EauMG’s February 2016 Favorites

Time's Square
Blade Runner Times Square at Midnight.

February is always a hard month for me. It’s the month where I get fed up with everything from the weather to my life, etc. I’m in a pact where I’m not allowed to do anything drastic in February (like get a divorce, quit a job, move or get a pet). Luckily, it’s the shortest month of the year. And luckily, I didn’t do anything “crazy”.

Most of the month was spent with this crud. I had some sickness that never really completely knocked me out but lingered the entire month. It was just some gross respiratory thing also made me have goopy eyes. It made me lazy so I didn’t wear makeup daily and I really simplified my skincare routine.

Mana Jersey City
Mana Art Collective, Jersey City

Despite it being bitterly cold, I did actually go out and do a few things on the weekend. I went to galleries, saw some shows and even started exercising regularly. Otherwise, it was a really uneventful month but I managed to get a lot down that I needed to get done like taxes and finding a petsitter for the frugs.

Here’s my favorites from February:


Turkish roses


Wearing (fragrance) – It was Rose Week, so I wore a lot of roses for that. I also started to crave white florals like Houbigant Fleurs d’Oranger and Elie Saab. With our crud, I wasn’t into home fragrances at all. Actually, with the crud, I didn’t feel like wearing perfumes that often.

Summary – This time of year, I like to wear florals. It makes me feel “closer” to spring.


Being a dork.
Being a dork.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – I was into what I call my “tomboy” look. This means thicker brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and warm matte shades from Morphe 35K Eyeshadow Palette.  I kept my complexion simple, most days skipping on foundation and concealer and only wearing a little NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna on the cheeks. For lips, I was all about those lifeless but not boring neutrals like Serge Lutens L’Hypocrite (worn above) or ColourPop Liquid Lip in Trap. When I went out, I was all about the darker stuff like NARS Train Bleu or MAC Cyber.

After a year, I finally got a haircut. It wasn’t anything bold, just a trim because I’m still finding someone that I trust before I jump into anything bold. Right now I’m loving Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Treatement Masque. I then use a hair oil and my hair looks so shiny.

Summary – I was really lazy in February but I did get a haircut, so I’m not totally being a bum. And you can see the look I’m talking about above because that’s everything I was talking about.


Adidas Tubular Defiant
Totally Tubular.


Wearing (clothes) – I spent too much in January on clothes so I tried not to buy anything. However, I needed new sneakers and bought these Adidas in the green/peach (above). I worried they were much too colorful for my intentionally drab black, white and gray wardrobe but I like them. I swear I wore the same outfit all of February – those men’s Uniqlo flannel shirts¹, Levi’s 501 black jeans and black Timberland boots. I always like to put a fancy brooch on the top of my flannel shirts to add a little something something. It’s just been so cold that I don’t feel very fashion-y. I mean, I just go out in a puffer coat and a huge scarf. What does it matter what I’m wearing under all that bulk?

Summary – I was carrying a power drill on the train and some teens bragging about how much they leg press, called me a dyke. That’s an example of one of those West/East Coast differences that I mentioned. I thought I was being super femme by wearing a brooch! Also, I can leg press more than those “tough guys”.


February 2016 Skincare Empties


Using (skincare) – *knock on wood* My skin has looked really good this month even though I was really lazy with my routines. I felt sick for most of the month so I didn’t really wear makeup or do my longer skincare routines. And my skin looked fine. I actually went out without base foundation because my skin looked better without it (you can see that in dorky selfie). How crazy is that?

Summary – I swear, my skin is just doing this to mess with me.


Heart Shaped Pizza
Valentine’s Day pizza

Eating/Drinking – You know, I’ve been buying groceries and making food like a grown-up. I’ve been into kimchi and banchan. And Lemon Cayenne Kevita. I’ve been exercising and not craving any junk. Or maybe that was that crud I had that just had me not interested in food either because I couldn’t fully taste it anyway. Oh, and I’ve been really into Providence Perfume Co. Violetta Tea because it tastes like candy.

Summary – Basically, I just want everything to have some heat and taste like vinegar.


