EauMG’s Favorite Makeup & Beauty Products of 2014

Last year I posted my first every “Favorite of the Year” makeup and beauty product round-up (thanks The Non-Blonde for inspiring me). Now that 2014 is over, it’s time for me to share my favorite beauty products of the year.

 I’m a perfume blogger that is overwhelmed by new perfume launches; I can’t keep up with makeup launches too. This post isn’t about “Best New Products of 2014”. It’s a post about “new to me” products of 2014 that I fell in love with (and in a few cases, fell back in love with).

2014 Favorite Makeup


In 2014, I really simplified my makeup routine. I’m always flirting with new “looks” but for the most part, my product choices were rather consistent in ’14. I wanted a dewy complexion and perfect brows. As far as color cosmetics, I usually wore matte neutral eyeshadows and full-coverage lipsticks. And I was all about the plum and brown lip color shades.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick – Last year, Rouge d’Armani made my favorites. This year Rouge Ecstasy has. I love the lacquer red packaging, the formula and the selection of colors. For autumn, I loved the shade 204 Caffe. When I wore heavy eyeliner, I would wear 100 Androgino. For classic red lips, I wore 406 Ottoman.  Retails for $34 at Nordstrom.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara – It amazes me that I can get a great mascara for under $5. I can’t get over how good this stuff is for the money. Retails for about $5 at Ulta.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – This concealer was recommended to me by many beauty product lovers, but I was stubborn. I didn’t listen. I’m a Taurus. You can’t tell me what to do. And then I ran out of concealer and finally gave this one a try. I love this for under the eyes. It’s awesome. I should trust beauty product lovers more. Retails for $29 at Nordstrom.

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact with SPF 50 – This leaves my skin dewy just like how I like it. The color works for me and I love that it has a high SPF. And when I wear it, people always give me complexion compliments. It’s expensive but I think it’s worth it. It has a perfume-y aroma and I’m OK with that. Retails for $60 at Nordstrom.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Brow Color Pomade – Big brows are in right now. And this product gives me natural looking thick brows. And it doesn’t budge throughout the day. The color selection is excellent. Too many brow products have red tones and look really unnatural if you have a cool complexion like mine. Taupe is perfect for my ashy hair. Retails for $18 at Nordstrom.

2014 Favorites Skincare


Can I just add “Korean skincare” to this? Because that was my big theme in 2014. Masks, layers and stuff with snail secretions. And I’m still all about the oils and continue to use many that I mentioned in my 2013 Favorites.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask – This is a creamy mask that smells so good, like candied roses. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. Retails for about $15 at

Korean Sheet Masks – I’m just going to include this as a big generic thing. I love them. I love so many brands that I can’t narrow it down. You can find them at places like Pretty & Cute and your local Korean markets.

Paula’s Choice Resist Intense Repair Cream – My dry winter skin has responded so nicely to this rich cream. It’s so gentle. Retails for $29 at Paula’s Choice.And this was a product launched in 2014.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser – This isn’t really a “new” product for me but in 2014, this is one that I fell in love with again after years of not using it. I used it daily in 2014. It smells like roses and removes 99% of my makeup. I use it at night and follow with a foaming cleanser with a brush. It’s a good combo for me. And a tub of this stuff lasts forever. Retails for about $6 at

Mario Badescu Facial Spray – I have dry skin and I like dewy looks. So, I started using complexion mists a few times a day. I like this one from Mario Badescu because it’s pretty and cheap. It smells like roses and has gardenia extract. And it does make me look dewy. I also used a few Korean ones in 2014 too. I liked those as well. Retails for $7 at Nordstrom.

Did you notice a theme of roses and masks in 2014? Because I sure noticed this.

Favorite Bath and Body Products

Bath, Body & Hair

In late 2014, I decided to grow my hair out. This renewed an interest for me in haircare products since my hair needed more moisture since I was trimming it less. Plus, as sick as it sounds, buying stuff for my hair distracted me from those urges to chop it off. I also started to focus on anti-aging products for the entire body due to my advanced age 😉

Trind Keratin Treatment Set – For the first time ever, I now have strong nails thanks to this treatment set. I get to play in nail polishes now! Retails for $46 at Skinstore. Full review here.

Philip B. Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray – It’s a blend of oils and silicones and it leaves my hair feeling and looking smooth. It doesn’t smell like oud, more like a benzoin-heavy amber. And I like when my hair smells like benzoin-amber. Retails for $25 at Beautyhabit.

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner – I love the aroma of this line (resins and honeysuckle) and this combo is good for my course hair. I still use a deep conditioning treatment twice a week but for daily use, this stuff is awesome. Retails for about $10 each at

Paula’s Choice Resist Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment – In 2014, I wanted to focus on anti-aging for the skin on all my body, not just my face. I layer this under my moisturizers. It makes my skin look eerily smooth. Retails for $27 at Paula’s Choice.

