EauMG’s Halloween 2011 Fragrance Guide

Halloween isn’t a gift giving holiday and I’m not trying to make it that way either.  Autumn is my favorite season and with my desire for “dress up” and love of candy corn, you can understand why I like Halloween. However, Halloween isn’t fun in adulthood in my opinion.

June Knight Halloween

Scary stories are no longer fun. Those are on the news every day of the year! Real life is scarier than scary! I can’t eat candy without thinking about how many minutes on a elliptical machine will rid my body of that fun-size Kit-Kat’s calories. Who am I kidding? My body loves to hang on to fun-size “energy”! Going door to door ringing doorbells is too evangelical and not appropriate at all for any grown-up that isn’t a 20 year old male in a dress shirt and tie. Sure, I can dress up. But, I have no desire to dress up like a slutty librarian or make myself look like my flesh is rotting. Nope. I like to dress up daily as a polished woman in brick colored lipstick. I don’t want a “costume”. Despite my boring adult thoughts and worries, I still love Halloween for the memories. Scents bring back memories better than anything. When I buy a bag of Halloween candy to give out, I always smell the bag, the sickly sweet aromas, waxy wrappers and cardboard. It’s a beautiful thing.

And even if you aren’t stealing Double Bubble from your kids’ trick or treater pillowcases or denying yourself a bag of candy corn because of the calories, you can add some sweetness to your life with any of these 10 items that remind me of Halloween:

Halloween perfumes 2011

A. 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire Splash– I love black licorice. Even as a kid I loved black licorice. I’d pick out the black jellybeans and leave all those yellow and red ones. Reglisse Noire is a sheer black licorice fragrance that won’t leave you with cavities. It has a freshness and herbal crispness. It’s sheer and easy to wear. A 15 ml Splash retails for $35 at 1000 Flowers.

B. LUSH Jacko Bath Bomb – If you’ve had a night of walking in the brisk coolness and eating up all the fun-size Snickers before your kids have a chance to know they’re there, you’re going to want a warm bath with Jacko. And you’re going to want the spicy clove fragrance. Maybe the eugenol fumes will numb your candy induced toothache! This limited edition bath bomb retails for $5.95 and is available at LUSH.

C. Villainess Soap in Blood – Doesn’t the name say it all? Go all Spike with Viallainess’ Blood. This is a pretty merlot soap with a rich boozy fruitiness, smells like a poached fig in wine. Perfect for this time of year. The bar retails for $5.50 at Villainess. Here’s my review.

D. A Beautiful Life I Heart Unicorns EDP – This fragrance reminds me of a pillowcase stuffed with a menagerie of candy given to you by strangers. These are your spoils from wearing that plastic Jem & The Holograms mask all night tripping and then ripping your hot pink plastic bag jumpsuit! I Heart Unicorns smells like a mix of Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Double Bubble, and even those wax lips. You’ll smell this and be transported back to Halloween night when you were 7. The 60 ml spray retails for $52 at ABL’s boutique.

E. Opus Oils Voodoo EDP – Voodoo is spine-tingling b-film in perfume form. It’s a little eerie. It’s quiet and slightly sweet but something about it is fiery and bewitching. It really is a priestess on the bayou casting spells to avenge the death of her lover (he was killed by the FBI by accident or something b-film like that). And I want Pam Grier to play the priestess. Now this perfume will be my Halloween costume! The 1 oz natural EDP retails for $50. Other sizes are available at Opus Oils.

F. Madame Scodioli Carousel Solid Perfume – A solid perfume that smells like orange cotton candy. Not a smell I want daily but it really fits with the Halloween spirit (pun intended). This solid has nifty packaging and retails for $12 at Scodioli’s etsy shop.

G. Modern Alchemy  Tincture of Winchester Candle – The autumnal packaging is perfect. Don’t you love the color? The candle smells like smoky woods. A little eerie, huh?The candle retails for $45 and is available at Candles Off Main.

H. Demeter Tootsie Roll Cologne – I can’t smell Tootsie Rolls without thinking of Halloween. Actually, my favorite are the Tootsie chews that come in Orange, Cherry and Vanilla. The original isn’t so bad either. I smell this Demeter and I get Halloween memories of my youth. The 1 oz. cologne spray retails for $20 and is available at Demeter.

I. Aftelier Body Oil in Chocolate & Saffron – This oil is awesome and you’ll get a formal review one of these days from me. It smells sweet but sophisticated. I’m using it from head to toe. It’s wonderful on my hair. With it I never have Elsa Lanchester Bride of Frankenstein hair. And it makes me smell good, like chocolate, irresistible. The 3.5 oz oil retails for $40 and is available at Aftelier.

