EauMG’s Favorite Makeup & Beauty Products of 2015

For the past few years, I’ve made a list of my favorite beauty items from the year. These aren’t “new” products, even though some of them may be. These are products that are “new to me” products in 2015 that I fell in love with

This year, I’m also doing something different. I’m providing my “predictions” of trends going into the new year.

Favorite Makeup of 2015


In 2015, I started to like color cosmetics again. I played in a lot of products with a variety of finishes and shades. In 2014, my routine was simplified. In 2015, I embraced color. I enjoyed dark or red lips. I also liked to wear smoky eyes in unexpected shades like khaki and burgundy. I was all about rust, burgundy and plum shades for the lips, eyes and cheeks in 2015.

ColourPop Lippie Stix – ColourPop was one of the best things to happen in 2015. There’s a reason why this brand has a cult-following. It’s good. I’m particularly fond of their lip products. The lip liners glide on so smoothly. The lipsticks are a little drier but I like them because they are highly pigmented and stay on the lips. There are so many great colors. I love Tootsi, a neutral greige, and Brills, a weird lavender. They discontinued Feminist, a super dark purple, that I wore most of the summer. These retail for $5 at ColourPop. 

Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot – I’d say that the eyeshadow that I wore the most in 2015, was the pale shade, Sigil. It’s limited edition. I ended up picking up a few more shades. I wear them alone or under powder shadows. I love how they give a slightly glossy look, an “editorial” look. I don’t really recommend these to folks with oily lids. I have dry lids and these actually look sort of “anti-aging” and fresh on me. Retails for $27 at Rituel de Fille. Full review here.

Kiko Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – One of the best things about living in New Jersey is that there are Kiko Milano stores. These stores have introduced me to so many great, high-quality products like these stick eyeshadows. These are perfect for creating a base for a smoky eye or doing a quick wash of color. I love Burgundy and Golden Taupe. Both of those shades really emphasize my blue eyes. Good news,  the line is available online now. Retails for $12 at Kiko Milano.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Brightener – I was super skeptical about this product because I’ve had such bad luck with concealers in general. It seems that there are bad concealers at any price point. This is actually great. I wear it alone or over a creamy concealer. Retails for about $10 at

3CE Cream Blusher – 3CE is a Korean cosmetic brand associated with cool girl clothing line, Stylenanda. I’m obsessed with their makeup looks because they’re like almost so “wrong” but they’re so right. I love this blusher in Soft Orange, which is oddly such a punk shade. Baby Peach is more of my everyday shade. It retails for about $12 and they do ship to the US.

My 2016 Makeup Predictions: I think we’re going to see a backlash to heavy “Instagram” makeup (AKA contouring, blocky brows) and ultra matte lips. I think we’re going to see more glossy finishes and lip gloss will make a comeback. I also think we’re going to start seeing more pastel shades because of Pantone’s Color/s of the Year and because it goes well with “strobbing”. I’m expecting more “watercolors” and softer looks.


EauMG's Favorite SKincare


My skin has been a mess and in 2015, I decided to seek help from the professionals. I ended up, in general, simplifying my routine and being more gentle. I love using a fun mask or an unnecessary product (*cough**cough**sleeping masks*), but my skin doesn’t always love that. Also, I moved to a different climate. This has made my skin super sensitive.

Coola Unscented Matte Tint in SPF 30 – I love a good mineral sunscreen. And this is a good mineral sunscreen. It’s lightweight and leaves my skin feeling like velvet. It wears almost like a primer. Retails for $36 at Nordstrom. 

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum – This is a really good, basic serum that has no fragrance. It has a subtle sheen to it that makes my skin look radiant. And I like radiant. Retails for about $24 at

CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser – I used a lot of cleansers in 2015, but CeraVe is always my favorite. This is one came out in 2015 and was great for summer. It removed all the city grossness, my makeup and sweat without drying out my skin. Retails for about $12 at Full review here. 

Clinique Super Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20 – Most sunscreens migrate and burn my eyes. This is one of the few products that I’ve tried that doesn’t. It also provides some moisture. My only complaint is that I wish the SPF was higher, but overall, it’s a great product for me. Retails for $41 at Nordstrom. 

