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EauMG’s Favorite Shower Gels

Marilyn Monroe Shower

As corny as it sounds, I view bathing as a ritual. For me, it represents rebirth. At the end of the day, I can wash away my sorrows and start fresh. In the morning, I can prepare myself for an erratic day. For five or ten minutes daily, this is my time to start over. And as woo as it sounds, I take this time to reflect on the positive things in my life¹, of course, while using products with scents that I enjoy.

It’s no secret that I love bar soaps. I know they’re bad for the skin because they’re drying. But, I don’t care. I’m all about the nostalgia of a bar soap, dare I say, “the craft” of a bar of soap. I also think they have other advantages like having less packaging and being easier to travel with. Saying that, I also love a good shower gel. I like their foam and concentration of scent. I like any product that elevates my bathing ritual.

I may flirt with many different brands and formulas, but these are the shower gels that I continue to repurchase. It was actually difficult for me to condense my list. This is something I use daily and I’ve had a lifetime to use shower gels!

favorite shower gels

Here’s my list of favorites:

Caress Daily Silk White Peach & Silky Orange Blossom Body Wash – The scent of this shower gel reminds me of old school perfume from the 1950’s. It’s a powdery floral with a hint of bergamot and peach. I think it smells better than most designer perfumes for sale at perfume counters. I love it.

LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel – This is my jam. My sweet, gooey honeyed rose jam. I buy a couple of bottles of it when it’s available. Review here. Sadly, it’s limited edition.

Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower & Bath Gel in Original – Actually, when I was putting this list together, I realized that I haven’t bought this one in too long. I always had this slightly spicy shower gel around but I haven’t bought a bottle in over a year. The scent is like soapy carnation and vetiver. It’s really good and the bottles are huge.

Vitabath Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee in Spring Green and Plus – I can’t choose one of the scents over the other. They’re both essential to the “perfume timeline of my life” (if I were to ever make one). Green is like pine and patchouli, so 1970’s, so wonderful. Plus for Dry Skin is like a jasmine and patchouli that reminds me of a perfume my auntie wore in the early 90’s.

Myrurgia Maja Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel – This was my grandmother’s favorite. It’s one of my favorites. The formula of the shower gel has changed some but it’s still hella fragrant. The scent of the shower gel that’s “hecho in Mexico” is very much like vintage-ish or pre-2000 bottles of the Maja perfume. It’s a rich, spicy floral with aromatic notes. I layer it under scents like Estee Lauder Youth Dew and Aromatics Elixir. 

Johnson’s Baby Honey Apple Baby Wash – When I want a more delicate scented shower gel, this is my go-to. It’s a sweet apple with honey. And the honey doesn’t come across as animalic, just sweet.

Kracie Naive Peach Leaf Body Wash – I really can’t describe the scent of this one because it’s just “Japanese skincare” scent. Like it’s light, sheer fruity-floral. It’s my “kawaii” scent that I layer under things like Annick Goutal Petite Cherie. They also sell refills for these big ‘ole bottles.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Luscious Shower Gel – I rarely splurge on auxiliary perfume products because they’re expensive. But, I do think they’re “worth it”. I try a lot of them, but usually don’t repurchase them. This is one of the few that I repurchase. It’s strong, spicy and I like the packaging. When I want this on a budget, I use the Maja but sometimes I can splurge.

Pacifica French Lilac Shower Gel – All of the Pacifica shower gels smell great. I actually have repurchased many of the scents but this is my favorite. It’s like old school lilac soap. It’s spring for the shower. I love to use it during the dead of winter.

Korres Fig Shower Gel – The scent of this one is like a Diptyque Philosykos but with an addition of the fruit of the fig. I like this scent for summer.

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Pure Castile Soap in Organic Rose – It’s so funny to me that this is now seen as some “hipster” soap when it was a soap we had around when we were younger. Dr. Bronner was like my crazy parents’ favorite soap. It’s versatile, economical plus it’s covered in crazy talk. I like rose because it’s the glamorous one. The others, I can’t handle, but I like the rose.

Yves Rocher Manoi Hair & Body Wash – Since my late teens, I’ve been ordering whatever “manoi” line and variations of it that Yves Rocher offers. I love the scent of this beachy floral. It also does a decent job as being a clarifying shampoo for hair.

Avon Skin-So-Soft Shower Gel in Original and Soft & Sensual – These are both nostalgic for me. I think most of us, regardless of cultural background, know the Original SSS scent. It’s lavender-y and so distinctive. Soft & Sensual came out later but it’s been around long enough now to be a “classic”. It’s always reminded me of Givenchy Amarige. I guess it’s like a fruity tuberose. And I appreciate this line’s practical packaging.

Spuma di Sciampanga Classico Shower Gel – What can I say? I have a thing for powdery florals. And that’s what this is.

I’m all about luxury products but as you’ll see with my favorites, I like a lot of cheap, drugstore stuff. I tend to like “classic” scents, or at least scents that are nostalgic. It’s funny because when it comes to bar soaps, I like expensive ones.

When I was putting this together, I realized that a lot of my favorites have been discontinued like LUSH Flying Fox, Caress Exotic Oil Infusions and Jean Naté. There are many that if they ever come back, I’m going to stock up. However, it’s not like I don’t already have an abundance of choices already!

