EauMG’s August 2016 Empties

EauMG August 2016 Empties

I know I say this every month, but August flew by. I can’t believe it’s already September!

I said I was going to put myself on a no-buy but obviously, I didn’t. While I was buying a liquid liner, I ended up impulse buying BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. I have no idea who this person is but the highlighters are pretty and I’m a sucker for anything plummy brown. Overall, I’m really happy with this impulse buy.

I needed a daily face sunscreen and it was Estee Lauder gift time, so I bought the DayWear SPF 50. I also threw in an OCC Lip Tar in Sebastian since I’ve wanted that shade forever…and I’ve yet to wear it.

A Korean friend of mine told me about a 50% off sale so I ended up buying a lot of Leaders sheet masks that I don’t need.

I suppose this is a beauty purchase. I bought a silk headwrap in a gorgeous dusty rose shade to replace the ratty satin one that I used. I’m so happy that I did because this is LUXURY. I also bought a few silk scrunchies and my hair is happy for this. I’ve lost more hair this month and I swear it’s from this switch.

Here’s my empties from August:

August skincare empties


I used up a lot of my tried and true favorites but also tried out some new stuff.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Fluid SPF 50 – Right now, this is my HG sunscreen. I use it over my daily moisturizer. It’s lightweight and leaves a nice dewy finish.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream – I know that eye creams are probably unnecessary but my eyes are so sensitive that I can’t just throw anything near my eyes. Because of this, I love this cream. It does plump up dry lines without making my eyes poofy/watery.

  • Repurchase? Yes. It’s cheap and simple but works so well for me.

Nature Republic Real Nature Rose Foam Cleanser – Not gonna lie, only bought this because I like the sweet rose fragrance. Overall, it’s a good foaming cleanser for oilier complexions.

  • Repurchase? I may. But, I’m trying to ween myself off of foaming cleansers.

Skinfood Banana Yogurt Wash Off Mask – I know this is gross but I love the smell and flavor of fake banana. That’s the only reason I bought this. Overall, it’s a decent cream mask that smells strongly of fake bananas.

  • Repurchase? Maybe. The deal is that it takes me FOREVER to use up these kind of masks. Plus, I think this may have been discontinued because it’s impossible to find online at it wasn’t at the store in Flushing.

Tretinoin Cream 0.05% – This has been the best for my aging/hormonal acne skin. Results will vary but I love it. I’m not a doctor so I’m not pushing this. Just say’n this was an empty.

  • Refill? Yeah. I’ve went up in %.

TonyMoly Changing U Sheet Mask in Green Apple – These are the masks that claim to make an average woman into a stunning woman. They are saturated with serum. This one is for pores and smells like you’d expect. I like it but I’m no more stunning than before.

  • Repurchase? Maybe. I can’t explain my sheet mask buying habits.

TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Sheet Mask – From this line, this is one of my favorites. It has a fresh, light fragrance and leaves my skin looking dewy the next day.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Soothing Sheet Mask – I mainly used this because it was hot and it’s refreshing. The sheet mask is larger (guessing for the US market) and fairly thin. It’s cooling and smells like cucumbers.

  • Repurchase? No. It’s not terrible but there are other cucumber masks that I prefer.

Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch (1 of a pack of 5) – I like these sort of masks even though I don’t think they do anything.

  • Repurchase? Well, I have 4 more left!

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato – OK, so this was the first gel mask I’ve ever used and I wasn’t prepared for it to look like the rice paper from a spring roll on my face. The mask is SUPER saturated and SUPER fragrant with a fresh, almost “French skincare” scent. I think it made my skin look great.

  • Repurchase? Probably. I’m hooked on these coconut gel sheet masks now.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection for Face SPF 50+ (deluxe sample) – I’m sure it’s an effective sunscreen but the formula isn’t as luxurious as I expected for something this price. It leaves a white tint and doesn’t spread very evenly. But, it does “stick” so I’m sure it’s good as a poolside sunscreen, just not my pick for a daily sunscreen.

  • Purchase? No.

Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream (sample) – Overall, a good gentle eye cream with a nice texture. I need more moisture for night-use but it’s good for day.

  • Purchase? I like it but I already have HG eye creams that are cheaper.

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer (sample) – This smells like those gummy, candy orange “slices” so I should have known better than to put it on my face. It’s lightweight but a little tacky/sticky.

  • Purchase? No. It’s filled to the brim with irritate-my-skin ingredients. And honestly, I can’t believe Origins is still in business if this is the best they can do.

Nature Republic Shea Butter Steam Cream Moist (sample x 2) – Seriously can’t even remember a thing about this product.

  • Purchase? No.

JK7 Beautifying & Rejuvenating Cream with Neroli & Rose (store sample x 2) – You’ll be able to read all about this in my August Favorites. I had a facial with products more expensive than most of America’s mortgage. This cream is silky and smooth and smells STRONGLY of neroli, rose and orange.