Tretinoin/Retin-A – This hand’s down changed my skin for the better. I mean, I hate that I have to use it but at the same time, that’s life. I’m happy to have something that helps with both acne and wrinkles. In the US, it’s only available as a prescription. And I find this so crazy when adults can go out and buy crazy amounts of guns/ammo and scary chemicals that could be used to make bombs or designer drugs BUT adults can’t buy this because it may dry out your skin? I’m obviously missing something. They say the OTC stuff is just as good but takes longer. It’s my experience that it isn’t as good. But, that’s just one opinion.

My 2016 Skincare Predictions: I think Korean skincare is still going to be really popular. I foresee an expansion of more retail locations in the US (like Nature Republic and Tony Moly). Their will be more Korean trends like egg whites, bee propolis or whatever. Masks are still going to be huge, but it’s going to be more like cream, clay and “sleeping” masks. There will be more “boosters”. On the flip, I think simplified skincare is going to grow too. This stuff swings on a pendulum. When something goes too far in one direction, it always comes back.


EauMG's Favorite Body Products

Bath & Body

My 2015 bath and body product craves really didn’t change much. I still love a fancy soap and luxurious shower gel. When it comes to moisture, I’m still into natural oils and sunscreens.

Hermès Soap – I don’t even care which scent, I just love Hermès soaps. I read that they have the same concetration as the brand’s EDTs. And I believe that. They’re really fragrant, very luxurious. Three soaps retail for $63 at Hermès.

Alpha Hydrox 10% AHA Enhanced Lotion – This is an AHA that is marketed for the face. The bottle is so large, that I use it on my body, especially troubling areas like heels or elbows. You must use SPF if you’re using this because it does make skin more sensitive to UV rays. Retails for about $14 at

LUSH Don’t Rain on my Parade Shower Gel – LUSH gets on my nerves sometimes because they discontinue stuff like Flying Fox. They’ll discontinue something but then win me over with something else. That something else this time, is Don’t Rain on my Parade. This is a violet-vetiver that frankly smells like a LUSH store. Now that sounds terrifying but I promise that “LUSH store” smells is much better in a lower concentration like this. Retails for about $27 at LUSH.

Malle Body Wash in Lipstick Rose – With the involvement of Estee Lauder, I noticed that Malle released a lot more “trickle down” products like this. I’m not complaining. I love this sort of stuff. Now I can literally bathe in Lipstick Rose. Retails for $55 at Frederic Malle. Review of the perfume here. 

My 2016 Bath & Body Predictions: I’m less cocky and certain with this genre. I do think with more of the big dawgs buying out niche perfume companies, we’re going to see more of the auxiliary products like hand creams, shower gels and body creams. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the mask trend doesn’t cross over more to the bath/body world with more clay-based body treatments. I swear, if I see a body lotion marketed as a “body sleeping mask”, I’m going to scream.

EauMG's Favorite Hair Products


In the past, I grouped hair and bath/body products into one category. However, I grew out my hair in 2015. It’s the longest it has been since like high school. This is really weird for me. Like I identify as someone with short hair. I don’t know how to take care of this stuff. So, 2015 was weird like that. I also started to “get into” hair products. And that’s why it has its own section this time.

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo – In 2015, I went blonde-ish. I only like ashy blondes for myself. So, a purple-tinted shampoo is a must-have. I loved this shampoo because it smells like vetiver and violets. And it did a great job of toning my hair. In fact, I still use it even though I’m no longer blonde. I like how it rids my hair of any brassiness. Retails for $33 at Nordstrom. 

R + Co Mannequin Styling Paste – When my hair was a little shorter, I loved this. This is a product that gives hair a “lived in” look. It has awesome looking packaging. It smells like green figs. Retails for $28 at C.O. Bigelow.

Oribe Signature Conditioner – I’m usually an advocate for cheap shampoos and conditioners because I never knew why you’d pay more. Then I tried this. You pay more because you can. And because sometimes you pay more and get a great product like this that smells great. And has fancy packaging. Retails for $39 at C.O Bigelow.