Joe Bataan
Joe Bataan, 2016

Listening – I’ve been continuing with all the “Afrofuturism” that I’m usually into. But, I added some spooky psychedelic stuff because that’s what you should listen to if you are going to be in a basement in the East Village. Like before I lived here, I stayed at a Hare Krishna apartment that is next door to Hells Angels headquarters (or whatever you call that). I was probably hungover, and I remember it was the middle of the day, and I was just kicked back on a futon with a window open because the radiator was making the place feel like Mojave. The Hells Angels listened to the sort of spooky psychedelic rock that could totally be the soundtrack to 60’s era Roger Cormen exploitation flick. I couldn’t believe they actually listened to that. And now here I am, years later, and their musical tastes totally makes sense to me now.

That’s my exciting life… I did get out and see some live music like Joe Bataan. He’s still got it. And I’ve been listening to Beyoncé because you know, Beyoncé. But, mostly the screwed and chopped remixes.

Summary – I’m into Sun Ra and avant-garde jazz and I don’t know what is happening to me. I used to really value “polished” music, but now I’m all about the chaos.


The Witch


Watching – We started watching the new X-Files, which frankly I was not optimistic about at all. It hasn’t been too bad. It sort of picked up where we wished it had left off and it’s like they tried to fix that unbearably bad final season. Also, Gilian’s skin looks amazing.

On my third try (long story), I FINALLY got to see The Witch. After that many tries, I admit that I don’t think any movie could live up to that expectation. David seemed to think it was the coolest thing ever. I liked it but I expected to love it more. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it but so much modern horror is really formulaic, so it doesn’t take much to do something different and stand out. I absolutely loved the aesthetic and I think the actors were great. Seriously, my next capsule wardrobe is going to look like the townsfolks’.

Summary – I watched stuff I liked but I can’t wait for March because that’s when all the great stuff comes back on like Empire and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8.

blank book
I’m in a rut.

Reading – Other than non-fiction and educational materials, I have not read anything fun. This has been a common theme these past few months and I’m sick of that.

Summary -What’s my problem?

Magic bands
Our Disney World house arrest bracelets.

Wanting – Sunshine and capitalistic programming so that’s what I’m going to the commodified utopia known as Disney World. So, I just want something easy, clean and MAGICAL. Seriously, this world has been such a downer (ugh, election year), that I’m just going to get reprogrammed and try to distract my brain from its default setting of “dystopian future” and see the hypothetical futuristic utopian outcome instead.

Summary – I’m a dork. And I’m going to stay in fake New Orleans in the pretty, pretty princess suite and over analyze all of Disney World until it’s not fun because that is how my brain works.

What were your favorites from February? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

¹The thing about having a capsule wardrobe is that you’ll wear the same things over and over and over again. So, as you can see, that flannel shirt was on me last month. In Seattle, I’d NEVER wear flannel because it was so stereotypical. But, it’s so warm and perfect for the chill of being outdoors or living in a drafty Victorian.

*Nordstrom, Ouidad, Uniqlo and contains an affiliate link. All images are mine EXCEPT The Witch posters ( and the blank book (


12 thoughts on “EauMG’s February 2016 Favorites

  1. Ooh the violet tea, totally going to get some of that. I’ve been craving spicy and sour things too, chili and lime have been my thing since moving from Texas, reliably good Mexican food is just not readily available where I am now. My craving has lasted about 6 months now and just won’t leave. I’ve been making my own version of the Kevita water with True Lemon or True Lime and some organic cayenne. Super good.

    I read an article about The Witch on Jezebel and I really want to go see it because I love historical dramas, especially highly detailed period accurate ones but I’m just not a horror fan so I’m on the fence about it.

    When I saw the photo of you it made me smile because one of the first things I bought after moving up here was a black and white buffalo check flannel tunic. Must be something in the air out here that makes us wear these things. 😉 I love the color combo of your Adidas. Reminds me of the 1930s.

    I haven’t cut my hair since moving and I always kept it as a chin length bob. It’s past my shoulders now and driving me crazy. Just scared/not ready to find someone new yet. I’m the same with finding a new pet sitter.