J. Juliette Has a Gun Lucifer Candle – OK, the name persuaded me. But, the scent itself is a bonfire. And that is Halloween-ish to me. We get together with the neighbors every Halloween since we became “grown-ups” and bought a house. We talk and joke around an outdoor fire after we run out of trick or treater candy. The candle retails for $58 and is available at Candles Off Main. 

If gory or scary things are more your thing on Halloween, then go buy a few of those aerosol cans of Axe. Spray those. Those are scary 😉 Those will keep all the ghouls away!

When I was making this list, it really had me thinking. Remember Mary Janes? Remember their sickly sweet peanut butter smell mixed with wax paper? I even remember the smell of grease paint for face painting. Even those plastic jack o’ lantern buckets have a distinct smell! Which scents remind you of Halloween? Are any of these scents available in perfume/fragrance form?

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20 thoughts on “EauMG’s Halloween 2011 Fragrance Guide

  1. I don’t have any scented memories of Halloween (well, to be precise, I don’t have any Halloween memories prior to the time I moved to the U.S. as an adult). But I like Halloween so I might invest into Halloween-related scented products. From your list I liked Voodoo EdP and Lucifer candle.
    Undina recently posted..Angel of Jealousy

    1. Halloween is such an “American” thing and even then people’s memories of it vary. My husband’s family didn’t celebrate Halloween so he has none of those memories either.

      You’re going for the non-sweet things 🙂

  2. I have to admit, typical Halloween scents aren’t really my thing, since I don’t like deep spicy fragrances or candy corn or chocolate, haha! I do appreciate the smoky bonfire smells, though, and the ones reminiscent of crisp night air and crackling leaves – the kind of thing you experience when you are out trick-or-treating. What a fun post!
    Larie recently posted..EOTD: Coral (Almost Neutral Series)

    1. I understand. I don’t really want to smell literally like candy either. And I didn’t start eating chocolate until I was an adult. I hated chocolate.
      I do love smoky scents and even musty scents. But, I think of those as more “fall”. Since I love those scents so much, I don’t want to associate them with only 1 day. I want them all of the time!

    1. I’ll keep my out for the JHaG’s, Carrie. I think I saw them discounted locally. I need more Modern Alchemy candles in my life. Just for their ideas. I love them.
      Now that it’s cooler, I’m so delighted about burning candles again. The rich, smoky, spicy ones. I need to get another Voluspa Tabac.

      1. JHAG at a discount would be kickass. I recently got another Opium Den candle, which I love, but it reminded me how quickly the Modern Alchemy candles burn up. It’s rather sad. Voluspa Warm Perique Tabac! I need another of those too. One of my faves, it’s the best smoky scent. Also, Votive Smoke On The Water, which actually reminds me of Prada Candy.
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..Scented Skin Care: the little things matter

  3. First, I was surprised to find you like licorice. I’ve never met anyone who does! The licorice jelly beans and spice drops get thrown out.

    Second, I love the smell of Mary Janes and the wax paper they come in! You can still buy Mary Janes here in New England.

    But I honestly can’t think of any smells I associate with Halloween! Fall, yes. But not Halloween. I’m thinking of crunchy dried leaves, fireplaces, and bonfires. Favorite time of year!
    Michelle for Primal Mist Perfumes recently posted..10 Creative Ways to Store Perfume Samples

    1. Haha, I live on Altoids Licorice! I love the strong flavor.
      I don’t know if Mary Janes are still available. I’ll check it out. It seems they aren’t very “chic” candies.

      I have a fall post coming up too. I love to think of all of the fall smells, like you said, the decaying leaves, smoke, burning woods…it’s so beautiful!

  4. Thank you Victoria! What a great idea of yours to cover Halloween scents, and, well, chocolate has certainly been a big part of my Halloweens Past. It’s so nice of you to explore and share other ways to use my body oils.
    – Mandy Aftel

    1. When I purchase Halloween candy for kids, I don’t buy chocolate. I’ll eat it all.

      I hope to have a “formal” review of the oil up soon. I love it for my hair. The packaging makes it much easier to use than other hair oils that I have used in the past.

  5. Reading through this sort of reinforced for me that I am not really a Halloween person. But Valentine’s Day I can definitely get excited about! 😉

    1. I did a Valentine’s guide this past year. It was so much fun. I think Valentine’s is really interesting because “sexy” or “romantic” scents are so subjective. So of course, I took the bubbly and chocolate route.

  6. Oh, what a fun post! I love Reglisse Noire and Voodoo! Must get a Jacko bath bomb soon, and have my eye on the Villainess soap! I prefer to smell a bit dark and scary on Halloween rather than like candy, and have chosen Voodoo as my scent.

    1. I bought the Jacko last week. It’s spicy clove, love it.
      I prefer to smell dark and scary all of the time, LOL. Voodoo is my scent too. It’s perfect for the occasion.

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