EauMG’s August 2015 Favorites

Manhattan from a good side.

August was one of those months that felt like it was just dragging along. I was so over the heat and was sick of hiding away in my A/C bunker. I felt guilt for being hostile towards summer when I know winter is going to be terrible but really, summer is abusive and I’m going to complain. As the kids says these days, “Sorry not sorry”.

So, what happened in August? We celebrated 11 years of marriage and 11 years of still liking each other. That’s cool, I guess. OK, it’s cool.

Really it was a chill month for me. We went to the shore a few times. I didn’t go to many galleries or museums. I just felt like being lazy and hanging around home. I’ve actually been really tired and not feeling great. I went to the doc and found out that I have “the worst Vitamin D deficiency” she’s ever seen. This means my sunscreen is working! So, that’s good. But, I have some other deficiencies – B12, B9 and iron. And apparently this was making me rather unstable and I just thought I was poorly adjusting to moving, etc.  Anyway, I’m going through all the follow-up with why things are this way. I think getting supplements is helping. My heart doesn’t race and I feel more emotionally stable. I honestly didn’t realize I felt so bad until I didn’t feel so bad (if that makes sense).

Asbury Park
Coolness at Asbury Park

I’m still weaving. I’m not good at it but I like doing it. It’s really nice to have less screen time in my life. Plus, I just love textiles and colors. It’s really therapeutic.

Here’s some of my favorites from August:


fig leaves


Wearing (fragrance) – My fragrance tastes were all over the place. But, I think if I had to pick a trend, I was feeling fig again and green fragrances. I wore stuff like Terveer Green, Diptyque Philosykos and Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio. Of course there were days where I’d wear something totally different from this theme, like roses (Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin) or oddly, gourmands/sweets (Guerlain Bois d’Armenie).

Summary – My tastes were all over the place but I was in a fig mood again. Actually, I’m just in a “perfume mood” again. I’m enjoying trying new things.

Candy Darling
70’s glamour

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – Well, when it comes to cosmetics, it’s just going to melt all off. My daily look is really, really simple with a light veil of Besame Violet Powder, mascara, cheek stain like Benefit Benetint and a matte liquid lipstick (like L.A. Girl or NYX) with SPF lip balm over it. I’m dreaming of cooler days when I can wear a heavy smoky eye or foundation. I’m in a cosmetics mood but haven’t really been wearing them. I’m totally feeling 70’s inspired with gilded lids and shiny lips.

I ended up putting a temp dye over the blonde, an ash brown. I like it. Oddly, I feel like myself again…sans bangs. Oddly, “myself” always has bangs in my mind.

Summary – I love autumn makeup collections but it’s too dang hot to wear them. I want gilded lids now.

Ready for baggy fall fashions instead of baggy summer fashions.
Ready for baggy fall fashions instead of baggy summer fashions.

Wearing (clothes) – This heat! Soooo over it. All of my clothes are lame. I’m sick of wearing them. I want new things. So, I focus on my fall fashions and I’m planning my “look”. This is the only thing keeping me sane right now. Because my uniform of baggy t-shirts, slouchy silk pants and black Birkenstocks is really, really getting on my nerves.

Summary – Fall fashions are the only reason I’m waking up these days.

CeraVe Renewing Cleanser

Using (skincare) – I’ve been using my usual stuff; however, I’ve noticed my skin is more sensitive than usual. I think this could be due to ragweed allergies and me getting vitamin supplements. My skin gets pink. I’m also having a terrible case of eczema right now. So, I tried to take it easy and use more gentle products. It’s very boring but my skin is being a little punk right now. So, it’s CeraVe for me.

Summary – I’d rather play it safe right now than be sorry.

Lots of cucumbers

Eating/Drinking – Food in general hasn’t really interested me in this heat. Like I truly have no food desire which is really weird for me. After my vitamin stuff, I went out for steak and oysters and that was cool. I actually loved that. I eat a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. I know that sounds so boring but that’s been my favorite. Oh, and infused waters. I’m loving those.

Oh, and I found out I’m lactose intolerant. I had no idea. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for non-dairy creamers that don’t taste mealy or like nuts, I’m all ears.

Summary – Just haven’t been into food but that’ll change, I know it. Also, going dairy free has been harder for me than I ever expected.

Sisters of Mercy
Patricia Morrsion 4 Life.

Listening – I should have known something was up with feelings because I’ve been listening to Sisters of Mercy and Fields of Nephilim like a pissed off 13 year old.

Summary – Never going stop being a pissed off 13 year old.


Supernatural with pig

Watching – So, we’re still binge watching Supernatural to get ready for the Supernatural convention. The “Supenatural Superstar Sandwich” is sold out so like why should I even bother to go?

Summary – We’re dorks.

Fiber Sculpture
You need more fiber.

Reading – I didn’t read too much in August which was a bummer. I mainly read books on hand weaving and tapestries.

Summary – When did I get crunchy?

Bette Davis 1940 vintage makeup look

Wanting – To have some energy, some milder weather and to feel inspired. Basically, I’m saying I want autumn. And guess what? It’s almost here.

Summary – I’m really excited about fall in NYC and well, fall fashions. Because I’m shallow.

