EauMG’s “Frivolous” Spring Perfume Cravings

Lawrence Alma Tadema "Promise of Spring"

Recently, while testing a few perfumes that I thought were “spring-like”, I realized that most of the perfumes that I like or wear aren’t fun. Some are fun, in an overly va-va-voom way, but none are carefree, flirty, or frankly, happy. I started thinking. Why do I not like playful perfumes? Is it the notes? The marketing? Is it me? It’s a little of all of the above. I continued sampling the perfumes that I thought were too innocent and gamine for me. It isn’t the notes or the marketing. Sure, these aren’t things that I’d wear everyday. Perhaps mimosa would grate my nerves with time, but every now and then, it’s good. It then hit me. I haven’t enjoyed any of these perfumes because I could never relate to carefree, innocent, frivolous, or any of these adjectives. I grew up fast and I’ve always been years more mature than my biological age.

I have always been serious, mature, etc. since childhood. My first fragrance was Coty Emeraude! Followed by Joy Patou! I’ve always been concerned with being a grown-up. Not to get too personal, but I’m the oldest, much older than my siblings. They viewed me more as a mother, my brother with Down Syndrome called me mom most of his life. I cooked, cleaned, raised kids when I wasn’t even a teenager. We were poor, so I never understand being given things. Ex., I worked full-time while going to college full-time. So, what I’m getting at is, when would I have ever “understood” a frivolous, innocent, or carefree fragrance? It doesn’t fit with my life experiences.

Finally, I’ve decided, after soul-searching, taking care of myself, and finally reaping the benefits of what hard work, that I can now enjoy frivolous, carefree perfumes. I need this in my life. Not all of the time, I still love my moody fragrances, but I can allow myself to have fun frivolous fragrances. So, here’s a few fragrances that I’m wearing this spring that fit in the “giddy”, hardship-free genre of perfume:

5 popular spring fragrances

Caron Aimez-Moi EDT – A lovely blend of violet and anise. It’s pretty and makes me happy. This is one that I see myself wearing frequently despite it being an innocent fragrance. Aimez-Moi is innocent but smart.

Guerlain Champs-Elysées EDT – A loud, frivolous 80’s mimosa that bubbles like champagne and may give you a headache like you drunk the entire bottle by yourself. But, I still love it!

Rancé Joséphine EDP – A pink floral bouquet with powdery roses and peonies. This is a “princess” perfume. Or a perfume like a kept Belle Epoque actress. Hmm…the later wouldn’t be innocent, would it? Frivolous it is.

Estee Lauder Pleasures EDP – I can finally appreciate this fresh floral that always features ads with rich, privelaged white gals in pure white button-ups holding Golden Retriever puppies. Don’t worry, I’m not falling for the ad campaign. I still prefer pugs and French bulldogs over America’s “favorite” dog 🙂 Pleasures is “pedigree”, an artistic perfume.

Benefit Maybe Baby EDT – OK, I’ve always liked this one and I still like this one. I’m craving this flirty apricot floral that borders on being ditzy. It may be fleeting but that’s why it is fun! And it looks like Benefit may be discontinuing this one 🙁 which is a shame because it is the only thing that Benefit has going for them in the perfume department. Here’s my old review.

So, what fragrance do you think of when you think of a “frivolous” or “innocent” perfume? Are these perfumes that you wear frequently or are they every now and then fragrances?

And thank you, for putting up with my personal post of fragrance discovery and soul searching.

Painting is Lawrence Alma Tadema “Promise of Spring”. Collage is EauMG’s. Post contains a few affiliate links.

33 thoughts on “EauMG’s “Frivolous” Spring Perfume Cravings

    1. I think it’s natural for smart folks like us 🙂 I mean, I think we get comfortable in our own skins and start to enjoy life after spending years being academic or drowning in careers. It would make sense that we’d go for something perceived as fun or as simple. Our scent even shows that we are ready to enjoy life and live a little 🙂

  1. I love Pleasures (*NOT* Pleasures for Men, which is abominable.) I didn’t realize it came in an EdP…

    I’ve heard so much about Aimez-Moi that I feel compelled to seek it out to try it.

    1. Pleasures for Men should just be called “boner”. What was EL thinking with that name?! I have the EDP, vintage, 1997 🙂
      I have FB Aimez-Moi and if my little vials ever come in, I’ll decant you some.

        1. heh, “Boner, a new fragrance, by Estee Lauder.”

          no, really, Pleasures for Men is one of the few things I really regret buying a full bottle of, but I was still pretty new at the time. It’s awful; incredibly chemical-synthetic smelling; I have no idea what they were thinking or who would actually wear it.

