EauMG’s August 2016 Favorites

nyc subway public art

I can’t believe August is over. In fact, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s already mid-September! August was such a whirlwind month that I can’t even remember what happened.

It was a hot month. I felt like this summer has drawn on and on. Many days were in the 90’s and the humidity was brutal. This made even the smallest things feel like huge chores. I hate to complain about it because I’m not a fan of winter, but geez, can it be fall already?

Theater District
Theater District, where all the lovers go.

In August, we celebrated 12 years of filing taxes jointly and all that holy matrimony stuff by going out to eat and complaining about how hot it was.

It was a busy month but not necessarily an eventful month. I spent the month working and prepping for grad school.

Here were some of my August Favorites:

August fragrance favorites
I have cheap tastes.

Wearing (fragrance) – In general, I’ve had some fragrance malaise. I wore whatever was on my dresser or whatever samples were the closest to me. Really the only thing I actually felt like wearing was Chanel Cristalle and that Yves Rocher Neroli. 

My favorite bath/body combo has been Malie Organics Koke’e Shower Gel and Yves Rocher Body Lotion in Lily of the Valley. This is the perfect fresh, crisp and clean base for stuff like Chanel Cristalle.

Summary – Maybe I’ll feel more inspired when there’s a season change?

MAC Morange

Wearing (cosmetics) – I was uninspired so I went shopping within my own stash. The looks were all over the place with a few reoccurring themes. One of those themes was minimal eye makeup. I can’t be bothered with eyeliner and such. I was feeling lipstick but not one color in general. I guess I wore oranges/coral more than usual as a way to just embrace the heat’s oppression. I was reminded that one of my favorites oranges is MAC Morange. It’s delightful obnoxious and makes me feel like a nonna living in West Palm Beach. I also remembered how much I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. That stuff stays put and can put up with crazy amounts of sweat flooding my brow. Trust me, it lasts.

Summary – I wore whatever Victoria’s had on sale. And there was a lot of random stuff on sale. If you follow my Instagram Stories, you can see for yourself!

rose clothing
I have a type.

Wearing (clothes) – Ugh, I’m so sick of summer and its stupid clothes. Most days I wore a draped Uniqlo t-shirt, these black Levi’s 501 cut-offs and white leather Converse. This means that most days I was a bum.

I also realize that I have a new type. And that type is Dolce & Gabbana-ish black and red rose floral prints. I bought those Adidas Flux on sale for $25 at an outlet and I ordered that retro-inspired bikini (which is awesome BTW). I should wear them together in a desperate attempt to be noticed during NYFW. Not.

Summary – I sat in the a/c and planned my fall fashions.

JK7 luxury skincare
For those with a Gwyneth Paltrow budget.

Using (skincare) – Now this is the section that’s going to inflate the word count of this post. August was such a great “skin month”. It started with a JK7 facial at Osswald. This is a luxury all-natural skin cared brand and not a semi-automatic assault rifle. There are items in this line that cost more than my rent. It’s like the epitome of rich hippie skincare. Everything smells like it could only be used by the queens of Ancient Egypt. I left Osswald feeling and looking like a million bucks. I was quickly brought down to my peasant status as soon as I descended into a subway tunnel with steps covered in puke. But, that’s big city living, eh? At least my skin was radiant for a week.

Moving on, I bought a lot of Garden of Wisdom skincare since I liked the stuff that was in Boxwalla. You guys, this stuff has changed my skin for the best. My friends are so sick of hearing about it and I admit that I’m embarrassed that I keep bringing it up. The website is confusing to use and the packaging is so simple/crafty so you know that it must be good stuff if I’m still talking about despite these “cosmetic” flaws. Like I said, I’m embarrassed to even send you to that site, but I love the products that I’ve bought so much that I’ve already made another order.

Summary – My skin was so glowy and happy in August. And I’m grateful for this because your complexion can be your worst enemy and we all know that it can turn its back on you at any given moment.

New jersey grandma pizza
Grandma pizza is my downfall.

Eating/Drinking – This is so boring to talk about but I’m trying to get my diet in check and eat healthier (while at home). I still eat out about twice a week. For the most part it’s delicious pizza or Cuban sandwiches in my ‘hood but I did go to some “fine dining” places (like Prune, Danji and Bobo).

