EauMG’s April 2015 Favorites

Jersey City
Manhattan via the Jersey City perspective.


All I can really say is that April flew on by. Like what the hell? It’s the middle of May and I still can’t process that April is over. I really hope that summer doesn’t go at this accelerated pace.

April was a crazy month. We started to settle into East Coast life. And the place did start to look like a house over the past month. It’s still not 100% there but we do have a bed, desk, dining table and other things that make it look less like a crack den. And I know where it’s at so when a cabbie asks me, I can say my address with the utmost of confidence.

In April, I spent a week in Seattle with an awesome friend. This added to some of the chaotic “will I adjust” feelings. That trip was absolutely wonderful but it’s odd to realize that I no longer live there. I’m flying out after being there a week and realize that it’s no longer my mossy lair. That’s not my home. So, I came back and tried my best to make Jersey my home.

I came home and explored. I’ve enjoyed wandering around NYC, especially in the beauty of spring. It was like overnight that the blossoms appeared and the trees are now filled with leaves. It’s actually really pretty. Who knew?

In other updates – We still don’t have the dogs. They’re with their bubbe but we’ll get them in May. THEN my NJ home will officially be home.

Here are my favorites from April 2015:

Discontinued perfumes
Discontinued perfumes that should have never been discontinued.

Wearing (fragrance) – Good news, I unpacked my perfumes and there were no causalities. Can you believe it? Being that I went without perfume, my cravings were all over the place in April. I was so pleased to see them that I left them sitting on the floor after being unboxed just so I could look at them. Don’t worry. I didn’t just look at them, I wore them too.

Summary – I’ve been reminded that I should probably wear what I have and not worry about buying anything else. How many times have we all said that???

Ulta Rose Gold Palette
Plums and rose gold.

Wearing (cosmetics, etc.) – I had a craving for eyeshadow. I wanted to wear too much shimmery eye makeup in plum and bronze shades. I blame Pixiwoo tutorials. Last month, my favorite products were Maybelline Color Tattoo as a base paired with shades from Ulta Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette (used this much more than I ever thought I would) and MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptous Olive. I want to have metal lids, apparently.

Summary – I’m having fun with eyeshadow again. And I remember how much I adore cream eyeshadows.

All Black Everything
It’s all black everything at Casa d’EauMG.

Wearing (clothes) – April was insane. It started cool and warmed up. I mean when I moved here, it was snowing and now it’s like 85°. I wore my usual boring outfit of jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket. When I went back to Seattle, I picked up a few spring pieces at Totokaelo.

Summary –  I really need to figure out my summer wardrobe because I don’t have anything for this sort of heat. I’m going to die.

Chinatown NYC
Lost in Chinatown, found skincare.

Using (skincare) – My skin still hates me. I continued to use CeraVe. I used more sheet masks in April to help with dry/dehydrated skin. Also, I’ve found the Korean skinstores in NYC and I’m so happy! They aren’t as expansive as those in Hong Kong but they’re pretty darn good and couldn’t be any closer.

Summary – One of these days my skin will love me again.

fried okra
Fried okra.

Eating/Drinking – When you move from one region to another, so much changes even your grocery purchases and meals. You try to find what is available and what’s cheaper. In Jersey, it’s Italian. I can get freshly made mozzarella and amazing cured meats for nothing. Jersey has this awesome thing going on where it’s all like Grandma restaurants. And I love grandmas. And I love grandma foods.  I’m also seeing brands that I grew up with that weren’t in the PNW. I’m adjusting and it’s fun to rethink my usual food vocab, trying to remember what it is that I used to cook so much before moving to Seattle. I mean, there’s okra. I’ve fried so much okra.

Summary – My house just smells like fried okra and nag champa. So yeah, it smells like home. When will it look like home? 😉

House records.
So many great records..

Listening – House records are so easy to get here. It’s awesome. This has been awesome. I mean so many dang Diva House and Chicago House records in the record shops.  It’s like everyone in Jersey City is an old fart like me. Here’s proof.

Summary – Someone in the neighborhood every Saturday, I swear, has a House DJ spinning but I can’t find them and it makes me sad that I’m never invited. But, I like their jamz.

I know!

Watching – I binged watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s such a well written comedy.

Summary – Females are strong as hell.

open book
I want to read something else.

Reading – Still reading what I was reading last month.

Summary – I want to read something else.

