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EauMG’s Fall 2015 Bath & Body Product Picks

I’ve already posted my Fall ’15 Fragrance Picks, but I’ve decided to expand on that theme with my scented bath and body product picks for autumn. These are bath, body and skincare products with scents that remind me of fall.

fall body products


Providence Perfume Co. Hand Cream in Chai Cocoa – You guys, this entire natural scent range is perfect for fall. It’s a spicy chai and hot cocoa. It smells absolutely delicious. This hand cream is fast-absorbing, making it great for daily use. Retails for $24 at Providence Perfume Co. Full review of the range here.

Malle par Dries Van Notten Body Cream – I feel like such an ass recommending $185 body cream. But, geez, it’s so luxurious and smells so good. I didn’t have a good experience with the EDP but this cream is a sophisticated blend of vanilla and sandalwood. Like I tried the cream and can’t stop thinking about it. Available at Frederic Malle.

Rebel + Mercury Organic Body Oil in Vanilla & Cardamom – This is a nourishing natural oil blend scented with spicy cardamom and a boozy vanilla. Isn’t cardamom and vanilla one of the best flavor/olfactory combos? Use on the body or hair if you want to smell delicious. Retails for $40 at Rebel + Mercury.  

Yes to Carrots Super Rich Body Butter – This rich, smooth cream has all sorts of harvest vegetables in it like sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins. The scent is a bright citrus with a hint of sweetness that isn’t overpowering and layers nicely under finer fragrances. Retails for about $10 at 

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother – I know this is a love or hate it scent, but I love it. And it’s so “autumn” to me with its blend of roses, vetiver and patchouli. It reminds me of like a damp rose garden in late fall. Retails for $36 at Nordstrom. The body cream is awesome too. And this time of year you can often find value gift sets with the perfume and bath/body products.

fall bath products



Johnson’s Baby Honey Apple Body Wash – Apples and honey remind me of Rosh Hashanah. It’s such a fall pairing of delicate apple and sweet honey. Plus, it’s dirt cheap. Retails for like $4 at’s a body lotion that’s worth giving a try too.

NEST Pumpkin Chai Liquid Soap – I know there is a backlash to pumpkin things. I admit that I’m fed up with pumpkin everything. I saw pumpkin “chocolate” chips, pumpkin spice candy corns and pumpkin marshmallows. Why??? It is madness. However, I do like spicy scents this time of year. And if I’m going to for anything pumpkin spice, I’m going with NEST. Their  pumpkin spice is truly the best because it’s not too sweet. It’s more spicy. This liquid soap retails for $22 at NEST. Here’s my review of the candle. 

Tom Ford Shower Gel in Oud Wood – I’m all about fancy soaps and shower products. I know it is literally throwing money down the drain but I’m OK with that. Bathing with fancy stuff makes my boring day seem less boring. This is a smoky, woodsy synth oud scent that actually translates well as a shower gel. Retails for $65 at Nordstrom. 

Villainess Bar Soap in Jai Mahal – This scent is like spiced rum in oak barrels. It’s one of my favorites from this alt-cult brand. Retails for $6 at Villainess. Full review here. 

Prada Candy Exfoliating Scrub – I have no idea why I love the aroma of Prada Candy so much, but I do. It’s like benzoin caramel. This is one of those “splurges” but it smells good, the formula is great and the packaging feels luxurious. Retails for $75 at Nordstrom. Full review of the perfume here. 


fall skincare products


FarmHouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Mask in Pumpkin Mud – This is a clay and yogurt based mask that smells good enough to eat. But, don’t eat it. It has some aromatics in it that may not be good for sensitive faces; however, its’s a great mask for hands and feet. Retails for $20 at

Burt’s Bees Carrot Nutritive Night Cream – This cream has always smelled really “fall” to me. It’s a really thick cream that is more for those that like heavier oils (AKA really dry skin). I like it but I know it’s not for everyone. In the past I’ve bought this as a hand cream just because I loved the aroma so much. Retails for about $13 at

MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Skin Cleanser – This is a coconut and veggie oil based creamy cleanser that smells like pumpkin pie. The texture is awesome, but it may irritate some complexions because it actually has spices in it. Retails for $18 at

Sara Happ Lib Scrub in Creme Brulee – With cooler weather, my lips need extra TLC. And this is the season that I want to wear darker lip shades. I have to take care of them. Yes, I can use a wash cloth but that’s not as glamorous as a lip scrub that smells like caramel and sugar, right? Retails for $24 at Beautyhabit.

Stewart & Claire Lip Balm in Autumn – Stewart & Claire already has the fall lip moisturizing base covered with this spicy, chai-like lip balm! Retails for $6 at Beautyhabit.

