any better than these.

  3. Your selfie is really pretty! And I want a blizzard too!

    My January has been both awesome and awful. We had a couple weeks of really freezing temperatures, below -20 C. Everything was suddenly so crisp and sparkly and just beautiful! Bliss! (My dog was not a fan though, he ventured outside to do his business (we have a cat flap for him) and nothing more for two weeks straight.) Then I got the cold from hell and spent a whole week in bed feeling rotten… Ups and downs…

    As for favorites…

    Perfume: I bought the Best of 2015 sample pack from Luckyscent and fell in love with PdE Tabac Tabou. Also been wearing Slumberhouse Grev, Xerjoff Mamluk, HdP 1740, Mona di Orio Nuit Noire, Smell Bent Gimel A Break… Still really into the skanky stuff! And Grev apparently, maybe because it reminds me of crisp winter days…

    Haircare: Argan oil everything!

    Skincare: Lots of experiments…

    Clothing: It’s official! I love my fur coats no matter how politically incorrect they may be. They have kept me warm as well as elegant through the lovely cold weather! I guess they are the fashion equivalent to a skanky perfume?

    Eating: Loving turkish yoghurt with honey and dried fruits and berries! I’ve also been craving cheese! And fig marmalade! And homemade liqueurs! Also starting to appreciate beer again, strong and sweet ales mostly.

    Listening: Dan Carlins Hardcore History podcast! <3

    Watching: Agent Carter and Z Nation. What a contrast!

    Reading: Lot's of stuffs! Favorites were Golden Son by Pierce Brown and The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey. Dystopia and horror are my genres of the moment it seems! 😀

    Wanting: Just more cold and crisp winter days please!

    1. Thank you! I was sooo tired in that picture. But, my hair turned out good, just luck!

      I honestly do not see how you can survive that. That is cruel. I don’t know how you can stay warm in that. I don’t blame you for pulling out the furs. It gets that cold and nothing really “works”. Poor pup! Ours went a few days which worried me. But, they never had an accident in the house. That was good.

      Well, we started out Feb. with a cold. I have felt really “off” all week. Hope you are feeling better!

      I was tempted by that LS sample pack but I have enough samples (that is what I told myself). Oils are the best right now. My hair gets so dry and oils are the only things that help.

      I think my baking is some sort of “pack on the calories because it’s cold” thing. If I was living where you are, I’m pretty sure I’d be skipping beer and just go straight to drinking lard, lol. My body would really want the extra calories.

      Oh, those books sound cool. I’m going to check them out.

      SPRING WILL HAPPEN. It has to.

      1. Oh no! SPRING DOES NOT GET TO HAPPEN YET! Not for two more months!! Winter is bliss, early spring is the most horrible misery in this world… A warm March is just windy, rainy and horrible and April is a completely wasted month here, everything is so ugly, bleak and barren. Nothing starts growing until mid May. I’d love a world where I could do only January, February, May, June, September and December. Winter half the year and then one month each of spring, midsummer and harvest!

        So no, I don’t mind the cold at all! It’s hot weather that I just can’t handle, I’m thankful that I live where I live so that I don’t have to very often.

        I bought that Luckyscent sample pack partly because I really wanted to try Salome. Unfortunately it was just cumin bomb on me… And I had such high expectations because of the hype. 🙁
        And there is no such thing as enough samples! I recently organized mine and realized that I have somewhere in the vicinity of 500 samples if I cound indie oils too. And most of them I want to keep. I’m a sample hoarder! 😉

        1. Feb. & March are usually cruddy months anywhere. I’ve always said if I were rich, I’d spend those two months traveling to wherever the weather was better!

          I can’t do hot and I can’t do cold. I’m a wimp. Hubs jokes that my range of comfort is a 2 degree range. Summer here was actually really rough for us. We are used to mild PNW summers. This was intense.

          Salome was a lot of cumin on me too. I sniffed it on a few other people and it was more complex. Body chemistry is such a weird thing.

          How do you organize yours? I went through mine in Jan. when I organized all my cosmetics and stuff too. I have a ton, haven’t counted. I actually have all these little boxes and tried to organize them by family (i.e. florals, orientals, woods, leathers). And now I can’t remember the method to my madness!

          1. February is usually nice here. March is a bit too bright at the best of times (bright sunlight + snow = headaches) but when it’s warm it’s just miserable.

            I organize them differently for each type of samples. Swaps all tossed in a box with little care or organization. Spray samples standing in paper tubes (the inner tubes of some strips of adhesive plastic that we use at the library where I work), roughly organized by genre (gourmands in one, balsamics, tobacco and leather in one and florals in a third). Dabber vials standing in old film canisters (each canister can hold 8 samples), organized by genre, each canister labled. Carded samples just tossed in a vaniy drawer. Works pretty well and I can find a sample pretty fast, so long as I remember what type of sample it is.