  • Purchase? Haha, did you see the price?! (price, $1300).

August fragrance empties


My fragrance empties was such a collection of random stuff, so random. 

Ésthe Shower Cologne in White Musk – This is a white musk body spray that came in a Memebox. Review here. I’ve noticed that white musk is really popular on young people in Asia.

  • Purchase? No.

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Natural Room Spray – This is an OG bottle of Juniper Ridge. Review here.

  • Purchase? Yes. This scent makes me miss Washington.

Crazylibellule & The Poppies Les Garçonnes Tamara Charleston Solid Perfume – I loved this brand so much. You can read an old review here. This scent is so summery to me. It reminds me so much of a hot, humid late summer evening.

  • Repurchase? I can’t but I’m going to miss this fragrance.

Green Tree Angel Dust Incense (sample, 2 sticks) – Well, first off I like these because it gets Gil Scott-Heron “Angel Dust” stuck in my head. It smells like a sweeter Nag Champa. So far, it’s been my favorite from the line.

  • Purchase? Maybe.

Green Tree Mantra Incense (sample, 2 sticks) – This stuff is so f’n strong. Classic, woodsy headshop incense smell.

  • Purchase? No. It smoked out my house.

August bath empties


Maja Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel – My favorite shower gel in the world. More here.

  • Repurchase? Yes.

Yves Rocher Traditional Tiare Oil – For years I’ve been using this product. I love how it smells and feels.

  • Repurchase? It’s something I buy every year.

Pre de Provence Bar Soap in Mint Leaf (not pictured) – I don’t even like mint scents so no clue as to why I bought this. I guess because it was hot and sweaty outside. It’s an OK bar soap that does smell “cooling”.

  • Repurchase? No.

LAFCO Watermint & Neroli Bar Soap – It smells clean and fresh, like greens with tangy neroli. Sometimes I notice the jasmine more, but either way it’s a green, citrusy floral. It’s been a good scent for summer.

  • Purchase? I like the scent but I found the soap too drying for my skin right now. I’m tempted by the liquid formula.

Simply Scrub Chocolate Body Scrub – It takes about everything I have not to eat this. It smells so good and leaves my skin so soft. It’s a bit messy but I put up with it because of the scent and results. Review here.

  • Purchase? Probably.

Mullein & Sparrow Pink Himalayan Bath Salts (travel size) – This is from a Brooklyn-based botanical brand. It’s bath salts that mostly smell like patchouli.

  • Purchase? I like it but I don’t really use bath salts enough to justify the price.

August hair empties


I did use up some small sizes of hair products. Both of these are great products for my hair. 

Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil (travel size) – I do not have curly hair. My hair is straight, course and dry. This shampoo was amazing for my hair. It nourishes without weighing it down.

  • Purchase? I’m going to buy a full-size bottle.

FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme in Lilikoi (deluxe sample) – As I’ve said in my review, my hair loves this formula. They nourish my hair and smell good. This one is a white floral that I’m starting to think may be my favorite.

  • Purchase? I know I’m going to buy one of these but I need to decide on which scent.

August makeup empties


I used up some not-so-exciting complexion products.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Makeup in 130 Buff Beige – I bought this because I love the concealer. The foundation is meh. It’s a sheer coverage with a dewy finish that I like. I keep reading people saying it’s full-coverage but that was not my experience. What I dislike is the packaging. I hate the sponge applicator.

  • Repurchase? No.

Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream in Medium – I only bought this because it claimed to have mushrooms in it. It’s OK but I want my BB creams to have crazy high SPF.

  • Repurchase? No.

Alima Pure Mineral Bronzer in Maracaibo (sample) – Alima Pure has completely changed their packaging by no longer slapping a bird on it. That’s how old this sample is. It’s like the only bronzer in the world that looks natural on ghostly pale people. I use it as a setting powder. See it in action here. 

  • Purchase? I actually bought a full-size of a darker shade and forgot that I had a sample. I’m trying to use up all this random almost empty stuff in my life.

Total: 33. 19 full-size. 7 deluxe sample/travel size. 7 samples

Once again, this was a month where I thought I didn’t use up anything but obviously I did.

I also had to throw out two LUSH Lip Tints because they smelled awful which reminded that I’ve had them for too long anyway.

What about you? Which products did you empty in August? Did you buy anything new?

*Memebox, Paula’s Choice, Birchbox, Nordstrom,, Macy’s, Ouidad and Amazon contain affiliate links. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “EauMG’s August 2016 Empties

  1. Love these posts (though I marvel at the amount of stuff you use up), and you have converted me to the Paula’s choice sunscreen. I have you to blame for some other purchases as well, none of which I regret. What’s the deal with the silk head wrap? Is that for sleeping in? Or?

    1. I honestly don’t know how to do it. I promise I’m not just squeezing this stuff down drains.

      PC sunscreen is so amazing. I regret buying the Estee Lauder instead of PC.