Moxi is getting so many pets from her Unky and her human cousin.

Wanting – My dogs.

Summary – I furniture and everything is coming together. But, I miss my frugs. They’re having a good time, so I’m told but this home doesn’t feel like home without them.

What were your favorites from April? Did you do anything inspiring? Go anywhere inspiring? Eat anything inspiring?

*Eyeshadow palette photo is from Ulta. Fried okra pic from The Food Network. Titus from Tumblr somewheres. Book image from All other images are mine.


10 thoughts on “EauMG’s April 2015 Favorites

  1. I love Titus! I tried and loved my first sheet mask. I need to go to the local Korean grocery store and check out the skincare. Finished my finals! Thank God! I’ve decided I’m too old to study past 9:30. I retain nothing after 9:30. I’m on the fence with Chanel’s Misia. Somedays it smells great, other days cold steel. I bought the new colorful Too Faced eye collection. I’ve been loving it. I went back to using mascara that tubes the lashes because of two plus weeks of rain, tornados and flooding. I’m looking forward to your new reviews and your cooking pictures.

    1. If there was a Titus spin-off show, I’d so watch it.
      I’m sitting here in a face mask now. Out of the brands that I’ve tried, I think I like Innisfree and SkinFood the best. Well, for masks.
      That Too Faced collection is pretty, the dessert one? There’s a plum in there that caught my attention since I’m having a plum moment.
      Ugh, hopefully the weather will get better soon. Spring is so freak’n scary at times. The word “tornadoes” just raises my blood pressure.
      Good luck with your studying!

  2. I just read a blurb on WWD that Lauder was looking to acquire some Korean skincare lines.

    1. I just read that too!
      But, I didn’t get to read it all, because it’s WWD. AmorePacific wanted to expand a few years ago and bought Annick Goutal. Curious to see how the Lauder/Korean skincare thing works out.

  3. I’m not surprised April flew by for you with all that you had going on. When I moved back east from California one February, my doggie had to stay behind with my mom until the temps were warm enough for her to fly. All the airlines had a certain temp (don’t remember what it was) that the weather had to be before they would allow animals in their cargo space. I definitely didn’t feel at home in my new space until Annie got there. I live back in CA now but I miss those east coast springs!

    May fave find in April was Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil For Dry Skin. It feels so good, is cheap, and takes off makeup too.

    1. Oh, yes! There’s that too. We couldn’t ship them because they are smooshed face but we found one carrier that would and we’d have to wait because of the weather. I can’t remember the temp either but when we came out here it was still snowing. I had *no idea* that traveling with pets could be so complex.

      Haha, well spring has been nice but I miss CA all of the time because it’s California!

      I keep hearing great things about that cleansing oil. I really should pick up a bottle. It’s cheap, often on sale too.

  4. I’m glad you’re settling in. If I ever manage to get back to NYC we should make plans to meet up. Right now I’m patiently waiting for the kitchen to be remodeled so trips and perfume money are not in the cards. I’m in a makeup rut. Also trying to find the perfect eye cream. I was given a sample of the La Mer one and it seems I’m allergic to it. Money saved. My hair and nails are looking pretty bad too. It was a long winter and it shows now. I need a complete overhaul. Lol.
    I’d go nuts without my dogs for that long. It’s good you have people you can trust to watch them for you.

    1. Yes, email me and let me know.

      Kitchen (well and bath) remodels are hell. It’ll be worth it but it’s hard to believe that when you live in that chaos. Oh, and the money. Ugh.

      Long winter – Yep. It’s like everything needs deep conditioning and then BAM summer and humidity. As far as eye creams, eyes are sensitive. I find that sometimes the “simple” ones are good because there is less to irritate. I like that Perricone one and Exuviance but they may be too drying.

      Dogs – Ain’t gonna lie, it’s hard. Had a total break-down last week over it. BUT I get them on the 25th, so less than a week now 🙂 It’s really good though that we had someone that could watch them. But, I think she is spoiling them too much. She texted a pic of Moxi and she is getting fat.

  5. Man that okra looks good! I really do love the stuff.
    Glad you slowly started to settle in and are feeling a bit more comfortable. But as you say, once you have your doggies you’ll feel much more complete – so I hope you get them back any day now! 🙂

    1. I’ve pretty much ate pounds of fried okra. Luckily I walk so much that it all balances out, lol.

      I get them back on the 25th!!! I’m really excited.

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