Providence Perfume Co. Beauty Elixir Oil – Long hair is annoying. Like you have to take care of it. My hair gets so dry at the ends. This stuff has saved my hair. Plus, it smells like neroli. Retails for $44 at Beautyhabit. Full review here.

Also, add elastic hair ties to this list. Where do all of those things go? I swear I have lost like a thousand of those in 2015.

My 206 Hair Predictions: I think we’ll continue to see more perfume houses do stuff like hair perfumes. This is an extension of what I talked about in the Bath/Body section. I can only hope that the super long hair extension phase will pass…and it probably will. I think mid-length hair will continue to be more prominent as more folks have damaged their hair from ombre and “beachy” shades. Saying that, I think deep conditioning and “anti-aging” hair products will continue to grow because people always want healthy looking hair. And we can’t leave our hair alone. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “boosters” like with skincare products but tailored towards the hair (like “UV protection” or “extra hydration”). It’ll be the same ‘ole stuff (like serums or styling creams) but rebranded as a “booster”.

What were your favorites of 2015? Any new favorites? Old favorites?

Here’s my favorites from 2014. 

AND if you’d like to know what my favorite NEW perfume launches were, that’s here. 

*Nordstrom,, C.O. Bigelow and Beautyhabit are affiliate links. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “EauMG’s Favorite Makeup & Beauty Products of 2015

  1. I have yet to try colourpop but everyone raves about it! It’s definitely on my “to try” list. I think you are right on the money with your make-up predictions. I’ve seen a few article claim that Kylie-style huge matte lips are out and I recently bought a sky-blue Sephora +Pantone lipstick ( why?). I can’t wait to see what the next hair trend is. I’ve seen sunset inspired dye jobs and am wondering what’s coming next! I’m terrible with hair dye so I live vicariously through others.

    1. ColourPop is a fun line. Their highlighters and blushes are very pretty. Their shadows are hit or miss. I (for some silly reason) only bought their mattes. The matte eyeshadows are puny in comparison to their shimmery shades.

      I think a lot of these trends will take time to fade out, but I think we’ll see less of it. I love huge matte lips, but the truth is, it’s so popular that it’s just reached a saturation point. Also, matte formulas don’t do many people any favors (shows every line, flake, etc.). Even when I buy these liquid mattes, I put a satin or sheer lipstick over them because alone, it “ages” my lips.

      (why?) <- Dying. I almost bought that thing. Then asked myself the same question and regret not buying it. Also, I've been having some crazy urges like buying pastel eyeshadows (why?) Hair is a hard one because it's harder to change up in comparison to a lipstick! I love the "oil slick" or "opal" trend. Sunset sounds gorgeous. I love that people are more daring now with colors. I do look forward to see which dye trends get popular in '16!

  2. I just recieved the Sigli Eye Soot from Rituel de Fille in the mail yesterday, and it’s really good. It is a great subtle shimmery color that is hard to describe. It stays on all day and doesn’t crease and doesn’t flake.

    1. Yay! I love that color because it’s so simple. It reminds me of like candlelight through a champagne flute. Or almost like “my lids but luminous”. I have no issues, but I’ve read some reviews (of other shades) where people complained. However, I think some people are cream eyeshadow folks and some aren’t.

      I apply it with a cheapie synthetic flat/paddle eyeshadow brush that I bought at Ulta (think the brand is Real Techniques).

  3. Good round up!
    I do want to try ColourPop but every time I go to purchase, I look at my stash and realize I’m being ridiculous. That somehow didn’t stop me from buying a ton of things from Kiko online during one of their sales. I was SO pleasantly surprised at how nice the packaging AND quality of the products are for such an inexpensive line! Even the boxes that the Christmas collection came in were gorgeous. It’s hard to resist trying a few more things like the eyeshadow sticks. I picked up a few lipsticks with the rose gold magnetic closure because I’m weak.

