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EauMG’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Vintage Beauties

vintage holiday gift guide

Here’s my annual holiday gift guide for glamorous types that would be happy to have back-seamed stockings in their stocking! This is the gift guide for those that appreciate the timeless elegance of red lipstick, perfectly set hairstyles and oval-shaped manicures. Even if one can’t live the Old Hollywood fantasy lifestyle of silk dressing robes and a MGM contract, one can add a little bit of glamour in their daily lives with any of the items here:

vintage beauty gift guide

1. Maja Dusting Powder – No lie, I only bought this because I like the vintage packaging. I also like the scent. This is an added bonus. Retails for about $19 on Amazon and 

2. Hermès Soap Trio – These are the most luxurious soaps ever (and my favorite). You get to choose three scents with packaging featuring famous scarf patterns. All three soaps come packaged in that classic Hermès orange box. Retails for $66 at Hermès.

3. Bite Beauty Redux – I’m such a fan of Bite lipsticks including the matte pencils that apply like a dream and with precision. The set contains 4 minis. The shades in this gift set range from classic reds to vampy brown/wines to 60’s surf movie hot pink. Retails for $25 at Sephora. 

4. “Perfume: A Century of Scents” Book by Lizzie Olstrom – This book discusses decades of popular fragrances. It’s a good read for anyone that likes vintage perfumes. Retails for about $27 on Amazon.

5. Harlem Candle Company Vintage Night Club Candle in Ellington – This candle vessel is covered in an illustration of Harlem from 1932. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The scent is a sultry blend of florals, spice and rich woods. Retails for $45 at Harlem Candle Company. 


vintage beauty guide


6. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Gift Set – Although I prefer Nirvana Rose, I do appreciate the sweet sandalwood, Nirvana Black. This set has it all: EDP, candle, body oil and more. I love the vintage lighter packaging as well. Retails for $180 at Sephora. Smaller gift sets are also available.

7. Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette – It’s a clutch of disco makeup available in either warm or cool shades. Retails for $155 at Saks.

8. Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set – So, apparently these brushes are a really great dupe for a much more expensive brush brand. They’re a real bargain at about $10 each. I like these brushes because they remind me of the sort of face brushes you’d see on the sets of Old Hollywood. This style is perfect for blending and brushing off powders. Retails for $30 at Makeup Revolution. 

9. Odeme Matchbook Nail Files – These files are the size of a matchbook and fit into the tiniest of clutches. They have art deco prints. Retails for $5 at Beautyhabit. Pro tip – pair with a couple of vintage-y nail polishes (like classic shades by Revlon) for a cheap, complete gift.

10. Silk Pillowcase – If you want to wake up with less frizz and less wrinkles (if you’re a side sleeper), switch to a silk pillowcase. Plus, it’s just so darn luxurious. Slip retails for $79 at Nordstrom. If you want to support an indie, I’ve had great experiences with Adorabella Baby ($44).

This is one of my favorite guides to put together because it’s just me listing stuff that I want. This is the time of the year where I crave luxury and become a maximalist. I want everything jewel toned, rich layers of texture and red lipstick. This is the time of the year where I embrace indulgence. I feel like this year, I need fantasy and escapism more than ever. Bring on the faux fur and vampy lipstick!

Have any of these items made it to your wishlist?

Want more ideas? Here’s my 2015 Gift Guide. 

*Sephora,, Nordstrom, Beautyhabit, Amazon and Saks contain affiliate links. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Vintage Beauties

  1. Ok….the candle and those brushes. The brushes are Gorgeous! And the Hermes soap. Have you tried the soaps? Does the scent last? I like bar soaps, also. Well, I like the Haus of Gloi whipped soaps, too. And the bars and the pumpkin butters. And…..

    1. I don’t need any new brushes but up 98% sure I’m going to give in and get these. They’re cheap and I’m a sucker for rose gold.

      Yes, I buy in duty free or at the boutique in NYC. They are my absolute favorite soaps in the entire world. The scent is strong and it lingers. It lingers on skin; you’re bathroom will smell like them. I read in an interview (will see if I can find it) that each bar soap approximately has the same amount of fragrance as a small bottle of the EDT. Usually I’d call BS on such a statement but I use these and I believe that statement.

      1. Thanks. The soaps will be winging their way. I looked at the brushes. They are sold out already! They have a nice set of eye shadow ones. Have you seen the eyeliner one up close?

        1. Saw that too 🙁

          No clue about the eye makeup ones. I don’t think I’m talented enough to use such a style. The eyeliner one is most definitely too complicated for me. I’m good with my liner brush that I’ve bought from an art store.

  2. I’m super tempted by that Bite lipstick set. I have many Bite lipsticks and I love their formula. Part of me also wants that ridiculous full set of the Amuse Bouche collection their selling but I would never use enough of it to remotely justify the cost. That Hermes soap trio is also singing its siren call…

    1. I want that ridiculous set so badly. Like I don’t need it but I have never wanted a lipstick set so badly in my life.

      I bought the lipstick one of this and I’m tempted by the mattes. I love the little tin. They’re so cute. And really, this is as big as I need a lipstick to actually get through it.

      Fancy Soaps 4 LIFE!

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