Thalia Soaps – I’ve always been a fan of bar soaps so when I went to Turkey in ’14, I knew I was going to stock up. This is a culture that has perfected bathing. This line of soap feels good and smells amazing. The next time I visit, I’m picking up like 10 bars of each scent. The Olive Oil soap smells like daphne. Oh, so good. Available at Thalia.

What were your favorites of 2014? Any new favorites? Old favorites?

Here’s my post to my favorite makeup products of 2013. 

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*Nordstrom,, Paula’s Choice and Beautyhabit contain affiliate links.


13 thoughts on “EauMG’s Favorite Makeup & Beauty Products of 2014

  1. Yessss! …I mean Nooooo! so many tempting things on your list! I thought I was done shopping… 😮

    Most tempting are:
    1) Rosewater mask… because I love rose scented products (Btw, have you tried the REN rose line? I started with the sugar scrub, then acquired the body wash, lotion and body oil, so good!)
    2) AmorePacific cushion compact- because apparently I am foundation fickle
    3) Phillip B heat protector – because I have to wash and blowdry my hair every darn day and scented hair can be fun
    4) Korean sheet mask -because like I said in my previous comment, your Zorro picture finally sold me
    5) Thalia soaps – because I love Turkey!

    I’ve tried the NARS concealer but my under eye area has too many creases so the texture isn’t thin enough to resist creasing up. Instead, I use a very thin-consistency Body Shop dupe for the YSL Touché Éclat, and it probably makes no difference except in my mind 🙂

    I have two favorite beauty items from 2014. One is the Hourglass blush trio. I’m no blush addict and have basic blushes that I’ve always been happy with, but this formula has this beautiful feminine luster that was noticeable even at the end of the day. Really happy Nordstrom started carrying Hourglass.

    Although maybe technically not released in 2014 (not sure, bad memory) were the Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose lipsticks. I got 3 of the 4 limited edition shades and love them. Talk about feminine! I love the rose scent and the gorgeous colors. I really wish they weren’t LE. Le sigh 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and tempting!

    1. 1. Rose – I’m a rose lover. I love rose products. I do like the REN line but haven’t tried the sugar scrub (and I love sugar scrubs!)
      2. I’m all about dewy and this and #4 give me that look 🙂
      3. OK, so why haven’t more brands caught on to this? Why can’t they make a heat protector/hair perfume? It seems like such an obvious idea that we’d all buy.
      4. See #2
      5. Turkey has the best soap; the best bath products.

      NARS – It is a thicker concealer but it works for me. Saying that, I don’t know if it will in the summer or in higher humidity; I shall see.
      Hourglass – I love their blushes. Their illuminating powder made my “Favorites of 2013” list. It’s shimmery but incredibly natural looking. I also love their lip and cheek stains because they are easy to blend and look so natural too. Hourglass is a great line.
      BITE – Wait. What? They have rose scented lipsticks? And I didn’t buy them? Ugh. I LOVE rose scented/flavored lippies.

  2. I love those Armani lipsticks. I haven’t bought one yet myself, but they look great on everyone I’ve seen them on. Definitely on my list of things to try in 2015.

    My biggest beauty hit of 2014 was the FAB facial cleanser. I love that stuff. I’ll buy a full-size bottle as soon as my 1 oz sample runs out. It’s really made me want to try more from that line. Also, not a 2014 purchase but my most commonly-used makeup product is my Makeup Forever HD concealer. It certainly hides what I don’t want seen! 😉

    1. And the packaging is so wonderful. Anything with a magnetic cap equals luxury to me.

      I haven’t tried too much from the line but what I’ve tried has been really gentle and good.

      What else could you want from a concealer? 😉

  3. When I look over the stuff that I use the most, I think that my favorites must be:
    1. Chanel Les Beiges in 02 (the striped one)
    2. Bite Beauty lipstick in “Pepper”
    3. Estee Lauder lipstick in “Rose Tea” (best purse lipstick, it goes with everything)
    4.Chanel cream blush in “Cheeky” or Mac “Seduced at Sea”
    5. The perennial favorite – Anastasia Brow Wiz
    I don’t wear much foundation or concealer, although I really should.And there are no eye products in there because I am so fickle and buy so much that I don’t give any enough time to become favorites. However, I did discover something this year – the best eye shadow palette for my purse is Milani eye brow kit in 01. It’s cheap, good quality and pretty well packaged. As a bonus, it comes with a teeny tiny set of tweezers.

    1. All this post has done has made me want to buy more stuff 🙂 I’ve had my eyes on those Chanel cream blushes for so long! And I’m going to check out the Milani. I usually like their stuff because it is good quality for the price.
      I have Rose Tea in my bag too. It’s a great shade.
      I want’ really “into” foundation/concealer until recently. It takes a lot of experimenting but when you get something that works for you, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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