EauMG’s Fall 2014 Fragrance Wants

I’ve decided to write down which perfumes I would like for autumn and here they are:

fall wants 2014

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Fig. 1 Noir – It’s a dark, deep patchouli. A patchouli for hardcore patchouli addicts. A patchouli that intimidates all the other patchoulis. Full review.

Cartier La Panthère – I admit that I want this for the bottle. It also helps that I like how it smells. The only reason that I haven’t purchased it yet is that I’m holding out for the parfum…but I may settle for the EDP. full review. 

Chanel Coco Noir parfum – I know that this one wasn’t well received in the perfume community but I like it. And I want this little black bottle on my dressing table.

Malle Une Rose EDP – Actually this has been on my to-buy list for every season. Thought I’d include it here as well. I’m usually not one for scented body products but I bet the body cream in this is heavenly, especially in the cooler months.

CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt – Because I want to smell like dirt. And this perfume goes well with fallen leaves.

Hopefully, this list will keep me on track 😉 I’m usually pretty good about sticking to my list but I do get distracted…I think we all do. There are deals, steals and new launches. It’s too easy to get tempted.

Which perfumes are your autumn “wishlist”?

*Photo is mine. Poor handwriting is mine.

17 thoughts on “EauMG’s Fall 2014 Fragrance Wants

  1. Haha, I misread the Roxana perfume as a fig scent.

    I’m also waiting on Le Panthere. It’s just too hot here for it right now! It’s also a bit of a departure for me, scent-wise. I think it’s the suede/musk but it is quite elegant. My first thought was upscale bubblegum. Turns out it was the strawberries, lol. Also, DAT BOTTLE. I can imagine Selena Kyle proudly displaying it on her vanity. Badass and sexy.

    Same with Coco Noir’s bottle. How cool are those black bottles?! I like the perfume enough but that bottle just sends it over. Must buy.

    For autumn, I want MMM’s Jazz Club and Garden Promenade, Serge Luten’s Fille De Berlin, Regime de Fleurs’ Turquoise, which is not a autumnal scent. I just want it and it’s autumn 😛 Well, almost autumn. Summer is not giving up so easily since it’s supposed to be 100 degrees for the next few days. Also by Regime, Nymphaea Caerulea is one I really want to sniff since it list blue lotus as a note. I just finished reading a novel (“The Book of Lost Fragrances” by M.J. Rose) that mentions rare blue lotus and then I found Nymphaea Caerulea, but whoaaa that price- $425 for 8ml. Ah, the high cost of being a scent fiend!

    1. When I first saw this one launched, I thought it was a fig perfume too 🙂

      I just want those for the bottles, lol. I mean they are good perfume that I would wear but I admit that they are getting “extra points” for looking so pretty. So, they’ve made the list 🙂

      I want to try Regime’s because I love blue lotus, love it. Have you tried Exotic Island Perfumer’s Waters of Aswan? Worth trying because it has blue lotus absolute and isn’t as expensive as Regimes.

      I read that book too; I really should review it!

        1. I haven’t tried the Regime though so I can’t say how it compares. I will say that blue lotus is so expensive and because of that, I rarely see it used in perfumes. So I get excited anytime I hear about one with it.

  2. Yay! As the entire internet is probably tired of hearing, Wild Hunt is one of my all time favorites. My wish list for fall includes:
    Ambre Russe, my decant has run dry and I probably really would use an entire 100ml eventually but I still object to the ugly bottle and lack of choice
    Anubis, in spite of its lack of staying power on me. I would actually like 100ml so I could spray with abandon
    Tobacco Rose, because I need another rose soliflore like a hold in the head
    Too bad I’m poorer than usual the one year my list is actually manageable. I thought there were more but those are the three that I would hock organs for (figuratively speaking).

  3. Hmm, can’t say smelling like dirt is not on my list. I start craving amber in autumn like Aerin Amber Musk and Lutens Amber Sultan. Botega Venetta Knot is on my to try list.

    1. I admit that it isn’t a really popular “scent craving” 😉

      Everyone needs a bottle of Ambre Sultan, I should bring my bottle out.

      Knot is on my to-try list too. I’m hearing good things about it. I love that original BV.

  4. I enjoyed your list. Rock that Coco Noir! 🙂 I’m not sure what I want most this fall. My birthday is in Oct. so I need to figure it out. I got some Olympic Orchid samples that I loved (Elektra, Lil, Ballets Russe), so I know I want at least one of those. And I’m going to England for a wedding in a few weeks, so I plan to do a lot of sniffing in London. That should help me focus. 🙂

    1. Oh, if I were you, I’d think I’d wait to after the London sniffing 🙂 That city has some amazing perfume shopping!

      1. Thanks for the advice. I think you are right! I’ve already spent an excessive amount of time plotting my shopping expeditions through London.

  5. Dear Victoria,
    I made a list last year and have not sticked to it at all.
    I had also vouched not to make any unsniffed purchases and…well…you know.
    The good part is that this is the year in which I have purchased the fewest bottles (an average of a bottle per month)

    The Roxana Illuminated Perfume on your list sounds great…and I adore Une Rose, just not on me.

    My current wishlist includes practically everything Vero Profumo, everything Maria Candida Gentile, Mohur extrait, Lumière Noire, Interlude Woman and Une Rose Chypree. I wouldn’t mind some Innuendo parfum either.



    1. I usually stick to my lists…usually. We all have something that happens – trades, new launches, an online sale!

      I’ve also bought the least amount of perfume this year than ever which can be expected because I’m out of space 🙂

      I love your list “everything Maria Candida Gentile” 🙂 It really is a great line.

  6. Finally able to catch up on some reading here. I want that Panther bottle and would love to try the extrait. But with that bottle bigger would be better. Oh heck–I want both. Same with Coco Noir. If the parfum was a little less fruity and a little more noir I’d bite. I have the Coco parfum in the little 7 mil bottle. The Noir size sounds like big brother. I just read about one called Maai by Bogue Profumo. A leather chypre. With amber. The new By Kilian’s Sacred Smoke is on the try list, as is the set from Papillion.
    And I would LOVE a bottle of Carnal Flower. This from the tuberose hater. But this was just wow. Went back for seconds and thirds. I splurged big time last year. I bought the Malle sampler that has 18 of the sampler bottles. One reason for my few purchases this year. I like L’Eau d’Hiver and Lipstick Rose, but am just ok with the rest. Carnal Flower, though. Now to save up the dollars.

    1. I went to Nordstrom and they didn’t have the extrait of Panthere or Coco Noir (tester). I would just buy them but at the same time, extrait and more expensive doesn’t always mean that they are “better”. But, the bottles do look good 🙂

      Yes, the By Kilians and Papillion are on my to-try list. I’m so behind. It’s hard to keep up.

      OK, back in the day I hated tuberose too. And then last year (think it was last year), I changed. I bought Carnal Flower and LOVE it. In my opinion, it’s the only tuberose that you need. And yes, it’s expensive but so worth it.
      ^On that note, I tried Hiram Green Moon Bloom and it’s stunning too. So I guess there are 2 tuberose that a tuberose hater should own. Still need to buy that one…

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