          2. “Too bright” that is such a me complaint. This is why I hate snow. It leaves my brain hurting.

            Ah, sounds great! I love to hear about how others organize their perfumes, especially samples.

  4. I love that you got to see Maury live! I don’t think I could live in New York and keep a job. There’s way too much to do and see. I love the look of fake lashes, but they make my lids feel very heavy. I found a mascara at Ulta that kind of makes my lashes look fake it’s called MIARAY fiberwig. It builds up nicely. Unfortunately I feel like the tube of mascara goes dry in two weeks. It’s only 19.00, but I would like my mascara to last a month. January is my month to do a chemical peel. I did a 14% Jessner. It helps with acne and brightening. I peeled for a week. It seems to help my skin. Do New York City dogs get used to the snow?

    1. It is hard. Luckily, I have a flexible schedule. But, it’s still expensive because there are CONSTANT temptations. I have decided though that I’m doing a Broadway play a month. I live here so I can do the weekday tickets which are usually cheap, as well as the “last call” ones.

      When it comes to falsies, I can only do the half strips or those that I’ve cut. The full strips have a heavy feel.

      I’m so cheap when it comes to mascara. I’d rather use something cheaper and throw it out every 1-2 months. I think they *all* dry out too quickly.

      “Peeled for a week” <- I think I may be a masochist because I love the sound of that. I want to molt. I think normal dogs get used to snow. Larger dogs tend to like it. It's these little things. They are such little divas. And mine hate water in general so the snow really throws them off. Today it snowed and they did much better with it than they did in January.

  5. That’s a great winter day photo at the top, V.

    Nothing inspiring here, unless you count not spending anything on anything for a couple of months. I guess that’s inspiring, in a self-control/discipline way.

    Lastly — and I’m trying to control myself here — I HAD THAT RAP ALBUM! Cassette, actually, but wow was it freaky to see it pop up here. The big song most people knew from that was “Roxanne Roxanne,” but I knew them all — all of them, I tell you! Funny I never realized the cover is supposed to be a girl’s dressing table. Anyway, thanks for the 1985 flashback freak out. =:o)

    1. There’s sun here. There wasn’t in Seattle.

      I need that sort of discipline. Between entertainment and late winter sales, I’m done. I have to be done.

      My cousin has the cassette. I remember “Leader of the Pack” and “Roxanne Roxanne” and the few slow jams that must have attracted the teenage girls. I didn’t realize until I saw it last month, that it was a girl’s dresser either. And she had some pretty great taste for a teenage girl – Zen and a pale Revlon lipstick and dark nail polish.

  6. Yes: Sun = helpful. It definitely helps here in tundra-land. It can be 5 below but if it’s sunny you can still skate, ski, stare out the window w/o despair, etc.

    That’s hilarious your eye zooms to the product on that dressing table. It’d be the same if it was a guy’s dresser from ’85: “Ooh Azzaro, I would’ve guessed Polo.” Also, so impressive you knew UTFO! You’re maybe the sixth person I’ve ever met (or “met”) who knows more than that one song. So, so fly. =:o)

    1. Well, thank my slightly older cousin. This is what she had around before she got all into that Miami bass and Baltimore club stuff 😉

  7. Holy wow. I am totally on board with your fashion goals. I can totally picture you in that, but I think I might be a little too roly-poly right now to pull that look off. I’m wearing a lot of dresses over jeans. I don’t think this will ever be the Thing that I want it to be.

    Right now I’m reading: The Etched City by KJ Bishop, I guess you could call it a sort of dark fantasy speculative fiction hybrid? I never know how to classify this stuff. Anyhow it is thoroughly enjoyable.

    Listening: Rhianna’s Anti album. I really like this. I’m so used to listening to psychedelic space rock and haunted cello & theremin duets that I didn’t even know I was capable of listening to Rhianna. Ha.

    ‘fumes: Zoologist Bat. Love this so much. Maybe not right at the beginning, but I love it for what it becomes. Ever seen that meme with the baby bat looking super adorable and the caption says I AM THE NIGHT? That’s what this smells like.

    1. I want dresses over jeans to be a thing. I really do. I just like things over things…all the layers.

      Oh, that looks good too!

      I’m all about pop. Like people want to say whatever about pop, but that’s our culture. Pop says more about what is going on in this world than people give it credit for.

      I NEED BAT. Mainly because bats are the coolest. Plus, it’s one of Ellen’s. And I like the brand. I’m really curious.

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