EauMG’s December 2014 Empties

December Empties

Happy 2015, guys! I hope you enjoyed December and survived the holidays. It was a busy month for me and frankly, I’m happy it’s over. I’m ready for my “regularly scheduled programming”.

In December, I used up less products than usual. That’s because with the winter, I’ve had to move on to new, richer skincare products for the face and body. And well, as you can see in the next paragraph, I should slow down on some of the buying too.

In December, I purchased: Some Philip B. hair products, NYX matte lipsticks, some creamy masks, some Tree Hut bath and body products, Korean makeup, Etat Libre d’Orange Bendelirious, Paula’s Choice skincare, some Japanese skincare and haircare and some new mascaras. Oh, when I replenished Paula’s Choice skincare, they had a GWP and I got the matte eyeshadow palette! And my hair dryer of 15 years died so I had to buy a new one those. I don’t really dry my hair but that combo of a wet head and going out in freezing temps, that doesn’t mix.

AND since it was the holidays, I was gifted a few bottles of Chanel Les Exclusifs and the bottle of Chanel Coco parfum that I’ve been wanting. I think I may volunteer for a “no-buy” until I go to Hong Kong at the end of this month but I’ve accumulated too much in the past month 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I emptied in December:

December Empties


Sumi Charcoal Facial Cleansing Foam – I’ve emptied this Japanese wash before in September. David helped empty this one as well as he said he really likes it.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment (“to-go” size) – I’ve tried so many lip products for chapped lips and nothing works better than Aquaphor on my lips. Nothing. Period.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm in Coconut – A good coconut-flavored lip balm. Full review here. 

  • Purchase? Maybe. I have a lot of lip balms but I will say that I like the flavor and the Hemp line is my favorite from this brand.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – This is a BHA rice and oat powder exfoliant that you use daily after cleansing. I like how it makes my skin feel but it’s not really compatible with my life. I like to throw on a BHA lotion and be done instead of having a paste sit on my skin for a minute and then wash it off. I have too many skincare steps as is.

  • Repurchase? No. I do like how it feels but I get the same result from a lotion. Worth trying though if you like the sounds of it.

Too Cool for School Glam Rock Mask – This is a super cool Korean eye mask that is black lace. It moisturizes but really it’s just awesome because it is too cool for school.

  • Repurchase? Yes. Because gimmicks work on me.
glam rock mask
It’s me. I know you thought it was David Bowie. But, it’s me.

L’Oreal Clean Artiste Waterproof Makeup Remover – This pretty much a more affordable version of Lancôme Bi-Facil. It’s a dual-phase eye makeup remover. I like it but I’m still on the search for a “perfect” eye makeup remover.

  • Repurchase? Probably. I see myself going back to it if I don’t find something better.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Relief 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment – It’s a shame that Neutrogena discontinued this really good and affordable BHA gel.

  • Repurchase? No but that’s only because it is now hard to find. Luckily Paula’s Choice makes a really good BHA gel too.

Ziaja Natural Olive Eye Cream (sample – not pictured) – This is a rather basic eye cream that I’d recommend for normal-to-dry skin types. And skin without wrinkles. It’s unscented and inexpensive.

  • Purchase? No. I would have when I was 20-25 though. Now my eye creams need all sorts of bells and whistles 😉



December empties

Bath & Body

Marble & Milkweed Bath Nectar – This is a mix of local honey and natural oils that is like a moisturizing treatment for the bath. You use it like a shower gel and yes, it’s really moisturizing. There’s no scent added either.

  • Repurchase? Maybe. I did like it for this time of year.

Evas Vitamin Body Wash in Strawberry – This came in a Memebox. It’s a shower gel that smells like energy drinks.

  • Repurchase? No.

Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub Glitter Sugar Scrub in SapphireHere’s another Memebox item. It’s a shower gel with some sugar particles in it. I later found out it is for the face but I used it on my body. And guess what??? I’m fine!!!

  • Repurchase? No.

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Bar Soap – This is a bar soap for the face but bar soaps are too drying for my face. So, I used it on my body. It’s OK.

  • Repurchase? No.

Ziaja Olive Oil Body Butter (sample – not pictured) – This is a non-greasy body butter that has a pleasant light, fruity aroma that reminds me of a mix of a powdery cherry and the aroma of Burt’s Bees Avocado Hair Treatment. The texture of this would be great for my dry skin in the summer.

  • Purchase? I don’t know. I liked it but I tend to use unscented lotions.



December Empties


Clinique Colour Surge Stay Matte Eyeshadow in Buttermilk – This is a matte, well, buttermilk shade that really works with my pale complexion. I use it as a base and it also blends nicely with darker colors.

  • Repurchase? No. It’s discontinued. And I do love the shade but a lot of companies make shades like this.

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Whipped Cream – I was obviously all about the mattes in December. This is a matte white that I love to use as a highlighter. And I like to use it all over the lid for a “fresh” look. It’s perfect for those Marilyn Monroe-ish eye makeup looks.

  • Repurchase? I like it but the truth is I have so many eyeshadows right now and I know I have something just like this…somewhere.

