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EauMG’s Holiday 2012 Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

Norma Shearer

Every year I put together a holiday gift guide for goths, alt-chic, vintage vamps and post-punk dames. Forget the labels. This guide is for those that are attracted to a darker, edgier aesthetic and for those that fancy more of the vampy.

EauMG's Goth Holiday Gift Guide

1. Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea – Goths love tea. And if you ever get invited to a goth tea party, go. This spiced black tea is perfect for cold, miserable winter days. The reusable tin retails for about $17 at Kusmi.

2. Tatcha Aburatorigami Evening Blotting Papers – This is a powder-free blotting paper that is black. Because it is impregnated with oil-absorbing charcoal and because black is the new black. Your goth will feel so glam pulling these out of their bat shaped Demonia handbag. These retail for $15 at Beautyhabit.

3. Caron Narcisse Noir Parfum – So many perfumes claim to be “noir”. They’re posers. Narcisse Noir is the real deal. It never outgrew its dark phase. The parfum retails for $180 at Nordstrom. And oh, the packaging is glorious!

4. Cire Trudon Candle in Carmelite – It has been my experience that nothing makes goths happier than candles. Carmelite is “old mossy walls” that is sure to make your favorite goth giddy…but they’d never admit it. Retails for $85 at Beautyhabit.

5. Portland Black Lipstick Company Phantom Complexion Powder – This talc-free translucent powder is based on a formula from 1897. Instead of being scented with the fixative musk (what the original formula used), the company uses ambrette seed. It retails for $15 at Portland Black Lipstick Company. And they’re slogan makes me so happy. “All-Natural Makeup For That Un-Natural Look.”

6. Nest Midnight Fleur EDP – The packaging of the NEST personal fragrances are delightfully dark and inspired by 18th century artist, Mary Delany. Midnight Fleur is an “evening” fragrance of white florals and black amber. It goes well with velvet. The large bottle retails for $115. A roller-ball is also available at Neiman Marcus.

7. Sephora Draw the Line Eyeliner Sampler – A sampling of black liner in a variety of mediums: liquid, pencil, gel! Goths will love it for the limitless Siouxie Sioux eyeliner art possibilities. It contains 3 full-size products and 3 deluxe-size liners including brands like Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever. Retails for $28 at Sephora.

8. Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshdow in Bulletproof – Anyone alt-cult that loves makeup is no stranger to the indie line, Sugarpill Cosmetics. Their shadows pack a punch. Bulletproof is a deep, matte black. It’s my favorite black eyeshadow. It’s perfect for goth eye makeup looks and even filling in your brows. And even temporarily touching up your roots, seriously. It retails for $12 at Sugarpill. 

9. Mermade Magickal Arts Mephisto Incense – This is an occultish labdanum incense made for novelist and perfume blogger Sheila Eggenberger‘s “Quantum Demonology” neo-Faust series. This collector’s incense comes in an amber glass jar and retails for $16 at Mermade Magickal Arts. 

10. Olympic Orchids DevilScent Project Sampler – OK, so I’m still playing on the above theme. This is a sampler of the 5 amazing perfumes made by the Seattle-based Olympic Orchids for “Quantum Demonology”. The set retails for $25 at Olympic Orchids.

11.Perfume Pharmer Sangre Lip Stain for Clairmonde – I don’t  know if you have kept up with the Clairmonde story presented by Indieperfumes, but the goth in your life needs to if they haven’t. This a stunning tale and perfume project. Perfume Pharmer created a bewitching lip stain made from spices and ancient resins. It is unlike any other lip stain. It’s 100% natural and 100% carnal. This limited edition stain is housed in a sterling silver case. It retails for $148 at Perfume Pharmer’s shop.*See Monica’s comment below. Prices of this stain range based on the rareness of the compact.

12. Occulter Wax 01 Mars Candle – This black wax candle is perfect for “gray goths”, those of us that had to join the “real world” for whatever reason after years of wearing Robert Smith inspired makeup. They can pass as “normal” but their playlist is filled with Fields of Nephilim and just look at those Fluevogs… These are my most favorite people in the world…because I am one. This coriander scented candle comes in a simple “gray goth”. It retails for $30 at Occulter.

Still need ideas? Check out my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth. Many on the 2011 gift were limited edition, but a few are still available.

*Nordstrom, Sephora and Beautyhabit contain affiliate links. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “EauMG’s Holiday 2012 Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

  1. Wow, fabulous lineup! So happy to see my adored Mephisto Incense by Mermade Magickal Arts!

    My SANGRE lipstain starts at $38 – up to $235 according to the value of the real silver cases. 😈 Happy Goth shopping…hmmm…maybe I should try black eyeliner again…

    1. I’m about to go on a Mermade Magickal Arts binge. No joke. I want to be surrounded by ancient resins.

      I’ll add a “*” to the SANGRE so that people know that info 😉

      You with black eyeliner? Can we handle the fierceness?

  2. Victoria, your holiday gift lists are absolutely fab. I’ve been enjoying them all, and especially this one, even though there is nothing about me that is Goth. (You make me wish there was, though.) 😎

  3. Great gift guide. Funny enough I’ve been sampling the Nest line lately and I really liked all three and Midnight Fleur is probably my favourite. I love the bottles also. Olympic Orchids is a line that I intend to sample but I find them hard to find 🙁 The name Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea sounds like a really goth tea lol

    1. I love the NEST bottles, shallow, I know.
      Olympic Orchids is a 1 woman operation. Online is where to buy; however, I know of 1 location in Seattle that carries some of her line.
      Tea – yes! The name is sooo great.

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