EauMG’s August 2017 Favorites

Dohany Street Synagogue

August was a busy month. I went to Budapest. We had a great time. However, it was 100º-107° so that wasn’t that great. (Also, a reminder that I’m never traveling in August ever again). While I was there, I saw some lovely architecture, toured synagogues, ate a lot of cold fruit soups, drank the best wines and bought a ton of German pharmacy products. (Shout out to DM for taking all my money). I also got a haircut at a place called “Horror Barbie“.

EauMG in Budapest

I then spent some time in Heartland, USA to visit in-laws and what not. I went to an amusement park on the Great Lakes and then I saw my queen, Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. She is like a huge hippo puppy and she is a true ham in person. She does flips and shows off. She’s so lovable. The rest of my time was spent in total Middle-of-Nowhere corn field isolation. But, I did find some great vintage Levi’s in Middle-of-Nowhere corn field isolation.

Fiona Hippo

Also somewhere in there, we celebrated a 13 year wedding anniversary. And I started my second year of grad school.

Anyway, it’s a lot to summarize in one post so I’m not going to try. It was a great month. We had fun. Here’s my favorites from August:

Watkins Peach photograph

Wearing (fragrance) – I’m still in a peachy mood. Being that it was late summer, I was also heavily into stone fruits like plums and blackberry scents.  I wore perfumes like L’Artisan Mûre et Musc, 4711 Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander, Burberry Touch and Indult Isvaraya. I was also really into Tom Ford Orchid Soleil (and no, I haven’t bought a bottle yet).

I stocked up on German bath/body products. I’m re-obsessed with Kneipp again.

Summary – I was into fruits. Which is odd but it was August. I guess that’s the time of the year to be into fruits.

Me in Budapest

Wearing (cosmetics) – Since I was out of town for so long, I used the same makeup pretty reliably. I was actually very happy to get home to all my stuff again.

  • Eyes – I started using an Inglot palette I made ages ago. I realized it’s sort of like Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture. But, it was actually good and something I already own.
  • Face – Being that it was hot and humid, I was still loving Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream. I also used Innisfree No-Sebum Powder. This combo keep me from looking like I had sweat off all my makeup. What I like about this combo is that I’m matte but still dewy (that makes no sense). I also used a cheap e.l.f. Blush Quad in Light. It’s not bad at all for the price. I love the two bold pink shades. It’s an easy palette to travel with.
  • Lips – My lips were chapped because of travel. I rediscovered that I love NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry (perfect mix of berry and plum). This shade is bold without being brash. The formula is so nourishing (nice relief from all this liquid lipstick crap). I liked wearing this shade with Tarte Lip Crayon in Mood Ring (a berry shade).

Summary – Boring, practical makeup.

Me walking around in Hungary

Wearing (clothes) – I felt like I was a total bum wearing Levi’s cut-offs and this trio of tank tops (seen in the makeup pic above). That was basically my uniform with either black Birkenstocks or Pumas. Actually above I’m pictured not wearing this combo. I wore some Uniqlo culottes and a crop top because I’m still trying to be your cool auntie.

Summary – Summer bum slowly becomes Autumn bum. I’m planning my fall fash’uns right now.

Omorovicza flagship

Using (skincare) – My skin was playing nice. I had a Omorovicza facial at their flagship in Budapest that was so amazing. She used the Gold Line on me. It was so wonderful but really out of my price range. Usually my skin is so finicky with natural ingredients but something about their blend works for me. I’m so in love with their Queen of Hungary Mist.

Summary – I’m fancy.

lavender apricot gelato

Eating/Drinking – Apricots. OMG, apricot everything.

Summary – New World apricots just aren’t the same. Like above is some mall apricot-lavender gelato and it was the best ever. At a mall.

House records.

Listening – I wish I could say that I saw some great live music or came across something new, but I didn’t. I just listened to ye ole ancient Chicago House and 90’s R&B.

Summary – Whatever, I was busy.

Atlanta TV

Watching – I didn’t really watch much other than when I was flying. I caught up on Atlanta, which is actually really great show featuring places I grew up and pairing this with existentialist themes and trap. So, that’s cool.

Summary – TV and stuff.