Total: 15. 12 full-size, 1 travel/deluxe samples, 2 samples

What about you? Which products did you use up in December? Did you purchase anything in December? Where you given any fragrance/beauty gifts? Did you throw out anything?

*If link goes to, it’s an affiliate link. With the Korean stuff, I’ve only bought from Pretty & Cute and Memebox; I have not bought from the other Korean product links so I can’t comment on their service.


27 thoughts on “EauMG’s December 2014 Empties

  1. I certainly respect your “product” knowledge, and you do have the loveliest lips so you’re the perfect person to ask – what lip treatment product gets your highest marks? I’ve been using Kanebo Sensai Total Lip Treatment for a few years and love it, but recently it was unavailable when I needed to purchase another bottle and I was in a panic thinking it had been discontinued and realizing I had no idea what could replace it with. Do you have a fave?

    1. I’ve tried so many things for chapped lips, low end and high end, but nothing works better for me than Aquaphor. I use a lip scrub one of two times a week and apply a thick coat of Aquaphor nightly. My 2nd favorite general purpose balm is Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Lip Treatment. During the day, I’ll use a rather simple lip balm stick if I’m not wearing lipstick.

      As far as anti-wrinkle treatments go, I like the Peter Thomas Roth “Un-Wrinkle” one. But, I have a feeling a really good eye cream would do the same thing.

      A lot of beauty bloggers that I love swear by Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment. I didn’t have the best of luck with it since my lips are sensitive. The eucalyptus and clove oils really irritated my lips. BUT other people talk about repurchasing it, etc.

  2. Oh wow, you’re going to Hong Kong?!! That’s exciting – I hope you report on it. 🙂

    Just curious, which of the Chanel les Exclusifs fragrances did you get for Christmas?

    1. It was sort of a last minute trip but it’s a place on our “list” for years.

      I’m having a huge Chanel moment right now. He got me 28 La Pausa, No. 18 and Bois de Iles.

  3. I finished a decant yesterday — Tauer’s Une Rose Vermeille. It was looking a bit thick and dark so it was time to use it up, but it still smelled good. My little decant jars are getting crowded so I need to keep working through them. I also burned through one of those huge three-wick candles from Bath and Body Works; it was called something like “Cranberry Woods” and smelled a little like Bois de Paradis.

    1. I really like Une Rose Vermeille, but never bought a bottle and haven’t used up my decant.
      I need to “focus” on my perfumes. Or get rid of some. My collection is crowded.
      Smells like Bois de Paradis? That sounds awesome. I wish B&BW stores didn’t suffocate me so I could find out about these little gems.

        1. If I only knew what was good; I could go in. I get so overwhelmed and can’t smell anything in there. I do like a few of their scents like the fig one and the coconut/lime one. Those were good home fragrances too.

  4. Ack — Neutrogena 3-in-1 discontinued?! Will definitely have to stock up. I’m not much of an online shopper, but I suppose I will eventually switch to Paula’s Choice. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Also, I enjoy the empties posts because the short and simple re-purchase or not is so useful.

    1. I don’t know why they’d do that since the product is amazing. Now they have other items in the line (like cleanser) so my *hope* is that they are repackaging or reformulating and it will be back. Anyway, my cousin sent me some as it was heavily discounted at her local drugstore and we haven’t been able to find it on the brand’s site. This product really worked for me so, yeah, it sucks.

      So…I’m moving on with PC this month…

  5. I used up a Votivo Winter Cranberry candle (loved it), and accidentally spilled a BPAL LE decant all over myself so I used that one up too (at least it smelled nice!). I got a bunch of free sample stuff with a Sephora order that included a full-size (!) Clarins “Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate” which I love. I’ve never bothered with eye creams before and I have no idea if this one is helping my skin but it smells like roses and has a gorgeous creamy texture so it feels luxurious. I also got a little bottle of First Aid Beauty face cleanser which I like as well–it’s mild and creamy and works well on my sensitive skin. Thanks for all the samples Sephora; you’re going to break my bank!

    1. I have about an hour left of Winter Cranberry; I really like that scent.

      I love that they were so generous with the samples. I wish companies would realize that samples really do work when it comes it to full bottle sales! I was introduced to many of my favorite items just because of a sample. I wouldn’t have tried them otherwise!

      I like the FAB stuff that I’ve tried; really gentle and good for these cold months.

  6. Ah yes, Aquaphor, my constant companion in the winter! It’s not glamorous, but it’s the only thing that really works for my chapped lips.

    I am curious to hear more of your thoughts on Bendelirous! I have a small decant on the way – I picked it on a whim because it sounded cheerful. I’m hoping it smells “fizzy”.

    1. Not glamorous but oh, so effective! Seriously, it works like magic on my chapped lips. Plus, awesome to have around for chapped skin associated with colds, allergies, etc. A winter must have.

      I like it (obviously so much that I bought it). On me it’s a really powdery iris with suede. It does open as fizzy but fizzles as is expected with top notes.

  7. Once again, I love this series! It also reminded me of your old series that I love, the smell diaries, so I just reread a few. They are like street poetry – good stuff.

