EauMG’s January 2015 Favorites

Lamma Island
Lamma Island, Hong Kong

The first month of the new year went really well. It was nice to get back into the “regular” routine AKA non-celebratory routine. We successfully survived the first month of 2015!

Most of the month was low-key. I spent a week in Hong Kong and that was totally awesome. It’s an amazing city. I feel fueled with inspiration and energy.

I came back with a flu and can’t remember where the last week went, but whatever. I was entertained by fever dreams and opportunist frugs taking advantage of my feeble state. They’re really sneaky when it comes to lounging on furniture (something they aren’t supposed to do).

Here’s my favorites from January 2015:

Diptyque Geranium Odorata
I wore “sheer” things on my vacation.


Wearing (fragrance) – My fragrance preferences were all over the place in January. Sometimes I wanted something heavy and musky. And then iris and then oddly enough, powdery. So, I wore Chanel Eau Premiere, what was left of DSH Perfumes White Lilac and Juliette Has a Gun Midnight Oud. On my trip I took samples/decants of light florals like Diptyque Geranium Odorata, Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus, Kenzo Ça Sent Beau and By Kilian Prelude to Love. 

Summary – My preferences were all over the place in January but I wore some great things. I need to “go shopping” from my stash more frequently than I do.

Maybelline Line Stiletto
I like drawing lines.


Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – I haven’t really been too excited by cosmetics. One thing that was different is that for years I used gel eyeliners because I thought they were easier. I switched back to felt-tip liquid liner (what I used to use) and wow, it’s easy and long-wearing. I bought Maybelline Line Stiletto. Lips, I’ve been applying gloss over lipstick since my lips have been dry.

Summary – Nothing new, using liquid liner instead of gel. And amazed at how much “easier” it is and how I don’t have to clean a brush every single use.

Shades of Silence
I’m loving brands like Shades of Silence.


Wearing (clothes) – I’ve been in such a clothes rut because it’s winter and I’m already so sick of everything that I own. Going to Hong Kong, gave me much needed style inspiration. I’ve added more “athletic” elements to my usual cowboy-ninja-nun closet. For the first time I bought sneakers to wear somewhere other than the gym. And a neoprene bomber jacket because it’ll make me look like a goth scuba-diving pilot. Also, I love Hong Kong  based brand, Shades of Silence. 

Summary – I bought something polyester and some athletic shoes. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

EauMG in Hong Kong
Hong Kong skincare haul.


Using (skincare) – You can see my Hong Kong Haul to check out all the skincare that I bought while on my trip. This should make me as beautiful as the members of a K-Pop boy band. My skin in January went wonky which I will blame on temperature and humidity changes, travel and getting sick. Overall, I kept my routine simple and my skin started to “glow” again.

Summary – The humidity in HK made my skin look amazing BTW.

Hong Kong seafood
Our seafood feast. Buy it from a fisherman and then have it prepared Cantonese style.


Eating/Drinking – I started to focus on more balanced meals post-holidays. That went well until traveling. And then I fell in love with egg waffles and novelty ice creams frozen by nitrogen.  But, hey, it was vacation. That doesn’t count, right?

Summary –  I want an egg waffle. I also want a perfume that smells like egg waffles (which lean sort of coconut-y) and jasmine.

Taeyang Good Boy
GD x Taeyang


Listening – I was reminded that I like some hip-hop-ish K-Pop like Taeyang and BTS because it’s fun. And then I listened to a lot of Le1f.

Summary – I bought sneakers and listen to boy bands. You can schedule an intervention now.

Dame Edna Farewell Tour

Watching – I haven’t had time to watch anything which sucks because theaters were playing things that I actually wanted to see. I caught up on some new releases on the flight (this is the only time that I can). One had Fan Bingbing as a warrior witch with long white hair that mastered apathy and instead of living an existence with pain and loss, she decided to float in infinite space blissfully locked in the arms of a man with the most beautiful hair (Xio Min Huang). They loved each other very much but even that sort of love is bound to complicate infinity…unless you’re apathetic. I also got to see the Dame Edna Farewell Tour and that was a lot of fun. 

Summary – I want to master the Scrolls of Apathy.

Sharp Teeth
Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow

Reading – I ended up buying a Kindle Paperwhite and absolutely love it. It has reminded me that I love reading. I bought a few books and actually read a few. I finished “Sharp Teeth” by Toby Barlow and it was super entertaining, reading halfway like poetry and pulp fiction. It’s American horror in free verse. I plan on purchasing Barlow’s second novel as well. I also read “25 Love Poems to the NSA” by Ialin S. Thomas which is a delightful premise for a collection of poetry. And the poetry was great too.

Summary – All I want to do is burn incense, drink wine, wear caftans and read books.

fan bingbing
Pretty much how I try to dress on a daily basis anyway.

Wanting -To be a white haired witch of lunar kingdom.

Summary – Or at least I want a lunar kingdom wardrobe and ass-kicking moves.

What were your favorites for January? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

Diptyque pic from Nordstrom. Maybelline pic from Shades of Silence from the brand. GD & Taeyang from Teeth from AdWeek. Fan Bingbing pic from All other pics are mine.


3 thoughts on “EauMG’s January 2015 Favorites

  1. I had no idea what an egg waffle was so clicked on the link and have to say, yeah, that sounds like it would be a yummy inspiration for perfume. A light gourmand scent.

    Enjoyed seeing your seafood feast photo from HK, too.

    For once, January went by in a quick blur for me. At the end of the month, my mom had surgery so I flew down to Florida to see her and got to enjoy a few days of terrific weather and swimming before I heading back to Pennsylvania’s deep, deep, deep-freeze. My favorites? I wore the heck out of a decant of Eau de Tommi Sooni II. So good and for some reason, very difficult to find a bottle. I’m wondering if they discontinued it.

    1. I think people think “ewwww, eggs” which I agree, I don’t want in perfume. But this is more like a pandan cake which is that sweet, cooked rice aroma. And that needs to be in more perfumes 🙂

      Yes, usually Jan. is a long month, but it flew by. And Feb. often feels like the longest month out of the year…Hope your mother is alright. Oh, doesn’t that contrast make going back to the cold even worse? I feel more sensitive to the chill since being back from a mild place.

      You know, I’ve wondered this too. I love that line; they’re all good but I can’t find them either 🙁

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