Magic for Beginners

Reading – I read a lot more for fun than I usually do. Being it was “vacation”, I did those usual “turn it off” reads. I read “The Geography of Madness: Penis Theives, Voodoo Death and the Search for the Meaning of the World’s Strangest Symptoms” by Frank Bures. Very interesting topic but poorly executed with a bad case of Personal Essay. Like it’s an interesting topic. If we’re reading it, we don’t need encouragement regarding cultural exchange or hearing about your exchange student stories. Otherwise, an interesting introductory/pop read on the subject. I just got the impression that he thought I was very provincial and/or 12 years old. His personal essay-ness did to grow on me though. It just felt really out of place in the beginning.

Then I read Kelly Link’s “Magic for Beginners: Stories“. I realized I hadn’t read this one yet despite reading everything else. She’s one of my favorites. I could read her surrealist short stories all day. It’s like a pop culture dreamscape infused with fantasy and possibly even some horror.

And then to get ready for the play at West End Theater, I thought I’d reread Mikhail Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita” because I don’t have enough going in my life, apparently.

Summary – I like reading. I should keep that up.

Frink the frug

Wanting – Ideally, I just want to do peak NYC stuff like go to a Broadway show, overpay for an OK cocktail and suffer through subway closures on the weekend. (Pictured above is Frink on his ride home from Ohio).

Summary – Ah, home.

What were your favorites from August? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

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*All images are mine excluding – 1889 peaches photograph by Watkins at the MoMA, Atlanta from FX, book from Amazon, Beautyhabit,, Nordstrom, Sephora contain affiliate links. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “EauMG’s August 2017 Favorites

  1. Ah, the Midwest–I’ll be back in isolated corn field territory for Christmas this year. One thing I can say is that the thrift stores in the Midwest are incredible–never picked over, and not over priced like NYC/LA thrift stores.

    I need to check out that version of 4711, it sounds incredible. And I love Kelly Link, she’s one of my favorite writers. You might be the first person I’ve seen talk about her anywhere! Maybe my friends just don’t read much urban fantasy? Hm.

    Glad your vacation was enjoyable!

    1. I mean, the thrift stores were amazing. So cheap! Like these jeans were $3 each. And it wasn’t picked over. I could get the impression there was some major confusion of my purchases of worn out men’s “work denim” and chore coats, but gosh, I hit the jackpot.

      Like all 4711 colognes, longevity is basically 30 minutes. However, it’s cheap and really does well in hot, humid weather. That entire “fruits” collection was pretty good and can be found on discounter sites for like $15 (cheaper than B&BW body sprays).

      She’s great, one of my favorites as well.

      Thanks! I hope you had a great summer!

  2. Okay you sold me on the book “Magic for Beginners” But was there any interesting things at the airport duty-free stores? Or the Budapest drugstores? There’s nothing better than lotions and shampoo in foreign language!

    1. My flights…that’s an entirely different story. To sum them up, they weren’t pleasant and were canceled. I didn’t get to spend too much in Duty-Free other than sniffing Gucci Bloom (which is everywhere now) and some old Jil Sanders (which were surprisingly good). It was a mess but I’m home, so I can’t complain 😉

      I spent all my money on on drugstore products. I’ll have a haul. I guess I covered some of this topic in my Empties. But, I spent so much at DM, Rossmann and another drugstore. It was all bath/body stuff and effervescent vitamins. I’m actually ashamed to post my haul because I’m embarrassed by how much crap I bought :S Don’t judge me!

  3. i <3 kelly link.
    I also <3 your tank tops. Ordered myself a set even though I am in NYC (like you) and gearing up for Fall. Cant wait for the Goth Halloween post!

    1. Yay! More love for Kelly 🙂

      Hey, neighbor! I actually liked these enough to buy another trio. The white is a little sheer for me, but I pair with a Uniqlo Airism tank (which I do with anything white because I sweat too much, lol) and it works just fine. I love the black and gray – those are the ones I need backups of. I like how their sleeveless but still sort of cover the shoulders – also easy for layering.

      I’m so excited for fall (even though this week hasn’t suggested anything fall-like). Soon Halloween will be here though, so I should be happy 🙂

    1. SHE IS ADORABLE. Like I thought they were just posting cute content of her. But, she’s cute all of the time and she loves to show off. That zoo is huge BTW. I didn’t get through most of it! I guess that’s a reason to get back 🙂

  4. You look super elegant in Hungary.

    I bought a bottle of Orchid Soleil this summer. I HAD TO. At least they have the smaller bottle. (I love that the bottle looks opaque but you can actually see through it!)

    1. Thank you.

      I NEED IT. The bottle is really pretty as well. It’s on my list. And oddly Mugler Angel Muse is also on my list.

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