          1. If they changed the name to that, then they’d at least attract the Axe crowd.

            The key PfM is that the feminine version was so popular, that they knew the ladies would purchase their man a “matching” fragrance unsniffed. It doesn’t matter what it smells like! Now why did you buy it? JK 😉

          2. I was slightly less smart about these things at that point.

            Today I bought a bottle of Antaeus. See? I’ve gotten smarter. 😉

    1. I haven’t tried any of the HdP line yet but I will. They all seem to fit in that “frivolous” but well done category.

  2. Ha, I also avoided Pleasures for years because of the stupid ads. And I hate the name! But it’s not bad at all, it reminds me of Chanel No. 22 if 22 weren’t so damn sweet. It also reminds me a little of Flower by Kenzo, and I remain devoted to Flower, but I’d wear this if I came into a bottle.
    Elisa recently posted..The tropes of 80s commercials

    1. Good observation. It is like a No. 22 without the sweetness. It is like Flower if Flower didn’t have a “mysterious” side. (Side note- I love Flower but can’t wear it without sneezing, something in the base).
      Oh, and the name. I hated it then and I still do. And the ads are still stupid. Oh, well.

  3. I too tend to shy away from “frivolous” in perfume, but I’d say that Coup de Foudre falls squarely into that category, and I love it! It didn’t hold up to winter weather, but now that spring is on its way in, I see myself prancing around in sundresses, gaily wearing CdF! 😀
    dee recently posted..Monday Mail- Anné Pliska- EDP

    1. I still haven’t tried CdF but I know that it has to be “frivolous”!
      And it’s supposed to be spring but it sure doesn’t feel like it 🙁 Coldest April on record in Western Washington.

    1. I love YSL Elle but don’t own a bottle. It fits in that category, a pretty princess rose.
      I have Noa Fleur but rarely wear it. Why? Because I thought it was too frivolous for me. I need to try it again.
      Amour Amour – I have liked it since launch. I don’t know why but I like it.

  4. Well, I’m a lot like you and am not naturally drawn to “frivolous” fragrances, but I see the value of them. For me, it’s just a matter of finding some I like, and not only that, but that I’ll actually wear with regularity. I just got a sample set of AG Les Orientalistes and am over the moon. I thought, now THIS is what I’m all about. Then I tried AG Le Mimosa, and thought, okay, I get the appeal of this one too. I might be able to wear this. But am I going to buy it? Probably not. Am I going to hoard as much of the Les Orientalistes collection’s juice as I can get my hands on? Yup. And I’ll even wear them in the extreme heat of the summer. I, like you, just don’t know if I’m cut out for frivolous. Even the vanillas I love are “complicated”, like Le Labo’s, Guerlain SDV, even Atelier Vanille Inceensee. Every perfume I truly love has at least two personalities, and one of them is dark and potentially a troublemaker.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..High Illumination- Aura Candles

    1. So happy that you’ve found Les Orientalistes. Frankly, I’m pissed that I haven’t purchased a FB of all of them. They used to show up at on-line discounters all of the time, now I can’t find them. AND they are constantly sold out on LuckyScent.
      We’re not “frivolous” perfume types. I’m sure we’re frivolous but not pink perfume juice types. I can and will wear them but I wouldn’t say, this is a “me” fragrance. Just like I’m attracted to pink or red clothing but would never wear it without feeling like a poser.
      Dark and troublemaker. Love it.

      1. You know what’s funny, I just read a review of Atelier Cologne Vanille Incensee somewhere else, and the reviewer referred to the fragrance as frivolous! So funny. Of course, I completely disagree. If you find powdery, dry incense vanilla scents frivolous, then I just don’t get the kind of person you are. 🙂
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..High Illumination- Aura Candles

        1. I think some people read all vanilla scents as “frivolous” because they are sweet. These people probably hate everything sweet. I have no qualms about my love of vanilla and most gourmands.

  5. Frivolous…hmmm…no, I haven’t done that well at all, lately. Something must be done…But I do like Pleasures, and I adore Champs Elysées. I’ve also like YSL In Love Again (An Ellena, if you can believe that), one of the first, original fruity frillies, but I love it! Rosine’s Un Zeste de Rose is a lighthearted, summery rose I like, and I second Rancés Josephine – I liked it so much better than Eugenie. Baby Doll Paris is frivolous to the max, and that’s the whole point of it, right?

    Oh, dear. I can feel my perfumista cred slipping by the minute… 😉
    Tarleisio recently posted..Black Candy

    1. No! I rarely judge. In fact, I hold my judgement for those that are snobby, not perfumistas. Nothing is wrong with any that you’ve listed. They are all fun, frivolous, and maybe even a little frou-frou 🙂

  6. I’ve never really thought of frivolous perfumes before. But, now that you mention it, there are some I avoid because they are to girly for me but I like to smell them on other people. I’m thinking of Dior Miss Dior Cherie, Ralph, and Clinique Happy.

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