    Anyway, In Dec. I polished off my AmorePacific CC Cream in the compact and already had its replacement waiting. It’s ridiculously expensive but I always get compliments on my skin when I wear it.

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed my Scent Diaries. That was my (well one of my) blog New Year’s resolutions for ’15. I really enjoyed writing those and plan on trying to do them again in ’15. So far so good 🙂

      So, you’re hooked too? So am I. It’s crazy expensive but my skin looks really great when I use it. I get so many compliments with it. There are cheaper cushion compacts out there but I haven’t found one that works as well and gives me that “dewiness” as AmorePacific. But, I’m still on the look out because I’d love to find a cheaper one.

  8. A no-buy list: Sounds great . . . in theory. =:o)

    Enjoy your upcoming vacation! We lived in Hong Kong from 2007 to 2011. Great, amazing city, and where I began my fragrance habit. A big world city was a great place to learn — they have everything! — but also not great because it’s not replicable (almost) anywhere else. “I think I’ll just biff on down to the Comme des Garçons shop this afternoon” — haven’t had a chance to say that since we’ve moved back.

    1. Yeah, in theory 😉

      I have a feeling that HK is going to break me. Like you said, it has everything. And that everything is so convenient and available. And everything looks so hip and cool. I bet it was a really fun place to live 🙂

      1. Yes, very fun indeed. (Also very trying at time, like any big city, or any different culture.) So much old and new right next to each other. You’ll be right downtown, and there in an alley between two skyscrapers are little stalls selling vegetables, or keys, or something; or if you take a ferry to one of the other HK islands, like Lamma or Cheung Chau, you leave that amazing downtown skyline and end up walking through these little villages where they’re drying seafood on racks right there in the open. A crazy place.

        Anyway, enjoy. Have a bbq pork bun for me. And then some mantis prawns. And then a milk tea. And then an egg tart. And then . . . =:o)

        1. I’m so excited! I’m living for your descriptions.

          I have a really basic itinerary now, booked a hotel, etc. I do want to make it to one of the islands to enjoy the scenery from the ferry and the more “laid-back” pace. I’ve planned very little but that’s what I want. Just being there will be enough entertainment for me.

          Not only am I going to leave broke, but I’m going to leave 15 pounds heavier. Their foods look amazing.

  9. Ooo Hong Kong! Sounds amazing and hope it is a fabulous trip :). I’m looking forward to some relaxation in Hawaii in Feb, which sounds pretty much the opposite kind of vaca! 🙂

    Another +1 for Aquaphor. I did buy 3 other lip balms last year though: the super-hyped Jack Black, the Paula’s Choice, and the Salma Hyek Rose balm (because it looked pretty, seemed like it was trying to dupe the pricier rose lip balms (ByTerry, right?) and I like rose-scented body products). All of these are also great but Aquaphor is so great and inexpensive that it’s easy to stash everywhere (car, work desk, purse, travel makeup case, etc). No matter how much of all of these balms I use every. single. day…they magically never get used up. I don’t get it.

    Because you have posted another awesome picture of yourself wearing a product mask, I may have to finally try one. I still prefer your blue alien lip mask pic from a few weeks ago, but this one is also quite special. I think of Zorro though, not Bowie.

    Instead of using up products, I went silly with Nordstom extra point days and purchased unnecessary makeup such as the Hourglass Ambient blush trio/set, two D&G cream eyeshadows (for an efficient wash of color in the morning!), and a Kevyn Aucoin highlighting powder for the one day of the year when I would wear it. Aaaand a couple of random drugstore things because I don’t know why… one was a super cheap gem, W&W lipstick in a deep eggplant/aubergine that I wouldn’t have thought I could pull off but it makes me feel less boring-office-worker when I wear it, so I do! (*outside* of the office, I’m not *that* crazy!)
    And finally, instead of the PC matte eyeshadow palette, I ended up with the latest IT Cosmetics one… which I’m still warming up to. Partially I think because I can’t stand that a cosmetic company’s name has the acronym IT in it!!! Gah!
    Happy New Year! =)

    1. I can’t wait to go! We thought about Hawaii too 🙂 Feb. is a great time to go. Anyway, we ended up going for the non-relaxing trip which I’m sure I’ll regret later but oh, well. I’m bored.

      Aquaphor saves my lips and my chapped skin (like noses from colds). And it does last and last. I ended up buying these tubes for portability and even these little tubes last forever!

      Oh, the wonderful “you’re an alien and you can’t eat Earth food” mask. That one still makes me giggle. I bought another one…shall see if it is any different. I bet it is just as goofy. Probably can pick these up in HK…I mean, these dumb masks make me post makeup-less selfies. What the heck?

      Ugh, those Nordstrom points! They get me too! That’s how I ended up with the Philip B. and mascaras – I want one of those D&G creams. They look so pretty. And I’m a little tired of my usual mattes. The sheer shimmers look so “fresh”, like you said, a wash of color that will make me look awake. I think I have that WnW too and I wear it more than I ever expected I would.

      Being in Seattle, IT is not the name I want for cosmetics. Too much IT, I need a break from it.

      Cheers to 2015!

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