    Sephora also knows how to push my buttons. I already have a great skincare routine that I love and don’t feel the need to change (including their 1% Retinol serum, my training wheels this year for Retin A) but I read great reviews on Beautypedia for the Drunk Elephant line and bought the uber pricey Glycolic acid serum and a face soap during their sale just out of curiosity. I don’t regret it.
    The final makeup standout this year for me was the Marc Jacobs The Free Spirit palette. The eyeshadows are top-of-the-line quality but WTH it’s so large, it’s hard to open! 🙂

    1. I don’t need another color product like ever. But, it’s hard to not purchase. A. because I love this sort of stuff. B. because there are so many new products/brands and I want to try them all!

      Kiko is one of my favorite makeup brands ever. The stuff is high-quality. So far, I haven’t purchased a single dud (but I do have the luxury of trying them in store so I have some idea of their pigment, etc.). I think it’s one of the best brands regardless of price. It easily competes with more expensive department store cosmetics. Those lipsticks are so luxurious for their price! I love them. And the brand also runs so many sales. The stick shadows I bought were marked down to $4-$6. I also LOVE their eyeliners.

      I’m so tempted by Drunk Elephant because of the reviews on Beautypedia. I also want to add more glycolic to my routine. Right now I’m set for skincare but maybe in a few more months…

      Those things are huge! I was surprised when I saw them in person.

  4. Yes, Golden Taupe!!! I bought it on yours and Non-Blonde’s recommendation and really love it. I got a handful of others and the only one I don’t wear is Light Taupe, which is so light as to not show up on my lids at all. Jealous that you can actually go to a Kiko store and swatch. I also discovered and fell in love w/ the Age Rewind concealer this year.

    I’m not that into super matte lipstick so I’d be happy to see that trend back off a bit, but that said…I really liked both the Maybelline matte range and the L’Oreal Le Matte pencils.

    I am trying to cut back on my makeup buying this year but nonetheless, I’m planning a Colourpop order at some point.

    1. I can’t remember Light Taupe but I feel like if I didn’t buy it, there was a reason. I also love their long-wearing eyeliners that come in these pretty jewel tone shades. I could buy them all, but I haven’t.

      I think the Maybelline and L’Oreal ones are more forgiving. They don’t give that super dry “sunbaked clay” look to lips. The new Revlon HD has a pretty finish, more like a liquid lipstick than a eggshell finish paint.

      I’m trying. And it’s already hard. I’m spending today organizing my stash as a reminder that I absolutely do not need to buy another makeup item in the near future.

      1. I’m curious about those Revlon HD’s even though you said they are fussy. But I already have two of the Revlon Moisture Stains which are also fussy to apply — the colors are great but but the application is just finicky and they take a while to set.

        1. The both have the same problem. The colors are gorgeous. I love the finish. But, they take too much effort.

      2. Long wearing eyeliners in jewel tones from Kiko you say? I just got an email about their sale. Several eyeliners are 50% off or more. I wear eyeliner every day without fail. Hm…

        1. Haven’t checked my email in too long, but just checked out the sale. There’s a lot of great deals to be had.
          The formula that I like is Intense Colour (not on sale but still cheap). The colors are so velvety and remind me of Urban Decay’s. I also like the Glamourous Eye Pencil. It’s a softer formula and the pencils are smaller in comparison to the others but the color payoff is great (with the colors I bought). At under $3, they are worth “experimenting” with.

          1. Thank you for the recommendations! I picked a few things up including the eyeshadow stick you (and Elisa) mentioned, and 2 sale eye pencils. I’ll check out the Intense Color and Glamourous next time.
            I have to recommend the Intensely Lavish lip pencils that remind *me* of Urban Decay’s as well. I was going to get a few more shades but they only had in stock the ones I already own.
            One thing unique to Kiko is the reviews written by customers in different languages. You can figure out the English equivalent of “amazing”

          2. Being that those liners are my Urban Decay dupes now, I will try those lip liners. I love the UD lip liners but they are pricey. At the Kiko price, I wouldn’t mind owning a few shades.

            Hahaha, yes! Kiko has made us multi-lingual.

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