What were your favorites from August? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Fig leave and cucumber photo from, Candy Darling by Anton Perich from Vintage 1980’s CdG from Bullett. Sisters of Mercy from Hunky Jensen and a pig from Bette Davis from Fiber Sculpture from Amazon. All other pics are mine. James Pearse, Sephora, Amazon contain affiliate links. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “EauMG’s August 2015 Favorites

  1. I once had a similar experience regarding the vitamin stuff–doctor ran a blood test and then said “Well, you’re really low on Vitamin D, calcium, and iron.” So those supplements got added to the pile of pills. I was really shocked–I eat a pretty balanced diet, cook a lot, and with fortified everything these days I figured a vitamin D deficiency was nearly impossible to pull off. Well, how wrong I was. The supplements did (and do) help. Also re: non-dairy creamers, I’ve always liked vanilla Silk. It’s pretty sweet though, don’t know how sweet you like your coffee. Good luck, I hope you get your diet and vitamin stuff into a good routine!

    1. This sounds naive, but I had no idea that vitamin deficiencies happened in the US with people that you know, eat. Like I felt I had a balanced diet, etc. I didn’t know this could be a problem but well, it is. I do feel better already but need to followup to hopefully rule a few things out. I just hope it’s like, you know, living in Seattle for years that slowly made me a vampire.

      Oh, good to know. A friend recommended that one to me but did say it was sweet. She said Pacific (I think) is good in coffee as an unflavored option. Haven’t bought them yet. Bought the almond vanilla one, really don’t like it all. It overpowers the coffee flavor and leaves an odd aftertaste.

  2. Congrats on the 11 years, you look so young to have been married that long already 🙂

    August was a bit blah here, was sick with a cold and stressed with uni stuff. But that being said I celebrated 9yrs married to my bff 🙂

    I suspect I’m a bit lactose intolerant too, mind you I drink my coffee black these days, so hard-core heheh, otherwise I drink almond milk, um Pure Harvest I think it’s called.

    1. Thank you! And congrats to your 9 year anniversary as well! And you don’t like old enough to be married that long either 😉

      Hope you’re feeling better. Allergies have kicked my butt the past few weeks. I do dread that cold and flu season is approaching…

      I didn’t know that I was. When they suggested all these tests for that sort of stuff, I was like “what a waste of time and money”. Since I’ve cut back (and trying to cut it out), I can’t believe how much better I feel.

      I’m not badass enough to go black coffee yet. Which is funny because back in the day, that’s the only way I’d drink it. I need something to “water it down” for me now so I don’t get too caffeinated.

  3. I have a weird bovine allergy, so I’ve tried all the milks. My favorite non-dairy milks are the coconut-based ones. I don’t have a specific brand I like, but across the board, they’ve worked far better for me (with less bitterness or nuttiness) than soy or almond or hemp milks do. The coconut-based ones also don’t seem to get grainy in coffee or tea or turn into weird, chunky sediment (like almond can). They seem fairly flavor-neutral, too!

    1. Thanks! I’ll check those out. I’ve actually never tried coconut-based milks before. I’d guess they’d have a nice “mouth feel”.
      I can’t stand how this almond stuff I’m currently using is all gross in the cup. It’s so weird. In the past when I’ve used soy, it separates and gets weird too (not as weird as almond, but not “smooth”). Steamed soy milk seems to be better but I can never get it to do like they can at coffee shops at my home.

      Yay! I feel like I’m making some progress with this 🙂

  4. Congrats on 11 years with David.That is a milestone in this day and age!I’m glad you’re kinda enjoying the new city as well!And I’m VERY glad Spring is here,am REEEAAALLY glad winter is going going gone!!Still watching Supernatural?I’m impressed!It’s one of my favorite TV shows,currently watching the season where they’re trying to close The Gates of Hell.Lol.Happy Weekend!x

    1. Thank you!

      Yay! Spring! I feel bad complaining about summer but you know how it is, like winter, you just get tired of it eventually.

      I’m so amused that I find it amusing. I’m such a Supernatural late bloomer but it’s a good show. I mean, I like that sort of stuff anyway. There’s hunks, vampires and ANGELS. It’s great.

  5. Congratulations on your 11 year anniversary! My husband and I had our nine year anniversary in July. It always feels so bonkers saying that! But, yes, I think still liking to be around one another is always a great achievement.

    I’ve been working like three different jobs throughout the weeks, so often I am just too knackered to be interested in a lot of cooking. My diet legit revolves around homemade green smoothies and coffee. Because, you know, balance.

    I’ve read that corn and mushrooms are both great sources of vitamin D.

    1. Time flies. I know that makes me sound old. But, it really does.

      I’m impressed that you even have time for the green smoothies 🙂

      I could eat mushrooms every single day. So, this is good news to me.

  6. I LOVE SISTERS OF MERCY (and your blog and the hair color- do tell how you achieved the ashy brown with highlights-my dream color).


    1. I’ll never get tired of Sisters of Mercy 🙂

      I actually bought this demi dye at Sally – One and Only Argan Oil 5A Light Ash Brown. It really is a true ash brown. I put that over my highlighted hair and it FINALLY came out the way I wanted it. It does wash out but I’m OK with that. It’s easy to apply and it makes my hair feel softer and smoother.

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