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EauMG’s Holiday 2012 Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

Auntie Mame

I have a niece; she’s a baby. I can’t wait for her to get to the age where I can send adorable Christmas and birthday gifts that are glittery, glittery and more glittery. The response to sending the nephews glittery, glittery and more glittery hasn’t been well received in Middle America. Oh, you just wait. When those boys are 7, they will both get gifts of perfume from me…and bow ties. Every year I like to put together a “niece” holiday gift guide. This is my guide for glamourpusses 10 and up. And yes, there are many things on this list that I want.

Holiday Gift Guide for Nieces

1. Alice & Peter Bloody Orange EDP – OK, we all know these were made for tweens, so they have to be on this list. Bloody Orange (who’s name may just sound gross to Americans and tweenage girls) is a citrus gourmand with notes orange, carrot, saffron and caramel. For a gourmand marketed to tweens, it’s very sophisticated. And young girls are going to love the cupcake packaging. It retails for $49 at Alice & Peter. 

2. The New Black Party Rock Nail Color Set – Glitt-uh x 8. This gift set contains 8 delightfully glittery nail colors ranging from a mermaid turquoise to jewel tone multi-color glitters. Retails for $32 at

3. Maoli Alohatherapy Solid Perfume Balm in Under the Orange Tree – This is a cool line of organic, natural products made here in Seattle and inspired by Hawaii. What I adore about this line is that the founders are two kid brothers! Under the Orange Tree is a happy citrus fragrance rounded out by vanilla. The small tin retails for $18 at Maoli.

4. NARS Andy Warhol Photo Booth Nail Polish Gift Set – One of my jobs as cool aunt AKA Auntie Mame (yes, that is what I’m called) is to educate. And since most schools in the U.S. have no arts budget, I better get to work. I’ll introduce Andy Warhol with a gift set of 4 mini nail polishes that range from a metallic silver to black. This set retails for $35 at Nordstrom.

5. A Beautiful Life Brands Surf Wax – ABL is such a cool brand and so many of their items make great gifts. Surf Hair is a beeswax based pomade with a fruity unisex pineapple scent. This is on my list for tom girls, riot grrrls and surf girls – this formula can also be used on surfboards. It retails for $14 and is available at A Beautiful Life. 

6. EOS Alice in Wonderland Holiday Lip Balm Set – I think the novelty of the EOS packaging is what put them on the beauty map. They’re like lip balm Weebles. Oh, and the all-natural formula is very nice. This kit includes 3 Alice in Wonderland inspired flavors: Blueberry Potion, Watermelon Wonderland and Sweet Vanilla Nonsense. It retails for about $8 at

7. Julep Favorite Things Nail Color Jewelry Box – Julep is a Seattle based nail color company that makes nifty, fun shades. This gift set includes 12 colors that range from retro mint to cotton candy pink. Also, they’re all named after girls so you may get lucky and find that one in this set is named after the little dah-ling on your list! The box that the nail polishes come in can also be used as a jewelry box. This set goes for $84 at Sephora.

8. LUSH Stardust Gift – I love LUSH gift sets. Stardust is filled to the brim with glittery candy-scented bath and body items. Come on, it has a Magic Wand in it. Little fairy princesses want this. Um, I want this. The set retails for about $55 at LUSH.

9. Paul & Joe Cat Print Cosmetics Pouch – Back in my day, we had Caboodles. They were cool and all but they did not come in a Paul & Joe cat print 🙁 She won’t be able to wait to put her Lip Smackers in there! Or whatever the kids are using on their lips these days…This retails for $38 and is available at Beautyhabit.

10. Smell Bent Little Miss Panda EDT – This is a sweet tropical floral with ocean air. And the illustration is charming. The EDT retails for $45 at Indie Scents.

Need more ideas? Here’s my Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces from 2011. Most of these items were limited edition but it does provide you with some ideas.

*, Nordstrom,, Sephora, LUSH and Beautyhabit are affiliate links. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “EauMG’s Holiday 2012 Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

    1. I love the nail polish sets because I have found that kids 10-20 want them. Nail art is the “big” thing with pre-teens/teenagers. They have to play around and do artsty stuff with it…plus, most parents don’t mind nail polish. (Unlike, let’s say a makeup kit or something that parents may think is too “grown-up”)

  1. I love these. I only have one niece, who just turned 12 (from her Auntie Mals, she got glitter gel pens, a pink glitter notebook, Lip Smackers, Jolly Ranchers, and a Juicy Couture parfum mini). I’m trying not to go uber-girly on her EVERY time I give her a present, and I’ve given her several perfume minis already. Maybe nail polish is the way to go for Christmas…
    mals86 recently posted..Scent Diary, Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012

    1. You need to make a guide because all of those things are perfect!
      It’s difficult for me not to go uber-girly because of the nephews and everyone that I know has had boys. I really just want an excuse to buy glittery stuff, Lip Smackers and cute perfumes that I wouldn’t wear. I’m aware that all girls aren’t uber-girly, I try to keep this in perspective.
      It seems that girls in that age range are nuts for nail polish. I was at the drugstore yesterday and they even had cute glitter nail sets. And they had a few Lip Smackers sets that I wanted for myself 😉 I’m so nostalgic for the Dr. Pepper one.

  2. […] A couple of years ago, I ran across this post at Perfume Posse that caught my imagination, where March was talking about Dior Poison, and various commenters mentioned that their aunts or other special people had gifted them with that fragrance, and the discussion moved through an exploration of how often aunts seem to be the ones who ignite our passion for good scents. The concept stayed with me, especially after EauMG started doing her delightful “Holiday Gift Guides for Nieces and Teens” series (check out the 2012 guide here). […]

  3. You’re so right about girls in that age range being nuts for nail polish. My nieces are now in college, but when they were young they used to come to my house once a week for dinner and for my husband to tutor them in math. He found that they would apply themselves more if he rewarded them with a manicure afterwards. He became so good at doing nails, he now does mine! I think we have every color of nail polish (and more than a few glitter ones) at our house because of them.

    Anyway, all of this to say, a very fun gift guide. Makes me wish I had more nieces since mine are grown up.

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