    Husband and I have been watching Vinyl this month. I was hoping it would be as good as Boardwalk Empire but it’s just kinda meh so far. Loving all of the 70s clothes and interiors though.

    I finally caved and bought the Kate Somerville goat milk moisturizer and I love it. Not happy with the price though and the packaging can be a little iffy sometimes so I did some research and found an exact replacement, same ingredients and everything for about a 1/3 the price and more product. So I’ll be trying that out when I run out of the KS cream. Bought a bottle of Na Nin Cripple Creek, love it but it doesn’t last very long on me.

    1. Spicy/sour – it’s so perfect. It sucks to be spoiled by excellent Mexican and not be able to find it. It was hard in Seattle and wasn’t easy here but I *finally* found a taqueria and a place that has excellent mole (and delivers!). This Kevita is effervescent which I know isn’t good for teeth/bones so I’m better off making my own.

      The Witch – Let me state I absolutely DO NOT like modern horror at all (I can do some Vincent Price or something). I do not like gore. I do not like sexual violence. Horror is not my genre unless it’s a cheesy Hammer film. I was very hesitate about seeing this one because frankly, I’m too sensitive. However, I liked this. It’s like a psychological/suspenseful movie with supernatural themes. I love the aesthetic, the costumes and even the language. It was not too intense for me, even in a theater where things are usually too loud for my liking.

      Flannel – Haha, it must be something! I have never wanted to wear it but it’s perfect. Also, you’re the best. When I texted a pic of the shoes to a friend, I was like which should I get “The Art Deco ones or the black/white ones?”

      I’ve always had a bob so my hair is so long now. It’s not even by choice. It’s more out of distrust! When I find someone, I’ll go back but until then I’m taking it easy. Also, it’s so much cheaper to have longer hair! The pet sitter is something we’ve put off for sooo long. I have a good feeling but will know more after the trip. Stuff like this is very stressful with a move. It takes time to find someone/services that I trust.

      So, I have not watched Vinyl but was talking to someone about it. He said he should be obsessed with it but isn’t. However, he said the costumes and set design is stunning and the only reason he has continued watching. I may start watching it after Season 1…if I hear better things about it. I do think the show will be influential as I’m seeing much more “NY in the 70’s” sort of fashion around. And I dig that.

      Skincare is like perfume. I keep falling for the expensive stuff. But, I rarely buy expensive skincare because I can usually find something else that I like about the same.

      Na Nin has great stuff but they don’t last long on me either.

  2. Of course, OF COURSE I’m gonna fall for the $75 lipstick. Was there ever any question? That really is a great color on you, though. And I too and totally intrigued my the violet tea!

    I really loved The VVitch. I’ve been looking forward to it for what feels like years now…and that ending. Wow. Beautiful. Reminded me of a Goya painting (though I could see if you weren’t totally enrapt throughout, you might think it was kind of hokey).

    In February I think I began my love affair with that Sunday Riley Luna oil, you know, the blue stuff. Never has my face *felt* so amazing the next morning, although truthfully it looks pretty much the same. And I’ve also been giving all of my attention to Encens Mythique. What a gorgeous scent. I’ve never fallen for a Guerlain…they’re so…Guerlain-y, you know? There’s just something about a Guerlain that always feels cold to me. But this one is warm yet translucent and just beautiful. A lot of people mention rose, and I don’t get that at all, so it’s possible that I have been tricked into loving a rose perfume? Ha.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of weird folk stuff, like “wyrd”, sort of 70’s British isles wicker man vibes. And watching Season 2 of Les Revenants. And reading lots of poetry–Salt Is For Curing by Sonya Vatomsky was amazing, and the standout of recent reads.

    1. And the SL Lipsticks are super tiny because you know, that just adds to the pain of it all. But, I love the color and the tube is super heavy and refillable.
      That violet tea is so kawaii and delicious.

      I really like the movie but after all the work to go see (oversold and got to see about 30 minutes before leaving, second time it was also oversold and there were no seats). So, it was like I was expecting so much by that 3rd time. However, I think it was worth seeing just for the ending. And I have had butter BTW.