Summary – I’m trying to cut back on sugar and carbs and I’m sorry for everyone’s feelings I’ve hurt in the process.

Young Thug Jeffrey
Love this cover.

Listening – My dedication to Southern rap always surprises people that haven’t known me for a long time. I guess think my tastes lean gothier or more feminist or something. But, the deal is that I was a very young adult when trap crossed over to the mainstream. (Fun fact, I even did makeup for some videos). And even now when I’m sure I’m too old, I still listen to what is coming out of the South. It’s always been weirder than it has been given credit for. Anyway, I was all about Yung Thug “JEFFREY“.

Summary – A little off topic but Gangsta Boo has a nail polish with Floss Gloss and everyone should buy it. Because you need to support female rappers forever and always.

Perfume sighting.


Watching – I really had no time for this luxury but I squeezed in a few things. When I was living my temp bachelor lifestyle, I rewatched “Gilda” and admired Rita Hayworth’s perfect, electrolysis hairline. I made David watch “Friday” after finding out he’s never seen it before. I’ve always thought of it like “On the Road” for my generation for its themes and oddly, La Nouvelle Vague pacing.

Oh, and I made David watch this film that I randomly remembered. Years ago on a flight, I watched a movie that made me cry in front of strangers. Here’s the deal and this is not a brag, I rarely cry during movies. Now reading the news, I cry. Reading poetry, I cry. Reading “Humans of New York”, I cry. But, with movies there’s like three other movies in my entire life that have made me cry. This random Spanish comedy made me cry so many tears while sandwiched between strangers. Later David (who was on the plane but we weren’t seated together) asked me why I had been crying. I lied and said he was insensitive to me because that made more sense than crying at an in-flight movie. (This is why you should never marry me. I’m awful). Anyway, I fessed up years later and made him watch, “Instructions Not Included/No se aceptan devoluciones“. He cried.

Summary – I have issues but you already know that.


early symbol map
An early proportional symbol map from 1858.


Reading – I wish I could tell you that I read something entertaining and fun. I didn’t. I spent the month cramming and trying to get my brain ready for “grad school mode”. I could list the books that I did read but trust me, you won’t care (I mean unless you are a cartographer or a cyborg).

Summary – I say it was boring but I really do enjoy learning. I’m very happy to be dedicating so much time to it.


Merida house
The house we’re renting.


Wanting – To go on vacation. And I am. My brain has been in vacation mode for the past week. I’m ready for a change of scenery and tacos and to have a spouse that isn’t on-call. I’m meeting up with my bestie/cousin and her wife. I can’t wait to catch up with them over Mexican beers by the pool.

Summary – I’ve never planned a trip so far in advance. It’s been nice to have something to look forward to but I’m also finding I “check out” earlier than I should. Now I remember why I have so many last minute plans.

What were your favorites from August? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Nordstrom, Amazon, Uniqlo  and Yves Rocher are affiliate links. Thanks! All pics are mind except for Young Thug (, proportional symbol map from (, Merida house (

16 thoughts on “EauMG’s August 2016 Favorites

  1. Wonderful faves! We had our 10th anniversary in August too, it was fun, first time away from the kids in all these years haha.

    I’m craving bright orange lipstick big time, going to reward myself when the semester ends with a makeup/clothes splurge. Also I’ve bookmarked the swimmers and Garden of Wisdom skincare!

    What are you studying at grad school?

    1. Congrats! I’m so happy you guys got to take some time for yourself 🙂

      I used to wear orange lipsticks a lot then for like 5 years, barely wore them. I started to crave them again in August and remember that I like them. There’s one from Besame called Vermilion that is so pretty (I must have lost that one in the move).

      That swimsuit is so cute that my cousin has bought 3 from them and I should buy another. The sizing is Asian sizing so you’ll need to order up. I ordered up 2 sizes and really could have done 1 and gotten away with it because the fabric is stretchy. Anyway, it’s adorable and they have one with a flamingo print that I really want.

      I forgot that you’re in school too 🙂 I’m pursuing a Masters of Applied Science in Spatial Analysis with an emphasis in public health. So a lot of biostats, GIS and epidemiology classes.

