EauMG’s Guide to Emerald Perfumes for 2013

Pantone Emerald

Thanks to Pantone® you’ll be so sick of the color emerald this year if you aren’t already. You’re gong to see Emerald capri pants, nail polish, eyeshadow, coffee mugs…whatever can  be produced in a year will be done. Regardless  I love a “color of the year” because it shows what our culture is craving or at least what we think they are craving. Pantone describes Emerald as “lively, radiant, lush”.  Like so many of the Pantone “colors of the year”, emerald isn’t one that I’m fond of wearing or even using in decor. Well, I love a dark green or a vintage jade, but Pantone’s Emerald isn’t something that I’d like to wear. Actual emeralds are gorgeous. But, something about Pantone Emerald reads less glamorous to me. I think it’s a good year to be ginger. OK, this isn’t where I was going with this post…

For all of you that don’t want green finger tips or look sallow in Emerald twinsets, I’m giving you a list of Emerald inspired perfumes for 2013. Yeah, many of these are in a green bottle. Put them out on your dresser, use them as décor to be hip and now. However, many of these smell “green” too. Pantone® has the following “moods” for Emerald listed on their siteSophisticated, Energize and Heritage. And those are the moods I’m going to run with.

Emerald perfumes


Boucheron B de Boucheron EDP– This perfume from a big time jewelry house  features an “emerald” on the cap. The fragrance is a pink pepper osmanthus and you can read my review here. I find it polished. Yeah, it has pink pepper in it, but it smells “mature” and not juvenile. You can find it for crazy cheap, under $50 at (FYI – It’s been discontinued).

Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade – This is a watery, green floral that has subtle sophistication for day wear. Once again, it’s another perfume from a jewelry house and that just screams sophistication! You can find it discounted at

House of Matriarch ALPHA – This is an all-natural perfume on the list for polished manly-man (boy, do we love ya). ALPHA is an intense, masculine fragrance with incense and freshly cut cedar. The 1 oz spray retails for $160 at House of Matriarch.


CdG PLAY Green – Not only does the bottle fit, but so does the fragrance. It’s green! It’s an energetic blend of mint, gin and vetiver. When I saw Pantone Emerald, I thought of how CdG PLAY Green smells. Here’s my review. Retails for $110 for 3.4 oz at Nordstrom.

Olivier Durbano Jade – Hey, the juice is a dark green so it works 🙂 It’s a mentholated cold yet smoky fragrance. Really unusual but really wearable. The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $150 at Luckyscent.

aroma M Geisha Green perfume oil- A refreshing absinthe blend with waxy licorice wrapped in a bruised violet leaf.  Here’s my review. The perfume oil retails for $55 at Luckyscent.


Ralph Lauren Polo – One of my favorite masculines just so happens to be in an emerald bottle. A heritage green bottle. I call this a green salad with Thousand Island dressing and patchouli bacon bits. Yep, it’s a classic and I never get tired of smelling it on a guy. The 2.5 oz retails for $59 at Sephora.

Carven Ma Griffe – This is an old-school green floral that hit the fragrance world scene in the mid-1940’s. Packaging wise, I think it fits Pantone’s Emerald the very best. Smell wise, it’s awesome. A bottle retails for like $20 on

Creed Original Vetiver – This is a crisp, gingery vetiver and the bottle is green. It’s too crisp for me but I can’t deny that this stuff has a cult following. And I can’t deny that the bottle is green.  The 2.5 oz retails for $260 at Nordstrom.

What are your thoughts on the Color of 2013? Have you bought any products  in this shade? Are you wearing any Emerald perfumes?

*Pantone pic from Pantone. Collage features an expensive emerald ring from Barneys, emerald dress from ModCloth and a tie from Ben Sherman., Nordstrom and Sephora contain affiliate links. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “EauMG’s Guide to Emerald Perfumes for 2013

  1. Maybe it’s my computer, but that Pantone picture doesn’t look emerald to me – it has too much of a blue tone to it, bordering on teal. Anyway, enjoyed your list very much – it reminded me that I still have yet to try the Aroma M Geisha Green. As for emerald perfumes I wear/own, EL Private Collection would be the one.

    Absolute prettiest emerald perfume: Chanel Bel Respiro. Which I apparently have some odd fascination with, because I find myself mentioning it on blog forums time and time again, but I can never seem to bring myself to purchase it. Go figure. 🙂

    1. It is my opinion that Emerald is not emerald. I agree about the blue in it.

      Private Collection, oh, how I adore it! It’s one I find myself wearing in the spring/summer frequently.

      You know, I have the same thing going on with Bel Respiro. I rave about it…never buy it. I blamed the huge bottles but they have smaller ones now and I still don’t buy it. Oh, well.

  2. Some of my Favie Greens are Shibui by Flying Colors Natural Perfumes, Viridian by DSH, Green Monster by CBIHP. Dirty Sexy Wilde by Opus Oils has a galbanum note that makes the perfume for me, as does Sinti by Liz Zorn Perfumes. Love you choices Victoria and I always love your grouping posts!!!! XO Monica

    1. 🙂 I can always count on you. You’re like the indie perfume librarian and that’s why we love you.

  3. gosh what was I thinking. also Absinthe by Opus oils and Celedon green by DSH. I know I’ll think of more in the middle of the night!

  4. I have nothing good to say about that color, so I’ll just say Guerlain Vetiver pour Elle is my idea of emerald!

  5. The swatch looks flat. I like an emerald that dazzles. I think I have problems with ‘green’ scents. On me they seem to smell raw or harsh. I do like absinthe (scents, the drink and its color). And I’m really beginning to like No. 19 edp. Especially after the first few minutes. The will have to be my ‘green’.

    1. I guess that’s it. Emerald has to dazzle and that’s why it’s so pretty as stone or as glassware.
      It took me forever to warm up to green perfumes. I found them too “sharp”. No. 19 is what won me over 😉 It’s been baby steps ever since then. But, really, do we need another green when we have No. 19? Probably not.

      aroma M Geisha Green is my favorite absinthe inspired perfume. It’s green but the sweetness adds a roundness.

    1. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I do. My favorite is still the original Omnia. But, I do like Jade and Coral for summer wear.

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