EauMG’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration – Freebie (Closed) – Paula Begoun’s Skincare Guide

Paula's Choice

If you read EauMG, you know that I joined the cult of Paula in 2011. I’m a huge fan of Paula’s Choice products and I’m a fan of her straight-forward skincare advice. I’ve converted so many people to her products (even my super stubborn husband!) I sometimes think my enthusiasm of the products scares some people away. I promise you, I’m not affiliated or sponsored. I just love the line because I see results with it. And she’s local to Western Washington, so I like that too 😉

To celebrate EauMG’s 5 year anniversary, I’m giving away a copy of Pauala Begoun “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” 9th Edition ($19.95 value). This is a great resource for anyone that is new to the intimidating world of skincare or want to switch skincare products because they aren’t seeing results. The guide is huge with over 1100 pages. It has all of the info you need and then some. You’ll find reviews of drugstore products to the more costly department store stuff (including makeup). What I love about this guide is that you can find effective products no matter your budget.

EauMG Freebie! – CLOSED

This draw is available to all readers of EauMG that are 18+ years old. Draw ends May 9th.

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And the lucky winner is: 

Nina Z.

*Product pic from Paula’s Choice.

16 thoughts on “EauMG’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration – Freebie (Closed) – Paula Begoun’s Skincare Guide

  1. Hi! Congratulations on your anniversary! I have enjoyed following your blog for at least a couple years. I also love Paula’s skin care products and practical approach. I have rosacea, oily skin, and in my younger years struggled with acne. I have used her BHA products for years and it really keeps my skin in check.

  2. I have several favorite skincare brands…I recently have switched to mainly Michael Todd True Organics products!

      1. Before I switched to Paula’s Choice, I used mostly Clarins and EL. I still use a few of their products but they’re more expensive than Paula’s Choice soo…when I’m just washing my face and it’s going down the drain anyway, I decided to use the cheaper stuff for that 🙂

  3. You’ve got me totally intrigued by Paula’s Choice, thought I haven’t tried the line yet. I’m ready for a product that will help with age spots (face and hands) and an everyday sunscreen for my face (maybe tinted?). I’ve been using certain Vivite products forever, and can’t help but wonder if there’s something better out there.

    1. Oh, and I’d love to win this book! (And now that I know about it, maybe if I don’t win, I should go out and buy it.)

      1. Wait until after the draw 😉 You can also check out the Beautypedia website to see if she has reviewed/analyzed products you use or are interested in. You can even search “best” of products.

    2. I highly recommend the RESIST line for age spots. Sunscreens are always difficult to find, lots of trial and error.

      I think your skin can get used to certain products. My philosophy (even with my PC products) is once I start to see results, switch to something else and come back. It’s almost like your skin gets used to it or something. Same with hair products too.

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