      1. I have a nice ysl one that leans more red/orange, really think I’ll just get Morange, it seems to look great on everyone (including yourself) 🙂

        Cool, maybe with Asian sizing it’ll fit my small chest LOL

        Wow, awesome, that sounds very interesting and full on!

        1. Pretty sure I have that one too, lol. YSL has great corals.

          Haha, same. I read so many reviews and I was like, yep, I should have ordered down for my chest…

    1. I would love to find a scarf in this sort of print. I’ve always liked it but haven’t really seen it on so many fabrics as I do now. You know how these trends go, if you like it, buy it while you can find it because it’ll be gone next year!

  2. I was convinced to try Garden of Wisdom last year finally after hearing so many positive things about them. I had been eyeing them for a couple of years prior and didn’t order from them mostly because the website felt so overwhelming and confusing. I finally bit the bullet and got some sample sizes, figuring that not much would be lost if it didn’t work out, and…I loved just about everything I ordered. I ended up ordering full sizes of the products I liked the most and haven’t looked back! I particularly like their cleansers and a couple of the serums.

    I actually just ordered some things from Holy Snails and am curious to see how they compare.

    I hope you continue to like the things that you ordered!

    1. The GoW website is overwhelming. There’s so.much.product. And so many options. I have found that they will help if you email and are a really quick to answer. Customer service has been A+ in my experience.

      Exactly the same. Every sample I ordered, I ended up buying a full-size of. I like their cleansers, a few serums, HA gel and the hydrosols. My skin has reacted well and I think it’s because the ingredients are so transparent and at this stage of the game, I know what works for me and what doesn’t.

      I would love to know how Holy Snails compares. I’ve been so tempted to order from them too but I keep waiting for someone else to so they can tell me if I should spend my money or not 🙂

      1. I am in complete agreement re: the GoW website. I did spend some time reading up on things to help narrow things down, and I agree that their customer service is great.

        I think the only things I wasn’t wowed by were the two facial moisturizer samples I tried, but that’s par for the course as I am really finicky about moisturizers in general. And honestly, I’ve since found my HG moisturizer, so I’m all set. Everything else (as I already mentioned — serums, cleansers, etc.) I loved.

        I haven’t tried my Holy Snails things yet, but will soon. I introduce new things to my routine very slowly and one-by-one, as I really like to control the variables. But transitions between seasons are never optimal for me to test things, because my skin doesn’t really know how to behave consistently. I may have to wait a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted if you’d like! I got the sample set of everything, so I think I have 4 things to try if I’m remembering correctly.

        1. I haven’t tried moisturizers from them. I’m still into the hydrosols/mists, serums and cleansers. I have a day and night cream that I love.

          My skin gets on my nerves during season transitions. Once I figure out what works and have a good month/s, then it changes and I’m left with fussy, adjusting skin. Even though I’m looking forward to autumn, I know that my skin will freak out and I dread that. Like today it shifted below 80 degrees and my skin is like “Hey, let’s be flaky around the nose and congested on the chin!” Argh.

  3. I’m so jealous of those shoes I can’t even begin to tell you. I immediately started googling them. No luck. I’m definitely read to go big or go home with prints and pattern mixing, as I’m working on my over-the-top advanced style, a gradually ramping up process. (You have mildly influenced my fashion choices–got Eileen Fisher slouchy pants due to you–as well as my skin care choices.)

    Now I want to ask what are you going to study in graduate school?

    1. I couldn’t even find them to link to. I did buy them at an Adidas outlet (one of the NJ perks) for $25. I love that print. If I ever see these again, I’m buying another pair because they’re also so comfortable.

      I’m so into Eileen Fisher it’s not even funny. It’s that the quality of the clothes are so great. I have pieces that are a decade old and still look new (despite wearing the heck out of them). I know people that still have stuff from the late 80’s that looks new and fashionable. Plus, I love layers and they do that so well. BTW, there’s an Eileen Fisher outlet in NJ (Seacaucus) where you can find some great pieces. And in Yonkers and Seattle there is an Eileen Green which is a very cool concept.

      I’m pursuing a Masters of Applied Science at Johns Hopkins in Spatial Analysis for Public Health. So, it’s a lot of making maps to be used for disease tracking (i.e. Zika, right now) and analysis of maps for like environmental stuff and how it impacts our health (i.e. fracking and respiratory diseases).

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