Speaking of, what are your favorites? I have my favorites but I’m always on the search for new favorites.

¹Like so many people, I can get wrapped up in the negatives. When I bathe, I make an effort to think about positive things no matter how bad the day was. I mean just having clean, warm water is something to be grateful for!

*Marilyn Monroe shower pic from Post contains a few affiliate links. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “EauMG’s Favorite Shower Gels

  1. I love Amouage Jubiliation XXV. Fills the shower and my skin with a lush scent. A trace remains after drying.

    1. So luxurious 🙂 I once splurged on an Amouage body cream and it was one of my favorite splurge purchases ever. I keep meaning to buy their shower gel!

  2. Have you tried Lush’s new Lord of Misrule shower gel? I don’t know if it’s available in the states yet but my boyfriend and I have been loving it here in the Philippines. Very strong stuff though; it’s like walking out of the shower already wearing a beastmode club scent, almost. But very nice patchouli vanilla with black pepper. The biggest problem is the opaque color of it which threatens to stain my skin. We love Rose Jam, too! Currently what we’re using on vacation 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Yes! I bought a small bottle when I stocked up on Rose Jam. I have never tried it before. Lord of Misrule smells AMAZING! I bought it on a whim; I could barely smell it in the store but liked the name. I’m very happy that I bought it. I admit that the color scares me because it’s soooo intense. Anyway, David loves it too. It smells even better on him IMO.

      Happy holidays and happy vacation 😉

  3. I love the Naive Peach Leaf, but the Rose Hip is my favorite. It’s like the Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose of shower gels (and I have found nothing better for shaving than the Kracie body washes, they outperform every shave-gel).
    I also adore the Pacifica Lilac one. Wish Pacifica’s formula was a bit more sudsy, but the scents are great (except the coconut, which I really don’t like).
    My other cheap, nostalgic body washes are Dial Gold (when I can find it) and that awful blue Dial that smells like generic blue raspberry. I cringe when I think about it but always end up enjoying it. I use them in the summer when I’m washing off layers of sunscreen and have been swimming in the river.

    1. I like Rose Hip too. I think I buy Peach Leaf more just because it’s unlike other things that I buy. I almost use it as my “palate cleanser” (if that makes any sense). I also love how they feel almost “powdery”. It’s hard for me to describe but they leave the skin feeling silky or like it was just dusted in dusting powder.

      That’s my complaint with Pacifica as well. I buy them for the fragrance. And regarding fragrance, I like them all except for the gourmand and overly fruity ones. Their florals are really good.

      I find myself using some cringe worthy scents because of nostalgia. For example, sometimes I really want to smell like classic Irish Spring, like I crave it. I buy the shower gel because the soap is so drying. It really does leave me feeling squeaky clean which I want in summer. All these classic ones like Dial Gold and even the original Old Spice are getting really difficult to find.

      1. My favorite shower gel is Pecksniff’s Ginger Flowers and Patchouli. It smells heavenly and makes my skin feel like smooth like glass. What is also great is that I’ve found it in TJ Maxx for practically nothing. Also Charna of Providence Perfume makes a gorgeous rose body scrub. I don’t really care for scrubs but she suggested using it in the bath. She used a beautiful rose oil and my skin is left very soft. She gave me a sample but I am planning to buy the next time that I visit her shop.

        I know that I am in the minority but I don’t understand the love for rose jam. (Ducks flying objects). I find it sickeningly sweet. Apologies for those who love it!

        Happy holidays Victoria.

          1. Yes! I do the same! It’s amazing when worn like that. I usually do this in the summer but now I’m longing for an olfactory vacation in winter 🙂

        1. Oh, I’ve always wondered about Pecksniff’s but haven’t tried them. That was the scent I was interested in, and yes, I passed it by at TJ Maxx! If I see it again, going to pick it up.

          I love what Charna does with roses so I imagine that her body products are delightful. I like scrubs but don’t use them as frequently as soaps and shower gels.

          That’s fine! It is really sweet. For me, it’s nostalgia. I grew up on rose jam and Rose Jam actually smells like rose jam. It reminds me of my grandmother and how she’d spoil me 🙂

          Happy holidays!

  4. What a great column! I saw 4 gels that I use on a regular basis, all of which I’ve been using for many years. The Myrurgia Maja gel is delicious, and I love the idea of layering it under Youth Dew and Aromatics Elixir. I’d never have thought of that, but when I do my shower tonight, that’s exactly what I’ll be trying out! I might try layering it with Nuit de Noel, come to think of it. As for Jean Nate, I received my very first bottle of the after-bath splash at my sweet 16, some ten million years ago. I have never been without it since, I love it’s fresh, sweet, clean smell. In the summer, there’s not much that’s more refreshing on a hot day. Strangely, I’ve never tried the VitaBath green, but now that you say it’s vetiver and patchouli, that’s going on my “must get some” list. Thank you for this fun and informative list. Oh — and Happy Holidays!!

    1. Hope you like that combo as much as I do! I’m going to try the Nuit de Noel combo 🙂

      I love Jean Nate. It’s what I wear the most in the summer. Sometimes the shower gel is available but I haven’t seen it in years. I loved using it and following up with the lotion and splash.

      From what you say you use/like, I really think you’d like Green. It’s refreshing but not like citrusy or soapy. The lotion is also really good if you like scented lotions.

      Happy New Year!

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