Which scented bath and body products remind you of fall?

*, NEST, Beautyhabit and Nordstrom contain affiliate links. Thanks!

25 thoughts on “EauMG’s Fall 2015 Bath & Body Product Picks

  1. Admittedly I’m a sucker for this whole pumpkin spice trend, probably because it’s not a big thing here in Au. I love Prada Candy too, I should just cave and get it next time Autumn comes around.

    1. I like it with some things but it’s stuff like candy corn where I’m like “I like candy corn because it tastes like CANDY CORN!” No reason to mess with it 🙂 With scents, there are some bad ones out there. Bath & Body Works have a lot right now and a few are good. I like them when they are less cinnamon-y and have more nutmeg or cardamom. That’s why I like the NEST one.

      Prada Candy is one that I like. I bought the large bottle in a gift set. I’ve used over half the bottle. That’s a lot for someone like me 🙂

  2. This list makes me want to try everything. I’m afraid to try the Malle body cream. I bet it smells amazing. I bought a jar of Queen Latifah body cream at a local discounter that reminds me of cinnamon sugar cookies. I love it.

    1. Don’t try it! lol It’s really good but it’s not in my price range.

      That’s good to know! I’ve heard good things about the perfume – spicy gourmand. And I love her so I wanted an excuse to buy her fragrance.

      1. In a delirious blind buy event I don’t remember, I somehow bought TWO of her scents! The red bottle and blue bottle…I was pleasantly surprised for a celebuscent.

        1. “Delirious blind buy” – perfume people problems 🙂

          If I see it, I’m picking it up. It’s my excuse to buy something with a celeb’s name on it that I actually like.

  3. I bought a bunch of stuff from Haus of Gloi for their autumn release, and they did a new, limited scent this year called blood orange marshmallow. Usually I’m not a fan of marshmallow-scented things but I got the lotion and oh god it’s so good. I want it in a giant bucket. It’s bright blood orange over creamy vanilla marshmallow. Sweet and rich but balanced by the citrus. I’m hiding it so my husband can’t use it.

    I’m so tempted by the Prada Candy body scrub. I do like Prada Candy and Pink Sugar type scents this time of year!

    1. Haus of Gloi is hit or miss because I have to buy it to smell it. Saying that, none of been bad, just not to my taste. A blood orange marshmallow actually sounds amazing. I didn’t buy any of the autumn things this year 🙁 I also like Peach Mama (is that what it’s called?) for fall. It’s like incense and peaches. Love it.

      I start craving those caramel scents this time of year. The Pink Sugar bath products are good and you can usually find them for a discount. This year, I’ve been all about fancy bath/body products. They’re expensive but I actually use them so I look at them as a better “value” because of this.

  4. I had no idea that providence perfume co makes hand creams. Sounds fantastic! As does Johnson’s Apple wash. I need another yummy smelling body wash since my rose jam is running low. And thanks to you and Lani for introducing me to haus of gloi and villainess. I didn’t know I even needed pretty soaps in my life.

    1. Yes! The body line is very nice. When I went to get the link, I noticed there are lip products too! I didn’t know this.

      That cheapie wash is one of my favorites. It’s delicate and foody without being too foody. Rose Jam is one of my all time favorite bath products. It’s my favorite “delicious” scent!

      Both of those brands are some of my favorites for indies. They have a lot of interesting combos and aren’t that expensive (especially considering the small scale they work on, I don’t know how they make a profit!). I usually buy small sizes if possible since I can’t smell them in person. Then I go back and buy the larger. The only problem with this strategy is with the seasonal stuff. I often miss out on those. And oddly know I can’t stop thinking about blood orange marshmallows… 😉

  5. Victoria, thank you soooooooooooooo much for including the Vanilla & Cardamom!!!!! What good company you have me with!!!!!!!!!! We miss you here in Seattle too. <3


      And you’re welcome. It’s a lovely oil (well all the scents are but I thought this one is really delicious for cooler weather).

  6. This is a great list! I’ll definitely be looking into the Rebel + Mercury body oil. I haven’t tried anything from that brand before.

    1. It’s a great indie brand that I highly recommend. The oils are smell wonderful but I have a fondness for anything with cardamom 🙂

  7. Oh gosh this is a dangerous list. I still have some B&BW autumn hand soaps from like 4 years ago because it takes me so long to get through nice soap and body washes and lotions… but I love them so much!!!
    Oud Wood and Candy and Dries Van Notten are three of my favorite scents. Gah. Doomed.

    1. You’ve reminded me of a scent that I remember liking – B&BW Vanilla Bean Noel. Now I want that, lol.

      Well, if it takes you a long time to use them, they’re a “good value”, right? 😉

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