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EauMG’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Niblings & Teens

Auntie Mame gift guide

Hug your Auntie! My holiday gift guides are back! 

And just like last year, I apologize for their last minute arrival. It has been such a busy month. Gift guides and blogging have not been a priority.  Working and life and actually finding the time to buy gifts for niblings…that’s what has been the priority. 

Anyway, back to the annual EauMG holiday tradition of gift guides. It’s better late than never, right? Previously I referred to this guide as the “Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces and Teens” but I wanted to find a word that was more gender neutral or something I could use collectively. I was told to use the word “nibling”, which I can’t stand because it sounds a little cannibalistic but, whatever. That’s all I have to use right now. The English language has all these words and that’s the best we can come up with? Really? I feel like we could do so much better. But, until then, these are the words I’ll use.

Here’s my Holiday 2018 Gift Guide for those young ‘uns that want to play in Auntie Mame’s beautiful things…

gift guide for teens

1.TonyMoly I’m Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask & Hand Cream Set – It’s a set of sheet masks and hand cream that makes for a cute, quick and easy gift. Comes in other scents too (like Rose or Honey). Retails for $14 at Macy’s.

2. Beauty Brands Magnificent Mane Discovery Set – I’m a fan of these Beauty Brands boxes because they offer a lot of variety for little money and make great stocking stuffers. This one contains a variety of travel-size salon brands, a brush and some elastics (BTW hasn’t the “hair elastics” technology greatly improved since we were kids?!). This box retails for $15 at Beauty Brands.

3. Juvia’s Place Douce Eyeshadow Palette – I am a huge fan of the Juvia’s Place line. They give a lot of bang for the buck. They’re relatively cheap so they make it less risky to experiment with colors and textures you may have not used before. Anyway, you see these on social media and it really is a brand for makeup lovers of any age. I love Douce because it can be used on face/eyes. Retails for $21 at Juvia’s Place. 

4. Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator – Beauty Bakerie is an adorable brand that is bakery/dessert themed. It’s also really inclusive and has a wide range of shades. This is a fun little loose powder highlighter stored in a little ice cream container. Retails for $16 at Beauty Bakerie. 

5. Ariana Grande Cloud EDP – Listen, I love Ariana because the gal has been through so much. But, I also love her because despite being so young, she really seems to have her own established style. I admire this. I also admire that this celeb scent smells very much like Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge BUT it comes in a cooler bottle. A small bottle retails for $50 at Ulta and I’m sure they have value sets this time of year. 

teen gift guide

6. Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio – Whenever I talk to teenagers (basically anyone 13 to 20), they just go on and on about how amazing Glossier is. It’s what they want so give it to them. This is just a basic petrolatum-based balm that somehow has a cult following. Pick out three flavors and tints and you get to be the cool aunt/uncle. Retails for $30 at Glossier. 

7. Patchology x Kim Chi Fiercely Hydrating Face Mask Look Book – I have decided if I am to have any influence over the younger ones, it shall be with drag queens and skincare. This combines the two. This is a set of 4 sheet masks printed with designs by Chicago-based drag queen and RuPaul Drag Race alumni, Kim Chi. Retails for $30 at Nordstrom.

8. Demeter 2018 Sampler Pack – Share your love of smelling things with the younger people in your life. This is a set that contains 13 samples of the brand’s single-note scents launched in 2018. There’s everything from New Car to Yuzu to tuberoses. You can be the one to tell your nephews that Ambergris is inspired by very expensive whale vomit! Retails for $27 at Demeter. 

9. Mod Bath & Body Mermaid Vibes Whipped Sugar Scrub – I’m all about supporting smaller bath/body brands. This is a fun multi-colored scrub with a tropical fruits aroma. Retails for about $14 at Mod Bath & Body.

10. Milk Astrology Tattoo Stamp – Milk is one of those hip-with-the-kids brands. These stamps are a lot of fun. Just choose their zodiac sign and let them stamp away. Retails for $12 at Sephora.

Want more ideas? Try my gift guide from last year. 

*Sephora, Nordstrom, Beauty Brands, Macys contain affiliate links. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Niblings & Teens

  1. i love this guide for the niblins. Term does remind me of canned corn though. This year for my tweens and teen I pulled together a cosmetic bag full of inexpensive items. I got the round lay flat bags and put in scrunches, wet brush, nail polish, those little face mask shaped like animals and a few other things. My favorite were the lippies. I got the clear Winky Lux (the ones with the flowers) for half price and put in a Rebel’s Refinery pineapple shaped balm.

    On a side note. I’ll have to pick up the Demeter set. What a gift for a budding perfuminista. My 12 year old niece put up a wall cabinet and filled it with perfumes. She said she liked my perfume cabinet. I had started sending her my samples awhile back. For the moment she like the Bath and Body scents which are good for her. But I have budding perfuminista here!

    1. It does sound like corn though.

      That’s such a good gift idea. They’ll be happy with it. Heck, I’d be happy with it! I have been wanting one of those round flat lay bags, lol. Oh, the Winky Lux, so I have the matcha lip balm and love it. It tastes like a Green Tea Kit Kat.

      What I like about Demeter is that they’re “simple” so someone with little experience can sniff it and go “wow, that smells just like blackberry pie, etc”. Although simple, it shows that perfumery can be complex (just more than smelling like generic fruity-floral or whatever). Also, it’s a good way to “train” the nose on notes that maybe they don’t have exposure to (like some of the florals or resins). Anyway, I picked one up for an older nephew who has shown some interest. I thought he’d get a kick out of stuff like ambergris and new car.

  2. I’m so tempted to buy the Beauty Brands box for myself because I’m growing my hair out for the first time in over a decade and I have no idea how to take care of it or style it anymore. This seems like a great way to play a bit (and for cheap!).

    1. I bought one :S

      Sooo here I am 3 years after growing out my hair and I still don’t know what I’m doing with it. Like in my mind, I still have short hair (I did go shorter recently though). I still have no clue what to do with it or what to use. Or how to style it, etc. I think in the growing out phase, you just have to nourish it and be gentle. All of those leave-in conditioners became my BFF and a silk/satin pillowcase. Oh, and I bought one of those Tangle Teezer brushes for wet hair, love that thing because it doesn’t break my hair but also gets the tangles out.

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