      I sleep in it. It helps to keep my hair from tangling and getting ripped out and all of that stuff. It’s also great for when styles are set and I can prolong either a blow-out or a set of curls. However, this one is so pretty that I have wore it out. The silk also keeps my hair from drying out. Yes, I could just get a silk pillow case but I find they slide all around the bed. I may try one again though.

      1. Thanks! You’re not the first person to tell me that silk is better than cotton for keeping your hair from drying out. Got the same advice from my cousin who has my name super curly hair (we are devotees of Devachan). So I might just try this. The husband will think I’m crazy, though. (Luckily he enjoys the nighttime perfume ritual.)

        1. Everyone in my family has beautiful curly hair except for my cousin and me. Except now my super straight hair is getting some curl (thanks perimenopause). I usually don’t care about hair stuff (more of a perfume and skincare gal) but with my hair being long now, it’s harder to keep it feeling silky, etc. Cotton does dry out the hair (I used a cotton one for years). Then my sister was like “Cotton is sucking the moisture right out of your hair” and I switched to satin and noticed a huge difference.

          He will 😉 but I think by now he knows what he has gotten himself into 😉 Mine says it’s “cute” which I still haven’t figured out what that means. Do I look like a baby? Because they’re cute.

  2. I honestly don’t think I used up a dang thing this month! Very disappointing. I have some things that are almost empty…that Tom Ford Oud Wood shower gel, which, oof–that’s gonna be costly to replace, but not to the tune of $1300! What the heck is in that stuff, anyway? Diamonds and babies?

    I’m quite intrigued by those coconut gel masks! Definitely going to look into that. And that headwrap (and the seller’s scarves and headbands) are gorgeous! I must know…how do you get things like that to stay on your head? They always slip and slide off my noggin no matter how many bobby pins I secure them with. (For reference I have an enormous head and 60 tons of coarse, wavy, waist length hair.)

    And I am SO GLAD you said that about mint, the mentholated menace. I can’t stand the stuff in anything, but especially in lip products. I was just writing about that over on my blargh.

    Yes, this was definitely a month for purchases. I got a liquid lipstick from Lipland in Retrograde, a sort of grey purple ( ) and several nail polishes from INLP ( ) because their stuff is new to me and amazingly gorgeous and I went a little nuts. I also got that KvD Serpentina palette basically because…everyone else was getting it. Ha! I am not at all immune to that. And lastly, even though I won’t experience fall down her in FL for a while, every September I start to feel the slightest bit of nostalgia for autumn in NJ and Ambre Narguile reminds me of my time there (I had a tiny sample that I somehow hoarded for 4 years!) So…yeah. Had to buy a bottle of that. It’s the only super sweet fragrance I can tolerate and I know it’s a splurge, but it’s worth it.

    1. Nobody knows other than LUXURY. The guy that owns that company started Juara BTW.

      So the coconut masks feel like having a cooked spring roll wrapper on your face. It’s freaky but they do hold in the essence. Plus, they are creepy AF so that’s a bonus.

      Sooo…I sleep in it but and it magically stays on. My hair is long now and I’m re-learning how to care for it. And apparently it needs wrapped in silk. I’m going to let you in on a big-head, thick hair secret – get yourself a tichel headband and you’ll never have this problem again.

      Like Black Wig And Scarf Grip Comfort Band – Comfort Grip Wig Band In Black

      ^If I wear a scarf outside of the house, this is what keeps them on. The velvet also keeps the new growth protected.

      Mint in products is the worst. Actually, I’m so over EOs in general. They do nothing but irritate me (there are a few exceptions but for real, keep that mentholated ish out of my products).

      Oh, so pretty! I love that shade. It’s perfect. And I could look at those nail polishes shades all day long.

      I love Hermes so I’m going to say your purchase was a wise one. I’m so ready for fall BTW.

      1. SO weird, but after reading this, I decided to raid my mask stash last night and it turns out that I actually had a couple of Leaders masks…but I have no idea where it came from! Either drunk shopping, or my best friend, who always showers me with handfuls of weird masks every time she visits. Anyway. It was this Caribbean Coconut mask and *never* has my skin felt so amazing. It was really kind of freaky-miraculous.

        1. I have so much stuff like that. Did I drunk buy? Is it a gift with purchase? Did a friend dump these on me?

          I ended up buying two of those (Coconut) in the 50% off sale and haven’t used them yet! I’m doing “I’m so cheap spa night” tonight (dying my hair, cleaning up my brows) and I will use this! Their Blueberry one had my skin feeling smoother than I thought was possible.

    1. Yes. I actually prefer the shower gel because it smells more like vintage Maja perfume. I also like the soaps but I think the shower gel has a little more “depth”.

      1. Great! I’m really not a fan of the newer version of the perfume, but the soaps are part of my childhood memories. Its probably weird, but smelling Amouage Lyric Woman reminded me of Maja soap for a second.

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