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EauMG’s 2017 Holiday Gift for Vintage Beauties

vintage beauty holiday gift guide

Here’s my annual holiday gift guide for glamorous types that would be happy to have back-seamed stockings in their stocking! This is the gift guide for those that appreciate the timeless elegance of red lipstick, perfectly set hairstyles and oval-shaped manicures. Even if one can’t live the Old Hollywood fantasy lifestyle of silk dressing robes and a MGM contract, one can add a little bit of glamour in their daily lives with any of the items here:

vintage lovers gift guide

1. Malle Iris Hand Cream – This is included because it’s the sort of thing someone would never buy for themselves (OK, some people would, but still). It’s a very expensive hand cream with a very expensive smelling iris scent. It’s insane but it’s also amazing. Retails for $75 at Nordstrom and makes all other hand creams look like peasants.

2. Hourglass Confession Refillable Lipstick Set – Hourglass added this brand of  Film Noir “cigarette holder inspired” lipsticks to its collection this year. It’s an interesting design if you aren’t clumsy and won’t poke your eye out with it. This set is a good deal and has three lipsticks and a refillable case. I am upset that there’s no red, but three mauves/browns are versatile. However, would it have killed them to offer a wider variety of shades in this trio? Anyway, it retails for $54 at Sephora.

3. Chanel No. 5 Gold Fragments – This limited edition product is on my wishlist. I’m a fool for Chanel’s bath/body products. This is a different way to wear fragrance. It’s a shimmery gel, a bottle like this could last a very long time…or you can just go full-on Midas’ touch and that’s OK too. Retails for $90 at Nordstrom.

4. Estee Lauder Year of the Dog Powder Compact by Monica Rich Kosann – I know that I put these on the list every year, but there are limited edition varieties yearly. This is a refillable powder case (sadly only in “Translucent” which can’t work for everyone). This case has bejeweled vintage-looking greyhounds. This is what you want to pull out of your slim clutch. Retails for $150 at Saks.

5. Perfume: A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrom – Yes, this was on last year’s guide. But, I finished reading it in 2017, so I’ve included it on the list…again. It’s a great snapshot of the history and trends of popular perfumes. If you love vintage and love perfume, you need to read this. Retails for about $13 at Amazon.


vintage beauty gift guide

6. NARS x Man Ray Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette – If you can get your hands on the sold out (online) lipsticks, get those. If you can’t, let me recommend this Man Ray shadow palette. This was such a lovely holiday collection. It’s great for anyone that likes makeup, photography or vintage. Retails for $49 at Nordstrom. 

7. Guerlain Terracotta Gold Light – Speaking of holiday collection, I haven’t heard much about the Guerlain one but it has some Art Deco fabulous packaging. This is a golden bronzing powder in a Deco wallpaper-ish packaging. Look like you just came back from St. Tropez over holiday. Retails for $60 at Nordstrom.

8. Dita Von Teese Sandalwood Candle – So, here’s a cheeky sandalwood-scented stripper candle with Dita Von Teese on it. When it warms up, the big reveal is a nude Dita Von Teese wearing thigh high stockings. Retails for $68 at Bergdorf Goodman. 

9. Dior Poison Extrait – Um, do I need this? This is a little bottle of Poison that I’m sure packs a big punch. Retails for $185 at Saks. 

10. Claus Porto Deco Mini Soaps – You guys know I have a soap problem. This means I can’t resist this collection of nine Portuguese Claus Porto soaps all wrapped up in their vintage glory. Retails for $60 at Nordstom.

Have any of these ideas made your wishlist?

This is one of my favorite guides to put together because it’s just me listing stuff that I want. This is the time of the year where I crave luxury and become a maximalist (not that this isn’t me the rest of the year…because it is). I want everything jewel toned, rich layers of texture and red lipstick. This is the time of the year where I embrace indulgence.  Bring on the faux fur and vampy lipstick!

If you’d like more ideas, check out my guide from 2016. 

*Nordstrom, Sephora, Saks and Amazon contain affiliate links. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2017 Holiday Gift for Vintage Beauties

  1. The hourglass lipsticks. One for me, one for my sister (maybe). But no I’ve seen the line and they are stunning, but so freakin’ SMALL. I think they are going to replace the Femme Rouge line. That’s sad. Love the Dita candle. Want that. Have bath products in Coco. No 5 is just not for me. And the soaps. So cute! And a couple of them and a small candle would make a lovely hostess gift.

    1. I agree. I’m actually disappointed because I think they’ll replace the Femme Rouge line. And I love that line and I guess I’ll not be buying any refills for that anymore! I’m also not the biggest fan of slim lipsticks unless I’m paying a drugstore price. I don’t buy higher end slim perfumes…and I have no explanation other than I don’t.

      I just found out this Dita candle was a thing and now I want one. It’s so campy fabulous. Plus, I love red.

      I can only wear No. 5 if it is in the bath/body products. I really wish they’d do something like this for Coco.

      I don’t know if I could find it in me to open those soaps! The packaging is so adorable.

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