      Both of those things are worth falling for! And it is possible Guerlain tricked you into liking a rose. They’re good at that 😉

      I’ve read some of Vatomsky’s stuff on Tumblr and enjoyed it. How did I miss the book? I’m going to have to get that.

  3. You are going to have so much fun at Disney World. Get the Dole Whip by Pirates/frontier land in the magic kingdom and then in Norway go for this weird gooey dough sweet bread. And the dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom should not be missed. Yes, I’m a huge nerd! And those boys on the train?? Yes! We can bench press way more than those dudes! Have Fun!

    1. I’m super stoked for Disney. I will put “weird gooey dough sweet bread” on my list too 😉 I really love Haunted Mansion so I’m going to try to get that MORE THAN ONCE. I’m excited.

      Oh, teenagers…I forgive them because it’s punishment enough to be a teen. It’s hard not to pity a young teenager.

  4. Good morning. I enjoy reading eaumg very much, and I don’t think I’ve ever commented before.

    I don’t go to the movies a lot, but I do want to see The Witch. The movie poster captured my attention, but I’m a chicken when it comes to horror films. I’m glad to read here that it’s not gory.

    You are going to have so much fun in Walt Disney world . Be sure to check out the perfume boutiques in Epcot . The France section has three boutiques . And the Italy and Japan section carry perfumes from their countries in their gift shops.

    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting!

      I didn’t even like seeing the previews for other horror when I went to watch this. I can not stand that “slasher” stuff at all.

      Yay! My friend that I’m meeting up with there was telling me all about these perfume boutiques. They’ve really thought of it all! It’s all the Festival of Flowers time so I really, really look forward to seeing something spring-y and beautiful like that.

  5. February… I have no idea where this month went.

    I enjoyed cold temperatures and snow! It’s been a long time since we had a February this beautiful!

    Wearing (fragrance): All sorts of things! Lots of Slumberhouses, AG Sables, Xerjoff Mamluk, Mona di Orio Cuir, lots of skanky florals…

    Wearing (clothing): Fur and leather! And lots of vintage, for a proper librarian look at work… 😉 And a dark blue and white tunic that I found at a flee market. Intentionally hugely oversized and worn with a tan leather belt. Loving dark blue combined with tan leather right now. Also have a dark blue linen dress (full lenght, medieval pattern) that I wore a lot, with bronze jewelry and the same tan leather belt. It was cold outside this month, but the heating at work seems to finally work as it should (we have been freezing our butts off for two months) so I could finally move on from thich sweaters.

    Eating/Drinking: Lots of cheese! Lots of tea!

    Listening: Actually listened to mostly music this month, because I ran out of documentaries… Rediscovered how much fun it is to clean the house while listening to music with an exciting rhythm! Mostly listened to old favorites, lots of Scandinavian folk…

    Watching: Ummm… no idea. Netflix tells me that I watched lots of MASH. And also the second season of Agent Carter.

    Reading: Lots and lots of fanfiction. I’m talking LOTS.

    Wanting: More winter and freezing temperatures. I want to be able to wear my new brocade coat with fur lining at least a few times before winter is ending. 😉 But experience tells me that whenever I buy a fur coat on the spring side of New Years, that is bound to be the very last day of below zero temperatures… It never fails to bring about spring! 😛

    1. I’m happy someone likes the cold. I’m as far North as I ever want to be.

      Clothes – I’m all about oversized clothing. I don’t pair with a belt, which I’m sure is much more flattering. I love bronze jewelry, love it so much. Bronze is one of those metals that works for my complexion but I rarely wear it (well, I rarely wear any jewelry because I’m lazy).

      Music – I know! I actually put on a record and clean until the side is over. It makes it much less painful, lol.

      Watching – Ugh, Netflix sucks right now. Like there’s nothing except for MASH (I have a 16 year old brother with Down Syndrome that loves that show BTW, it’s his favorite).

      I’m so happy someone likes the cold! Because I hate it. Saying that, this happens to me too. I buy stuff off season when it’s marked down thinking I can wear it for a few more months. Whenever I do this, the weather like magically turns.

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